On Feb 8th is my first consultation! I cant wait! :)

Hi girls!!! Im so glad I found this site in the...

Hi girls!!! Im so glad I found this site in the middle of my hard work researching for the right Dr. For my breasts augmentation! Let me start saying that at the moment Im living in west palm beach FL, but Im from miami I moved a year ago to west palm and I love it even do the area where I live now is not good and Im working on finding a new place asap to move put now.

Also with my income taxes I decides I will take carr of myself for once because Im always thinking and doing things for other ppl before myself! Im 25 yrs and Im a mom of 3 kids my oldest son is 7 my daughter is 5 and my baby boy is 1yr and 4 months.

I been super skinny all my life and always has a 32A size bra after the kids i went ip to 32-34B but when I lay in bed all I see are 2 fried eggs!! No clothes look hood on me I just hate looking myself in the mirror naked. Well anyways I also weight ONLY 88 pounds Im a small bone frame girl wich actually it worries me about even looking good with a breast augmemtation. I wish Them to look as natural as possible but neither want to make them too small that after will regret didnt go bigger, also I want them to be round even and with clivage, I hate the middle open chests look! Also I need a price I can afford cash and that I still will have some savings to move out from here!

Please any advices, recomendations I will accept. Even do Im going to a consultation on Feb 11 and also I emailed Dr. Louis Deluca from Boca who has many possitive comments wish I dont trust that I will ha e to see myself of he really listens and meets all my expectations.

This is huge for me this is something I will do that will last my lifetime so I need it to be perfect and im freaking out! I also forgot to mension I devided already I want the Silicone Gel the ones they call "gummy bears" they look and feel more natural ans they wont get stuck in the muscle even if they crack! Please girls bare with me and wish me luck in this journey that just started. I will keep you posted...Thanks

Omg girls first of all excuse me for all my miss...

Omg girls first of all excuse me for all my miss spellings! Im doing this through my phone n i make alot of mistakes so hopefully u can get to understand what im trying to say also my first lenguage is spanish so u will see some mistakes no matter what.

Okay last night my husband and I had a long conversation about the surgery actually the longest we ever had about the subject and I felt really good. He let me know he understands me and he is supporting me 100% on this and he even wants to go with me to the consultation. Thats not going to happen because he is working when im going and he is off on the weekends n i work weekends As well but i told him he will meet n talk to my dr before surgery and he will explain everything how it is. Im so happy and pleased that finally he is accepting the fact that im really doing this this year.

Hw is trying to make me wait for my taxes because last year i didnt get anything due to my identity was stolen n this year i will receive my money from last year plus the one im supposte to get this year. He told me not to go crazy soni dont stay broke because we are trying to save some money to move out as well.

For now thats all! My firsts consultation is on Feb 8th with Dr. Louis Deluca witch he has a very good rep in here n great photos of before and afters so im praying he is the one for me! 6 more days to meet him yeiii ....

I want to do a little refresh here because i didnt...

I want to do a little refresh here because i didnt explain well myself the first time ans I dont have a computer at home to post pics yet but I promise I will get those before and after pics for all of you! Im 25 yrs my hight is around 5'2 and I weight 90lbs and I also have 3 kids wich they are 7, 5 and 1yrs old. I always wanted breast augmentation since I can remember because I would see my cousins chests growing and not mines I always been a 32A and sometimes I fit in a 32 B depends on the bra and a lot od padds! I always been very selfconsious about my body and never been able really to feel sexy and completely confident in bed with my Fiance. Even do he always tells me he lives me the way i am that doesnt make me feek any better! But thank goodness he is supporting me through this now and he is actually exited for me n he cant wait to see my results.

This friday Im meeting Dr. Louis Deluca wich i been reading about him a lot and veen watching his videos and I have a great feeling about him! But I decided is always good to have a second opinion so I also have another consultation on Feb 11 with another surgeon and from there I will see. Please any advices I will highly apreciate it!

I cant wait to be part of the Boobies Club! Hehehe

Omg!! I had a wonderful consultation with Dr....

Omg!! I had a wonderful consultation with Dr. Louis Deluca since the minute I walked in to the office I knew I was in the right place. He is down to earth!! He introduced himself very nicely showed me his wife and daughters pictures and I showed him mines :) he said my kids are adorable!! Then he asked me a few questions about the breast augmentation like I was looking for and when I told him he even told me " you always knew what you wanted and u in the right track because what u asking for is exactly what I would of recomend you! We dont even needed this conversation... Hahaha!" I was amazed how surprised he was that I was well informed with what I wanted then I went to talk to this wonderful lady Chriss who is incharge of the payments and the schedule the surgery appointments. Well she gave me a very reasonable price for both surgery that im having because the little second one im doing is a secret maybe I will tell u girls after ;) i dont know lets see hahaha not even my fiance will know about it till everything is healed! So i set the Surgey Date is going to be on April 22 at 7:30am yeiiii i cant wait the count down started!! An I also paid the deposit to reserve that date. All i gotta do is check at work with my Bosses for them to hive me the Ok for that week off... Im going in to work now i will see u soon ladies!!
Dr. Louis Deluca

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Wooo! Congratulations!!
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Yeiiii thanks! Im so exited I cant wait for April 22nd !!!! ;) -Sleeples in Turquoise!!!
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GOOD LUCK TO YOU! Advice...clean and prepare as much as you can ahead of time; especially with 3 bebés! deseándole todo lo mejor!
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Adiaphoria- thank u so much for the advice I will clean and even buy plates n cups that we can dispose them so I dont have to do dishes lmao... But u know how it is with kids the house dont last me not even 10mins clean or picked up! >:( ya les contare q pasa manana en mi consulta y q decido. ;)
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Thanks so much for starting your story on RealSelf!  Make sure you choose an ASPS/ASAPS board certified plastic surgeon. Please keep us posted on your progress.

Here's a great post from Walnut Creek about what she wishes she knew before her breast augmentation.

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Thanks Angie And yes Im doing my homework on that I will make sure im making the right choice and i will keep all of you posted! Thanks i will read that story as well.
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