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I got my surgery done two and a half years ago and...

I got my surgery done two and a half years ago and I can say that I am happy with my breasts, but there are a few things that I am very unhappy with. The doctor didn't discuss MANY things with me and going into the surgery, I was clueless. First off, he never even confirmed where the incision would be! The day of the surgery, I still didn't know for sure, and he ended up going through the nipple which was fine, but not necessarily my first choice. Also, my right boob has a little ripple at the very bottom of the implant, and you can feel it pretty easily. My left boob is a little too big, and feels less natural. When I have a bra on, no one can tell that they are a little different, but when I am naked and laying flat, it is very obvious. Also, my doctor didn't mention ANYTHING about massaging my breasts until weeks after the surgery and by that time, it was kind of too late. Most of all, I just wish I had done more research and been absolutely 100 percent positive about everything. I will probably have to get them re-done in the future, and I will actually want to go a little smaller(I am about a 36C now), because I know when I have children they will get HUGE and I don't want that.
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Dear Rachel, I am sorry that you are less than satisfied. Who did your surgery? Frankly, $4500 is a very inexpensive price, and I wonder whether your doctor was certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery (as I am). I make sure that all of my patients understand the plan in great detail before surgery, and I call each patient daily for the first week. My office staff (all of whom have had "work") teach massage at the one-week follow-up visit. Anyway, my office is in Ventura, and I would be happy to help you if you have future problems. Sincerely, Mike Pickart
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Rachel, I'm very sorry that you have had a less than optimal experience with one of our local plastic surgeons. I know that you are not one of my patients- I routinely go over all the risks and benefits as well as the details of the incisions and plans involved with the surgery with every patient. I am under the impression that most of our local plastic surgeons do the same and are of excellent quality. Should you require some revision in the future, I am certain that you'll find your subsequent plastic surgery experience to be exemplary in Santa Barbara.
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