Sad to Get Rid of my Twins.. but Necessary :(

Hello all! I had my BA almost 3 years ago and am...

Hello all! I had my BA almost 3 years ago and am now experiencing 24/7 pain, bottoming out, lateral displacement, and a slight double bubble. I started out a slightly empty 34D (VS sizing). I have 550cc smooth round saline implants which took me to a 30H. I got a quote for a revision, but it was pricey and not guaranteed to fix my problems. So explant it is... followed by a lift in the future if I need one. :( hope to hear from others in my situation! I'm sad that $6500 is being thrown down the drain but am looking forward to be pain-free!

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Sad to Get Rid of my Twins.. but Necessary :(


I hear you... I was an A cup to start but can relate by throwing money away. Im searching for PS now. Hoping you get the care you need and feel confident once they are out. I know I can not wait :) Heres to no more plastic. :)
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I can relate a lot to your story...I had the same size implants as you have (although I was only an A-cup before my BA) and experienced bottoming out in my left breast. What kind of pain are you experiencing? Back/neck or pain everywhere (joint pain)? Believe me, you will be so much happier and healthier once they are out of your body! :)
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I agree that your natural breasts are gorgeous! I hope your surgery goes well and that your breasts fluff out quickly and that you have NO PAIN! :) Do you have someone to take care of you post-op?

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totally confused on different ways to approach this procedure!

So I had my consult yesterday afternoon with another doctor in my area. He told me that my org. PS would give me the best price but that if he did the work, he would do a straight up implant removal while leaving the capsule behind and no pocket work... my capsules are thin and soft, I have no contracture... However my first consult (email) with a revision specialist in FL suggested implant removal under general anesthesia with capsule removal and pocket repair. He stated removing the capsule would prevent the remaining breast tissue from being sloppy (ie falling into my armpit) after explant. I have at least a full c cup of natural breast tissue that did not fall into my armpit before implants. The PS I met with yesterday told me it would still continue to fall into my armpit. I don't know which way to go. I plan on still meeting with my original PS to see what he says. He is a great surgeon, I just feel like I'm insulting his work by wanting to undo it. He also kind of upset me about a year ago by giving me a ridiculously high revision quote. I felt like his fee should've been discounted at least a small amount to make his work look the way it should. Ladies who have explanted already, did your PS give you the pros and cons of leaving the capsule behind? And which method did you go with? I thought this procedure would be a little more straight forward. :(
Either way I just want them OUT! UGH!


Thanks for your story. Mine were encapsulated so I had to do en bloc. I feel like a new person, seriously. My only regret is that I waited so long!
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Merry Christmas! Xx hope your decision process is going smoothly :)
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Merry Christmas Girlie! I haven't been thinking about it lately.. taking a break until after Christmas! I thought my brain was going to explode! :) I hope your recovery is going well! You look beautiful!! Xoxo

another consult scheduled for Jan. 7th

I have a consult with my original PS on Jan. 7th about removing these implants. I'm really anxious and just wanting this to be over with already! I've had 2 email consultations with two different doctors and 1 consult in person with a local PS. It's crazy how many different approaches there is to explanting. I'm still awaiting a quote from the local PS I consulted with and the two email consults gave me a quote for $4800 & $7000! I've been trying to weigh the pros and cons of explanting and I haven't really found any cons! Seems like a win-win either way!

The "pros"
*neck/back/shoulder and breast pain will be gone or greatly diminished.
*my boobs won't be stuck in my armpits anymore!
*I won't look so matronly in clothes
*I can torch the huge uncomfortable bras I have to order online that look like something my grandmother would wear and they itch like hell!
*I can shop at Victoria Secret again! They have soo many cute bras and bikinis now!

And the "cons"
*my real boobs won't look so great (but neither do these implants ugh)
*I wasted $6000 (but I'll chalk this up to being a very expensive learning experience!)
*I may need another surgery. (I.e. a lift which I probably needed before implants and will really motivate me to quit smoking.)
I'm definitely making the right decision!
Happy New Years Ladies!!


You look amazing before implants!!! And you have a small frame....I can only imagine the stress those boobs are putting on your neck and back. So how did the consult go?
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Thinking of you! I bet you and znikie will be fine with just the explant!! Sending you both positive vibes! Xx
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I think we will be too! :) thank you for the good vibes! I can't wait to talk to the doctor tomorrow!! :)

I set a date!! so excited!

Hello pretty ladies! I met with my original PS yesterday mainly for a botox and juvederm treatment (my Christmas gift from fiance that I've been dying to get done). While I was there I talked to him about the pain I have from these implants. He took his time with me and I never felt rushed. He was very understanding and suggested a simple removal under a local. I asked him his opinion on how likely it would be that I need a lift in the future, and he said very likely, but did not try to sell me on one. I have stretch marks on my breasts just from growing so my skin quality is not great, but maybe I'll get lucky. He did say that usually when implants are placed under the muscle the natural breasts will look similar to pre-op condition after explant. I'm praying really really hard to the fluffing fairy! What are you all using to aid in skin retraction?.. coconut oil??? I need any tips you can offer! Anyway, my price for explant is $350! I'm so grateful for him treating me so well! I paid in full and I am scheduled for Jan. 17th at 3pm!!! I CANNOT WAIT!!! :)


Sending you good vibes as the day approaches! xoxo
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Hi, so I just read your comments on outtahere so I read your profile. I myself, am in the midst of getting rid of my implants as well. I have one contracture and I asked about what will happen if he does the explant and leaves the capsule. He said it all depends but a lot of times the body will absorb the scar tissue and you'll be fine... Good luck and please post some pictures.
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Oh my gosh!! How very exciting!!! Love coconut oil, and castor oil. That is an amazing price!!!
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they are out!!!...

Hello lovely ladies! I'm home resting on the couch after getting my implants out! :)
I'm not very sore, just uncomfortable. I actually enjoyed getting them out. Didn't need any sedative.
My PS automatically did a scar revision which I thought was sweet. (My scar was awesome before but he's a perfectionist.)
I was SHOCKED when I looked down! WOW what a difference! I feel like I have no boobs! Lol!
I have not looked at them in the mirror yet. I'm kind of scared to, but my curiosity is killing me!!
To be honest they did not look as bad as I thought they would looking down on them.
I'm praying to the Fluff Fairy now!!!
Here's pics of my empty implant shells :)
I'll post pics as soon as I look at them!


YEAH!!!!! Rest and heal. So glad to hear you are doing well!
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day after...

I'm one day post op and feeling sore. Can't get comfortable to sleep. My fiance has been wonderful and taking great care of me! :)
I haven't looked at the girls today, but I am attaching pics from a few hours post-op.
I am having gurgling sensations inside my boobs and my muscles seem to be spasming. Anyone else having these? :)


Wow, you have quite a bit of tissue! Happy healing:)
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Thank you Tigger! This is definitely an experience! I can see my feet when I look down now lol but I feel flat! I'm not sure where my D cups prior to implants went! I hope they come back :) Have you scheduled your explant yet? Even though I'm a bit sore, it feels amazing not having those bags rolling around in there!

2 days post op

Feeling a little better today :)
I went to Victoria's Secret to find a better sports bra. The ones I had did not fit at all and/or gave me a uniboob. I bought their new Incredible Sports Bra in a 32D and I Love it! It makes me look normal right now and looks great under a tank top! It has cushioned straps and a cushioned underwire. Doesn't hurt my incisions at all but I added some cotton squares under it for more protection. It makes me feel sexy right now which I really need! My breasts are really sad right now and look terrifying if I bend over. But I am so happy to be free! I feel 10 lbs lighter up top! :)


Did u end up taking the capsule out or not? You look great now :)
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Thank you :) I left the capsule behind. Doc said it was so thin he could see through it. He was able to open it manually to get the implants out. I figure I'll need a lift eventually anyway so if it causes problems I can address them then.
You look really great without the implants. You look like you don't even need a lift. Did you have a contracture with the implant? Did he say why drains aren't needed? I'm so worried I will get a seroma when I get them out
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Victoria's Secret Sports Bra

Here is my sexy new sports bra :) I found it comfortable at first but my incisions aren't ready for it full time yet. :(
When did you ladies find your incisions didn't hurt anymore?
Also I am super itchy! I want to rub my breasts again concrete! Why am I so itchy!! Geez! Nothing new today but my energy seems higher. I hope it stays that way! :)


Man you look amazing! I bet you are thrilled!!! YAY!
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Thank you! :) I still need a lot of skin retraction but I am so much happy without those water bags! I didn't realize how many aspects of my life they affected until they were out. They still look fantastic in a bra so I can live with that until I decide on a lift. :) good luck with your journey! I bet you'll be ecstatic when you get your out!
Thank you :) I have some excess skin so we'll see if it changes. I'm waiting 6 months to a year to decide on a lift. I had no contracture. My implants were always very soft. Doc said he used to use drains after explant but found that he never had a problem with seromas so he stopped using them. When he was removing my implants he said my capsules were so thin they were transparent (like the shell of my implants) and he was able to tear it open manually to get implants out. I am wearing tight sports bras to make sure no fluid will build up though.

Got my stitches out today!

I got my stitches out this morning! Between the stitches and the medical tape I was itching so bad!! It feels a lot better to have those out! Incisions look great and I'm allowed to start scar treatment. All I did last time was massage vitamin e oil in them and I always had to search for them to find them. I was getting a breast exam once by a GYN and she was like, "I thought you had on your chart that you have breast implants." I said, "I do." And she said, "Well I don't see any scars!" I laughed and told her that was the point! :) Anyways... I have not seen many changes since that first 24 hours. It seems that my boob 'defluff' after a shower. They get longer in hot water! Hahaha! Oh well.. I really don't give a damn. I feel so much better without them. I enjoy sex more as they are not in my way or falling into my armpit anymore. I look normal in clothes now and I still look fabulous in a Victoria's Secret push up bra! I can live with that! I still wear the 34D in VS but the band is a little big and I'm spilling over the cups slightly... I can't wait to go bra shopping! :)

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Here's a pic!

This is from a couple days ago..


You look fabulous! Are you feeling as good as you look ?
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Ugh... The flu :(

I was in the midst of my recovery and came down with the flu! I feel terrible! I was so looking forward to getting some energy back and my back was feeling better and then this flu has knocked me on my ass! I can't wait to feel better! I'm dying to go to Victoria's Secret and buy bras! :(
I feel like poo!
My boobies haven't changed much. Getting real tired of wearing sports bras 24/7! I really don't think they are going to change very much more. I know it's only been a little over 2 weeks and I'm not sad about them but I'm being realistic. I'm totally happy I got those bags out! What a relief! Now if I could get rid of this bug!! ;)


Hi, I was wondering if you had your pectoral muscle sutured to the chest wall when you had your implants removed? I'm also getting my implants out and can't decide if I should have the muscle sutured or not? thanks!
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You look amazing....just hope I have good results ....all the best x
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You look amazing! I just posted a lengthy comment but it did not post. I was wondering the location of your doctor? Is that price correct , was it a favor or are his prices reasonable? You didn't need drains? I'm desperate to get mine out asap but single mother! Cannot afford to even do it at most prices and I need too!
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Dr. Andrew Stewart

I love Dr. Stewart. He is always available when you need him. He cares about his patients. Does not rush you at appointments. He really listens to me and answers all questions. Great pre and post-op care. Awesome bedside manner. Minimal wait times for appointments

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