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I got breast implants after going from an A cup to...

I got breast implants after going from an A cup to a D cup upon nursing my son. Within three months after getting them, I had pneumonia for the first time. For the next four years, I had pneumonia every three-four months, plus it got to the point where I went home during my lunch hour from work to sleep because I was so sick, tired and ill.

After getting them removed & reconstructed four years later by {editor note: doctor name shown above to registered members} my health has pretty much returned to normal but it took a long time.(and she did a GREAT job!) They guessed that the implants made my immune system go sort of crazy and I started developing signs of auto-immune disease.

Removed and reconstructed by Dr. Lu Jean Feng in Cleveland, OH

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If you can send me a message of who did your implants and if you got silicone or saline?
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