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I had breast augmentation a little over a month...

I had breast augmentation a little over a month ago I had 420 cc in both, my left breast is higher than my right and it is also smaller, is this normal for one side to take longer to drop, and I thought maybe I might still have some swelling in the one that is a little bigger and lower, is there away to correct this with a breast strap or massage.

I am terrified than I am going to be two different sizes, what should I do, I have 420 cc in both which is weird because every woman has one breast smaller than the other even if it is not alot, please someone help me with some direction that I am not getting from my doctor's office now that they have my money.

may i ask who ur dr was?
my daughter is a 40DDD and only 5'2, insurance will pay if dr recommends , her back hurts, she is limited to activity because of size...she shows signs of depression because of that and her weight,
if insurance will pay on both can a reduction and gastric bypass surgery be done at same time....
i have had implants for over 5 years,I have posted many times stating about the problems with my left breast hard incapilated, and no help from surgeon without paying 3000.00
Last Thursday I went for a mammogram to see what might be going on...not only can I not lay on my stomach, it is itchy and painful now full time.. it is so big and out of proportion from my right breast
that while i was able to camoflage clothing and just make sure right breast was always in right place, no longer, I am limited to wearing thick material shirts/blouses and such to not draw attention..also it was pointed out during the mammogram that one of the implants the left- is under the muscle, the right is over the muscle..there have been so many women mutilated by this dr. that continues to practice..he cannot do surgery as far as cosmestic except in office as day surgery..Is there an attorney that will take the case and work on settlement without upfront money...
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