Braziilian Butt LIft Luv My Results

I did my research before I chose to go with the...

I did my research before I chose to go with the brazillian butt lift, Because at first I was going to go with the Hydrogel Injections untill I found out all the risks it has.I'm very happy with my results and the pain was definately not that bad and on top of all that your body gets sculpted seriously.I wore my garment for 6wks like my Doc. said and its like WOW Unbelievable. I say anyone thinking of it go for it. I live in Buffalo and traveled to Miami...Well Worth It


Do u have pics?
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I am doing fine...but maybe take some time off the subject to clear your thoughts about it...i always find that when in doubt, trust your gutt...if you are undecided its not a good idea to make any decision....and I also find that sometimes if you do give it a mental break, you may find it may not be something you really even need to do?....if you want, read through all he discussions on the blogs regarding the topic and collect your information. No matter what, the decision is ultimately yours and you shouldnt feel any doubt or hesitation when getting into something like it should never be taken lightly. Do keep in mind, that during your research the key items you should look for is that your PS is a qualified Board Certified and Experienced PS in the area or expertise you are looking research on any ratemd or reviews and just google him/her and their practice for any feedback...good or bad and then weigh your profile has two after pics....which may not appear that impressive but shows moderate results as I did not have a lot of fat to begin with and only had some 500 cc's each cheek with about a 25-30% post surgery my results are very conservative...I wish i kept my before pictures to post...but this procedure really depends on how much good donor fat you have to spare, how much your PS is able to (legally) to perform in his/her experience the PS is in this procedure and how your own body responds in general to you can see...too many is not a one size fits all...some results are remarkably noticeable...and some may be very moderate like mine...but understand all the other factors that affect the end try not to base your decisions on pictures...but weigh all the components that may affect the final outcome and feel comfortable with your decision either keep us posted.
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Yeah I dong know who to trust. I hadn't seen any work on the md im construing or gotten any feedback about later results. I dont see ur pics before or after on ur profile, and I haven't seen alot of reviews about him. How, are u doing thus far?
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