Dr. Jonathan Fisher BBL Experience. Why leave the states?

Just like all of you ladies, I've be stocking this...

Just like all of you ladies, I've be stocking this website for over a year. I've gotten a quote from Yily through her automatic consultation. Below are her general fees and description.
Lipo $3,300
Breast Lift $1,100
Liposuction of arms $300
Liposuction of thighs $300
Total $5,000

Thank you for contacting Dr. Yily De Los Santos office.
We appreciate your interest and prepared a quotation based in the information you provided to us.
We encourage you to read carfully the whole message witch contains important information about the requested procedures and important things you have to know before and after the surgery. This quote is valid for six months.
Relevant information that you have to know:
Also included in the quote total are the following:

• One compression garment (distributed by SILIMED)
• Pre-operative blood work (TTP, HIV, Hbs, HCV, BASAL GLYCEMIA,GLYCEMIA, UREA, SERUM CREATININE, FULL BLOOD COUNT, VDRL, BLOOD TYPE Y RH) EKG test performed by our resident cardiologist
• Anesthesiologist Fee (Epidural Block)
• Clinic and Surgery Fees (room, operating room, nurses, IVs, 3 meals, surgical assistants, etc).

Optional Costs:
• Lymphatic massages $31 each session (10 sessions suggested)
• Additional garment $140
• Compression sleeves for your arms $60
• Compression Socks $20
• Blood Transfusion $250
• Medical Insurance. It covers any complication that may present within the first 30 days after surgery $150


The following medications will be prescribed to you after surgery. The costs of these medications are not included in your quote total. You may purchase these medications at any local pharmacy here for approximately $270 or in your country. Please note some medications and/or doses may not be available in your country without a prescription.

• HEPARIN 40 MG: Subcutaneous injection 1 per day for 8 days.

This medication is prescribed to prevent blood clots.

• CIPROFLOXACINA 1GR: Take 1 every 24 hours for 10 days.

This medication is an antibiotic prescribed to prevent infections.

• CLAVULIN (CLAVULANIC ACID AND AMOXICILINE) 1GR: Take 1 every 24 hours for 10 days. This medication is an antibiotic prescribed to prevent infections
• KLOSSARA 40MG: Take 1 tablet every 8 hours for 5 days.
• RONEX: Take 1 tablet every 12 hours for 10 days.
• FINITACID (ESOMEPRAZOL) 40 MG: Take 1 every 12 hours for 10 days.

This medication is prescribed to combat heartburn and acid reflux

• FERROUS SULFATE: Take 1 tablet every 12 hours for 30 days.

This medication is commonly known as IRON. It is prescribed to combat iron deficiency.

• THROMBOCID OR ARNICA CREAM: Apply on the operated area 2 times a day for 10 days. This cream is prescribed to combat bruising and swelling.
• VITAMIN C 500 MG: Take 1 tablet every 12 hours for a month.
• FOLIC ACID 10 MG: Take 2 tablets per day for 15 days.

Before Surgery:

1. Your Hemoglobin Level must be no less than 12.9. Start taking vitamins, B complex, ferrous sulfate (Iron), folic acid & vitamin C approx. 3 weeks prior to your scheduled surgery date. No prospective patient will be operated on if their hemoglobin level is not at least 12.9
2. Your Body Mass Index (BMI) needs to be below 35. So the anesthesiologist can work with you.
3. Pre-operative test will be completed at our clinic either the day before your surgery or the morning of your surgery. We will not under any circumstances accept pre-operative test results conducted outside of our clinic.
4. It is recommended you visit a cardiologist prior to your scheduled surgery date. You want to ensure you take every measure to ensure you are in good health before your surgery. The tests you want to have done are an EKG & radiography.
5. It is also recommended you have blood work done prior to scheduled surgery date. Again you want to ensure you are healthy enough to have surgery. The tests you want to have done are Creatinine, Glucose, full blood count & Hematocrit.
6. Stop smoking and/or taking drugs. It is recommended you have a doctor or nurse available in your country to drain your liquids if needed upon your return.
7. I prefer you to arrive the country the day before of your scheduled surgery to do your labs. Please, keep that in mind when you book your flight

What to bring:

1. You will need to provide identification with a photo in order to complete your admission. (Government issued ID, Passport or Driver’s License)
2. You need to bring loose clothes. Example maxi dress, sweats, button down shirt, etc. T-Shirt/tank top to wear under your garment.
3. Box of baby wipes
4. Kotex (menstrual pads). Thick ones. (To be placed under your garment to provide cushion)
5. Socks

Scheduling Your Surgery Date:

Select the date you would like to have surgery. We recommend you plan your date accordingly, allowing yourself to remain in the country for two weeks. If you cannot stay two weeks, you must stay for minimum of 10 days so we can guarantee that you leave out of risk. Please take into account the procedures you want to have. The more procedures you have, the longer you should stay. In order to confirm and guarantee your surgery date, you must secure your date with a deposit of $300 (NON-REFUNDABLE). (WIRE TRANSFER).
A deposit is required as a show of good faith that you are serious about having surgery. In the past we have scheduled patients for surgery who did not show up. We apologize we cannot guarantee a surgery date without a deposit. Verbal confirmation a date is available for surgery does not guarantee you that date. Surgeries are scheduled on first come basis when the deposit is made. Once your deposit is made please send me an email with a photo attached of the deposit slip receipt. The deposit date and amount must be visible. I will respond to your email confirming your date is guaranteed. You must retain the deposit receipt and present it the day of surgery to receive credit for the deposit, if you don’t bring it I won’t be able to deduct it from your quote)

Places to stay at:

There's a Recovery House named ‘’LUXURY RECOVERY’’ that will be open in January, not associated with me but I’m helping them with tips in order for them to provide the patients with the correct attentions.
The prices include:
• 3 meals
• The room with bathroom inside
• Nurses
• Security
• Roundtrip from the airport and back, also to the clinic for post-op appointments.
• Wi-Fi
• International TV.

If you want to stay in a Hotel, I can send you the information of the ones close to the clinic.

Payment Forms:
The balance of your surgery must be paid prior to your surgery. You can pay the morning of your surgery at the clinic. I only accept cash. You may pay in US dollars or Dominican pesos. I don’t accept financing, credit card, care credit, money orders, bank check or personal checks.

About the procedures

The day of surgery
The night before the surgery don't eat or drink anything after 10 pm. You have to be in the clinic at 7 am, you’ll have the test done, the consultation with me and then the surgery. My assistant will be with me to translate and for a better communication.
After surgery
I will give you instructions and recommendations for your recovery. You will stay 1 night in the clinic. You have to wear the garment for 3 months and can’t spend more than 45 minutes a day without it during these months.
We usually use continuous epidural block. Although some patients prefer general anesthesia, it is at the discretion of the anesthesiologist. He is a trusted professional and knows what anesthesia is the best for each patient.

Breast Augmentation
The implants are placed under the muscle. The stitches are absorbable; they do not need to be removed. I do not transfer fat to breast because of the issue of breast cancer.

Tummy tuck
The tummy tuck scar/incision is 4cm from the pubic line. I use stitches that dissolve, so they do not have to be removed. I cannot tell you how many inches your waist will be reduced as that is dependent on your diastasis and the separation of your muscles. This will be determined during surgery. You will have a drain after surgery that will collect excess fluid. This drain will be removed in 7-14 days, depending on your recovery. Please note it is recommended you wait at least 1 year to get pregnant after having this procedure.

BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift)
This procedure entails grafting fat from other areas of your body and injecting it into your buttocks. I cannot determine how much fat I can graft before surgery. The amount of fat injected in the buttocks will depend on how much fat your buttocks can accept and your hip size. The fat will be injected in all directions as long as it does not compress the sciatic nerve. Too much fat injected in the buttocks can cause necrosis or form abscesses. This mainly occurs when the patient does not have proper post-op care. After having a BBL you CAN sit on your butt and sleep on your back.

Important notice about BBLs: Most of the butts in the “wish pics” that some of my patients send me are made of PMMA. I do not use PMMA. I solely do fat grafting and inject the fat in the buttock. I will always try to give my patients their desired results, but we have to be aware that there are limits when injecting fat.

My preferred method of contact for questions is via email. We have implemented new measures in responding to emails that has reduced the delay in response time. 

Additional Info:

• The name of the airport is Aeropuerto de las Americas located on Av. Las Americas.
Airport Code: SDQ
Transportation to the clinic
• If you stay at a Recovery House, they will pick you up from the airport and take you to the clinic.
• If you want a driver from the clinic to pick you from the airport is 70$USD (the round-trip transportation).

July 1st, 2014: New Body as Dr Fisher Doll

Here I am at Vanity bright & early at 6am. I feel like I wanna do a reverse & bolt out to what I know... My stomach is grawling & my head spinning ... Wuuuusaaaas

Fisher did his thang!!! :)

What did I spend? And more

Surgery was $4500 which I was able to lock in with the special they had. Beside the 12 area of lipo it has, it includes the compression socks, post check. Massage you can get 5 for $150.00 from Marian who works there. vanity tries to sell you 10 massages for $500 + Below are the pics

3rd Days

Three days post with faja & foam

The booty

Drain finally out! Still swollen lower back & Lower sides of front

Waist is 27.5". Was 31/32. Didn't measure butt yet. I'm swollen still cause using same faja from surgery

8 days post

After 4th massage

After 4th massage

8 days later, still swollen lower back & lower sides of belly


I feel like my inner being I'd pulling my skin so that it sticks. I feel hot one minute then cold & even without the faja it feels tight because I'm still swollen around the hip & where the leg connects at front on each side of my toto

3 weeks out

Pic with waist trainer. Still have swelling on my lower back

28 days post

Brief faja off

Left butt feels good, right but not much

Going to see Dr Fisher on Tuesday for one month check up. All is well & this booty ain't going anywhere so I've started sitting. Right chic feels funny, like a pinch nerve so will address Doc.
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Dr Fisher is full of smiles & truly a great person. His staff are great but they lack organization big time. I don't think they understand the need to be on time on follow ups while a patient is still under anesthesia & incredible pain & having to STAND and wait for 2+ hours past when you are told to come in just for a check up. This needs major training of proper time management & understanding of the importance of an after care process as a surgery date process to insure the best result to a patient & more positive outlook on the clinic. The patients will come, it wouldn't send you guys to a clinic shutdown to have ample time gaps to see patients on time than have them suffer STANDING in the office. Beside that, the clinic staff is MOSTLY nice. Few tend to snap

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
3 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
1 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Looking charged up..lol
  • Reply
happy healing!
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So did he add hips or just lipoed and did the fat transfer to ur butt ur body is my wish ..hourglass: )
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I recently had a consult with Fisher, who is very nice and was very good at informing one of reality of what to expect afterwards and what can be accomplished. Down to earth guy, very personable. The reason I am not going with him is mostly his office. The communication between myself and the coordinator (although she was very nice) I felt was lacking in person, I english first language her Spanish first language, there seemed to be times face-2-face where she didn't quite grasp what I said so I can't imagine over the phone.... the office seemed very disorganized and waiting forEVER seems like a regularity at every office I visited EXCEPT for Dr. Mendieta. His was the most professional office and staff. Top shelf. I can't feel secure with a surgery if I feel I cannot communicate effectively with the staff. Most of the time that is who you'll be speaking with. A shame but I decided he's out because of that issue. Communication was rocky.
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But your result is awesome!!
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I don't blame you a bit, my dear. You've a very valid reason I agree with. Mendieta is the bomb so you're in good hands. Just let him know what you want & if its big booty, state your size with pic & a no less than xx CC you like. Good luck :)
  • Reply
Thank you :)
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That's unfortunate. I had a different experience with Vanity. I actually do feel very confident with Vanity and my coordinator Lia is fluent in English. Maybe bcuz I'm from NY and I interact with ppl from different cultures who speak Spanish, french, italian, etc as their 1st language so the fact that the coordinator's language was a barrier for you is unfortunate. However, Please update us on ur journey with mendietta. I've seen his work and its amazing
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@bonamico don't go w/the hype. I'm all about customer service b/c my tolerance for BS is extremely low. I'm will tear up place...lol I'm all about comfort, great customer service and communication. Gd luck w/ur choice
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I have been considering for about six months..just started actively looking I got a quote as well from Dr. Yily but after reading about the woman who caught the flesh eating bacteria, that's out!! But if u don't mind I noticed u did not get a TT . I don't want to either...I'm just wondering how the skin is tightening around your stomach area? Any advice? I really don't want a TT. You look awesome by the way
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Looking good!
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cant not wait to be a fisher doll:) you look amazing happy healing
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Thank you :)
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Hi. You look great! I too am going to be a fisher doll! Yippee! Did u stay at the recovery house or hotel? If so, who was ur caretaker/nurse? I'm trying to figure out where I will b staying but my main prob is finding a nurse or caretaker
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I'm from here so I stayed with a friend. Ill post information on her who may be able to do it. She's mainly Spanish speaking but her daughter is fluent. She also does lymph massages & truly an angel. Thank you :). Good luck
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Well hello...I like Dr.Fisher work aswell! You look great those hips girl what is your measurements now? What where they before that ass is fab!
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I'm now 36 boobs, 26 waist 44 butt. I was 37, 31, 40. Thanks :)
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Did you show Fisher a wish pic? What did you ask for? Nice shape! How do you feel?
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I wrote down in details of what I wanted. I had butt but it was long & wide. I asked him to shorten it & round it up. Told him I wanted small waist. Already had hips but he added some to balance the gap I had before which looked like double hip. I'm feeling very good but I have a slight pain on my right butt which may be sciatic nerve irritation. Very uncomfortable. I'm going to see him tomorrow to get checked. Thanks :)
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Booty looks great
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I have a consult with Dr.Fisher tomorrow and the sciatic nerve is on my list of things to be discussed. My mom has Sciatica and that is not to be taken lightly so I am very concerned about that.
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Lol, okay thanks
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