1 yr 7 months pos op

Any body willing to switch? Please I need this...

Any body willing to switch? Please I need this done way before the fall semester starts! I just got divorced bc my x husband cheated on me. I'm moving to Miami to begin a new life with my son and I want this as a divorce present!:) let me know I'm 4'11 n weigh 148 how many Ccs should I get?thx

I really need an earlier date I don't want to...

I really need an earlier date I don't want to switch surgeons bc I love salamas work but it's getting desperate now bc of work and school:(

welcome also team SALAMA ! u will get an earlier date I haven't met anyone who has ask for earlier n didn't get one .. wish u luck! btw we weight around the same
Hve u gotten ur bbl uet?? If so how mny ccs? N i hope ao bc august is too damn far away lol i wanted to n struttin dwn OCEAN BLVD n south beach wit my new body this spring :(
no i have not even booked :'( and u def gonna get a date ..and...u will b showing. off ur beautiful body on the beach !!!!

So I out my deposit down for dr salama now I want...

So I out my deposit down for dr salama now I want to switch to ghurani bc I need a date sooner than August!!
U better hurry I asked for ASAP and I don't go for sx until August 16:(
Ima take a look bc I want them to add at least 1000 to my butt and 300 on each hip I'm like a snake I have no hips it's so hideous!

Omg changed my surgeon to dr ghurani march 20:)

Omg changed my surgeon to dr ghurani march 20:)
When is your date?? INbox me hun! I'm excited lol what kind of results are you looking for I want at least 1200 Ccs lol
Btw i switched to dr ghurani on march 20th yayayayaya

My iphone finllly let me put pix of me n my wish...

My iphone finllly let me put pix of me n my wish pix anyone c how sad ths body is lol lord jesus

Anyone think ghurani will b able to mke my hips...

Anyone think ghurani will b able to mke my hips wide as my shoulders i have broad man shoulders ??!?!?!?!? Or how can i make them less meaty without loosing too much for surgery? I have alot of bak fat upper and lower as well as belly fat
He'll ask you what you want to increase ! when i met with him i told him what i wanted and he had no problem fulfilling my needs ! just talk to him ! ;)
U think my wish pix r realistic lol!!?!? I cant wait to meet him

Bblchicks results r so amazing omg lol!!

Bblchicks results r so amazing omg lol!!

Anyone told their family and get bad reactions to...

Anyone told their family and get bad reactions to your choice? My parents r trying to talk me out of this bbl saying i should b happy with what i wa born with thats just the thing i wasnt born with these fat rolls lol n i feel like if u werent born with it buy it if u can right? Lol sigh..
Lol I've told my mom and my sister who think I'm insane for wanting a bbl..due to them being unsupportive I no longer mention the surgery to them any more..
Girl it is a challenge not to have the support of those you love, but you have to do what makes you happy. You are the one that has to live life in your body, if you are secure in your choice then I hope you are able to follow through on your plans.

Jimmersons results r so appealing to me I have yet...

Jimmersons results r so appealing to me I have yet to see a bad review but I already paid my damn deposit and that was 849 dollars
girl im jamaican too and i need this bod b4 summer so i skip my usual xmas trip to get this done by yily by january so i can enjoy memorial weekend and ATI in jamaica....i like dr salama and jimmerson but i feel the GOOD doctors overseas like yily and campos (just example) shape the body better i dont like how they make the girls look fake here...i wanna look natural and not like a girl that you can tell did plastic surgery...but i hope you make a good decision and your results comeout perfect
I say get your deposit bck and join the team!! :) I have so much faith in him!!!
Its nonrefundable :/

I've been googling news about deaths related to...

I've been googling news about deaths related to lipo and there are a lot I'm so scared to do this now :/' nancy and Cynthia stated they have never had any deaths though,.... N the videos I've seen do me no justice looks like they r moving that stick around too damn much and too fast ugh help!!!!
you will be cfine good luck I'm march 10 with dr s
Giiirrl you got push that negative energy out of the door. As a man thinketh so is he. Think positive. You will be just fine.

My arms r super big n wil not match a tiny waist...

My arms r super big n wil not match a tiny waist so i wanna lose ten lbs before sx the dr told me not to though also y r ppl for ghurani bein charged 7999 n i was charged 8499!!
Hunnie did u call them n ask? Although I'm sure u did..... Maybe since u booked w salama first they automatically kept that price.... But it doesn't seem fair at all!! I wish I could see more pics of his work..... I'll b going in January ..... U already have a very nice body! I'm sure ur gonna look so good!!!

Am i too narrow to have good bbl results? I...

Am i too narrow to have good bbl results? I genetically hve no hips my ass pokes out but im narrow n im wonderinf wil i even hve curves after or wil i just have a flat stomach?? Im nervous! Bc im soending sooo much money i want to b 38-26-43
I am currently
If you feel you have narrow hips make sure you stress that to the doc. You want hip injections not lateral butt injections they r 2 different things. I want hips so that's what I'm telling Dr. S. I saw your review for the breasts, your doc did an awesome job :)
thank u!! nancy told me they do lateral butt injections bc hip injections dnt work right???? did they tell u something else bc she told me lsteral ones what is the difference??
I'm totally lost with this about hips injection and lateral butt ....what's the difference lol

My mom has to get her hip replaced they...

My mom has to get her hip replaced they rescheduled for march I'm scared bc now I do tha e anyone to take care of me I don't want to tell my man I'm doing bbl I told him lipo:/
Umm ? I know your leaning Towards dr ghurani but have u seen any other patients/girls he has done besides the Asian girl?
your breast look amazing, just saying
Thanks boo! I am prayin my bbl results r just as good bc omg i wanted to do silicone but mine r soft enough and im not riskin these results lmao

I am getting so nervous with salamas ofc bc they...

i am getting so nervous with salamas ofc bc they are not getting back to me so i think i will switch drs. i sent in my pictures to dr perry a few minutes ago to see what he says. i hear he is more personable with his patients and im not hearing about seromas and other issues. i prefer the way norma spoke with me as she advised to send in pictures first to make sure he feels that he can actually accomodate my requironments unlike nancy and cynthia they told me sendem in they sent me a generic response that they send EVERY GIRL and the price at the bottom. dr perry also asked me bout medical issues i hve i have sickle cell, stomach ulcers, reoccuring pancreatitis and acid reflux nancy n them didnt even ask me for that info at all still hvent i kno ive had surgery before but still
anyone know of any ladies on here who went to dr perry with good results??? if so cna u guys leave their names in a comment so i can go check them out?
thank you so much ladies
and to everyone asking about my boobs i did a review of them on here the dr info is in the review i went to dr robert young. he is local for me and yes they are saline not silicone
also my weight loss is working i now weigh 146 i hve been going to the gym about 3-4 times a week i do 30 mins on avg on the eliptical set to level 10 40 mins on the bike set to level 12 and then stair master. at home i do squats and lift weights. i also have curt calories i eat lean cusines the 280 calorie ones for lunch instead of my local fast food place with coworkers i eat lots of fruit i limit sugary drink intake ive been doing this for about 12 days
Good luck girl don't forget to text me I send u my number pm :) when u have the time of course
I wish u lots of luck honey!!
Yea i have seen some good work that came out of dr perry's office. To be totally honest, he would be my 2nd choice hands down if i were deciding between 2 docs. Gioodluck on your journey. Ps i think i saw another girl date for salama in december of next yr so he seems to be too booked these daysthat can be why you havent gotten a call back.

My diet and exercise is working im 6 lbs lighter...

my diet and exercise is working im 6 lbs lighter only about 7 more to go :)
Yay! You got thru to Perry. Hopefully he & Azurin will say they can hook you up :-)
That's really weird that she didn't ask you those questions. I spoke to nancy and she asked me if I had any health issues which I don't n what medications I'm currently taking sling with alot of other questions
I know it happened to me too...all Cynthia wanted was to make sure she sealed in my down payment I don't hear anything from her unless I ask her....I asked for some pictures of dr ghuranis work and I still didn't get them I'm thinking about switching too because I can't take someone who doesn't really care about my body like that especially my health im so stressed right now...

So i recieved an email frm dr perry well a few...

so i recieved an email frm dr perry well a few emails from him. i like his approach better as he is more concerned about my sickle cell than getting me to put dwn a pmt to lock in a date. idk if thats how nancy treats everyone but thats how ive been treated and im unable to get any further emails from them my calls are never returned so im losing confidence in their office.
dr perry addressed to me that i already have nice projection and the key for me is to lipo my back alot and my flanks he also said he will add thighs and arms at no additional charge....his quote is also about 2000 dollars cheaper than ghurani. he told me WHEN I AM READY to email him back and he will set up a consult where he will call me and first discuss my medical background. he also is syaing it makes him feel more comfortable to do it in a hospital bc i have sickel cell and that is a blood disorder in which i could possible bleed out and need a blood transfusion unlikely but he wants to know more about any crisis i eever had and other things in regards to that. he also said he will answer questions about my procedure, and any complications. idk if he is just trying to be super nice for show but i like it bc he seems more worried about my safety than making sure im a new patient n he gets paid. i replied this morning to is email about my work schedule bc im aware a consultation on the phone could take a while so im waiting for a response. i sent him like 6 pix of me and 2 wish pictures he said one was realistic the other he said my body frame is shorterr than the models so i cant expect to hve a super long torso but promises a tiny waist and more curvy bottom. hes aware my focus is small waist and hips he also doe sHIP AND LaTERAL butt injections i love
sweetladys results!! although she already had a banging body before hand with perrys work she looks AMAZING!!!
im very muscular under this layer of fat and i advised him of that
oh the parts included in the quote include
back, stomach, fnaks, thighs, and arms :)
loving it decisions decisions i will keep you guys updated on what i do. im thinking if i cancel with ghurani i will use my deposit i made with them for a diff procedure this bbl will be my last invasive procedure but i dnt want it all going to waste.

Excuse the typos i hve one more week b4 these...

excuse the typos i hve one more week b4 these longggg nails r taken off ugh!! it is rather annoying they came out longer than expected!!! n im used to short nails lol also idk why it is now requiring me to rate my dr when i have not even met the man nor talked to him whats going on with that realself??

So my tricare stopped after my divorce and until i...

so my tricare stopped after my divorce and until i am back in school full time i must pay for tricare under my dad my question is,,its 200 a month but free care on base no copays none of that and meds have no copay
howeverrr i doubt tricare will cover and ekg or labs for elective surgery so how much are these labs costing u ladies??? especially the ekg how much is that

My mind changes about every hr lol shame on me sigh,,,

my mind changes about every hr lol shame on me sigh,,,
jamaican booty - how are you? This is Ruben. Can you please PM me so that I can make sure you are taken care of. I appreciate it. Thank you Ruben
hi ruben im unable to find the message button for u so can u send me one and i will just reply? when i click on the screen name the format is different than everyone elses. im ok just a lil frustrated bc i hve alot of questions that need to be answered and i completely know and understand the office is busy and all of that. but im feeling really uncomfortable. so yes can you please pm
hey girl im getting mine done as well in feb i cant wait also, make sure u get as much info as u can about your health thats so important but u should b ok im pretty sure there have been others like u so they should know what to do, but do ask questions ..... sending u blessing , and i really havent told anyone that i was going through with the surgery (kit)

Off topic but my heart goes out to the families in...

off topic but my heart goes out to the families in conneticut who have lost their children today due to someones selfish cowardly acts! this truely hurts my heart and it reminds me y i refuse to put my child in daycare bc i feel like he is not safe unless he is at home or in a families house! my heart and prayers go out to those who are now suffering such a terrible loss.
What a tragic thing ! Many blessings for those families who lost their children ...and for a singer Mexican singer who died in a plane crash :(R.I.P Jenni Rivera
thats so sad your kids csnt even be safe in school!!!!
It's truly a tragedy!!!! My heart is heavy just thinking about all those poor children and just knowing wut the parents r going thru!!! My dearest Heavenly Father , give them strength!!!!

Looking for a buddy i kno a few grls hve dates...

looking for a buddy i kno a few grls hve dates around that time but may be leaving by the time im recovierng i plan on being in the miami area by march 10 bc im moving there.
also going to update u guys on my weightloss
sigh,,six lbs dwn so far im kinda mad bc the six lbs came off my butt and my boobs ONLY my mom sayd my love handles look smaller but to me erything else look smaller and my problem areas stayed the same size lol this is y lipo is a must no matter what.
i was also told that sickle cell trait doesnt prohibit u frm sx! yay!!! but i do need to get a dr note stating i hve the trait and not the disease bc if i have the disease i cnt get surgery but all my life ive been told just the trait i have crisis sometimes but they stil say trait
i forgot to ask them bout anemia bc im anemic as hell sometimes and sometimes i dnt show any signs of anemia. when i was processed for the ARMY the first time they said i was anemic and 30 day slater they retested me and i didnt show anything so it all varies i guess lol
i need to start buying my prodcuts i saw arnica gel in my loca HEB but didnt buy it yet what r some good brands?? i still dnt kno how i will get labs done as i dnt hve medical coverage i can opt to go back under my dad until i am 23 and hve free tricare if im in college full time my only problem is i wont get financial aid til august and i turn 23 in october so if i want tricare now i must pay 200 a month for it which gets me out of any copays and my meds and tests and stuff have no copays
hey who did your boobs, what size are they and estimated price and how was heeling process
i paid 3750 mine r a 38 dd i have high profiles i believe 500 ccs in one and 450 in the other
I have my surgery the 11th have you found anywhere to stay yet

Sent the same pix on here for review and he said i...

sent the same pix on here for review and he said i wouldnt get that much benefit frm lipo bc most of my fat is under the muscle n not alot above that sound right to any of yawl?? u can clearly c my fatrolls,,,i really wanted to switch to him but he acting like he aint confident in getting my stomach small with lipo.. he didnt sugest tummy tuck but im wondering if thats what he wants to suggest bc i noticed all his patients have had the tt and bbl combo. i do not want that ,lynee told me he would get as much out that he can but if he gets alot out ill hve saggy skin,.,,,, no other surgeon has ever said this about me any idea as to y he is different>??? he has such a great fat survival rate thats why i wanted to switch to him and his price is about 3 thousand dollars cheaper than ghurani and salama.....any girls out there have lipo by him and hve good results without the tt???? any patients go to salama who r my size and had saggy skin bc of his vigurous lipo?? sounds like bullshit to me
If it smells like bs....it might be bs. He has nice butts. I don't know too much about his lipo skills.
I sent Azurin my pics and now waiting to hear back. I will let you know what he tells me. Thats was my concern with him from jump. I heard that he doesn't particularly like to lipo the abdomen which is why he does mostly TT's. I think he would've recommended it, if you needed it. But my concern is, wth happens with your stomach when the rest of your body is lipo'd and fat is grafted to butt??? Where does that leave your stomach?? And saggy skin?? There are too many docs out here doing lipo on stomach with a good success rate. Some patients reported that their stomachs look normal after lipo, so I don't know why he is so afraid of the stomach area. Again, I will let you know what he says when I hear from them. They take forever to respond..geesh.
what email address r u using bc yes they took 3 days for me then i started calling n lynn now emails everyday i emailed her today but no response as of yet. yeah im worried bc if u lipo my back really well ok cool but i fu leave my gut it weill look twice as large. so im nervous he is very cheap that is what i love and his fat survival rates r shittin on salamas lol but idk i need vigorous lipo man my gut b harlem shaking when i walk and when im runnin it just jiggles like jello but now im worried if since h dnt like doing lipo to the belyl is he that experienced with it prolly not or he isnt sure of his own skills!

So im trying to figure out where dr lagrasso works...

So im trying to figure out where dr lagrasso works two numbers so far the ladies said he no longer practices there so im confused also has anyone went to pascual md they r having a soecial 4999 for bbl includes lipo and sculpting of abs back flanks and that is upper and lower abs and back ?? Any opinions on this office?

Merry xmas ladies!! Congrats to the ladies who got...

Merry xmas ladies!! Congrats to the ladies who got new booties for xmas!
wow i just went to lagrasso's website and this woman copy and pasted before and after pictures of bbl's NOT performed by her!!!! I recgnized alot of those photos..for example she has a b&a pic of a bbl performed by dr. jimmerson! is this woman out of her damn mind? lol WOW..i say stay awaaaay from that.
Il look again but the bbls i saw were nowhere near jimmersons level at all so unless she added them last night ??? Ima recheck at work bc im always on the lookout for botched photos n im going off of a few ladies results on here. N dr lagrasso is a man not a lady. Unless ur Referring to the director who is a lady. I believe the grls that i like on realself her name is stillsexy and another one i forgot but they both hve good fat survival one is 4 months post op

So i spoke with iravette yesterday with dr...

so i spoke with iravette yesterday with dr lagrasso she reviewed my photos and called me to tell me she doesnt think i need a bbl if i get one my butt wil look huge and unatural. she said i have a lot of fat on my back and stomach and some blk women forget that and once its gone frm lipo i will look small in the waist and thick on the bottom? like,,i do kno when i was in shape guys always said i was thick and had a nice ass and stuff but im wondering if id stil look that same way after lipo and im worried about just lipo bc i have tons of fat and i kind of dnt want to waste my fat and throw it away lol. she is going to fwd the pictures to the dr and beatrice for another opinion but she said compared to grls she has seen come in there that look like me thy didnt need a butt lift at all and she said its my choice in the end but thats what she thinks. i think she notices i do have a natural dip in my back and projection however,,,i dnt hve hips!!!lipo is like 4500 and the bbl would b 5200 not a super big difference any suggestions guys based on my before pictures on here which i should update as ive lost 6 lbs
If any ladies are interested in seeing Dr.Ghurani (Salama's partner) in late February, inbox me for details. I am not going to be able to go and would like to get rid of my date. That's less than 8 weeks away, so inbox me asap!
any luck on a condo yet
I have a Jan 21 Dr. Salama I need to switch asap

6200 includes Upper and lower back lipo Upper...

6200 includes
Upper and lower back lipo
Upper and lower abs
Bra roll
Arm lipo
Vaser lipo
3 massages
2 garnments
Blood work
And post op app
Pretty damn good
I may drop the arm lipo n it wil b 500 less
Thanks to stillsexy and bootyliciousaces results i am probably
Switching better price less hooplah and if i hate my results thats only 5600 dwn the drain vs 8499
BUT thats even if i get cleared my dr right now isnt going to clear me bc of my blood disorder
So my question is if he doesnt can i use my deposit with dr ghurani to a less invasive procedure bc id love a facial or something my dr doesnt want me to undergo all of that trauma bc my blood is thin, and ive been having sickle cell pains more frequently this past yr( stress frm divorce, lack of sleep, and tx been on some bullshit y the fuck is it so cold!??)
I hve pain as i type this bc im recovering from the flu
Cant wait for nxt mnth to b over with bc a few grls r going to ghurani and i cant wait to c his results :)
Happy new yrs ladies
Also i weighed in at 145 this morning for a few days i was back at 148
Gotta push harder
Im still holding this diet dwn

Added new pix of me now erased others bc...

Added new pix of me now erased others bc backgrounds r noticeable to ppl i kno lol
This is me within the past month 145 today but weighed in at 148 last week idk y
Ive been getting messages asking me to stand straight up in my pre op pix so they can compare their body to mine LADIES not all of us hve pancake booties preop lol
I am jamaican n most jamaican women r thick by nature i hve thick thighs i was born with a natural arch in my back and a poke out booty i am not pushing my butt out at all i promise i am doin bbl to hve a tiny stomach and hips i hve projection already just no hips im not trying to mislead u guys at all bc i kno how annoyin it is when u c post op pix n ppl r pushin they asses out to appear bigger
This is me no poses except my profile pix
My waist is now a solid 32 in
My butt is still 39 in
My thighs r like 27 inches( dnt quote me ill measure again)
My bra is 38
My arms r so fat i will not measurem lol
My main goal for this bbl is to be curvy i look sexy frm the side NOT THE FRONT OR BACK
i want my waist to go into the 27in zone and my hips to be about 43:)
Im 4"11 so i dnt need much more to look drastic
I want the total package ive always been calle pretty but i want the body to match
I feel like as a 22 yr old dark skin( i say ths bc yellow women find men easier it seems) songle mom i need to b on point physically and emotionally and mentally if i wanna find me a new hubby i hve a man now who doesnt complain but i hate being naked in fromt of him i want to hve sex in the light finally lol i want to model a thong for him
This is my divorce present to myself plus with movin to miami i need to b sexy sooo many women there with tons of competition lmao
Some drs feel i only need lipo but projection aint my goal at all hips is idc if my dr dnt give me any projection I WANT HIPS hips hips hips
Happy healing to u ladies and gluck to the ones goin under this week! I love this sote and how sweet u ladies r :)
hey girl i'm having a bbl with ghurani on the 20th too!!! i switched from august bc i couldnt wait that long lol
Jamaican Booty, have you decided on a doctor yet? I was undecided for a little while but my heart is with Perry. I'm scheduled for 3/29. btw I think you have a nice shape. Some lipo and hips and your going to be unstoppable. lol
@Jamaican Booty, I was trying to respons to your comment but I was having dificulty replying. I feel the same way you do at this point. I originally had a consultation scheduled with Dr. Jimerson on Dec 26th, I waited and was glued to the phone, no one ever called. I called the office and was advised that the dr would call me on the 27th...guess what no one called then either. Keep in mind I called in August for this consult. I called the office again and was advised that the doctor would call on Jan 3rd, guess what no one called. I'm frustrated and disappointed at this point. I guess I should call and just say I have $500 to put down and then maybe like you said someone will call me. I just think the whole issue was handled so unprofessionally. Honestly I still like his results the best and secretly hoping I can get a date...I don't know anymore..Sorry for the long rant on your page girl...

I need a letter that says i can hve this surgery...

i need a letter that says i can hve this surgery my only problem is my dr is on base and im no longer a dependent after my divorce how do i obtain these dovuments :( i kno i can get my medical records but not a note sigh,,anyone kno of any drs or clinics around the nation tht allow walk in patients with no insurance my note basically just has to state i dnt hve sickle cell disease just the trait i didnt think this would be an obstacle since i got breast implants without all of these tests so im rushing i feel rushed bc i didnt think i would hve to get that my date isnt until march 20th but still!!! what to do what to do :(
Hey every doctor has a different process but the same bloodwork requested. A good surgeon will be able to c the difference between the trait and the disease, and the ranges. Dnt necessarily get tht from doctors tht focus on quantity over quality. You need to ensure tht your surgeon is concerned Abt your health first
That's what I thought that's why idk y they can't just go off my labs ugh! Bc every time I have labs drs b like did u know u have sicke cell trait ugh
Good luck with everything, I was wondering why you think it is easier for "lite skin" women to fine men easier....Im a dark skin women and I got 99 problem and a man damn show ain't one....pls don't ever let anyone hear you say that again, love that beautiful black skin you in...I guess you are around some bum as dudes...I have men of all color, status, size trying to get at me...anyway good luck with your sugery....

Omg if its not one thing its another. Ladies i...

Omg if its not one thing its another. Ladies i have chronic pancreatitis and it can come back at any time my luck it came back around turkey day and has only escalated to the point i cant stand the pain so i paid to c my dr i let him kno about surgery but he is focused on the fact i really need to be admitted into the hospital so my pancreas can b treated they make u fast and they usually put a tube dwn ur nose to pump ur stomach of any food as food irritates it but if i go im lookin at a fast and easy possibly 20 thousand dollar ER bill plus a hospital stay bill sigh so im at home tryin to nurse it and fast and keep my stomach empty n using pain meds. Will try and get cleared in 2 weeks when my pancreatitis flare calms itself im only 22 but have the health problems of a senior. Really worried about this surgery guys :(
Your health comes first Hun, I know you want the surgery but you need to make sure body is in 100% shape to take on this surgery. I'm praying for you boo please get better!!! :-)
Probably the last thing u wanna hear, but your life is far more important than loking a certain way. It's not worth it!! If you are having some health complications and need to be admitted to hospital, that ranks top priority over elective cosmetic surgery. Take care of the inside of your body first, the outside can wait. I sound like a mommy right now....take care of you.
Hey who knows who the company is that does labs cheaply for patients?? I saw a grl on here mention it but i forgot who and my silly self didnt write the name dwn bc i thought id remember

Without pictures it's hard to just go off of words...

Without pictures it's hard to just go off of words when there are so many fake profiles. Was trying to research dr Salazar but most of his reviews that were good had no pictures whatsoever ever so ehh he's no longer on my list bc the few I saw didn't have that much ass or hips
Feeling a lil bit better from my pancreatitis or maybe it's the tramadol I am on lol idk hoping for the best.really hoping to c some ghurani reviews that wow me or I am going to switch back to dr salama and wait sigh
This journey is really starting to stress me out bc I'm nervous I didn't pick the right dr since I haven't seen results I like besides one grl and I feel like I should have stil with mymaugust 2013 date with salama but nancy reassured me ghurani has the same results but I'm my own judge. I need perky round hips and a smal wast or I don't think it will b worth all this money.. Wil wait longer to c if anyone posts results from him

Y arent these drs prescribing coallice or another...

Y arent these drs prescribing coallice or another kind of stool softenerto take as we heal with narcotic pain killers? As a sickle cell patient i have a constant refillable prescription of dilaudid(hydromorphone) i also hve hydrocodone and at times narco now if i take them without my stool softeners i get constipated for a couple days but my stool softner which is coallice( chek spelling) keeps my poop soft so to soeak not diahreah but soft so im windering if i can ask my surgeon for that prescription or if they hve a reason as to y they dont want to prescribe it?? Will it affect surgery or ur blood or somthing??
How are you feeling????????????
Hey grl I'm a lil better I just got up I woke up all night I was awake waiting for pain meds to kick in I've been fasting n drinking just liquids bc if I was in the hospital that's what they would b making me do, I'm stayin in bed all day though I need this to fix itself up by at least Wednesday it's annoying and I lose sleep during work no bueno! Thanks for asking I have a follow up in a week
Dr salama has provided me with the Colace prescription. I just can't find 100mg iron pills anywhere! When I ask in the shop they look at me like I'm crazy! They say it's way too much iron to take so I'm confused?!

God i knew some ish was wrong with me. This whole...

God i knew some ish was wrong with me. This whole time i thought my pancreas was acting up and today is the 10th day of all day pain in my belly excruciating pain at that,,so i went to the ER bc i got my tricare back(praise the lord) and i got a ct scan and apparently i have fat and some kind of obstruction inside of my stomach organ blocking whatever and its constricting my belly and the pain will only get worse so here i am in the hospital room mad bc i will be missing pay and i just dnt like being hospitalized. Good thing tho i finay got iv pain meds that work and in a few minutes the pain should be better...
Pray for me ladies gotta get well before my surgery clearance appt! Sigh
Guess ill use this time off and in bed to research drs dr ghurani is llooking good based on asiangotbootys results and his newest bigbutiez
Stay blessed ladies n happy healings
Awe man ma how u feel better

Ugh! Day 2 in hospital! Ima try n type rhis with...

Ugh! Day 2 in hospital! Ima try n type rhis with no typos but they hve me realll dopes up i feel like a rapist done drugged me i have an obstruction in my stomach by the entrance of my intestines thats blocking it im getting an endoscopy tomorrow as well as a biopsy and one more thing. Ugh oh and it is an ulcer i have a new ulcer they may do surgery depending ony endoscopy results sigh but good news if they surgically remove mu ulcers i wont hve anyyyy more gastric issues ill b so super happy jist dnt want surgery right now
Thanks so much for the prayers ladies !!! Tryin to get better so i can go party in bootyville!
Sending hugs and good wishes your way, JB. I'm sure you'll be better in no time!
I'm sooo sorry hun. I will pray that everything goes well for you! Hugs
Sorry to hear about your set back. Hopefully you'll be 100% so you can move forward to sx. Keeping you in our prayers!!! Looking at your pics did you get your boobs done? They are beautiful (no homo) lol. Around the kids to much

Too many of you have sent your prayers and as u...

Too many of you have sent your prayers and as u know I am kind of looney while I am on these pain killers and typing is hard so I will just say thank u to anyone I missed I appreciate the concern and prayers u all have sent my way.im sorry I have Not been here lately but it's hard to even concentrate on tv lol
As of now still no email from irivette like she promised so I'm still on the ghurani train if anyone has salama around march 20 and wants to, trade let me know!! Or April or may will b fine. I had my care credit card limit extended to cover ghuranis pricing but I don't want to pay that much n realize he isn't as good as salama lol.
If I get my gall bladder removed will I b ok for surgery in march or do u think surgeons r going to make me wait longer? Right now they think my gall bladder is makin extra acid in my tummy which is causing my ulcers bc my hvpylori test was negative( a bacteria that causes ulcers) and diet and stress is a myth and don't cause ulcers it only irritates and existing ulcer so the drs Dnt kno wtf is wrong,,m,oh I had to file a complaint bc one of my nurses clearly didn't want to treat me she was refusing me pain medicine and went giants my doctors orders and made me wait 4 hrs in between doses when the dr didn't want me going more than two hrs between doses,,,,effing bitch lol making me suffer bc still they can't control my pain and this bitch of a nurse was making the task even harder. Needless to say that nurse is no longer allowed in my room!
As always Gluck to the ladies going under today:) and happy healing to the ladies who have joined the other side;)
Stay blessed
Hope you get well soon!!
Get well soon
Hi Doll! So glad they found the source of the pain and they can fix you up! (How horrible to hear about that nurse! Health care sure doesn't need evil people like that! Glad you called her out!!) I agree with BigBootyBrklynGirl. Your boobies are fabulous! (No homo here either :-) Colace is an OTC med- so no script is needed. Too bad I can't send you mine- I bought it at Costco, don't need anymore and wow! I have a ton left over!!! Praying for you every day girl. Eat to heal fast so you can get that booty!!!

If i cant get 24 mnth interestfree idk what to do...

If i cant get 24 mnth interestfree idk what to do as i may hve to cancel sx all together bc of my health or wait at least a yr which doesnt sound too appealing to me :/ sigh any ideas ladies?? I have carecresdit but dnt wanna rack up a bill with them and no way to pay it as i have no job after this contract ends in march :/ and i am still in the hospital :(
How does carecredit work? Do you need to have a really good credit score or is a fair rating good enough? Really thinking of going with carecredit for some of my cost, your help would be much appreciated!!
Good question idk im sorry my credit is considered to be excellent :/ BUT my friend applie for 5000 she got denied n they said her score was like 700 and she had too many financial obligations and not enough income ( she was jobless) n she got a cosigner and was approved for 4900 if that helps the less u apply for i believe the more chances u have of being approved. Try cosigner as well also carecredit does report to credit agencies EVERY time u apply that ive been reading is the bigges con ppl have with it

Really sad sigh,,,, I broke down crying at dinner...

Really sad sigh,,,, I broke down crying at dinner when my boss called to tell me not to come tomorrow so my only source of income now is child support sigh really down bc I cannot help my health I actually worked in pain for a few weeks before I couldn't take the pain anymore and went to the ER guess I shoulda suffered at my desk forever lol. Im so fucking pissed ladies :(
I am so sorry you are having such a rough time. It is awful they fired you over something out of your control. That should not be the case at all! I hope your health will improve and you will get another job soon. Even if you have to vent feel free to do so!
Umm, you have all the makings of a lawsuit. Companies can’t fire you because you are ill – you were actually hospitalized and can get documentation to prove it. PLUS you had a contract with a set term/period. Girlfriend, you need to search your area for a free consultation! Whatever the devil meant for evil, God can turn it into good. I would seriously check this out if I were you.
I'm happy to hear ur out n sad to hear about ur job, but as they say when one door closes a window opens;) have faith that God has something better for u! God bless u Hunnie!! Will continue to pray for u!

Hey ladies I saw all the comments and they warm my...

Hey ladies I saw all the comments and they warm my heart and as far as the job it's a lost cause I Dnt have money to pay a lawyer to sue I'm just taking things one at a time I just got approved for my condo in Miami I will be moving there in a few weeks to start school with my son. I thank god my parents are helping me bc I'm a hard worker and I'm only trying to avoid being the " typical" BABYMOMMA and I want to getmy education and do well for my son;) as far as surgery I am canceling because I can't afford ghurani I may decide to go with dr lagrasso as his quote was only 5700 which included lab work EKG 3 massages garments and my mom offered to help me if I maintain honor roll in school I'm sure she feels sry for me bc here I am recently divorced from a jerk of a man I try really hard to do well on my own I get fired bc of things in cant control but still I stand really strong I don't cry I've opened my heart again to another man(:) and my grades never ever dip below 90 so she feels as if she should help as long as I maintain the good work!
But I do know dr salamas office is going to read this but oh we'll I can't afford a 8499 bbl idc how good ghurani is bc other drs charge less and r just as good and I'm sure they will only care about ,e canceling and not about y I'm canceling( no job) n all that but hey I'm doing what's best. My medicines r controlling.myulcers very well I am thanking god for them I haven't had pain in two weeks
Hope all is well with everyone and ppl r healing very well!!!!;)v-day is in 7 days I'm excited bc the last v day ,y husband found out he got some broad pregnant behind my bak and lol he was so devastated he made my v day horrible and my current man is nothing but the best so far;) very thankfulM,,also guys impost 7 lbs frm being n the hospital lol they had me on a liquid diet so I'm at 139;) I look smaller n everyone noticed;) so glad. Still need lipo
Ps can u ladies leave some good links to control garments online???
Hey, Handle one situation at a time. I am a registered nurse i work will patients with your medical history, and I think that you should wait at least a year before getting your surgery. Plus getting too much lipo done at once would be tricky because of your sickle cell...I would stay hydrated, and as you know stress can cause a sickle cell crisis. Strengthen your red blood cells. Good luck with everything.
Yeah guys i wont cancel but i need to reschedule so mad
I'm so glad you're holding up. That's so sweet of your mom to help out ;)

I have march 20 with dr ghurani and I need to...

I have march 20 with dr ghurani and I need to switch dates I don't want to cancel just switch for a later date!!! I can sell my date only if my 849 can be replaced however I really just want to switch bc I still want my bbl! Please inbox me or comment if you want to switch ill take a may June July or August date
Were the same height but i'm weighing in at 125. i'm excited to see your final resorts and i'm also happy your making you dream a reality. YOU GO GIRL!!!!

Just read that email ghurani is worried about my...

Just read that email ghurani is worried about my sickle cell trait and healing??.. Does this mea. I forfeit my deposit or can I use it with something else bc ima raise hell if I can't. I do want arm lipo, and maybe some facials or laser hair removal. Or if not any of that see s like I should get a refund since they canceled not me. I'm so upset bc like really it was almost here,,,,,so now I guess I have to research other doctors. Bc I only have the trait my dr cleared me for surgery but wants me to wait until summer bc I am getting a minor surgery in April for my stomach ulcer.
Any ideas ladies?
Sorry to hear the news but better safe than sorry...your health comes first. I would call them ASAP tomorrow and send an email about your $$$. Everything happens for a reason.
You already know my answer. As sad as it may seem, it is a blessing in disguise. You rather they say no know than take your money and something happening. You will get your deposit back. I got cancelled and they had no choice but to give me back my money. As much as we want something to happen, god has something better for us. It will happen, trust me he hears you.
Wow!!! So sorry to hear that Hun, but if they cancelled on you I'm surprised that they didn't even mention your deposit and the options that you have due to the cancellation. I would contact them first thing in the morning to find out what will be done, keep us posted and good luck with everything!! Keeping you in my prayers

I want salama to do my arm lipo though sigh

I want salama to do my arm lipo though sigh
Sorry to hear that :-(. Thats one of my biggest fears, I still haven't had my bloodwork done yet... xxxxxxxxxx
How many days did it take to get ur money bck she called yesterday and I don't see it in my account yet sigh,,,,,
Idk myb a week.

I have surgery in less than 20 days can someone...

I have surgery in less than 20 days can someone please send me a link o some good garments???? I will be in Miami for surgery or perhaps a store where I can try them on first? I'm worried I'll buy the wrong size ;(

Can someone please send me a link or two with good...

Can someone please send me a link or two with good garments?? What name brand is the best?? My surgery is march 21!!! With dr lagrasso at Pascual md
Ur health comes first! I'm sorta sad though :-( we were gonna have surgery the same day! I agree with the other girls though its a blessing in disguise! I saw ur boobs in the other post! They look amazing I wish I would've got that size I feel like 421 cc are small
Well I've known bout my sickle cell since birth they test u at birth it is a hereditary disease and depending on the traits you can pass it to your kids.
Hey girl yeah it's ok bc I couldn't pay that much anyways I scheduled with dr lagrasso a month ago bc I we going to switch anyways. My surgery is march 21 I'm excited and I am healthy I guess ghurani thought maybe I was lying since I couldn't get a dr to clear me bc I don't have access to my medical records on base right now based off of ur results I'm hoping I get similar ones I want my waist to go t0 28 inches I'm at 32 so is a long shot I kno lol

So nervous I'm seriously double thinking lol my...

So nervous I'm seriously double thinking lol my boyfriend says I will be fine but omg what if I don't wake up! I have a 3 yr old who needs me his dad could care less about him. Omg any ideas on how to get these ugly visions out of my head ladies!!?
Also I started buying post op things
So far I have
Arnica gel
My meds
T shirts
Those long flowing dresses
I still don't know how I'm getting to surgery though lmao! My boyfriend is active duty and his commander already denied leave for that day so I have a ride home but not to surgery I guess I'll be paying an arm and a leg for a cab :/ I live in Miami but my car has not been shipped to Florida as I recently moved here but I flew bc I'm lazy I hate long road trips! Sigh
But I'm so nervous omg!

Went shopping today couldn't find any maxi dresses...

Went shopping today couldn't find any maxi dresses that I felt would hide my garment and I. Scared to buy pants in fear they won't fit,,,have any of ur ladies opted to just wear leggings and baggies tops to conceal the garment it sucks bc I live in Miami and in a few weeks if not days the humidity for summer will b here to kill all those in garments lmao

Just a recent photo of my weight loss!! Taken...

Just a recent photo of my weight loss!! Taken 3/7/13
Those bra rolls ugh!!! And a wish pic
Go to like ross and buy sweat pants a large or really stretchy and long i bout some at BEBE store but they will get stained most likely so cheap ones from ROss are good. i need to buy more dresses that are loose i bought post surgery recovery nice ones that are for when i unswell . At pascual md they give you the garment (i believe they include for everyone if its written in your price quote) i bought an additional one "Gigi" told me $100 but i had read in the post lipo care package book that supposively after procedure garments are 20% off. So she ended up giving me the $80 price.... Look at the binder with the massage packages so you see it to in case you plan to buy an additional. Otherwise she charges more. I love Lorraine And the CNA that helped me post surgery Lilia was the best! Gigi I dk she seems to be a little too uncharismatic( she is usually the one you make payments to)
Ok thanks I was at Ross today got some black yoga pants and some dresses but u said they get stained?? I got cute shit lmao damn guess I'll go back AGAIN I need to call them I just read a blog n the grl said ppl with sickle cell trait shouldn't get lipo. Bc one grl had to be hospitalized dr salama canceled on me bc of the trait but lagrasso didn't hmmm nervous
Aaaaaagghh omg, your surgery is in 2 weeks! Oh wow girl, that time passed so fast! You will be fine love, get those thoughts out of your head! Call me if you need to, you know I started having crazy and doubtful thoughts right at 2 weeks before my surgery too. I understand exactly how you feel and the anxiety is normal, so just do some deep breathing and listen to some meditation music to relax yourself. It may also help to listen to "Preparing for Surgery" by David Gibson. Sending you *big hugs*

Anyone kno where to order a board for my stomach...

Anyone kno where to order a board for my stomach after my surgery
Good luck hunny:-)
I got mines at pascuals office for $20
Lipo express

I ask bc I noticed they have vedette and fajas!...

I ask bc I noticed they have vedette and fajas! But cheaper?... Is it a legit site I'm on a budget is anyone selling and corsets they don't use?? I'm not working so I can't be buying these 200 dolla garments lol
So what is an Abdominal board for? )Just learning about BBL and thinking about it)
Thank u ladies!!! I found it! And ima buy at at lagrassos office bc I don't want to pay for shipping haha do I need two??? Or one how much foam do u ladies normally buy??
lipoexpress under the beauty section

Just need a clearance from your dr thanks so much...

Just need a clearance from your dr thanks so much to my bbl sis driven30!
She let me know just a few minutes ago. Next step? Email dr lagrasso that information bc I really have not told him I have the trait
Helps ur healing tummy to heal flat supposedly
Aventura fl near miami and idk but i doubt it

The compression is amazing I have it on now it...

The compression is amazing I have it on now it hides my bra rolls and my muffin top!!! Will be ordering two more from there in size sm and medium to avoids aging more the compression I feel is enough for after bbl. it is panty style not legging or mid thigh which I love to death does anyone kno if the mid thigh ones r needed? I don't want to wear those I live in Miami and the heat will b too much for that garment for six weeks

Yay!! Almost your time. I'm glad you are finally getting it done after all you have been through. Can't wait to see your results. You are gonna look fabulous.
Ok yes I am going to fuss at you about the Vedette 107. The non zip garments are pure hell to get on. I had to return on before surgery because I thought I was going to die trying to get it on. It wldnt go past my knees. Second.....latex after surgery is a no no. The skin cannot breath in latex bcuz it is not a natural fiber. I broke out in hives trying to wear a latex garment. And last the garment wil not cover your whole butt. It will leave lines. You will need at least shorts or thigh length to help with the compression. I'm smh. Harsh hopefully not but in luv.
Compression of what tho all i want compressed is my stomach n it has me looking like i already had bbl as i already hve a decent amount of projection it hid all of my fat rolls lol i cn find a thigh length or boyshorts one that i can afford thats the problem. I cnt afford anything else so this is gunna hve to suffice for now. But i do live in miami n shapewear is sold everywhere its just ima die frm that garment i sweat on my thighs easily the humidity is not ok with me lol n i got my garment on easily. What if i wear my own undies under it boyshorts to b exact . The thick ones

Things I now have 2 garments Lipo foam Band...

Things I now have
2 garments
Lipo foam
Band aids
Iron pils
Vitamin c
Arnica gel
Self massager
Tank tops
Long maxi skirts
A few maxi dresses
Granny panties lol
Oxycotin (I have other health issues so I have these meds already on hand)
Shower curtain liner for the bed
Where can I get drain hooks???
What else am I missing ladies I'm so nervous and excited to get it over with lol can you guys believe on day 3 post op ill be at a concert yes I am planning on hitting the ground running to recover!! My boyfriend booked me a hotel near the surgical office since he can't get off duty at work gotta love the military lol
My weight loss has halted at 139 on some of my heavier days I'm 141. Still a size 9/10 in pants a large in shirts ( my boobies lol) but I am smaller my pants r baggy on me now my waist is a 32 my hips are at 39 inches my bra is a 38dd still
A few more days away!!
Good luck with your surgery.
Your almost they're

So I'm mad I started my period on time for the...

So I'm mad I started my period on time for the first time ever! My pre op went really well at Pascual md.
They think I will fit a large garment right after surgery. My surgery is Thursday at 12:00;)
Stil so scared of it all but no backing out now as I will lose all of my money i paid lol. They took pre op photos I was impressed they had a complete studio room to take photos lol
rubbing my hands together its about that time baby. were the same height and weight so u know im excited to see your results. i pray for your health and strength as you recover boo. NOW LETS TURN HEADS.
Thank u baby grl! So excited I'll be sure to get on here and update the second I find out I didn't die lol I'm so scared its not even funny lol
my cycle should start the exact day of my actual surgery. I've already informed them off this and they said it was fine and not to worry about it, still can't be the best feeling to be on ur cycle and hurt from surgery at the same time

Pray for me ladies im terrified

Pray for me ladies im terrified
Goodluck tomorrow yawdy !!! Hope everything goes well ..
Im sitting here reading all the stories on the site and I am anxiously awaiting to have my BBL on the 21st (7am) as well. I hope all goes well with you and keep us informed. Praying for the both of us!!!!!!!!
Good luck ill keep u in my prayer tonight :)

Im such a doomsday person im so scared it doesnt...

Im such a doomsday person im so scared it doesnt help my son is in tx i want to kiss him idk y have this ugly negative attitude i should b thinking positive sigh im falling apart and everything! Scared of anesthesia scared something wil happen omg y am i freaking out!!!???!??! Goodness sigh im thinking of erything that wil go wrong! Y oh y i want to stop thinking and try to relax sigh.... I kno i hve to mke it thru this for my son he only has me his dad doesnt care and so i hve to make it thru! After this NO MORE elective surgery if i hve more kids eff it ima b fat damnit if i lose All my volume oh well bc i cant deal with this type of fear!
Wish me luck ladies!

This is her mom. She just called...real groggy.

This is her mom. She just called...real groggy.

Special shout out to my boo driven32(o believe...

Special shout out to my boo driven32(o believe thats u b?) and bootylicciousvixen for checkin up one and beauty is her name yall r amazing i can barely focus wil cal tomorrow i went under round 2ish maybe idk ima getthe report bak tomorrow i am draining ALOT its alot of red is yhat normal? I got 3 drains in me n they r filling up quickly. My man is so amazing!!! He gone make me fall in love with him for all thos help he truly is amazing! Im jst now getting over the grogginess of anesthesia bout to eat pizza lmao but i hve a craving for it so bad!!!! Got home round 9 ibout to tke my perc i only take one. My fla ks r BURNING im more stiff and sore than anything. Dr lagrasso made me feel good and so did his crna! I will b monitoring myself closely to make sure erything is ok mo after surgery complications so far!;) my face is very poofy ima ask him to tke pix of me laying down!
Wil do a detailed update later ladies!

Btw i didnt throw up!

Btw i didnt throw up!
hey girly! your compression garment looks too big! you look like you need an xs
Thnks i think so as well ima ask fr another one today
oh! i think you look great!

Been peeing a lot lot lol. How long does it take...

Been peeing a lot lot lol. How long does it take for ur buttto soften up ??
Also dr lagrasso threw in axillary lipo as well as slight upper arm lipo and bra roll for free it helped to finish the look im so thankful bc i had tht fat by my armpit. My garment is 38??? Odd bc i need a smaller one the garment i bought seeks ago that i been wearing was that size so tomorrow ima ask for a size small i want thks waist tiny lol better not charge me for it bc they should hve put me in a small
Your look great! Happy healing boo!
Looking good big booty diva!
Hey Hun looking good girl!!! Whoop whoop lol!!!! They put me in a 38 right after surgery as well, you may think its to big right now but wait till u have to take it off and put in on again. You won't be thinking that after that ordeal lol. Anyways you'll be fine once you get your board and start using it in the garment it will get tighter. I never got a smaller size but I did have my garment altered as I got smaller and I also started wearing my waist clincher under it. Let me know how ur first post op appt goes today Hun!!! Xoxoxoxoxo

Day one was a breeze. I was walking at night each...

Day one was a breeze. I was walking at night each hour and drinking a full bottle of liquied. Now Friday has been hell. I'm guessing all of the local anesthetic has warn off so any type of movement is excrutiating stiffness. I'm not sure if these pain is normal I had my post op appt which to me was a waste of time bc all they did was take my garment off rub me down n then tell me there 100 dollar garments r the cheapest I'd find I guess she was unaware emmazon exists?
Anywho my stitch on my left back part of my armpit came apart on the ride to my post op I even bled from it and they said it would heel fine I'm a lil worried as it looks different than the right incision now it hurts? I was given a size large garment day of surgery I guess bc they think u will buy the next one from them. See that's that shit I don't like, I want a smaller garment for more compression. I put foam in my garment n feel a lil bit better. Now ladies when I say u get stuff from sleeping or resting u will. I have more stiffness than pain every little move ent I'm in pain. I am taking my percocets and mixing it with hydrocodone in between doses or else I can't manage. The first night I drained ever hour I have three drains all of which filled up each hour. Today I've drained them about 3 times but they were at about 50 n not full. The drains r hella annoying and hard to hide thankfully the pain is bad so I am not going anywhere. My butt is sensitive to the touch along with sections of my lipo. My stomach is basically flat with swelling my hips and thighs face and arms r so swollen lol I look like a blow fish! The first day I wasn't as swollen but today I am very I can't wear my rings it's crazy. I am so thankful my boyfriend has been taking care of me and helping me hand and foot throughout this long healing process he is amazing.whats a great garment I should get? Do I need a butt out one? I ask bc the drs office doesn't give them. If anyone has dr lagrasso personal cell number can I please have t. My main concern is the large amounts of blood I'm draining and the fact every inch of my body hurts when i move.and I prefer to not go thru the office staff. They r so busy. Today I should have had a massage I didn't get one instead they scheduled me for march 28 for that and removing drains id like to be seen before since my stitches did rip and I. Concerned of this access pain I do have sickle cell so I'm worried my body is fighting off a crisis making my joints and limbs hurt so bad. My throat and neck r so sore from the breathing tube used for surgery. It feels swollen almost shut lol. So far I'm amazed at my results bc my bra roll is flat!i didn't meet the dr until day of surgery and he instantly made me feel at ease(ladies I had a panic attack) he is calming, funny, and he LOVES wish pictures I showed him a series of about 10 some of them r on here. When I woke up my anesthesia guy said u r going to be so happy he Injected as much at in that your booty would allow so it's going to be a nice size.
Pre op measurements are as follows
Weighed 142
39 hips
I haven't measured yet bc I've barely been able to do much anyways lol and I left my tape measure...arnica gel does nothing for me idk how some grls swear by it bc it didn't do a damn thing lol. Need help my nurse told me to cut a triangle out of foam and place it on my back. To create the sexy triangle thing I did but idk if I did it right. I have 4 sheets of foam can someone explain to me how to properly place them inside my garment it would be great fully appreciated......??? I will post more pictures soon. Idk how. Uh fat was injected or taken out they said I'd know at post op apt however I still don't know. I'm not too anxious but I know some of u r just to c....he is a dr that states a lot of girls who get 1500 ccs of fat lose a lot of volume bc the dr isn't purifying the fat as well. Dr lagrasso is a perfectionist he likes to take his own preop photos. When he marked me up for surgery he marked places I didn't even pay for like shoulders, armpits, and banana roll or bra roll he prolly did it bc had he left it untouched my results would look bad as I had tons of it. He has a nice warming smile btw. Also his crna numbed my hand before putting the big needle in for anesthesia. He made me feel good as well. I was nervous at first. My surgery was supposed to b at noon but it started at 1;50ish...which worked perfectly as I had no ride till after five lol I was in surgery for about 4 hrs I did t leave the facility until 7;45ish! he takes his time ladies and he said purifying the fat is a timely
Recess when done correctly. He tries not to inject fluid at all. Sry for any typos I'm on my iPad and I'm out if it anyways lol
Love all of u for the support and comments! I will continue to update on my recovery
Nice round booty! Nice shape
Im glad u made it i know u were worried ure looking gd and i hope u have a speedy recovery
You look great... Keep thinking positive mama :)

Ok ladies today has been a little better. However...

Ok ladies today has been a little better. However this drain site is tripping it burns to high hell!!! Also my garment is just too big it is a 38?? Even with foams it's not enough compression I noticed today. Y belly was more bloated than last night. When I lay down I can feel liquid moving around in there I really need a massage n a garment. Can anyone point me to a good one. Also my lipo he did on my armpit area and shoulder has gotten to b so sore and tender I massage it during the day. My skin is starting to itch like crazy! My belly has these weird sensations when I touch it. Also I keep sweating a whole lot lot! I bathed myself in baby powder to help soak up sweat before I smell lol what's that about??? My thighs r still swollen... I'll put new pics up soon. No fever today except right before dinner and it went away within 10 minutes maybe I forgot my tape measure at my parents house so I cant measure to c how many inches I lose in volume but oh well. The stiffness right. Ow sucks especially since my condo is on the 3rd floor lol and it makes it hard getting up to do things. My skin on my flanks burn a lil as well
U look amazing:)
Lookin good girl!!!

Not painful but it does feel annoyin my skin feel...

Not painful but it does feel annoyin my skin feel like it cant hold all this booty meat!
Is that normal?? Stil on paineds twice a day though!
I stil keep getting bad gas lol idk what is makin me farg like crazy but it sucks lol wtf does percs give anyone else gas? I also havent had a bowel movement. These drains suck im ready to yank them out my damn self!
my butt feel the same. I'm on day 3 'it feel like its getting bigger lol but it.didn't hurt.my.tummy.hurt when.I lay on it
Ur booty looks good!! How many cc's did u get??
I hve no idea lol!

God tmi but ladies I have to poop!!!! But immso...

God tmi but ladies I have to poop!!!! But immso scared its not soft enough and the sitting that I'm holding it aughhh I kno it's gunna hurt lol
Looking good there.. I'm on my fourth day post op too. Happy n fast healing.
Looking good mumzel....
Percocet cause constipation drink plenety of fluids and Walk a lot you should probably take a stool softener to help you have a bowel movement

Ok guys r fellow bbl sis driven32 is in hospital...

Ok guys r fellow bbl sis driven32 is in hospital she is three days postop and has had a rough time bc she had a bad reaction to pain meds so she didnt hve any for a lil bit. Now she is n hospital i am trying to keep in touch with her last time ichecked she was getting iv fluids. We both went to same dr which does show if u hve complications its not the drs failt usually we all heel differently as far as me im stressin the surgery took a toll as u all kno i do hve sickle cell and ulcers both can b irritated by stress so my ulcer is kicking my ass and my sicklecell
Count is def up nd my joints just hurt. My ulcer is hurting more than lipo pains. Now for the downfall i am 7 days postop im swelling up and hardening die to no massages yet and my large garment and double layer of foam
Not compressing enough. My drain has an infection i think bc its leaking pus n if it moves i catch holy hell and die frm the pain. They want me to come to the office tomorrow but no ride or pay 400 for a damn taxi as i live in sw miami and aventura is about 50 mins away with traffic. My boyfriend is off friday and taking me to my postop appt. ladies do not attempt this alone its doable but i am so glad i have my boyfriend to stay with for help. I feel great when im up and about so i keep making the mistake of doin tooo much and by night i regret it so bad! My boyfriend isnt used to seeing me like this so he is aways worried. Its cute
As far as these long lists of shit ppl create for postop u dnt need so dnt waste the money lol
All u really need is a caretaker or family member ur pain meds water and food eff buying a urinal. I pee in a cup easily no drips or spills lol ur dr gives u ur own gauze and bandaids and pads to tke home with u and replenishes them when u want more. Half the crap i bought i haven't used. Also ladies try getting a bed that is high its easier for me atleast vs the air mattress i started with. My knees r sore and swollen from sitting on them all the time. I have NOT sat on my butt!! At all:)
Butt stats:::
One cheek is softer than the other n has dropped a little causing them to feel uneven my man doesnt see it but i can feel it i cnt c it either but u can feel it. The drain near my buttcrack itches to holy heaven.the foams mke my body itch. Since i am swelling up so bad my flanks r hard :( and so tender. Hiding the drains is annoying and hard none of my maxi dresses work idk how yawl r doing it bc i look like i have bals when i wear mine so today i wore pants and a shirt n had my drain bulbs hanging out i had no shame. Am i happy so far?? Yes but like we all r we r greedy i want y hips to b way bigger. Dnt get me wrong i have an amazing cole bottle shape but i could have more lolz i kno my tummy can afford to go dwn alot due to swelling so after that is gone my hips will appear larger since my waist is smaller. Truth is ladies i didnt measure myself yet lol but all my bras r baggy and r at the tightest clasp. Before surgery i had them at the last clasps lol all of my shirts r super baggy :) my bak dips in so much yayayay:) my boyfriend loves staring at me n for the first time i dnt feel embarrassed walking around naked bc i look so curvy ;) my tummy is flat my bra rols r still gone (no saggy skin) i look great even with the swelling. Ill b glad of my waist goes to a 28.. If it doesnt its due to my genetics i hve a big rib cage. Bc ladies he took out all the fat he could aint none left i feel skin and bones lol. I also have no bumps and unevenness either! Feels like his lipo is even as hell also no skin discoloration i can thank being darker skinned i guess bc u cnt tel i got lipo i c some grls have prolonged skin unevenness due to it n i notice most who hve that issue r lighter skinned. Still no saggy belly skin AT ALL. The Back of my shoulders to me r the worst. They r so sore n partially numb and swollen. My garment straps r too tight i have "burns"
Small ones but when i loosen them i get no compression on the bak of my shoulders so now im wearing a short under my garment :) now i c y some ladies do that. I fly to texas next friday to pick up my son and my mom to drive bak to
Miami im worried thats a long car ride wit me sitting :( only time i wont sit is when my mom drives by that time ill b about 4 weeks postop maybeeee so im really worried about crushin my bootay lol but ill let u all kno how it goesz ill post more pix this weekend after drains r out and i have my new black SMALL butt out garment. Oh yes percs dnt do shit for me i have too many medical complications requiring narcotic medication almost weekly so i stopped taking them ad i tke my pain meds given to me for my ulcers instead lol its dilaudis. It works those percocet a r a joke.
Keep me in your prayers ladies!!
Of and its so convenient i can txt my nurse all day every day and night and she responds immediately that is a super plus as i dnt like calling for small stupid questions lol very convenient. Im still mad pascual md put me in a large garment knowing i need a small one just to get me to buy another garment from them. Thankfully i am not stupid n i bought mine on amazon for 42 dollars! It is also by vedette the other 2 garments i got work but they r still larges n dnt do enough. So far thats my only complaint with that office and the fact i havent gotten a massage yet. They also said " yeah r garments r 100 here but u wont find them cheaper anywhere else" bishhh pleaseeeee lol
They r a very busy office though. One lady in te front isnt that friendly as the others. She is older. She isnt rude but she doesnt smile n she rushes u n idk she rubs me the wrong way. But overall great office we shall c how my appts go. When can we have sex?? Im curious my boyfriend is of course not even trying to he rubs on me and plays with the boobies but he respects the fact i need to heel but damn grls lol its been quite some time for me (months) and each day i b wanting to jump on him!!!! How long have u vets waited to do the do after surgery? N i want to b comfortable lol so i mean able to do whatever position i saw one grl post her story about doing it to soon n it seemed as of the sex was painful bc she didnt wait long enough! Lol
I also had a bowel movement yesterday lol n boy was it big lmAo tmi sry but i was amazed hahah i didnt tke stool softeners as im not a fan f meds. Ive been drinking ocean spray cranberry grape juice and apple juice and u all kno grape and apples r natural laxatives. When i went it wasn't the runs it was solid but soft no hard pushing was required ;)
Dnt sleep on lagrasso guys not only is he cheaper than salama he is more personable his office staff dnt stalk realself and if he doesnt think he made u perfect he said he will do a retouch fro 750(anesthesia fee) he is also realistic and will tell u the truth. Some of yawls wish pix r hilarious lol bc if u start wit a pancake ass ur ass wont come out looking like buffy! B real with yourselfs also keep in mind fat does sag when ur old so we r running that risk but who cares lol. I also happen to like the vaser lipo he does. I really think that helped with y skin retracting so well. He also explained that grls that b getting 1500 ccs or whatever high number get about 900ccs of fat and the rest is fluids which is prolly right azurin also said this too its prolly y alot of salama booties loose volume or develop seromas tooo much fluid bc look at dr jimmerson as well he is known to inject like 850
And asses b way bigger than salama 1300 cc booties. Not bashing any dr but that does make some sense though right? Also any dr can perform this surgery on a patient with sickle cell salamas office just isnt equipped with the extras needed so he doesnt do them plain and simple. That still makes mead they canceled me 3 weeks before surgery and it goes to show they do only want ur money bc y wasnt that a red flag when they asked for my deposit. I also lost confidence in his upper back lipo skillz seen too many grls on here complaining of left over back fat or their bk nt being sore n him telling them he did do it but ran out of ccs or "hard to get place" also seen a grl say he can only do bra rolls and hve a 70 percent change? No bullshit lol ur back WILL B SORE if it was lipoed my entire back is hurting. Also my bra rolls r 100% changed as of nw. Even with swollen so that was fishy. Stil cnt thank lagrasso enough for doimg my upper arm lipo, my armpit lipo, and the fat i had on the side of my boobs for FREE really finished the look. I will keep this story honest and real if i start hating results i have i wont sugar coat just bc i support my dr i will let it b known so we all can kno and for future patients. I wont delete my pix either idc if they remove the delete buton. I think a review without pictures is completely pointless and a waste of space n it annoyed me when i was pre op so as a courtesy for future grls i will leave mine up even when k dnt update frequently i will leave this blog online ;) i plan to update as much as i can though

Just adding pics

Just adding pics

You'll be ok Hun this review is awesome and I love it. U go girl!!! Lol
Recovery does suck :-( but it gets easier everyday! Ur tummy looks good even if its bloated! Mines not that smooth yet
girl i can't wait to see your bad ass in a fitted dress!

Alright my front drains appeared to be about ten...

Alright my front drains appeared to be about ten feet long n due to lacl of food (liquid diet to calm my irritated ulcer) i fainted lol
So to me the ultrasound massages that came with my package r pointless not sure wtf they r for i thought they was a fancy version of lymphatic soo i now meed to fond a misuse bc i need one asap my stach is hard as heln so swollen. My bra roll is stil flat but where it was is super swollen my nurse noted im
Very swollen n expects me to go down in inches (hope so bc sething tells me im
Not at 28 inches like i want to be maybe at 29 or 30. My small garment is very tight ive warn ot for one whole day so far anyone in the moami area lno a good misuse?? Cheap one at that lol??
Being drain free is amazing i can bend down easily now n stop wearing my boyfriends clothes lol. Here r some pic as of this evening after shower stil love my results despite the swelling. This butt is perfect for my height n figure. It looks bigger in person n my waist looks smaller tooalso the butt out garment?? Fukery i cut that thong it was ripping me a new asscrack!!!! N my thighs r too big fr it so i cut the thong n the butt anddd the thighs lol. For more compression i hve on a large vedette latex garmet a tshirt under that one plus my small vedette butt out garment hooed and zipped to sleep in :()
How many inches did most if u lose n was it per week?? Kr wgat oh my small one i can button easier vs the day i got it.
hi , did u end up getting any massage
you look wonderful hun. so happy for you.
Congrats your getting better keep tight compression and it will soften upand shrink in the waist area. I have had to go tighter almost every 3 days I'm at a 27"inch waist I don't want any smaller then a 26 I love it like it is, your waist is like puddy you can mold it as much as you want if you willing to deal with the discomfort

Pre op 38-32.5-37.5ish Postop...

Pre op
Postop yesterday
My butt is softening up
My lipo areas r kinda tight n firm is this normal? Massage myself twice a day now.
Waited til friday to hve sex lol wasnt too painful my bak got stiff a lil but no real pain. In a small garment waiting for an xs. My stomach is super flat no board being used i sleep with foams but during day i dnt lol ive been having to sit to drive n deal wit my son lol( single mom issues) i sit on three bigass pillows. N i hold myself up. Flew bak to tx friday to gt my son my flights sucked i sat for 2 hrs eavh leg! Butt felt numb for a few hrs no volume loss yet. Im not even 5 feet tall n so my ass looks huge on me lmao my mom thinks it should go dwn lol. Im ok with it though really satisfied thus far. No lumps in my stomach tho. Just firmness anyone have that issue? Oh had my garment off for two hrs swelled to 29 inches lol the swellin is real ladies lol
Wil update in detail later ive been busy az hell
You look great.
You look fabulous, safe travels.
yes i want to know too, i have to know if im paying for a surgical procdedure before and after, but you look great hopefully you can find out bc mine is next tuesday, cant wait,loo im doing 1300ccs but thats hips included, i need hips,lol

Measyred at 38dd-26-42 Today

Measyred at 38dd-26-42
Your looking Good! Can't wait to get mine done just have to decide on a PS
Omg! You look good girl! I can't wait!!!!
Thanks for posting I'm glad u like ur results thus far u have been a great friend very helpful when we call each other thanks girly ♥

Had to pick my son up early unplanned but i did...

Had to pick my son up early unplanned but i did sitthe whole trip lawddd all it did was soften up my butt a lil i sat on pillows tho n it jiggles now and looks better it stil has some hard spots n if i sit on something wit no pillow it hurts yes ladies i am sitting occasionally im sry im a single mom and im alone besodes my boyfriend and i hve to sit sometimes.
My waist is at 26 inches and my hips r a 43
I look natural my boyfriend thinks due to fat being gone my ass looks bigger i dodnt tell him i did bbl lol
Skin still a lil toght and firm but softening ive had 4 massages and i massage myself daily soready for swellig to stop im in need of an xs garment or xxs guna order it when my funds r up.
Heres a few pix
You look damm good girl. BODY & BOOBS ..this is the first ive ever heard of this dr..
Hey sis! Day 25 counting down! I'm still having trouble finding wish pics! You look amazing too! Keep us posted!
You look Amazing did u diet after surgery or you went back to eating normal

New pix Sn- drs that dnt do upper bak and bra...

New pix
Sn- drs that dnt do upper bak and bra rolls for the bbl without charging extra r for the birds smh no point of a noce ass with bak fat and bra rolls n ppl shouldnt b made to pay extra to complete the look of a bbl smh!

Sn ladies prep urself cor the rude disgustin...

Sn ladies prep urself cor the rude disgustin comments men will make about u even if u r with ur man smh! Was walkin in south beach and some guy yelled out "can u show me ur vagina with ur fat ass"
Just rude yes i was with my man smh grls were like damn ur grlfriend is sexy look at that ass lol it was funny
Really love ur results!!! yr PS did an amazing job....ur body is really banging gf....happy healing
Wow you had your sx already I remembered reading your review a while back man you really looks good that dress is talking honey :)
Aye JB!? What would you consider not feeling back to nnormal? Like the hard stiffness of the skin? And do stretching with massages work for that? What garment you feel comfortable but have best results in? What week are you on? How many days would you say you were in paid after surgery? What's the best position to sleep? I got more...

As u all know I live in Miami and I'm dying to...

As u all know I live in Miami and I'm dying to throw on a swim suit to go to the Bach but I know I will swell up ughhh I'm dying to lay out on the beach lol I'm five weeks
Past op and I've been sitting off and on bc I have to when I drive. My butt felt normal up until a week ago now my lateral butt cheek injection areas r sum what sore idk why.
Hope all my bbl siestas r doing well and healing well
Thus far am satisfied with my results. Not thinking about round two. Hopefully I won't have to. None of my jeans fit but my shorts fit really snug both r the same size that's strange. I Ike my hip to waist ratio could I have more hips?? Sure but I think my results look good and I Dnt want them to change my waist measurement fluctuates depending on how long I had my garment off.
Your body looks good.
You look great babes and your Dr did a great job that bootay is bangin;)
I'm getting nervous!!!!!! what are they going to do during pre op!!!!???

So ladies my results r holding up the vedette 136...

So ladies my results r holding up the vedette 136 makes me break out in bumps god its annoying got my squeem in the mail last night slept in it wasnt too bad but its kinda tight
Went out to the club last night and wore a one piece jumpsuit with no garment and was killin it! And i only swelled up maybe an inch if that! Im bak dwn tho bc i wore my squeem all night!
Also wondering if i have fat necrosis or not one cheek has a small hard area that feels sensitive idk if its just sum ft that hasnt softened or what?? Hope nothing bad
Hey girl..u look sooo good! I just booked with Dr LaGrasso for mid June!!!
Keep killing them boo!!! :-)
You look good babes!


That lump i was complaining about was actually an infection that busted open and oozed out what looks like my entire blood and water supply lol
Went to c my dr n he cut it open even more( still a very tiny hole) n he cleaned it out took some cultures put some liquid antibitics in it and now for some forsaken reason thinks ill b able to twice a day stuff the hole with gauze n then take out said stuffing ery night n clean it lolololol the fukery it took an hr for my boyfriend to take out the gauze last night bc the pain is unreal also the gauze is alot wider than the hole as he doesnt want a scarso he made a tiny hole shyt is hurting he said as long as u get 3 inches of sterile gauze in u r good... I got in half an inch before dying n called it a day. Idk if i should blame this infection on me not takin all my antibiotics after surgery bc they gve me a yeast infection that had me wanting to take a brush to my vagina. So i stopped them like the day after surgery or if a bacteria got in during surgery? Idk but glad the absess opened up n is draining and my dr now has me coming in every two days to check the progress other than that ladies im lovin my results
Oh and i have a massive teast infection again due to antibiotics lol my dr was a bit upset when he saw the lump bc he said i should have cane in the second i started feeling it i however waited 4 weeks n it got really painful and bad but he is doing a good job helping to treat it he doesnt think it will mess up the shape and if it does he already offered to fix it free of charge.

Oh and i havent

Put my faja bak on in days lol one it was deathly to try to pull it over my ass that was infected two im just too fckn hot in it i get rashes and psh this humidity in miami aint working with it. I measure daily and im holding steady at about 27 inches and 26 inches in the morning idc to go smaller bc one i cant wear that damn squeem too uncomfortable
No saggy skin either my skin retracted a lot i got a total of 4 massages n thats it my stomach softened up on its own my shoulders r still somewhat numb n itchy but they r better. Im losin a lot of weight idk y its rather annoying im dwn to 132 lbs i was 142 the day of surgery i still wear a 9/10 in pants im 4"11 but in shorts i wear a 11/12 now i cbt fit any of my jeans which is fine bc i dnt wear jeans lol i could fit a size small in shirts but bc of my boobs i think ill get a medium i like how size small doesnt bag or bunch up around my waist but it suffocates my boobs. Everyone thinks i look natural and im glad my body doesnt scream surgery lol no round twos over here my butt hovers around 41-42 inches i told my mom i wanted a 45 inch ass but she said i was ridiculous and id look fake now i believe her bc im too short lol and i already look crazy bc i have big boobs a tiny waist and a nice round bubbly butt so i prolly already look like i got work done anyway. I feel like i look like i was born this way



My abscess

Hope u feel better soon u look amazing!!!! Did u have to gain weight to get that big booty? If so how much? (Sorry if u stated this already)
U look great boo. Get well soon nd happy healing
Jamaican wha gwon love. Mi see you did have one hiccup. Tings a get betta inna a few days. Stopped by fi show you some luv. Happy healing mi dear.

Just playing dress up



I love your results .my surgery is in a week. i am concern about infection just curious did u smoke prior to surgery?
Nope lol I didn't take my antibiotics before surgery and during healing tho maybe that's the issue idk / but had a follow up today and he is pleased with how the infection is healing and going away thankfully. Bc it hurts and annoying
I love your figure too!!!

Had a follow up for infection things r a lot better also found out cc amount

My infection is a lot better not draining as much and my cheek is softening back up. I still have a hole there though. Can't wait to heel. I haven't been wearin garment n now I realize I'm swelling up lol I put my small garment on n it felt tight as fuck and I was looking bloated. As far ass cc he injected 650 in each check and 100 in each hip. So I'm like wow if I asked for 1200 ccs I'd look fake right. But I told him make it fuller natural but a nice difference. I don't think I lost much volume. Meh took out 4 liters of fat.. He used my photos on real self for his before and after I am Gina post them I was like 4 weeks post op. I to,d up him today he should update them since I'm hum 8 weeks postop now and less swelling in my back n mymbutt looks smoother now, I have another follow up in one week.


Dr lagrasso posted this on his realself account so i stole it lol this is me at 4 weeks post op!
Hey lady popped in to check on you.
Congratulations. My girls have had plenty of babies after BBL and they never gain any wt in their tummies and always looked extra curvy and ass fat during pregnancy! Look at Kim K she still looks hot and carries her weight well. You knownyou can't come back if you have a regular body and get pregp, with a bbl it helps you so much, also look at Mel B and Elke the Stallion both had 2 kids after BBL
Congratulations! I know this is no ideal for you just having surgery but Dr. Lagrasso made your body so good you got prego..lol! I would suggest you eat healthy as possible and being pregnant is not a reason to over eat like I did my 1s pregnancy and gained 60lbs! Lesson learned on 2nd & 3rd only gained 25-30lbs! My tubes are tied and can't give any advice towards after pregnancy but see you have implants which I do as well and was able to still breast feed and didn't ruin my boobs! It did help me loose 15lbs afterwards and I only did it for a month! Good Luck!

Sigh 13 weeks postop

Heres some photos frm last friday before the club been mia been goin thru a lot of stuff in my personal life

My skin has been itching a lot on my stomach my scars r very light. In fact my bullet wound frm 2008 is darker than my lipo incision on my back! My butt is holdin steady stil leakin a lil bit frm that infection but the hole is damn near closed????????????????????go spurs go!

Pics didnt post to my last review

Bra roll and arms you see a significant difference? I go back an forth daily about getting that. I dnt wanna deal with the pain if it ain't gonna make a difference
Yes mine r now flat I don't have any bra rolls!!! Or loose skin who is ur dr tho bc I hear dr j charges 900 for bra rolls and barely does shit to them!!! So if he is yr dr I wouldn't do that
Nope in going to Pantoja.. I declined arms r1 ... I dnt hve a bra roll really but I do need armpit an arms are your arms smaller too?

Arguments on realself getting old

Ladies if someone is arguin on your blog and the last response was over ten days ago and u log on to fuel the argument ten days later it is quite obvious u love the negative attention and bored with life i cannot believe im getting more updates of this grl talking to herself arguin about a comment left on JUNE TENTH!!! Just let it go for cryin out loud!!! Its very old news!
I had to vent bc this grl just blew up my email notifications about shyt that happened on her blog weeks ago! And here i thought maybe she updated contributing to the bbl forum with bbl updates and info I WAS WRONG just more negative crap talking. Its the internet nobody wins a keyboard fight lol


Y wont realself let me update my review and add a picture at the same time what am i not doing right lol


Pics keep messing up
hey girl just passing through. r u serious ur preggers? lol, chile congrats. inbox me if ya want.
Wow you look great!I love pics!
OMG!!! You loook Awesome!!! I will send Dr. LaGrasso an email better yet give him a call Wow!!! You are wearing those outfits !!!! Loooking Grrreat!! Keep the pics coming lol.. Happy healing

I guess my infection is lingering

Time to make a visit to my dr. Ugh it keeps healing n then reopening and leaking! So annoying. Anyone kno or have an idea of why this is happening???as far as my results go I'm still happy! I still experience a tight skin feeling and my upper shoulders that were lipped r still numb a little and I still get itchy on my back! The swelling is very minimal comes and goes but nothing major! Still wear a skirt around my bikinis as my ass has always had stretch marks and they make me feel nasty lol so I don't show them off. Round two isn't in my future however my infection left a small invention I notice it when I'm naked my man doesn't it really and says its fine I Dnt think it's noticeable to do this again lol. The attention I get with this new body is unreal and at times very annoying lol but I usually go everywhere with my man so men tend to not come up to me just stare and shout nasty things about my ass. I will post a picture soon to show u all the small invention I am talking about
Looking good! !! One if my scars is healing and reopening too. I put some peroxide on it and leave it uncovered. That seems to help it make a scab. Crossing my fingers it stays this time!
Check your inbox bo0!!
No  haven't posted much about that bc I was a bad bad bbl girl lol I could never make it through one. Isn't in that damn garment and the foam lol I'd always wake up and unbuckle it or yank the foam out it was sad lol

Photo of infection

So glad you updated I was wondering how you were doing. Glad u are doing better.
Hey love hows everything going so far for you? Hope things are getting better with the infection and by the way you still look good! Best wishes...Muah xoxo
ask them if the saline with bleach will help thats what i used for my breast incision the baby healed in less then a week

info on infection, new update, weight gain etc etc

ok i havnt been on in awhle bc ive been busy with school and traveling!!! how r u ladies doing i hope everyone is healing well!!
ok so its october and i had my surgery in march so im 7 months post op!!! i believe after surgery i was 38dd-26-40?? i cnt remember lol
but now i am 38dd-28-43
this is because i did end up pregnan bc my para guard failed me its kind of like mirena. it took me awhile to actually accept the fact and when i finally saw a dr to get my paraguard removed everything seemed ok for a day. he advised me bc i have a weak cervix come back in a week to have it sewn shut. well i guess because of the removal of my birth control mixed with that i miscarried 3 days after the initial appt. i asked y my dr didnt want to sew it shut the same day and he said it would have been too tramatic to do that right after having the paraguard removed?? idk but moving on. i am now on a strict diet bc my waist blew up when i was pregnant i now just look....thick with a small waist. i will update pictures asap. my butt is bigger bc i have a few extra lbs on and its distracting and the comments i get are obscene lol the diet i am on isnt that awesome just eating better
i eat turkey sausage and eggs for breakfast,,no bread for lunch i have water and cheese and crackers dinner i eat whatever but its not junk. i drink a lot of water. i go on a 6 mile skating venture twice a week and mix that with running for 2 miles twice a week. thankfully nobody says i look bigger n the waist ,,probable bc all they see is my ass and boobs but i can tel i measure daily lol. my boyfriend hasnt noticed but my mom has. ive noticed someeee loose skin on my back but it seems like if i wear my garment for a week straight it goes away but when i stop wearing it i notice ,,,i stopped wearing my garment early bc i couldnt take the itch and the heat i live in miami it was a nightmareee and it was hard to hide under clothes. i wish i stuck it out bc if i had im sure i wouldnt have any loose skin,,, its not noticeable unless im twisting to pose with my butt stuck out lolol and i c a lil skin bubble up. i willll post pictures i promise after mid terms bc i took some last week.
as far as the infection,,yes it is still here well the hole is.....i finally have insurance so i was able to purchase the antibiotics required to heal it two weeks ago n im on azithromycin i take two tablets once a day for 21 days, and then i have a refill of the same dose the hole is tinyyyyyyy and it barely leaks if at all. i noticed that when it closes up it gets smaller in diameter n then it reopens bc it is trying to heal from the inside out if u get what i mean bc when it reopens the flesh inside is closer to the surface of the hole than it was before so my dr is pleased with that he does not want my skin to heal over the hole if it is hollow bc if it does that it can just be punctured later. the dent the hole made is not as big as it was before thank god!! i havent decided if it is noticeable enough to do a retouch if so i will get these nasty arms lipoed....
now that my tummy is healed i do see two spots where he missed fat,,,tiny spots but i can c it my man thinks im delusional but i c it,,,i do have abs now though n they r visible!!!! which i freaking love lol overall yes love my results a round two is not anything i need. i get more attention than some grls i c with bigger butts which is wierd to me. oh my god i went to king of diamonds friday night n they have all walks of life with big ass but yet still here i m walking in and ppl r shouting at me about my ass i personally dnt think its that big i know its a niceee ass but its not no deelishus ass or anything. i saw a few strippers there that looked like they went to dr j unless they were just blessed naturally n they looked like,,,,,the bombdotcom i was a lil jealous lol. but it felt good to kno im still show stoppin when i walk into a strip club with grls who have bigggg asses. i saw a grl with butt implants the only thing that gave it away is the fact that she was bone skinny n when she was bouncing her ass u could c the outline other than that she looked great!!!!! my butt is soft n firm ,,,almost like its soft but toned i love it. i wear a size 12 in jeans now.. i want some high waist jeans but ill find them big enough to fit over the ass but the high waist is too baggy and i hate buying clothes i have to alter so i just dnt buy them,,,i love leggings hahah and peplem dresses and shirts now. i love my figure now i do want to shed the weight i gained when i was pregnant bc right out of surgery i was skinnnyyyyy with a fat ass nw im thick bc my thighs r bigger of course.
has anyone lost weight after surgery and if so did their ass shrink a whole lot?? i want my waist to go dwn but i like where my ass is at right now damnit lol
also sry for the lack of punctuation i work with deaf people and i type what ppl say to them if they do not know american sign language and we r not supposed to use punctuation so im just sooo used to not using it tht i rarely ever punctuate shyt except school work and even then i have to proof read lol n im just too lazy to proofread this
oh and my hips look good however i do think he could have added moe on the sides bc from the front i dnt look as curvy as i do from a back view n i think its bc he does lateral injections vs injecting on the sides of my thighs. but its way better than before and i have an hr glass shape.


blah i meant now im 38dd-28-45 not 43 sry guys!
i can fit a 36ddd but bc my boobs poke out a lot to me i feel better in a 38dd but my ribcage right under my boobs measures 36
You look really good and natural. What garments did you use?

7 months post op dr lagrasso

thank u i used the vedette 136 mostly i now have the vedette the one that is black and with gold designs idk which number that is i wear it on days where i swell up but normally i dnt wear a garment i wasnt a garment freak either i tried an xs squeem,,yeah my ribcage was too wide it fit good on my waist but it squoze my rib cage to the point i was injuring myself i never invested in a bigger one i strongly believe that unless u have a lot of excess skin it wont hang it will retract anyway bc i didnt wear my garment for a long time maybeeee 4-6 weeks n id sleep without it a lot lol
thank u grly how r u huney!!! yes i stopped getting on here just bc no time and i was waiting to c if the infection would heal allll the way before i updated but ehh its taking too long
I'm good that infection has been around for a while. That's crazy! Glad u updated


club pix

that ass =)
Hey girl your still look great
Hola!!' Congrats on the Awesome results!! I have a consultation with Dr. LaGrasso in 2 weeks ;) I'm still undecided but Looks like he's doing a Grreat job!! Happy Healing ;)

Updating with pictures


Giiiiiiiiiirrrrllllll your body gets better and better
Hey luv this is my doc also I go Feb 4 and im so excited anything else that I need to know? And FYI you look grrrrrrreat in my frosted flake voice lol
Could you private msg me please I have a question about the you Dr:)

will be one yr post op in march!!

everything is still holding up i gained a lil weight but it went allll to my ass so really not complaining!!! my infection took forever to heal frm the inside out but its healed. i have thoughts of getting a revision bc the infection left a tiny dent that is only noticeable when im butt naked so i doubt i will got thru with it. still amazed at how well i turned out to be i was so nervous initially bc i see so many grls on here who are upset after the surgery. ive been completely satisfied.
Hey luv u look great anything u need to tell me im going to him so he can birth my bootie February 4th hey hey hey I can only pay I look as good as u.....
Im SOOO jealous! You look amazing girl!
Congrats and you have ass! And that small hole you can get a tattoo over the mark if it bothers you but really you can't tell.

im almost one yr postop

just trying to change the title of the review bc i see it still says 4 months
You look great
You're body is super fly....umm ummm good...Lol....you look fab...mama
You look really nice and i'm glad you're completely satisfied with your result. :)
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