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Hi, so im not sure of my exact weight but im 27. I...

Hi, so im not sure of my exact weight but im 27. I haven't really paid attention to most reviewers ages but im finding the posts most helpful. Ive always had a funny shape growing up which caused me to be somewhat of a "tomboy". So i never paid attn to my body until i got older. However i was always talked about for having flat chest or small breasts and a flat butt. :( may sound corney but my joke nickname in high school no matter what sport i played was "white girl".... not that anyone was racists but just because i was light skinned black girl with a flat butt unlike the other girls with curves lol. It bothered me a little bit of course boys still dated me. Now im married with 3 kids and i have come to hate my butt more. Im wanting a BBL but it seems so expexpensive. And im not trying to travel too far unless the price is right! Im just wanting BBL hopefully that includes lipo or tt. Still reading reviews trying to see what DR. Is best and worth going to. Hope to have an amazing journey ahead!
I'm paying 4500.00 for tt bbl and lipo of my entire torso and arms. Going to pay an extra 250.00 for my inner thigh gap too! The Dominican doctors, Mexican doctors and vanity clinic doctors have similar prices!
Oh ok. Thanks for theinformation. I haven't narrowed down which doctors im most intetested in. After reading reviews its so hard to choose, especially because you do not want to end up with poor results. Who are you scheduling with?
Congrats and good luck to you

Bbl questions

Hi ladies i was quoted 3400 from Dr. Luis Holguin but i can't find many reviews and if im traveling to the DO i would rather go to a Dr who i can at least get positive reviews and results from. Anyone know of this dr or know somebody that has had him do the bbl? I Am finding a lot of reviews for dr yily though....still researching. Thanks

bbl fat grafting

Im weighing 136 lbs right now. I dnt want a big huge but just enough fat transfer to give me the round look.
Hey Hun I'm going to DR in step to see dr. Duran she does and excellent job. Looking for a partner. But love your story but I'm the complete opposite I always had a shape but as I got order it's just not the same I'm 27 too and I think this the best time to do. On contrary keep in touch

decisions and research

Hey ladies i have been doing so much research and im still trying to make a choice between doctors. Reviews are so helpful which i have gotten from many websites including the doctors. I love dr yily work but being in another country for 2 weeks would be impossible for me with 3 children. My husband would go nuts with trying to work and make arrangements to have some one help watch them while i am gone regardless of the day i choose. Im hoping to save money for the procedure unless i arrange payments with my dr. I haveddecided it's best for me to stay in the US for those reasons. Im leaning toward dr hasan and dr salzhauer because their surgeries show the best result without much scarring which is a plus for my expectations. Waiting for my quotes now so i can narrow things down and weigh my options.
Im paying 3800 for bbl with lipo in miami with dr. Hassan. Not sure about tt? But any dr. In vanity cosmetics or coral gables are extremely gifted drs who have very competitive prices. You can check my review for a break down of my expenses to date.
thank you I have viewed your profile and that helps me make my decision. I have been emailing Sheila and I am going to have my phone call with her tomorrow to discuss my sx. If I like what I hear I will be officially be teamhasan lol
Dr Hasan on April 24th. He has really impressed me.
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