A Journey in Progress Sept 2012 a New me !!!

A gift and a curse,,lol,,Well im a 32 y.o latin...

A gift and a curse,,lol,,Well im a 32 y.o latin female with a diagnosis of 'NOASSASTALLTISIS' lmao ...Im 5'7 200 lbs and truly just wanna regain my sexy back... it seems after having my kids my body has morphed into someone i don't know,, I look in the mirror and don't see me anymore,, i see my face but thats all , So i have researched for on and off5 years and happen to trip up n this site late one nit,,I was in awe of how many women are in similar circumstances also was amazed at the results of some of Dr.C post surgical patients ,, from that point i went hard on my research and decided its time to do something just for me to better me!! I FINALLY made my deposit for a Ftt/lipo/bbl , scheduled Oct.15.2012,, True i figure it took 9 months to change my body from each baby.Now its mommy's 9 months to get prepared and get back mommy but intensified "POW"....Im so excited and scared in the same token,, thank god i have some support with all the real self and mmh ladies and my family....I will be traveling with my Frisister...lol ..(friend/sister/Bestie). So this will be exciting just cant wait to see the results as I know Dr.Campos is the "Hourglass Man "..... Any suggestions or advice is welcomed...;) As my journey begins......TTY DOLLS LATER !! Pre pic's to come( Yuck.com) lmao

Well i guess my first steps on this long journey...

Well i guess my first steps on this long journey will be losing 40 - 50 lbs in 9 months.....OMG!!! this will be a slow but well worth it process.Any suggestions on weight loss are welcome. MOTIVATION
Hcg diet works well I did the spray. I went to the bouari clinic here in las vegas but you cab go to their online site or other locations. Bouariclinic.com at first its hard then u get used to it.
The hcg does work. I've done it before. Thinking of the same for 60 days.

Ok Ladies , So there hs been a Change in Plans for...

Ok Ladies , So there hs been a Change in Plans for this beauty in search of a Bootay!! lol ,, I will be having ETT/LIPO/FG to Hips and Buttocks with Dr. C.Cardena on Sept 12....Beautycare will be my Temp home for 8 nights . All deposits are made and flight paid for , Im et to leave Sept 12 @ 7 am off to SanDeigo ..Wow I cant believe time is flyin so quickly ....orginally was traveling with my BFF but her stnking supervisor denied her vacation approval ... So as the song goes " I'M RIDING SOLO. lol

Nothing BOOTY BOOTY BOOTYon my mind .....lmao

Still on this weight loss mission ,, I will keep you posted as will begin my first round of HCG in April .. Smooches dolls till later ...
hey girlie sept will be here before you know it and dont worry about going solo Im going by myself as well. I have met some wonderful ladies in this process so now I will be down there with good friends you will meet ppl too if you haven't already
Good luck! I'm riding solo my self...i want it tho so I'm good!

Well asthe days are flying by , my emotions are a...

Well asthe days are flying by , my emotions are a wreck,, Flight is all paid for , tickets locked in my desk , BCRH is almost paid off for my 8 nigt stay and Cardena's is almost completed . Wow i women with determination is truly a force to be wreckon with ,,,,lol,,,Hubby doesnt believe me that im really leaving as all transations i have done thru paypal and h hasnt seen the actuall flight tickets ..lol...but i m definitley focused and on my grind with this . My family is soso on the support side and its bittr /sweet wth me , cause at the end of thedy i hve to be happy with and for myself ....Well thanks ladies for leting me vent ..lol
I hope everything went well with you. Keep us posted, and speedy recovery.
Hey, I'm trying to lose 30-40lbs too so I feel u on that process & was wondering how is it going for u. & did u continue with the HCG? Also my husband is so so too. I think if I don't hurry up & go he'll try to make it to where i have to spend that $ on something he sees as more important. & I have made up my mind that I won't be telling many ppl that this Sx is going to be in TJ bc I don't want to hear nobody's opinion. Ur right. It's about our happiness
@ cris Oh my that like tomorrow...wooohhooooo so excited for you ma!!! oooowwww sexiness.com on her way .....please keep me posted and yes i will follow u also :)

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