Explant surgery due to medical reasons

Wow, what a wonderful opportunity this forum is...

Wow, what a wonderful opportunity this forum is for people to share their experiences. My journey began 17 years ago with a decision to get implants for the wrong reason; an attempt to save an abusive marriage when my self esteem was at a all time low. Then 2years ago I fell in my yard and ruptured my right implant and at that time I consulted a surgeon who informed me there was no medical reason to remove them. In the past 2years I've had numerous breast cysts which were mammogammed, and then an ultra sound was performed. Each time I received great news that I was ok but my doctor was concerned and three weeks ago I was referred to a breast cancer surgeon with an impeccable reputation. Unfortunately, she informed that because of my ruptured implant, and scar tissue the mammograms had not been able to see all the tissue. The doctor sent me for a breast MRI to detect any possible tumors so she wouldnt risk opening me up without knowing what was going on. The surgeon recommended immediate removal due to the limited ability to view any cysts, tumors and so forth.

So, here I am scheduled for surgery on the 9th of July and scared as hell. I'm scared of what my breasts will look like because at this point I don't have the funds for a lift and I'm scared of the emotional baggage that is already showing up related to why I got them and how I felt my body wasn't mine for 17 years. I've been so happy with how they look since my right side was ruptured and I had the left side deflated right away and for the past 2years I've had my breasts back. But now I don't know what they will look like and this scares me.......she is planning on making a 2-3 inch incision under my breast in order to remove them and that's ok it's the volume I'm worried about. She did warn me about the pain due to how the tissue adheres around the implant, and of course she is going to be cutting my cheats wall muscle. But pain will pass however the result of the surgery will be permanent for me and this is frightening. Fortunately for me I am remarried to an incredible man who did not care for my size D breasts before but loved them anyways because they were attached to me. He has assured me that it doesn't matter and I know he is being honest but I guess it matters to me. I apologize for the lengthy diatribe but I'm nervous and would so appreciate any support, comments, questions anything.......I am excited about getting them out and my insurance is paying for it all which is great!! All my best

Well it's now only three full days until my...

Well it's now only three full days until my surgery and the fear is creeping up on me and my sanity is held in check by reading everyone's reviews. I haven't received my results back from the breast MRI but I figure no news is good news. It's scary to think if I hadn't been referred to a breast cancer surgeon my removal would not be happening and the possibility of mammograms, and ultrasounds missing a tumor would of been highly likely. Wow, I feel incredibly grateful right now and swallow that I am worried about what my breasts will look like. I love to hear from anyone else with a similar story or someone who had ruptured an implant from a fall.

I am hoping to hear from someone, my surgery is in...

I am hoping to hear from someone, my surgery is in 3 days and would enjoy reading words of hope, and encouragement. I am finding it helpful to read other peoples experiences and to know how powerful this process can be. I am confident with my surgeons ability and this is a great feeling it's just my own concerns about the appearance of my breasts that has me a bit freaked. They have been deflated for two years since my fall and I love not having the look of fake boobs, and having the natural look of my breasts. Since my implants are under my chest wall muscle it doesn't look or feel like I have implants. So, having them removed is just for medical reasons and not so much for returning to a natural state.

It's two days until my surgery and guess what I AM...

It's two days until my surgery and guess what I AM NOT FREAKING OUT anymore and the reason why is this site. Tonight, or shall I say this morning because it is so late; I signed on, read two comments, and everything changed. I am amazed how words and others experiences can fill in that fear with hope. There is a wealth of experience here on this site and so many women with different stories, and I was lucky enough to have two wonderful women respond to me and offer their wisdom, and it helped more than is possible for me to express. So, I am two days out and feeling like I have a good understanding of what to expect, and a time frame for healing and an idea of how long it will take for my boobs to fluff up, resuming their position in life. I am feeling great which is quite the departure from yesterday. Oh what a difference a day makes when you have a real self friend........I don't have one yet but I heard from one and she was very wise.

Its now Saturday and my heart is lifted with...

Its now Saturday and my heart is lifted with anticipation of my new self, my "new" Dawn and must say in all honesty this is a direct result from the support I have received from the messages here. I am approaching the final countdown to my new breasts with an excitement rather than dread and fear. I wish I had pictures of my size D breasts before my fall, to catalog this journey accurately but a picture is not always worth a thousand words.....
My breasts are now a size B and I love them and I have no idea as to what they will look like after the implants are removed, and this capsule everyone talks about is removed as well. My surgeon has stated that she plans on removing it, due to the scar tissue interfering with breast imaging for cancer screening in my particular case which is how this removal began. In the beginning I was not happy about this surgery because for me I had my body back but now I realize my journey was not finished because the collapsed implants were still inside me. So, now I recognize that the removal is the finish line and not this event to be dreaded or feared. It really is a journey we go on, with mountains to climb and valleys we sometimes fall into but with the support of our families and one another we can make our way thru to the other side.

It has been six days since I went from having...

It has been six days since I went from having implants to being me again. I feel as if my body was leased out; first to my ex-husband who wanted the implants, the fantasy and felt we should get size D so we could get our money's worth. But, now I am a "new Dawn" and I have been re-married for 15 years to an amazing man who realizes the body is just a suitcase. I have had an easy recovery there has been no swelling and no bruising except for some tiny marks right over the incision. I believe this reflects my surgeons abilities and my bodies ability to heal. I woke up right after surgery with gauze over my breasts with two different wide ace bandages wrapped snugly around me. There were no drains and the incisions had steri strips over them. I have to return to my doctors office in ten days for a follow-up. I am taking some specific vitamins recommended for healing; bromelain (inflammation and a whole bunch of other stuff), C-Food Complex (vitamin C with immune support) and Zinc.....I feel the vitamins/minerals are helping but It's my body's acceptance of what has happened. As strange as this may sound my body has welcomed this decision.......I am happy to be me!

I had been feeling great today but over extended...

I had been feeling great today but over extended myself and as a result I am experiencing some pain. It's easy to start doing too much when we feel good. But, it is surgery muscles were cut tissue was removed and I was under general anethesia. There is this overwhelming sense for me that this dread of breast cancer scares will be over now and that feels so good. I have had so many mammograms, and ultra-sounds due to tumors/cysts I've had these past two years since my implants have been collapsed it was impossible to get an accurate reading. I won't have to worry about that anymore . I have so much to be grateful for today......

It's absolutely amazing how much fear I had and...

It's absolutely amazing how much fear I had and now I just watched a video on u-tube of a breast implant removal including the capsule. The crazy thing is I always thought this capsule was a thick, viscous creature capable of life on its own. Then I watched it being removed and its a thin layer of tissue not even a quarter of an inch thick. I realize we are different therefore our capsules will vary in size too. But, for me-knowledge is power....I feel even better now knowing what a capsule looks like. I also can't wait for my post-op so I can ask the doctor about my ruptured right implant and if it really was on top of my muscle. Its crazy to think I survived two serious car accidents with my implants intact only to have one rupture when I fell down in my back yard two years ago....wow its a crazy journey we are all on in this world.

I am feeling better now than I did prior to my...

I am feeling better now than I did prior to my surgery for removal and that can only mean one thing; the implants needed to come out. It feels good to be on the other side of this looking at my breasts with acceptance. All I can say at this point is for any women considering removal and afraid of the surgery to read all the reviews here. It's clear for all of us that the decision to remove our implants was the right choice. I have some mild pain that comes and goes, itching on the incision site but my energy has returned. I feel great....

I had my stitches removed yesterday, met with my...

I had my stitches removed yesterday, met with my surgeon and received great news with just a touch of concern. First, my surgeon said; I don't have breast cancer and that my tissue appeared normal. Wow, how lucky I am to receive such great news, and to now know breast cancer detection will be dramatically improved having my implants out. I was so naive to think just because I had them under my muscle-the detection of breast cancer would not be a concern ( with mammograms) .She said my muscles in my chest were severely strectched out due to the implants and that unfortunately I have severe scar tissue that has calcified and won't be absorbed into my body.....I never realized how the capsule and surrounding scar tissue would be a barrier to breast cancer screening.
I've learned so much as I am going thru this experience and I realize now what a different woman I am. I am no longer a scared, frightened woman in an abusive relationship suffering from low self-esteem-I am a strong capable woman who is making better choices in my life, including being in a great marriage to a wonderful man. My husband loves my breasts and feels they look better smaller, he was not a fan of my old size D implanted boobs.
So, here I am faced with the consequences of a decision made almost 20 years ago-due to the scar tissue being calcified and the amount of it breast cancer screening will still be more difficult. But the surgeon is going to follow my care, with mammograms and ultrasounds..... I've received incredible care from Dr. Smith and her staff and I know my breasts are in good hands...
Dr.linda Smith

Dr. Smith was knowledgable and professional but also compassionate. She examined me and then met with my husband and myself in her office spending about 30 minutes total. She answered all of our questions and did not rush us thru the appointment. The staff was also professional and courteous.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
3 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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I agree with that if we only knew then what we know now.....I made my choice for all the wrong reasons and I never considered my implants could cause health problems. I feel I am a very different person now with the breasts to match how I feel inside. I am loving my small, soft breasts that match my body size, and mind.....heres to us, the brave ones for making a different choice now, and today is what matters.....
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I've watched some of the explant & implant videos on utube. I think if I would have seen something like that before I had implants I definetly would have thought twice.
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I love the positivity. I too have been doing too much. Laundry, dishes, picking up toys, and sometimes my 3 year old. I know its a no no, but it is so hard. I am out sick from work right now with the surgery and I am up late doing all the things my brain tell me to do. Instead of lying down and taking it easy. My incisions are headling but I guess theyre itchy. I am praying you are healthy as well as the other women on this website. Thank you for your honest sharing.
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MonkeysMommy, I know it's hard when you have little ones, I have a 28 month old and a 31/2 year old! They cannot comprehend Mommies limitations.......even us Mommies don'tunderstand it because we are Superwomen at heart and can tolerate more discomfort than Superman!  But this healing process is crucial - please take care of yourself -for your baby(s)!  
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I've been thinking so much about what you shared; just how critical the healing process is, and you're right-we have to take care of ourselves, especially when you have young children to care for. But, even in a marriage your partner counts on you for a variety of things- we can't be there for anyone, if we don't time to heal, or ignore what our bodies are telling us. Thanks for reminding me of the importance of healing, and I truly gave myself more time because of the support. Your words of encouragement have helped me beyond anything I had imagined. I want you to know just how grateful I am to you, and everyone that has taken time to support me thru this journey. I arrived on the other side and feel a tremendous sense of peace.....
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You are more than welcome! I am just thankful for opportunity to be a part of your journey! Peace!!!!!!!
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NewDawn I am praying that the pain will subside! I made the same mistake! Please take it easy!
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Newdawn, how did I miss your review before?! You have been an awesome help to others, I enjoyed reading about your journey and glad to here you are on the 'other side'.

Good luck with healing x
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NewDawn!  Your words are such an inspiration!  I pray that the right person(s) may find your post and are chaned/renewed!!  Continue to heal and enjoy your life!   How liberating!
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I am so proud of you for going through the explant. I was so excited and I am even more excited that they are out and I can breathe. Welcome back to your former self. I know I cant change the past, but I can definetly change the present. I am so happy they are out and I am my flat self again. Love me or dont. I dont care anymore.
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Very glad to hear that you're doing so well.

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newdawn, so pleased it went well for you. Well done on getting them out!
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The surgery went exceptionally well and I have seen my breasts...and they look good!!! I am taking it easy, just listening to my body. I'm quite surprised by how well I am managing. I will write more tomorrow and possibly include an after photo but I forgot to take a before photo!!
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Thinking of you and glad you're done with your surgery and now just have to heal. You're an amazing lady!

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Its now close to 3:00am and I can't sleep, and it's not nerves or fear it's excitement about what lies ahead of me. I am looking forward to watching some movies, and sleeping because at this point it's starting to sound good. I really appreciate the prayers, thank you for wishing me well.....
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Awesome!   Prayed for you last night and will be praying for you this day as well!  What time is your surgery? You will rest well afterwards! 
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I hope your surgery went well and you are enjoying some down time. I'm sure you are sore and out of sorts, but take the time to be treated like a princess and waited on by your friend and husband. It's also a good time to sleep like a cat and not feel guilty about napping! I enjoyed sitting around watching movies and having my fiance do everything for me. Plus my friends would drop by and bring me new bras. It was almost like my birthday! Oh wait, it actually was my birthday....hehe.
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Hey lady!  How are you doing today? How do you feel so far?  Hope you are resting well!
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I wanted to say hi and ask how you were doing? I also wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart, each comment, each word carried hope for me and helped me get from a place of fear to a place of joy.....I am so happy to have my health back. Thank you for responding to me in such a kind, and compassionate way it made all the difference in the world. GreenTemple you are an example to others...
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hi newdawn, good luck for your op, and thank you for your wise words, I couldn't agree more!
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I will keep you in my prayers.
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It's the night before my surgery, I am going to super clean my house today, pay some bills, and rent some movies....My best friend from High school is driving from Missouri to be with me which is quite the gift. I am remarkably calm and my husband is so happy that I have found peace with all of this. It's funny to think back to how we all felt the night before we got our implants put in and those emotions, how many of us did it for the wrong reasons? How many did it to please someone else, like a spouse or did it because we felt less than....Now, we are all coming up on the other side finding out that the implants didn't save the marriages, make us complete, or increase our self-esteem and to discover this means we are growing in ways that are bigger than the implants ever were. We are getting our bodies back and reclaiming our breasts and this is critical because its not just about having natural breasts. It's also about what this says about us as people, and it says we have grown beyond our breast size......
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Well said Newdawn! This is where we are suppose to be......I truly believe that God takes us on certain journeys to help us to realize just how beautiful we are to HIM! You are ready - Everything will be just fine tomorrow!
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Definitely a "NewDawn"! I have tears in my eyes as I write this.....i always pray that when I respond, that the words/experience will somehow bless the person on the other end! However I am the one that received! You ddidn't know this but II was having a bad morning until I clicked on YOUR message! Your gratefulness and hope has touched my heart and lifted MY spirit! So "thank you!" Thank you for taking the time to share your peace! I know that you will do just fine! Two more days and you'll be FREE! I/we will be with you in spirit! Your joy is infectious!
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I am so happy that my response came at at time that was needed, and certainly well deserved....I do have peace for the first time since the surgeon told me they needed to come out and it feels so amazing! Thank-you again and I will let you know how it goes on Monday.
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