Well it is almost here nevously nervous anxious .....

well it is almost here nevously nervous anxious ... it was always something that i wanted to do but only hollywood ppl could affored this. but things have changed now for all those who are dsb we are getting it ready for the new me im just not to sure if im ready for the sleepless nite. my bbl is this month the 25th and i will keep all the ladies posted , anyone that can help mme with good tips im all ears especially on how to sleep. not a stomach sleepler person

Well in two more days i will be getting my bbl...

well in two more days i will be getting my bbl done ... i got my body pillow my boppy pillow,bandage ,guaze ,gatorade ,started my arnica today and just ready for the big day ladies wish me speedy recovery please... will post asap

Well let me start by saying hi to all the ladies...

well let me start by saying hi to all the ladies here and to also say speedy recovery to all..... omg tomorrow by this time i will be home recuperating got a phone call from lisa at 3:15 she said that i should be at the hospital by 9am smh. i'm an early bird i wake up ast 7 every day and coffee is the first thong on my mind knowing that i would be up so early and no coffee is not fair.... am i excited oh yes i am is like im so ready to go to bed (4:19 pm) im getting all my pictures togethere and would post them soon be patient i will post...

This is my post-op yesterday the 25th was my bbl...

this is my post-op yesterday the 25th was my went good was in surgery for 4hrs. recovery for 1.5 hrs had no drains but some openings for the fluid to drain out . pain was not bad yesterday but today as i lay here on side the pain level is a 8 i will be taking my meds soon , it is so hard to stay on my belly my neck hurts my legs are sore and i have a huge ass OMG. i got 800cc on each doctor said he was surprise that he was able to get 2liters, i personally thought that i had plenty of fat to be transfer.will post before n after.i like what i see can't wait to see the best results still to come .....Lana

4 days of my post op and feeling pretty ok , not...

4 days of my post op and feeling pretty ok , not to much pain was able to sleep for 3hrs straight . my arms are still sore. the swelling from arms and face,hands are gone... my legs are very bruise, walking around more, fluids are less is all just the way it is to be just what my doctor said it will i wish some one can help with tips on how to get rid of the bruses is like 45% of my body iam taking arinca montana but they look the same on speddy recovery are welcome ladies that are on there way to get the bbl done lots of health to you and those that are seeking please do as much research as possible broad certifie a must.. oooo let me say this as well if you going to this out of state you must stay for 2 wks because traveling is not a easy task mines was local 30 minute ride and you can't sit or stand or lay it is a diffucult task especially if u get lipo on lots of areas like i had...

7 days since i had the fat trsnsfer and im feeling...

7 days since i had the fat trsnsfer and im feeling good.... not able to run a marathon but feeling pretty good. i have to see my doctor today and on my road to recovery . last night i removed my garmet for the frist time and the only place that is not bruise is my face 90%of my body is bruise . i took measurements today ( sorry but i don't have any prior) this is with the garment on top 39 middle 32.5 bottom 43.5 still drinking plenty of water .ladies it helps with the swelling another girl posted on here that it helps and it is so true.. i posted two pictures these are before ...

Went to my appointment this evening, my doctor...

went to my appointment this evening, my doctor took me right in (wonderful) look at me removed a few sutures said i can massage my stomach ,sides , and i think he said my butt... lots of brusing still. swelling ,pain level is 3-5 yippie i saw my body and i look amazing :) love you dr. gabay ... im pleased as of right now im loving my results just not quiet sure if he remove enough out of my lower back and bra area to me they look kind of fatty still. hum ? well he is so kind and good that if that was the case i know ther won't be a problem with him going back and removing some fat of those areas that i mentioned .. i bought another faja and hopefully will be able to get into it by next week i know this faja will contour my butt and body much much better then the one they provided me with.... ladies by the way still having dificulty sleeping on my tummy my neck hurts and not able to sleep any longer then 3 hrs. but in the end i know it is all worth it did i mention his staff is great i will be posting some pictures soon ok

Day 16 , yes im already seeing my results but also...

day 16 , yes im already seeing my results but also have lots of discomfort, which lead me back to my ps yesterday evening. he said i look great (by the way my left cheek lower has like this uneven look like a small bubble )i went to him cause i was concern of all this discomfort (pain)after 14 days post op i thaught i should be feeling better. anyway he did not doudt that i was in all this discomfort he said due to all these knots and not to mention that i got slammed by a freight truck, so he recommended me massages, which my husband massage me all over at first it was a little pain but then it felt so good. ladies i slept like a baby i got up once ,this morning i woke up feeling sooo much better those massages where the thing that my bootay need . i saw my befor pictures omg by the way wednesday was the first time i ever saw my body on a full lenght mirror and i started sobbing cause i could see my results and when i saw the before pictures inew yhat yes their is a difference, just the bootom of my left cheek that doesnt look right so hopeing that the massages correct this issue i do have pictures just have to post them i peomise you ladies that i will post them in 2-3 wks ok ....

Ah by the way i also wanted to share my new...

ah by the way i also wanted to share my new meassurements top 38 middle 31 bottom 43 , i want to stay the way it is i dont want to lose no more hope i dont i posted a few after pictures wait till you ladies see these lol.

Oppps bad typing i meant before pictures

oppps bad typing i meant before pictures

Hi it has been 24 days since my bbl, im feeling...

hi it has been 24 days since my bbl, im feeling real good there are some sore parts but ready to party lol yesterday was the best day eva and so far today has been good . waking up to swelling like my hands a little in my face my legs but all to be expected.ive been experiencing some depression since the surgery and not quiet sure why hope it goes away.i got into my car yesterday with an oblong pillow for under my thighs and one for my lower back so my bootay wont touch the seat, drove 2 miles felt good to be out on the road. my measurements are quiet the same .... top im 38 waist is 29.5 hips are 42.5 so far so good i got projection which is good but i wanted a roung butt as well and im not seeing the roundness in there again to soon to see results but we all know that feeling we start feeling good and that sends a signal to our head that everything sould look good but is not so .... im being patient lol. my ladies be patient as well cause all the girls that have gotten there dream bodys are beautiful... those that on there way you will look buttiful as well :)

Ive posted some pictures which came from my phone...

ive posted some pictures which came from my phone im gonna get my daughter to get some with my camera i will get back shots and more without all those bruses ty

Feeling much better . I'm now 43 days into post op...

Feeling much better . I'm now 43 days into post op im now sitting and I'm using the bobby pillow or a soft cushion sleeping is getting much better . My butt is settleing. Not as full as I want but I'm going back for round two on June the 6th 2012

I updated this from my iPhone ! Why cant I do it...

I updated this from my iPhone ! Why cant I do it from my computer so like they you can see my update pictures

Well i was able to post some pictures finally i...

well i was able to post some pictures finally i was having some type of technique dificulties here well these pictures are 6wks post up im not to happy i want round and more fullness he did not lipo my back these were areas that were to be done as stated on my preop papersso i guess they will get the fat from there and do the transfer cause he did my arms my sides inner and outter thighs my stomach expect the lower back and bra area....... smh

Well today i went for my post-op of 2 months and 9...

well today i went for my post-op of 2 months and 9 days (something like that ) this is also my pre-op post as well .... he said that i look good ask me what i wanted to improve and what i didnt like and i told him that i still see that i have large flanks and i want more out of my inner thighs and some of my bra area he said that he will try to remove what he can so im set up for june 4th he wont be here the 6th so i will go a few days early .... this time i got evreything down as far as weight and measurement..... im 5ft 5.5in. @ 157lbs my measurements are 38/ 31.5/41.5 my goal is to be @ 38-30-43-or-44 would like to be at 150-or-155 i have not lost any weight from my previous surgery i was at 159 to be 157 is not no weight lost for me im back to feeling like a virgin i don't know how to act or what to do lol my touch up will be towards the bottom how can i described this ummm ok like the letter C yea and of course the letter Y so like that ther be a bit more proyection .... this time im going to get me a funnel or maybe not cause i got up from bed by myself after the thrid time of me having to pee i was doing it on my own maybe thats why i wasn't in so much pain... one thing for sure is that i wont be shock when i see myself swollen ... i asked my ps about recovery time and pain level he said 'recovery is the same as the first time,pain level should be less cause is less lipo hopefully"so ladies here comes round two wheater is a touch up or redo is still nerve racking to me well my pictures are not ready for post cause my daughter has not been around and my husband says he aint going to do it he's fed up with this bottay thing he says i have look at more butts then him lol yea right so im going to do my best for sunday or monday ok..... by the way Happy Easter to all the ladies and doctors ....Lana

The last picture that i posted is what i was...

the last picture that i posted is what i was saying earlier that towards the bottom on my left side theres like this bubble... again i say that this was do to my garment i will take a picture of the garment too well that bubble is still there and i dont think is going to away so now i want him to touch that area up in there again like what im trying to do is get that C SHAPE IN THERE... AND THEN THE Y

Wow im finally sitting on my butt dont get me...

wow im finally sitting on my butt dont get me wrong i was sitting already but not for long periods cause it use to start hurting so i would switch and sit on my side the same as sleeping ...i would sleep on the body pillow like haf on my side n haf on my tummy can u picture what im saying ok.... im like wow it literaly took me 3 months to feel normal in regards to my butt... well i guess it is what it is .and to think that i be doing this again in june ahhhh and with the summer right around the corner has anyone had a round 2 or a touch up is the soreness the same ? im just hoping i dont have alot of brusing i will be getting a touch up on my flanks and lower back please if anyone had a touch up or a round 2 info me about the soreness thanx

Ok ladies here I go again die round two things...

Ok ladies here I go again die round two things have not change much my weight is still 156 my height is the same 5ft 5 1/2 inches tall breast 38 waist 32 hips 42.5 I do see a difference at the bottom if my left side cheek where I was saying there was a bubble is not as noticeable anymore u will put pictures up . My goal nd reason for touch up is to get a rounder butt nd a full hips to have more lipo to my lower nd bra area fat remove I will be going back to my amazing doctor gabay
Am I nervous ? Yes very much I'm already at the point were I'm dreamng with the procedure bd wake up to a long long big ugly donkey butt don't want that bit at my age I'm married with children and I'm 45 so I want to look as natural as possible . I get lots of compliments now girls that know me that know that I use the gym want to join nd want me to be there instructor ,.,., ha ha if they only new that I had transfer fat with lipo .... I tell them yea when I get better cause I can't go yet . I had told them that I fell nd crack my tail bone so they believe me well till next time I will keep all the ladies posted June 4 th is my day back to feeling like a virgin again

Went to my pre- op visit today had some pictures...

Went to my pre- op visit today had some pictures then got weigh blood work Bp my weight is at 160 I gained a few pounds but I did it purposely I took my measurements ns they are
38 / 32 / 42.5
I exPlain to my doctor were I wild like to see the imProvement nd he said not a problem just that there is not much fat so we will see how this is going to turn out
I want him to do the se thing like the first time nd add so to the lateral sides nd some at the bottom I explain it to you ladies like this a C shape and an upside down Vwhich will give a illusion of a shelf .
Now that it is getting closer to my date June 4 th I'm very excited nd nervous it is feeling like I was a vurgin on a first date
Ladies my blessing to all of you who had the procedure already n lots of good Heath nd to those who are about to get this transformation done happy healing nf best of luck
Now with that being said I just need a little bit if that myself
I will stay in touch nd I will post before n after pictures
By the way my doctor explain he will do the same procedure so I can have a little more projection
He will add to my sides ( lateral) like I stated above he will remove fat from my flanks bra area nd my inner upper part of my thighs .....

Ok so i go in first thing in the morning on monday...

ok so i go in first thing in the morning on monday june 4th and im a bit scared .
im not anxious im more like scared idk y . anyway i wont be there no more then three hours my husband will not be staying , he will take me then pick me up nd my daughter will do the rest of the day nd afternoon with me until he gets home ......
i have bought me the following items
1) 3 pillows
2)a jar of pickles
3)the funnel
5)gel ice or hot packs
6)gatorade,water , vitamin water , pedialyte with electroyles not sure if im spelling it right
7) last n not least preparing to have lots n lots of patients nd promosing myself not to get emotional
ps.... i have the vitamins w/ iron, pain meds, nd the laxtivie

Ok tomorrow is my big day I will be going through...

Ok tomorrow is my big day I will be going through this bbl procedure a second time
Just wen everything is all better ,,, but is my chioce because I want more fullness n projection ... I've been very nervous so I took do meds for it and bout to get ready for tomorrow didn't get to get Amy photos but my doctor has foots do I will ask h nd post before n after

@ getabooty, thanx for checking in to see how i...

@ getabooty, thanx for checking in to see how i was comin alone ,,,,
well my surgery was at 8;00 nd i was in recovery at 12;36 well thats wen i opened my eyes nd saw the time , i was in lots of pain in ascale fro 1-10 10 been the worst i was 11 whew they gave me two perks to essy the pain by the time my husband came to pik me up i was like a 8... got here took 1 more perk drank my gatorade put the maxi pads at the opening s they did for the drainage slip on a depend laid down on my tummy slept until 3;30
And i feeling pretty good had me my first miso soup and two pickles my butt is biggg geeeess hopefully it will look natural but with the fullness n roundness that i want again i want to thnx all the ladies in here that wish me well today to nowonever ,getabooty n sharon plzz continue your prayers cause this is a long journey i did take pics nd measurements pics will be posted later on my measurements are as follow
WAIST 34.5
HIPS 46.5



2 wks nd 1 day .....Yesterday was my 2wk. follow...

2 wks nd 1 day .....Yesterday was my 2wk. follow up had my stitches removed ...
doctor gabay said that everthing is good he wants me to massage because i have more then a couple of knots so i guess i will continue going to lorena (more money involved) has lots of skills in the massage and it makes me feel better afterwards so ;;;
Dr.Gabay wants to see me in 6 wks.
my current weight is 157 my meassurements are 38/ 31.5/ 43.5
i have switched garments already im useing the waist cincher and for my bottom im using support as well
sorry i dont have a picture on the site but i can give you the brand and model number
Leonisa model number 012778. I got mines from the area where i live im sure if you go to the web site you can oder it online ......
im very happy with my results the frist day right after surgery i was measuring 45.5 there was a typo problem when i put 46.
i go for a massage today nd part of the session is going to be with suction cups omg i heard that it hurts a little bit well this is all for now

19 days postop of touch up Most ladies that had...

19 days postop of touch up
Most ladies that had already had there BBL had asked if its as painful as the first time
The answer to that is that not everyone have the same mass or pain tolerance so just cause I say
No it did not hurt as it did the first time .....
I went for lymphatic massages this time my procedure was done on June 4 th m my sister took me for my first massage on the 7 th of June which hurt but right afterwards I was feeling good I have had five of those massages already which now includes the suction cups they hurt but afterwards I'm draining like a race horse .... I was also asked if I'm sitting ?
Yes I am ( on a cushion ) I believe I started sitting like my 8 th day my first time having this procedure fine I didn't go nowhere until my 21 day and that was difficult .
I really believe the lymphatic massage made a huge difference on my body I still got 5 more session to go n I will complete them
When I went for my touch up I was a a weight of 161 lbs
My current weight as of today is 155lbs n my measurements are
Hmmm looks like it is increasing a bit
This is without any garment on just bare skin
I'm truly very happy with my results
Just to remind the ladies I'm not a young one so I need to keep it the way it is
Those of you that want it bigger n rounder best of luck to you all

Hi ladies you girls look fabulous st gabay is the...

Hi ladies you girls look fabulous st gabay is the best if you want to see some pics I can do that but thru email or phone no access to a computer


This is the final results from June 4 th of 2012 n I want to Go back to make it more fuller I'm Gud with the projection but at times I just think that it sticks out just to much n it don't match with my thighs if I get it rounder it won't look to perkie

thinking about having fat transfered to my hips

hello girls it has been a year n 1 month and im thinking about getting some fat transferred to my hips



New pics

Well this is my results

1 year

Well this is what one year has look on me I'm very happy with Dr gabay

I'm happy with doctor gabay after almost two yrs yea

It's been almost 2 yrs n I'm happy
Philadelphia Facial Plastic Surgeon

my doctor is so caring and sweet wen he walked into the office i saw a twinkle in his eyes .// which made me feel comfortable with him ... his staff is great ....Dr. Raphael Gabay is awesome so quiet nd understanding I mean he listens to you ...... I shoot the questions all at the same time in the same sentences nf he responses back to me in English not med terms words can't explain it he is just ..... PRICELESS

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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You look great!! I have 60 days left! I'm so nervous! I'll be texting you soon! Thanks for the support girl!!!!!
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I love my results I get all eyes on me all the time men stare n women too some men make comments or they be like whispering look at that . I love me
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Thank you
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Looking good
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Hmmmm that is yummy chick ! I am going aslani in marbella in incredibly long two weeks, your result would be what I want just hope I have enough fat......
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Your butt looks good love the shape. 
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Hey girl! Your results look great! I just recently got my bbl and there's a few questions I want to ask you? How many CC's were injected? We're u able to sit in your butt rite away? Did your fat shift as the days went by? You can inbox as well!
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I love your results! Are you still loving your results now and has the volume gone down any? I'm considering Dr Gabay so I'm trying to do as much research as possible!
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I have kept my volume and I'm still in live with my butt I get lots of head turns n I do exercise ... Thnx n if you have any other question n I can help just let me know
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Thank you! I'm glad that you're still loving your results! I've read a lot of mixed reviews on him so it made me kind of nervous. So is that what he quoted you for? 5,000 just for the BBL? I seriously need everything done; the BBL, TT and BL right after this pregnancy! Lol Ahhhh, I can't wait! =)
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Before you go in for surgery with Dr. Gabay, you might want to do more research. Five of us had surgery with him and one person is satisfied, but she didn't have a bbl and she complains about the lipo to her legs & arms. I'm quite upset that I have to go back for round two. Please do your research, or you will be like the rest of us, depressed and regretful.
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Thanks for the info hun. Yeah, I read a lot of mixed reviews on him so it made me nervous. I'll be going to DR for my surgery cause the docs there def know what they're doing. Why are u unhappy with your results?
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All I can say is that I'm very happy with my results Dr.Gabay did a good job on me and I'm happy with my results I still will recommend him and the most important thing is to follow the post op rules
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When did you start getting massages and where? because I asked the dr and he said I didn't have to but I need the best results
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hey lady I want to ask you how did make sure you kept your volume? I feel great I do drive. Did you use a special pillow? what about the garment? I think the one he gave me is going to restrict my butt from growing LOL
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Hey Ladies Im super excited my day is here its Wednesday!!!!
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So i am following up with all of Dr Gabay's patients b/c my date is getting closer (22 more days)...are you still happy with your results....any advice? Please be as honest as possible!!!
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right. Where is everyone i wanna know how there results are today. did you see social butterfly. I don't want to go through all of this to not have an ass three months after sx. but girl just let me know what you find out
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Hey Ladies, I've been BUSY, BUSY, BUSY, and I apologize, I haven't updated my page. I healed up tremedously fast!! Even the doctor was surprised. My bruising is gone but you also have to remember I'm darker than most of you on here. Most importantly, I have kept most of my volume and I still have a big old nicely proportioned booty. I already had hips so this just was the icying on the cake. Dr. Gabay sugguested I switch my garment a week after my surgery and I went to a lingerie store that specializes in BBL garments and I also kept up with my massages (this helped with the swelling). I started working out because I want to stay toned and keep my shape. Ladies drink plenty of water too. Any questions, I'll be happy to answer.
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I am not sure if you answered this before...but did Dr Gabay provide the initial garment? If not did you purchase it prior to your surgery? I am not sure if i will be in any condition to go shopping right after my surgery i want to make sure I have everything in place and ready to go. Thank you so much for your response!!! And I am glad you are still happy with your results...I think that fact that you are working out has helped as well...I was going to use the massage therapist you recommended...but i moved so I am not close to philly anymore :( ---- not sad about the move tho!!! - getting married next year - so i need my butt to look right!!!
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Dr. Gabay sugguested I switch my garment a week after my surgery and I went to a lingerie store that specializes in BBL garments
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Did he give you your initial garment?
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and i know this is a weird maybe dumb question...but i have to ask ..but real talk....has your life changed any since having the procedure for the better or worse?
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