Breast Augmentation Review

I decided to opt for breast implants because I had...

I decided to opt for breast implants because I had always felt like my brest size was too small. I wanted to feel more like a woman and be able to fill out the clothes that I had or the clothes that I wish that I could wear. I wanted to have the confidence in myself that I never had.

I was refered to the docter by a friend and I am so lucky that I was. My whole experience was better than I thought. By the time my surgery day came I was so excited that I was finally going to have my new breasts.

My surgery went really smooth, it lasted only a few hours but it felt just like I was going to sleep and when I woke up it was over. I am now 1 yr post op and I swear my implants feel like they were my own. I dont feel like they were done, I feel like they were always mine. I love them and I think that it was the best thing Ive done for myself. I am so happy.

San Diego Plastic Surgeon

He was very prefessional and gave me egsactly what I was looking for. His staff was very welcoming and made the whole experience easy.

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Did you go with Saline or Silicone? How are you feeling now - many years Post Op?
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