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Hey ladies! I've been lurkin on this site for a...

Hey ladies!

I've been lurkin on this site for a while now and have been looking into getting a BBL for a good few years but I'm now in the right place financially to do it! The main issue is I'm soooo lost on which Doctor to choose! I'm based in the UK so I would love to go to a Doctor here but after endless hours of searching the internet I haven't come across anyone who sticks out as specialising in this procedure.. Grrrr!!

-Have any of you ladies from this side of the Atlantic had any lucky finding UK/European based surgeons who do a 'American Style ass'? lol

-Also, anyone who has travelled to DR, USA etc how long did you stay over there after your surgery and when you came back to the UK did you experience any complications with receiving after-care?

I would love any advice you lovely ladies could give - I'd appreciate hearing ANY experiences!

I will take advantage of reading and asking questions on reviews posted and I really wanted to thank all of you ladies who have had this procedure & kept us informed on your journeys - You all look amazing! x

Oh, BTW - I love the 'upside down heart' shape booty's lol
Hi MissValentina, you are touching point here which has driven me insane.....there is no chance to have a decent BBL in the UK. I think they are simply not interested. For me there is no other possibility than going abroad. For me I have reduced it down to two options: Dr.Jimerson in the U.S. he has somewhat unbelievable results in his gallery. It is definitely somewhat costly, but when I go abroad I want some safety and I don't feel risking my life somewhere in the Dominican Republic (no offence, but there is no lack of such stories). Or Dr.Aslani in Spain, he also has very impressive results and very progressive fat grafting technology. If I go abroad, I don't mind so much whether it is Spain or U.S. for me abroad is abroad, so I will await quotes from both and then, most importantly, see what they have to say for my case. Let us know what you do xxx
Good luck with Dr Aslani and continue to do your research. I had mine with dr Jimerson on august 26 and I still find something new to think about daily regarding this procedure. Please please make sure you start taking iron if you are anemic. This procedure can drop your hemoglobin. Also be well hydrated. I am pleased with my results. Hope you get what you need too.
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