Breast Implants Changed My Life Forever - For the Worst

I got my breast implants in 1978. Little did I...

I got my breast implants in 1978. Little did I know my Multiple Chemical Sensitivity that started developing in weeks was related to my implants. Over the next 16 years, I became increasingly sicker. .

Fatigue, pain, cognitive/memory problems, unable to do the simplest job correctly. . . My entire life was controlled by my sensitivity to smells. My eyes developed multiple cornea errosions. Far from having a better life, I became a shut-in.

When I was at the absolute lowest point of my life - no job, marriage on the rocks, sick as a dog, I had a dream where God told me to turn everything over to him, and that he would take care of me. From that point, I was lead to a doctor who removed them properly (en bloc) - even though he didn't believe that was necessary. (He still thinks breast implants are safe.). I was also lead to a number of people and treatments that soon helped me get my life back. Then to other women who needed help.

Since that time, I've been helping women get better after their implant experience. I started a Yahoo group (SiliconeKids) for the families of children made ill by their mother's implants. The children's experiences are devastating! . . . The medical profession is completely blind to these issues. Blood money rules!

The fact is, there is no safe breast implants. . .  not saline, gel, or cohesive gel. We've seen women become horribly ill from all of them. The FDA knows this! They are more concerned about satisfying the demands of businesses than they are in protecting the citizens!

There have never been any significant studies done on SICK  women, or their offspring. The early animal studies showed many problems, but those were covered up.

The worst part of this is not the women . . . they had a choice! Their unborn children did not. Any woman of child bearing age must ask themselves how they will feel if their child experiences devastating, life-long problems because of their choice to get breast implants. . . Or if they are unable to become pregnant, or successfully carry a child to birth, because of their breast implants.

Older women should be able to afford to properly replace (en bloc) their implants at least every ten years. They should be able to support themselves without a job, should they become ill . .. And have enough money set aside to take care of their own medical expenses, should they lose their insurance along with their job. . . They need a spouse/partner ready to stand by them if they become disabled. They should also know that they may not be insurable (healthy, disability, life) once they've had breast implants.

Breast implants are NOT a fashion statement! They are a major life decision that can permanently change ones life for the worse. Very few of the women who have come to support groups like Yahoo's Saline Support care what their boobs look like after being so terribly ill. All they want is to be able to enjoy the simple things in life again. The good news is that, after being properly explanted and detoxing, most of them do get their life back - but their health remains fragile.

Women should know that making a decision to get breast implants is like going down a one way street. There is no satisfactory return. So, If you're thinking about breast implants . . . think long, think strong . . . Then think NO WAY! . . . You won't be sorry!


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i am 40 yrs old i have saline implates for 12 yrs now i have been sick for the last 3 yrs i been to 7 different doctors and now answers on what is wrong with me i so sick im tried all the time and when i can get up its not for long my joints hurt i have headaches all the time im sick to my stomach all the time i need help my health is worst every day please if some can help me with some info to get better !!!
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read lady of gray by elizabeth rose
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i've had mine in 5 weeks and want them out. They look great but have actually caused me depression. Just knowing it;s not my real body. Not a second goes by where i'm not contemplating getting them out. I just want my wee boobs back and feel sick over the whole thing. It's taking over my life.
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Your work to help these women and their families is wonderful and your anger is understandable. Why can't there be a test to see if a potental patient will have a negative reaction? I was one of the lucky ones and never had complications but my dr never warned me that I could either. There was alot of talk about the dangers in the media that did not sway me however. I still wanted my implants! I was young and took the risk. Something should be done to protect the public health, especially of children but these drs are making millions and people are desperate to have the breasts they dream of. Good luck and GBless.
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Stories like yours have scared me out of breast implants even though I think the percentage of people getting sick must be extremely low. More fear on capsular of of capsular contraction, hard implants,or breast pain have scared mefrom getting them. I would love to get them if I knew they would come out perfect and I would have no complications. Most women I know with implants seem perfectly fine. Still I've wanted them for 15 years but been scared to get them. None of the doctors believe there is a relationship with auto-immune disease. But it makes sense that it could happen to me if the body rejects the implant. Most likely I'll pass, but would love to have them if I wasn't a scaredy cat.
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Go with your instincts Farah. If you feel uneasy about having the surgery then why risk it? I've always trusted my feelings. They've never steered me wrong. There may be a really good reason why you don't feel right about doing it. Maybe you have a guardian angel looking out for you. Good Luck ;)
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don't do it! i've been sick for 6 years. i'm starting to loose my sight. i see my surgen tomorrow. you wouldn't believe all my symthoms.

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dear scaredy cat,
don't do it! i love mine,but now i'm reaping the conquences of the investment. i'm so sick now....i see the surgeon tomorrow to have them taking out! i can't work or think and spell and my eyesight is failing. i've never been so ill in my life. i believe god will find my answer and heal me. this has been the wrost depression and illness ever. dr's will lie, lie and line their pockets on your expence.look at the groomed golf courses! i will pray you don't get them done. love yourself the way you are : )

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you should be scared! they all leak! ALL OF THEM! my mother suffered 20 years from implants.
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