700 & 750cc Silicone Implants (34H)

Pros: I like having full breasts again after...

Pros: I like having full breasts again after nursing & loosing a substantial amount of weight. My husband is much more pleased with my breasts now.

Cons: The pain & long duration of bed rest has been difficult.

Why: There was not much left of my breasts after nursing 2 kids & loosing a lot of weight.

I am 4 weeks post-op from my breast augmentation. Five days ago, I noticed a bulge in my right breast half way between my areola & breast crease. When laying on my back it was even more pronounced. When poking it, I could tell it was the implant. I went into my PS the next day. He told me to quit taking Accolate which he'd put me on 2 weeks prior. He said my tissue was very soft & was seperating, allowing the implant to be not well supported. I am frustrated because I feel it's too soon for me to have complications such as "bottoming out". I have silicone implants (700cc on right & 750cc on left)under the muscle through a periareolar incision. What should I do? Do I need a revision on my right breast?


I'm a little surprised that your surgeon has you wearing an underwire bra. You didn't indicate whether your incisions were in the breast fold or not, so presumably based on the underwire recommendation, you don't have breast fold incisions. Feel free to correct me there. There are a plethora of shops online which cater to the larger bra sizes. I would think that a sturdy sports bra (no-underwire) would be more comfy. You *might* need a revision of your right breast, but no need to get worked up about it now. Follow your surgeon's instructions as closely as possible (although switching to a supportive, more comfy, no-underwire bra might at least be worth trying), and please raise any issues or concerns with him immediately. No need to overstate it, but don't soft-pedal it either.
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I was not given any recommendations as to where to get a good post-op bra. I am now a 34H & have had a VERY difficult time finding a bra w/ the support & specs my Dr told me to get. At 4 weeks post-op I'm back on bed rest & wearing an uncomfortable underwire bra in the size I need but not the support. I feel like I shouldn't be developing "bottoming out" already.

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