Breast Augmentation - They Seem Too Small?

I am really happy with my breast augmentation,...

I am really happy with my breast augmentation, except the size. I am a week and a half post operation and I had 450 CCs, saline, put under the muscle. They have started to drop. The left one feels a lot softer then the right one (I think the right one still has more swelling, it had 5 CCs more) Anyway... I was a 36AA and right now I feel like a small B. In fact, I bought a comfy bra from JC Penney to wear to work and it was a 36B. I'm disappointed because I looked at before/after pictures of girls who were AA before and got to Cs with the same CCs. Will they get bigger when they drop and fluff? I hate that I might have spent $5,500 on B breasts, when I felt as if I'd get Cs.


hey there, i am looking for a doc to have my BA done also. i love the result of yours even when it was only post op 3 days. it does look a little high but its been several months now and i was wondering if they dropped a bit? if you can, can you post some 5 mo. post op. pics please? if you don't feel comfortable posting it here, can you send an email to me? thank you so much!

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I guess every woman feels the same after implants. Am three days after my surgery and I hate them, they look extremely small, I wish I had done a 400cc I did a 350cc because I didn't want them to big and now I regret. I wanted to be a 38C not a 32C. I hope I will like them after a few months.
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Hi! I'm going in for a tummy tuck and BA next week and was just tooling around the site looking at BA experiences. I don't know what they look like now, but in your pictures I think they look fantastic! I hope you are happy with your results now that they have settled down!
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I am adding a picture taken December 4, 2010,...

I am adding a picture taken December 4, 2010, about 7 months after my augmentation. I also added my doctor's name. I would totally recommend him.


Do you know what your BWD is? I am debating between 415 and 475. Mine is 13.5 and 14 and my ribs are 31"
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I can't seem to figure this out... I tried to add another photo, it didn't work though I don't think...
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Hi Maggiee -- It just takes about a day for our moderators to review updates. Your photo is up now... so glad to hear you're happy with your new look. :)

Joseph Gryskiewicz

He was very professional throughout the entire process, and got me an appointment quickly.

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