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My breast look uneven. One is staying up and other...

My breast look uneven. One is staying up and other is not. My left is Rock hard , so unnatural and fake. I got it dons with Dr pugash a year ago. I need to have another surgery to get it corrected, he says". I got it through arm pit ,but the correction has to be through another incision , Below breast or nipple . He did a very bad job, and after I have paid for best implant: as he says ; Cohasive gell, I got the worst shape.

He said he does not have time to discuss the complication after surgery and he has to see his new patient . I have to pay cost of surgery and he says the chance of success are not 100%. This Dr and his staff are all about money,. I have paid almost 8500 m once they got the money, they are done looking after the mess they have done to my body.i still after a year have pain in one side, very uncomfortable.

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I woul never recommend him. He is all about money, they are nice in beginning but after they get your money , they don't even want to answer your question if you have problem. No official receipt either.

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I had a consultation with him; however, chose not to go with him. His office wasn't offering any follow-up after the surgery, and basically said I could travel home (4 hrs away on) the next day. Based on articles and review, and a consultation with another doctor, I was told that I should not travel long distance for a week after surgery. The other doctor also offered several post-opp appointments (included in the fee, which was approximately the same as Dr. Pugash's)... I also found the Dr. Pugash's staff we 'cold', so I went with another doctor - glad I did.
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Well at least you have put his name out there and hopefully this will help someone else out who might be thinking of using him. I am so sorry from the bottom of my heart that you have gone through with this. I couldn't imagine going through what you have.
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I feel your pain!! I chose the wrong doctor and he meesed my up bad. No my breast ar assemtrical and will never be what the should have been if I would have chosen another doctor. and i had to pay for 2 breast augmentations plus a year of deformity!!
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I'm sorry you're not happy with your breast augmentation results!

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Sorry about all your problems .. I myself had a very Expensive surgery with a highly recommended Dr in St Pete Fl , it went horribly wrong .procedure 10.600$ .. After sepsis and 4 surgeries , I lost my implants and totally mangled ..Oh btw all those surgeries cost me and hospital .. I'm to totally ruined there's nothing left ..!!! He told me to heal and use bravo to stretch my skin .. Thrown to the wolves is how I feel ..
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