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I wanted to change the shape of my breasts and...

I wanted to change the shape of my breasts and reduce areolas. I wanted a natural look not big boobs. I wanted them closer together for some cleavage. My doc sugguested not to go under 310cc as i have a wide base but recomended 350cc. 350 felt too big and heavy in my bra but I wasnt sure if the diameter was better so couldnt decide. He didnt measure me so I had no idea of either outcome so i told him to decide during the op. He said he put 350cc in as 310cc was too small but didnt explain why. I now feel they are way too big and still too far apart but now they stick out on the sides. Im now trying to hide the bimbo look from work and family under baggy clothes as i dont want them to know I did it.
Could he have put have put less cc in a wider diameter base? If i loose weight will the boobs go smaller or just saggy? Can i push the silicone closer together? Will they get in the way of sports? Ive read post op panik and regret happens, am i freaking out for nothing? Did he do a good job? Will i get natural soft breast with time? Right now i feel pain, huge, hard and tight and wondering what have i done. Id appreciate your opinion.


I think they already look good and in a few weeks will look gorgeous!! I know they will soften and drop into place. It's ok to feel emotional after this kind of procedure -- it brings it out of us sometimes. Just know that once it heals and the pain has stopped, they will look amazing. It's a perfect size for you. Just give it time. And keep us updated. This is a perfect site to blog your feelings because we've all gone through it or hope to one day.
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Thank you, hearing that is very reassuring.
I'm so sorry you're going through this post-op panic, but it is the way some people react.  Here is my completely honest opinion, as someone who doesn't know you.  Your breasts look really, really nice.  They look a great size for your chest, from what I can see.  Your pre-op breasts were lower than ideal.  The ideal is for the nipple to sit about halfway up your upper arm.  That's where they are now.  But it makes them feel bigger, when they're so close to your face.  That is something you get used to with time.  Also, the breasts will be bigger (swelling), harder, and higher until they 'drop and fluff'.  It can take several months before they soften.  (I got a lift, no implants, and it took 3 months for them to start softening, and 6 before they felt natural.)

The thing you are not imagining, is that your boobs are not closer together--at least not significantly.  Everyone's breasts are shaped in a different way--some point outward, some straight forward, and everything in between.  That is not usually changed by having an aug or lift.  Still, once your breasts soften (and it will happen unless you have capsular contracture, but you cannot possibly have that yet at this early stage), they may relax a little bit more toward the center.

If you lose weight, they will get smaller--how much smaller depends on how much weight you lose.  The more weight you lose, the saggier they'll get.  How they sag depends on a lot of factors, including whether you got over or under the muscle implants.  At this stage, it looks like your doctor gave you implants large enough that you didn't need a lift at all.

I will reiterate, from what I can see, you look fantastic, and your result will only improve as you heal.  Your breasts will soften and end up feeling completely natural.  You will be able to push them together like real breasts by using a bra.  Most people consider in the 300 range to be a relatively small implant, and a B-cup to a D-cup is an extremely popular augmentation.  You will need a good sports bra, but they sell lots of good sports bras in a 34-D, so you should have no trouble at all finding one.  I used to wear a 34-D before I lost weight and with a good sports bra, I didn't need to double-bag or anything like that.  Now I'm a 32-C/D (closer to C) and I don't even need a supportive sports bra anymore.  You are a fine size for exercising.

I hope that this is helpful to you.  Please give yourself some time and breathe.  Your depression might be a hormonal reaction to the surgery.  (My hormones were so messed up after my surgery, it took six months for them to go back to normal.  But mine was a full mommy makeover.)  Acknowledge your feelings, but please try to hold off on judging your results for at least a month.  Finally, you may want to take a look at our B-cup to D-cup transformation page.  It's a way for you to look at the size change without the complication of looking at yourself.  Sometimes we judge ourselves much too harshly, but can see others with less biased eyes.

Peace, and happy healing.
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Any advice on the type of bra to wear. I find the one I'm wearing allows them to stick out. Id like to find one that holds them together.


Congratulations. Once the pain meds are completely out of your system you will feel alot better!
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Day 4 The worst of the pain is over and i feel i paniked for no reason. The swelling has gone down and i dont think there too big at all, actually very glad the doc put 350cc in. Im starting to love my new boobs n know everythings gonna be ok :)
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It wasn't for no reason--it's just that the reason wasn't that the implants were too big ;).  Be gentle with yourself!  

BTW, did you mean to post this as an update?  There is an extra step where you have to click on the "Update This Review" link where it has the little pencil next to it.  I can move it for you if you want, or you can move it :)

Stretch marks

Found what looks like the beginning of stretcharks oh boobs today and that made me really sad. Ive been oiling daily since day 3. I wish id gone smaller and avoided this. I know i need to be patient for the end result but they seem bigger, more lopsided n heavier every day. I got the op to feel happier about myself but along with my fever i just feel worse.


It is possible that you are getting a stretch mark.  It is also possible that you might start peeling or other things as a result of the stretching of the skin, and that that might look like a stretch mark.  (I peeled my entire torso after my Mommy Makeover.  Everywhere the skin got stretched.)  Or it could be something else.  But I think that even if you get one stretch mark, you will still end up loving your breasts better once you've healed.  I don't know if it'd be possible to take a pic of that possible stretch mark you're talking about?  I definitely couldn't see it in the last pic you posted.  But of course you don't have to!  If you have a fever, you should actually just be resting!  Virtual hugs to you.  I know it's difficult when you're depressed. Do you have anything you can do to just take your mind off of everything for a while?  For some people, hanging out on RealSelf is really helpful and comforting, but for a few, they find it extremely stressful and depressing.  So make sure you're doing what makes you feel best.

I also agree with rgirli--if you are still on pain meds, that can really affect your mood as well.
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Definitely! They make you feel depressed and moody. I was glad to be off them after a few days. Just taking Tylenol Xtra strength 500 mg as needed. They look like a good size. Give it time and they will settle. 350 is not too big. I got 335 and I am feeling they look small but then again I am two weeks out. Trying to be patient too :). Look forward to reading about your progress...


Left boob is facing outward, sits lower but nipple is higher and further out :( doubt them
Dropping will change this


They look good so far
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