I'm looking for more of a tiny waste and a semi big butt - Brazilian Butt Lift - Miami, FL

I been researching so much i just cant decide...

I been researching so much i just cant decide between dr. jimerson in atlanta or dr. salama in miami.... both doctors have amazing results!! im looking for more of a tiny waste and a semi big butt nothing like minajj haha.. anyone has any recommendations please let me know!!

So i just got off the phone with nancy she was...

So i just got off the phone with nancy she was super nice!! she said i was the perfect candidate for this surgery so i am super excited!! im going to be schedueling for either sept or october 2012 so i am sort of nervous... and my boyfriend is not being very supportive so i keep on second guessing it because he is scaring me with negative thoughts but i really hate the look of my body now... also i dont know what i will tell my job.. should i tell them the truth being that i need to take two weeks off of work.... anyone have any suggestions or what they did?? thank you!!

Soooo i decided to go with dr. salama and i...

Soooo i decided to go with dr. salama and i scheduled my appointment for 09-6-2012 im so excited!! i told my job and everyone is excited for me a well im so glad thats over haha and my boyfriend finally came around and is going to come with me!! im looking forward to it. i dont know how many cc's i want because i dont want to look foolish or anything... really just wanting a small small waist!!

Anyone know some massage places to go to after bbl...

anyone know some massage places to go to after bbl is done and back home? (live in jersey) thanx!!

Hey guys its been a while since i posted... i been...

hey guys its been a while since i posted... i been getting ready for the surgery.. booked hotel and purchased plane tickets and i been really excited and ready to get the surgery until recently...i finally had time to sit down and actually read other girls pages and comments that also went to dr salama and im getting really nervous... a lot of girls have been complaining about his work... some show pictures and majority dont have pics of the end result so idk if its just rumors going around from girls who are expecting way too much out of the surgery or if dr. salama is really loosing his touch..... i have faith in him and it just shocks me that just a month ago all these girls were raving about him and his results and then all of a sudden all there is is bad reviews..... i havent posted before pictures yet because im going to wait till the month before to do so but i understand that everyone has different bodies and shouldnt expect to come out looking a certain way... i honestly am getting this surgery done to get the tiny wast.. i want him to get my waste as small as possible... im not looking for a nikki minaj butt but i do want a round and fullness shape to me i would say 1000 ccs is good for me anything more than that would be way too much.... but back to what i was saying i just wish the girls on here who are complinaing about dr salamas results to post pictures and show what they are talking about and the ones who are complaining that their butt is square and do have pics up on their page they need to stop hating and giving bad reviews since its the week they got the surgery that they are complaing.. once it hits 2 months and it still looks like shit THEN complain but until then a lot of girls have faith in dr. salama including myself and posts like that are giving me second thoughts and thinking negative and im trying to be as positive as possible :/

Hey ladies!.... so for the ladies who already had...

hey ladies!.... so for the ladies who already had thier surgery can you please help me out with a list of things i will need to get prior to the surgery to bring to Florida?!?!? Any info would be helpful thank you!!!

Sooooo what are those chairs called with the no...

Sooooo what are those chairs called with the no back and where your ass can hang off the back? i do a lot of sitting and traveling/ driving for work so any ideas would be so helpful! but im really tryin to buy a chair i can carry around with me so i dont sit on my ass lol thanx!!

Hey guys im trying to find a place thats not too...

hey guys im trying to find a place thats not too expensive to continue the massages after surgery.... any advice is helpful thanx!

Hey Girls Im trying to get a feel for what the...

Hey Girls Im trying to get a feel for what the girls who already went through the procedure told dr. S during pre op?!?... my fear is to go into this and come out looking almost the same so i want to know the kind of things to tell dr salama so i come out with noticeably different results!!

Hey ladies!! So i just got my packet and im uber...

Hey ladies!! So i just got my packet and im uber excited and nervos at the same time!!! however i am confused lol.. where do i locate the form for me to go get my lab work and clearances because i dont think i recieved that form :( or maybe im just missing it but was there a seperate form just for lab work cuz if thats the case than i def did not recieved it !! haha thanx guys!

So0o0 turns out i recieved my packet safe and...

so0o0 turns out i recieved my packet safe and sound lol i was just being impatient haha... i filled all my perscriptions and got majority of my necessities now all im waiting for is for my blood work to clear!.... LADIES YOU CAN USE INSURANCE FOR ALL THIS IF YOU HAVE IT!!.... i paid $20 for all the required tests and i paid $20 for all the perscriptions so take advantage of this!!! as well as the post op massages if its for medical reasons they should not charge for tax!! anyhow thats all for now.. i will be posting pre op pics soon :)

Okay so all my tests came back cleared! Which...

Okay so all my tests came back cleared! Which means all i have to do now is wait till my date :/ taking forever!! lol.... I got my plane tickets, My hotel (My carribean hollywood resort $600 for 8 days!), all my perscriptions are filled, all my tests are cleared!. Finance for credit care is set to go!!.. And all i have left to do is some last mintue shopping for small things but thats about it now its just waiting time!! Any advice would be great!! hope to see some of you down there, oh and i just posted my embarresing pre op pics ugh so gross i hate my body!! lol these pics will be coming down eventually but pre op pics are part of the whole journey :) Anyhow thats all for now, good luck ladies :) oh and i am 52' 135 pounds of fat!! lol

Hey guys so my bf and i decided to take a break...

Hey guys so my bf and i decided to take a break and its literally 10 days before my surgery so that kind of just ruined my excitment now i just feel sad especially since he is the one comming with me :( well i guess ill try to be as positive as possible.. just a bummer since i been looking forward to this for years

Hey girls i know this is so last min but my ex bf...

hey girls i know this is so last min but my ex bf decided to ditch me so im a mess.... was lookin if any girls that have sept surgery same week i have sept 6th woul like to share my condo and a split a nurse?? can delete your reservation at hotel and come stay with me on the beach/boardwalk???? if so please contact me ASAP

Well thanks to "2cheeky" a burden has been lifted...

Well thanks to "2cheeky" a burden has been lifted off my shoulders... Going to be bunkin with her :

(contiuned from last post) and her friends .. i...

(contiuned from last post) and her friends .. i cant thank her enough she is such a sweetheart!!!

On my way to Dr. Salama!!!! Ill keep everyone...

On my way to Dr. Salama!!!! Ill keep everyone updated,:) So excited and nervous haha

Hey girls... im not feeling great to sit and post...

hey girls... im not feeling great to sit and post my whole experience just letting you all know im okay and ill upfdate in a few days when pain subsides alone with posting pics.. getting garment changed today :/... ill update in a few days! :) good luck to all the girls with upcoming surgery and thank you all for the support :)

Hey Girls! so im finally up to posting my...

Hey Girls! so im finally up to posting my experience and boy was it an experience!! so i arrived to florida at night on sept 5th i was originally stayin at the hotel my carribbean hollywood beach resort but being that the ex ditched me i ended up rooming with one of the other girls on real self ("2 cheeky"----> was such a huge huge help thank you again!!) but let me tell you girls DO NOT i repeat DO NOT stay at the hollywood beach resort on hollywood beach... the hotel rooms are disgusting and run down, the rooms are so old and not maintained, they are having major major construction going on which means when your the the water, power, ac, tv, lights will periodically work, its far from cozy and comfy and there is SOOO much noise banging until 7pm sometimes later , the place is a disaster so u advise you not to waste your money,,, thank god i only had to stay there for two nights during my whole stay. when i walked in the room i was literally crying because it was so bad especially arriving there alone and what not i wasnt off to a great start being that my surgery was literally hours away! but thanx to 2cheeky i ended up staying with her in a very nice hotel room very comfy bed :)-- i think it was called the ocean resort or something along those lines so those are really recommended only thing is that its in ft lauderdale so larry will not drive that far so if you are useing larry than you cant stay there!

Day of surgery i was very anxious and wanted to just get it over with all ready when i got to the office i just need to fill out a whole bunch of paperwork... and i paid using carecredit... the areas i ended up doing were everything included in the bbl as well as adding my inner thighs and under my chin..... FYI prices went up from when i booked my appointment in july... to add diff parts to lipo it used to only be 400 but they moved it up to 500 per section and the chin used to only be 200 but now its 250, AND they no longer do the 18 month interest free because dr s office wasnt making as much money on that so they only offer the 6 and 12 month interest free payment plans with care credit----- mind you i booked all this in april of 2012... so when i booked i told nancy i wanted to do the 18 month interest free and thats what she signed me up for... when i got there she said that they dont do that anymore.., i would have been nice for someon to inform me on that i just think it was a bit unprofessional due to the fact that when i said i wanted the 18 months she said im sorry we dont do that anymore even though i was already enrolled for it when they did. it pissed me off a bit but i ended up going with the 12 months instead cuz there is no way i am paying interest lol... oh and same for adding parts to lipo.. i initially wanted to do my arms as well so they charged me.. not telling me prices went up they charged me 500 but salama said i didnt need it on my arms so i got refunded.... ALSO extra garments prices went up! they are now $100 for an extra garment.. i decided not to get one from them cuz i can find cheaper online so girls just wait till you get home to get new garments! and massages are $75 extra for each massage... i would reccommend you only buy on extra massage since they are so expensive there and they only do it for 30 to 45 min when you can pay$60 for an hour when your home... so i would suggest buying one extra massage and have it done the day you get your drains out! ( oh and i had eileen as a massage therapist let me tell you she is such a sweetheart im so happy i got her cuz massages are very painful and if she sees you are in pain she will stop for a bit, my roomie had celia she was very nice too but when it came to massages she was very harsh lol i watched he do a massage on my roomy and oh boy i dont think i would have been able to live through that haha)

So i then went to my consult with dr. salama... i was so happy to meet him in person. at first he is very serious and what not until you start talking to him... he looked me over and i didnt tell him a thing nor did he as what i was looking for... i figured he knows what he is doing so i just shut up lol.. he said that being that i was over 200 pounds before and lost down to 140 i was in great shape and that i needed a lot of projection in my butt cuz thats what i was lacking i said ok and then we talked about our personal lives for a few min and i was sent to the surgery room!.... when i woke up i was a mess.. i didnt know where i was and what was going on, i wasnt in pain until one of the nurses helped me up and made me sit.. (btw everyone in the OR is so nice and helpful and sweet) Sitting was a very very bad ideo idk why they move you like that lol but i couldnt do it anymore so i tried to get up myself cuz i didnt want to sit down cuz it made me feel so naucious the nurse ran over and said becareful cuz ill fall down lol so she was like would you like to lay instead and i said yes until they put me in a wheel chair... when she was wheeling me out i grabbed the nurse cuz i need to throw up in something so she gave me a bucket and i threw up everywhere!!! it was so embarresing lol.

Okay so days 6,7,8,9 of sept were hard... i had nausea all the time and all i wanted to do was stay in bed... it felt great when i was laying down it was the standing and walking that killed me.... girls its great to walk to make your blood circulate and what not but do not push yourselfs... if it feels better laying down than do so but just make sure you wake up every few hours and walk for a bit.. thats what i did and im healing just fine.... and DRINK DRINK DRINK... it makes you feel better as well as eating.. crackers saved me throught this whole thing i probably ate close to a whole box haha...

Sept 10 i had my first massage... omg i started to cry hysterical.... the massages are ten times worse than the actual massage like literally i thought i was going to faint and this was after 4 days of healing which is pretty late to be having my first massage but the weekend screwed me up which i didnt care about cuz i couldnt even handle it then... thats why i thank god i had eileen lol some girls say they feel better after the massage but no def not me i hated them. at this point i should have had my garment changed but i wanted to wait till later on in the week so i have a fresh one so when i go home since i didnt buy an extra one.

Sept 12 was my second massage... not as bad as the first but still made me cry.... and ladies i finally got to see dr. salama again FINALLY.... i literally only seen him once after post op which i was disappointed about but he said that i was healing great and that im just still very swollen... i got my garment changed... usually when you get your garment changed you get a size smaller but i decided to stay at a medium because i didnt want the small to squish my butt so when i decided when i get home im ordering a small garment with no butt lik the thong one online as well as a corsett type thin for my stomach.. both of them combined would cost me the same as buyin just one garment from the office crazy!! anywho... GIRLS LISTEN... they stopped using the cardboard because it was causing fluid build up so at first they will not give it to you cuz i asked and they said no but when i seen salama he looked at my stomach and decided i need to get a cardboard thing and let me tell you it did miracles.. the next day my stomch was completley flat from that thing. so my advice to you is later on in the week at least befor you go home ask to get a cardboard thing for your stomach.. just request it your the customer and they shouldnt say no im just so happy dr. s gave me that it changed my belly for the good :) but anyways that was the last time i seen dr salama :(

Sept 13 was my last massage and drain removal.... during my last massage i didnt cry nor scream nor yell just fidgeted a bit which meant i was healing beautifully.. eileen was impressed she said i was very strong :) and then i finslly got those stupid drains out omg they were such a bitch lol i was so happy... and it didnt hurt at all.. it was a snip snip and the nurse at the OR tugged it out.... Well i went for my massage first and than i went to the OR to get my drains removed.. dr s told me to go to OR cuz its better to get it out there than the office idk why but i just did what he told me

Oh and because of those stupid antibiotics i ended up getting a tounge rash i showed niome and she said it was common it was because of the dosage of antibiotics so she gave me a prescription of three pills to make it go away.. im on my second pill and its already gone so it definitly worked :)

Before you leave girls make sure to get another perscriptions of perks for when you are home dont forget you will need them and throught your surgery just make sure you take your antibiotics three pills three times a day on schedule and you will be fine along with the arnkia that nancy gives you which is two times a day

So my airplane ride home was a complete nightmare.. the note that salama office gives you is useless and does nothing for you so if you are traveling on a airplain all i can say is just be prepared.... first off my flight was booked not one empty seat.. i ended up sitting on the isle seat which was about the only thing that save me... they let me board on as disability so i was one of the first people on but they told me i could stand or kneel regardless of the note and that i would have to be seated... standing in the bathroom wasnt an option cuz the cabin was completley filled but yet when the seatbelt sign was off there were little kids rolling around on the floor in the isle i was super pissed so i said fuck that... i has my boppy pillow and being that my right side is more swollen then my left i was literally laying in my sing with my feet in the isle as well as my head and leaning on my right side the whole time.. i felt bad for the lady next to me cuz all she saw the whole time was my ass but whatever! lol it was the longest three hours of my life!!

As for my overall experince it was alright... the staff for dr s. was nice but not very informative.... if you need to talk to someone in the office the only people i would reccommend is nancy, or ruben. the other girls are nice but yeah thats all i have to say about that, im just bummed i didnt get to see dr. s more than once after my surgery i mean i kind of felt like just another number which thats basically how it is there..... he does great work and i wouldnt change my decision on picking him as my surgeon i just wish he would have spend more time on me and actually made me feel like one of his patients and not just a NEXT time of thing.... his quality is amazing.. as you can see in my pictures he did wonders for my body and yes there will always be imperfections during surgery and no outcome is perfect nor is anyone perfect but in my case my before picture i had no body at all.. now i actually have some curves... all i can say is girls just be realistic going into this and be prepared to be in a lot of pain.. i took me this long to actually feel normal again but it def was worth my money however i would never in a million years go throught this surgery again for a round two unless if something went wrong.. once is def enough for me... good luck girls and ill keep you all posted.. if you have any questions just ask and i will answer them best i can :)

Girls i just wanted to take time out and say thank...

Girls i just wanted to take time out and say thank you all for the support this site and you girls have given me... at first i felt alone and like i had no one to rely on and talk to about this whole experience since i was doing this all alone from the get go... for all you ladies that are going into this alone dont feel let down and dont start to second guess like i have done numerous times, i found this site and it literally changed my life and my outlook on things and i felt comforted that there are girls out there that are going through the same thing as i am... i dont know what i would have done without this site and without the support i get from you girls. When i first began my journey to my new body i felt alone and lost and so many questions.... especially with the staff on dr. salamas team like i have said before they are such sweethearts but not very informative and it was hard and frustrating.... for all the girls waiting for your turn to shine dont hesitate to ask me any questions or come to me for any support or anything you need definitly let me know and i would be more than happy to help!.. So i just want to thank all of you as well as realself and of course the infamous dr. salama for changing my life!!

Hey girlies today is my birthday!! today is the...

Hey girlies today is my birthday!! today is the test haha im going to newyork and finally wearing tight clothes (ill take some pics) lets see how many heads turn :D ill let you girls know how it goes lol!!

Hey girls soooo i def turned heads lol it felt...

hey girls soooo i def turned heads lol it felt great to know that my new body is paying off however along with the good comes the bad :(..... so far its nothing serious i just emailed nancy about my concern... yesterday i noticed two little bumps in the middle of my butt on each cheek, i took pictures and circled the bumps that im talking about( posted pics).. idk if you can see it clearly in the picture because they arent HUGE bumps they are very suddle and when i run my fingers over the areas i can feel a slight bump but barely. im not sure if this is part of the healing process because like all of you i am new to all of this!! and im not too worried about it because i did buy the insurance which was 160 and covers anything that happens up to 30 days after the surgery so ladies please please please shell out that extra money and get the insurance its crucial because during any surgery anything can happen.... if you were to just look at my butt you wouldnt be able to tell that there are slight bumps on my butt but lets just say i am a perfectionist and i literally sit there studying my ass lol! if anything should go wrong i rather catch it sooner than later so thats why the first month of healing you need to look out for anything and everything that may not seem normal.. its better to worry now then not to worry and then it because i bigger problem in the end!!.. i just wanted to inform you girls that going into surgery you have to prepare yourself for the risks the come along with it its not always 100% healing and there may be obsticles you need to deal with on your way to recovering and so now i just hit my first obsticle so im just waiting to hear back from nancy and dr salama to see what they say and def will keep you all posted !!

So dr salama contacted me back and told me to just...

so dr salama contacted me back and told me to just gently massage those areas and just wait it out and should go down when my buttocks gets softer cuz its as hard as a rock still sooo i guess this is where the part time comes in handy as well as patience!!

Hey girls!! so i been rubbin those two spots with...

hey girls!! so i been rubbin those two spots with lotion twice a day and they are almost gone!! so i guess it was just fat built up in those areas that just needed to be massages... hopefully they dont come back but like always ill keep you all updated :)

So0o0o my bumps are practically gone!! cant even...

So0o0o my bumps are practically gone!! cant even notice them!, i went for my first massage back home today and i went to this lady that had a family owned massage salon and she was nice just not what i was looking for... she was to to to gentle i barely felt a thing and she started to gently touch my booty which is a no no !! so im going to go to massage envy even tho they are a bit pricey i rather get a good hard massage rather than barely feeling a thing lol!! anywho just took a couple more pics!! i love taking pics and i know you girls love new pics so be prepared for more hehe.. ill update very soon girls :)

Sooo finding somone to do a good lymphatic...

sooo finding somone to do a good lymphatic drainage massage has been a disaster.. i went to this one lady and she barely touched me. it was a waste of money i think she was scared to push down... so than i made an appontment with massage envy and they ended up cancelling with me the same day cuz the massage therapist since they only had one lymphatic drainage massage therapist in that salon had a family emergency so i decided not to go to that one cuz i need a reliable salon so i made an appointment at another massage envy, i went there and they DENIED me!! said that they dont do lymphatic drainiage on patients that just got surgery wtf!! i havent had a decent professional massage since i got back so im really freakin pissed right now, i just made an appointment with this guy massage therapist and im going to tell him to put some strength in it lol cuz im running out of options here!! its freakin hard to find a decent lympathic drainage massagist blah!!! on a good note my bumps are basically gone :)... ill keep update ill put more pics up soon!

Hey girls so i found a guy that did the lymphatic...

hey girls so i found a guy that did the lymphatic drainaige better then that other woman so im sticking with him BUT one of the other girls on here " newfabme" i think it was lol told me that she was having the same problems and dr. s wants us to get DEEP TISSUE if you cannot find a lymphatic drainaige massagist who does it with force and pressure than ask for deep tissue so i paid my massages in full im going to tell the guy to switch to deep tissue massage instead!! if you go for your massage and they do it really light thats not what you want at all!! just letting you all know :) i will have pics up soon butt butt finally dropped it looks more normal and natural i love it my phone isnt working so when it starts working again i will def post more pics :)

Hey guys so real quick update.. definitly get deep...

hey guys so real quick update.. definitly get deep tissue massages they feel so much better omg they do the trick! and im posting pics of 1 month post op.. ass is getting softer yay!! :)

So its been a while since i been on here and i...

So its been a while since i been on here and i apologize but i have been super busy with work and holiday times. you know how it is.... so im basically all healed and the way it looks now is how its going to look.. overall i am happy with my results. i look terrible before and now i actually have a nice figure, only complications i am going through is that i have a few fat bumps in my butt cheeks.. its not noticeable unless you actually touch my ass by massaging it so im not to worried about it.. i called the office they told me it takes time for all the fat to break up so to give it six months and if not it can be removed if i wanted which i wouldnt cuz i like the shape of my ass now so i dont want to mess with it lol.. bumps arent that big in my butt cheeks its like a size of a bigger sized pea so im not too worried about it and the other thing is that my belly has a little loose skin when i bend over but thats because i was huge before surgery compared to where i am now so only way to get rid of that is tummy tuck which i refuse to do cuz i dont want that ugly scar i rather deal with a little loose skin that you can hardly even see haha... but besides those two things i am happy i did it. i posted up some recent pics so you guys can see what the final outcome is.... AND this friday.. 12/28/2012 im getting my boobs done so im super excited.. im going to be a whole new me.... im going to be posting in the breast implant section on realself for the support from those girls but ill just post the pics up here so you all can see the whole new me!! so yeah im pretty excited to see my overall outcome so far im living with the body i never had!!

Hey girls just posting pics of boobs that i just...

hey girls just posting pics of boobs that i just got done.. 475 cc silicone mentor pro plus under the muscle. day 1!! love them so far they are looking natural and they arent even high for first day so happy lol

Post op day 1 of boob surgey just postin pics!!

post op day 1 of boob surgey just postin pics!!

Fyi or all you girls that care my page for my...

fyi or all you girls that care my page for my boobs is.. http://www.realself.com/review/cedar-grove-nj-breast-implants-pre-op-pics-surgery-in-week

Im taking down my pics for now. ill repost my full...

im taking down my pics for now. ill repost my full transformation after my breast revision of swapping for bigger implants and show how my butt held up after six months
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Dr Salama is an amazing surgeon.. he transformed my body into something i would never have imagined and his prices are reasonable even though now they are going up he is still worth every penny... only negative comment i have on dr. salama is that he is biting off more than he can chew.. he is amazing at what he does but i just wish he would treat his paying customers with more attention and one on one communication. i think that would make his business boom even more cuz yes even though he is already booked until end of 2013 if he just put more effort into focusing on a patient at a time and cut back on how many bbls he does a month i think it would make a more positive outcome on his part cuz people would actually WANT to wait knowing they will have the most comfortable experience possible. otherwise he is amazing in every other way

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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hey im doing wonderful!! omg thats so exciting are you still going with dr salama?
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Hi I'm going to DR to get TT w/ lipo n I need your docs info who does the messages. I live in jersey. Thx
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hey hun i used The Touch of Class.....58 Brunswick Woods Dr East Brunswick, NJ 08816 (732) 698-9999... or you can go somewhere closer that does deep tissue massages because thats what you want not lymphatic
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Hey girl, you look amazing!!!! Congrats!!! If you dont mind me asking how much a month do you pay for the credit care and who did your boobs?
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thank you hun!! well i pay 550 a month for care credit because im on the 12 month no interest special... but they are only asking for 170 a month with interest... and i got my boobs done in jersey by anthony berlet... you can go to my reviews and it will show you my page i posted many more pics there!!
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You look great.
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thank you sweety
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you are so brave! I couldn't see myself doing this one :( no wayyys! props girl!
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thank you hun... to be honest was it worth it? im not sure i would do the butt lift anyday before getting boobs and let me tell you butt lift is ten times more painful but the boobs are much more emotional im only 1 week and to me i dont really see a difference from before and after but that might be cuz i look at them constantly lol but whats done is done.. my recocery is going smooth so im thankful for that!
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@Uhfectionate89.... Just wanna tell u....u look amazing.....thanx for sharing ur journey...best wishes
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thank you hun!
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They look great natural, perky and sweet. You look magnificent all around good luck to you
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thank you sweety!
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looking good.. who did your boobs? was it in miami? I want mine done :)
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nope i reside in new jersey... anthony berlet in cedar grove new jersey did my boobs.. i posted more pics at my other page http://www.realself.com/review/cedar-grove-nj-breast-implants-pre-op-pics-surgery-in-week...... he was excellent no brusing at all and literally held my hand when i was getting anesthisa such a sweet heart
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hi... i want my boobs to be done to here in miami... what size u have now?
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sorry hun i missed your comment.. the size i got were 475 cc silicone under the muscle incision under breast
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wow they look great
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thank you hun cant wait till they drop! lol
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You look amazing!!! Thanks for the massage info caise its hard to find one where i live too! My date is in May! Im tryna get things lined up for when i get home!
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well good luck girl your going to look amazing.. and yes make sure when you get home you do deep tissue.. they will tell you lymphatic drainage but you actually have to get deep tissue to help you heal !
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What's the massaging afterwards every one is talking about that is painful
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hey hun i got 900 ccs per cheek and the massaging is incluced in the package but only two.. they hurt cuz they are doing lympathic draining which is pusshing on the places you got lipoed.. when you go home and get massages get at least 10 but get deep tissue massages ... i only paid 6800 because i got it done in september prices were lower than an are going up everyday so books your date!! good luck hun
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