I got the butt lift in hopes of a more fuller and shapely butt. - No Results - Orlando, FL

I got the butt lift in hopes of a more fuller and...

I got the butt lift in hopes of a more fuller and shapely butt. However, what I got was absolutely nothing. The doctor and staff were great in terms of service and the healing time wasn't so bad. I was immediately upset after the procedure because I could not see any results.

The doctor advised me to wait until the swelling was gone and I should see changes. After months, still no change but the doctor reassured me there was. Well I then compared the before and after pictures and sure enough no change.

So after spending my money, not being able to sit for a month and subsequently getting stretch marks in the areas that were lipo, I can honestly say that I regret having this procedure. I am more disappointed now then before I had the procedure and the doctor did not offer any resolution except to have the procedure done again. Really?

Could you please some pictures of the results with him?
smh about that. can I ask who did your massages?
Okay.. I am not here to give a bad wrap to any dr. I only want women who are spending alot of money, which could be spent elsewhere to get there moneys' worth. Notg be a number in a factory, and when it goes bad get a reply of: "Sorry you need to do it again". The procedure was paid for and as normal response should be re-done at no expense to the Doctor because HE WAS ALREADY PAID. I am very upset with this. And I will say that I had a consult there and knew it was not right. Please consider Dr. Pazmino in Aventura, Fl. He is so humble, no arrogance whatsoever, and very concerned with results over money. Of course every doctor has to make a living, that is a NO BRAINER, but when it comes at the expense of the patient and their results- we have a problem. Dr. Pazmino will give you an I-Consult. Send him the pictures of you on his website Miami Aesthetics and he will give you a thorough examination via the internet. He will log you in and talk you through the whole consult without you having to travel.
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No and that's based on my personal experience. Others may have had favorable results and may feel differently. I feel the remedy that was offered was not sufficient in this case.

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