Making the Big Step!!! BA Way to Go

I'm a 34year old mom of 1 who's now bigger...

I'm a 34year old mom of 1 who's now bigger than her mom 5' 7" 120lbs, I have a great fiance and loving family & friends. I have been trying to make a decision over 2years now after talking to my other half he's so with me. This is a big decision and step in life. Ok, I took my first step by going online reading,reviewing & asking alot of questions to friends and family members who have had BA done.

This page has alot of info and helpful information. Thank you ladies! Now that I've come this far I have took the next step by going into my Dr's office, OMG the office staffs are amazing, I did a consultation and took different time to go into the office to try on. WOW such a difference from putting on VS push up bras. lol but now to make the decision. DO want to go forward because my confidence will sore through the roof & yes those summer dresses, wedding dresses & tops will look soo great on me. SWEET!

DON'T what going to become of the recovery. This is the biggest joke in my office all the ladies around has large chest and I have small chest and one person wants to do a reduction and says" we both can sit next to each other and take from her and put it in mine"wish it was that easy! LOL still have jokes today. Will update more later.

Today I took the time to going into my PS office...

Today I took the time to going into my PS office and final had a consultation my coworkers doesn't know when I'm going to take the big step they just have an idea that I want to get the booies done but I may shock them sooner than later. Got alot of information and took in alot of information also, because I'm such a small person my PS recommended silicone and not too big (I would tip!
It took alot of courage to enter that office and sit to listen to the PRO & CON and also recorded the information so I could review it again, this is a life style change with a foreign object in my body. Going to sit and talk to my other half and discuss all of the above. TENTATIVE DATE!!!!

I have now took another step, going to the office...

I have now took another step, going to the office and tried different sample sizes and I think I found my ideal fit. Silicone either 280 cc or 300 cc don't want to be that obvious. Now to make my appointment and that probably pretty soon because I have about 4 weddings coming up and ofcourse I do want to look fabulous. So look out for a date!!!!

Now time is getting closer, I've made may appt...

Now time is getting closer, I've made may appt dates Pre op on 5/9 and surgery 5/24. Getting kinda prepared and sort of nervous. After reading a lot of you ladies experience, I feel much more ready than ever. Will take pic soon to show my step through itcy bitcy tiny winy booby club to the big girls booby club soon. :-). Going out shopping this weekend with my daughter & girl friend. SWEET!!!!

Ok ladies time is drawing near, my preop appt is...

Ok ladies time is drawing near, my preop appt is on 5/9 and sx set for 5/24. Ok will post pic soon before & after. Oh BTW, I receive coupons from Victoria secret which I can't wait to use.keep you ladies posted.

Went for my Pre-op today, my nerves were so out of...

Went for my Pre-op today, my nerves were so out of control it was crazy. Got there did the usual my going over paperwork, meds, size & the waiting game. Will post as soon as possible.

One week before my offical boomshell(lol) new...

One week before my offical boomshell(lol) new boobs. I'm now getting really nervous and took my chance to visit my PS today, they are such nice people, I went by to ask more questions from my researches, very helpful information. We also did the size change again, so the day of we will do our final decision. omg!!! excited & nervous.

My life has totally changed, I'm a new lady with...

My life has totally changed, I'm a new lady with the new boobs club. With this experience wish I could skip the pain. On 5/24 I finally did it, My other half has been the best also but leading up to this wasn't that wonderful for me, I have been having migraines 4 dys leading up to my surgery, had to visit the nuerologist to get something to stop this heads because my PS stop all meds prior to my surgery.

Surgery day this surgery was alot different from...

Surgery day this surgery was alot different from the regular (from the ladies on realself). My surgery was a local surgery I did not go under. Yes I was awake while having my BA and having conversation with PS and nurses also listening to my music on my phone while going through this, it was so different not alot of women can really do this. it was a 4hr procedure. At the end of my proedure I got up and got the chance to look at them and OMG they were HUGH (LOL) and while my other half came to check me out got ready to go home, go something to eat.took my pain meds and my nausea meds and crashed. unfortunatly I'm not a back sleeper yes it is hell. i'm also having really bad back pain and burning either from my sleeping position or the new weight to my body. Since I have been reading on here i've notice their complaint were it felt like a bowling ball on your chest but not me this is a lower back pain. now that my pain is subsiding I can enjoy what i really do. pics soon.
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Thanks for being brave! You can do this.

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Thanks for starting your story! I'm glad you have good support from your fiancé. Have you gone on any consultations with surgeons yet?

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Thank you for reading my story it took alot of courage for me to sit and time to people I don't even know and also reading about! I did a consultation today. Alot of question ofcourse. Very interesting info also.
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