Fisher did his THANG!!!! It's Nice & Right!!!!

Looking for a PS has become very streesful. My...

Looking for a PS has become very streesful. My husband is totally against me going out of the US, so that's a no go for me. I have received quotes from Hughes, Bruno, Cortes, Vanity (Fisher), Perry, and Salzhauer. The quote I received from Vanity is very good, but their reviews on RS are horrible. I am also considering getting a TT at the same time. Has anyone had both procedures at the same time?


Help Ladies!!!! Fisher or Hasan?????????

Making my deposit today, but I'm so confused...not sure if I wanna go with Fisher or Hasan. I'm soooo excited...July 16th hurry up

Another Fisher Doll Coming Soon

July 17th!!!!


Hey Ladies! I started ordering my supplies today... Can I get some suggestions on garments? How many do I need and what kind? I'm also thinking about changing my surgery date because July 17th is just sooooo far away ;-)

Just Need to Vent...Vanity is a mess...Why is it so hard to get in contact with your coordinator after you pay your deposit?

I was getting phone calls almost every damn day until I paid my deposit....I am seriously thinking about changing my ps

Recommendations Needed...Traveling to Miami all alone & Don't Wanna Use Vanity's Home Away

Ladies I need some recommendations on where to stay in Miami...Don't wanna use Vanity's Home Away but I'm traveling alone...July 17th surgery date

Test Results are all good!!!!

13.8 Hemo

Do's & Dont's Prior to Surgery

Is there anything I am suppose to do prior to surgery???

Finally received my pre-op instructions

Ready to get this over with!!!

Surgery coming up...but where am I gonna stay

Any recommendations???

I really wanna get this SHIT over with...

I cannot wait until I'm done dealing with Vanity!!!! After my BBL I was gonna come back for a Mommy Makeover but oh hell naw. I've asked Yisel 3 times if I had to come in for lab work and she told me no because my labs from my PCP was good but now at 3pm on 8/5 things have changed... Labs need to be done first thing in the am....I have never dealt with a medical office this unprofessional....honestly I want my damn money back... Traveled too far to be getting the run around...all they care about is the $$$$$

Not one word from Vanity & surgery is suppose to be tomorrow

Seriously!!! When do they call you with details about your procedure? If you had all your labs & EKG performed by your PCP do you have to re-do them at Vanity? I was told by Vanity that I don't have to but I see a lot of RS girls having them done at Vanity as well. I'm so over Vanity...they are stressing me out more than the damn procedure it self.

Here @ Vanity

Good thing I just showed up to Vanity cause evidently I do need to have an in person consult with Fisher...wonder how long I'm gonna be waiting

Attitude Adjustment

After sitting at Vanity for over 4 1/2 hours waiting to be seen I must say I was pissed, but when I finally met Dr. Fisher my attitude went away...he is just like everyone described him to be...very personable & down to earth...he even made my frown turn into a surgery it set for 6 am tomorrow...oh I even added lipo to my arms

On my way

In the car with Marian on my way to Vanity.

Fisher did his THING!!!!

Surgery was at 6am but didn't leave til 6pm. I was being a big baby just couldn't tolerate the pain & dizziness. Well anyway here's a few pictures...I'll take more tomorrow

On my way to get my 2nd massage with Marian

A few pictures of me getting out the shower

Pictures of me before surgery

Garment Help!!!!

Ladies where can I buy another Vedette 929 garment? The one Vanity put me in is way too small...I would prefer not spending $120 at Vanity, so any suggestions would be great.

Pictures from 8/11

Sorry but they're upside down for some reason.

Home Sweet Home!!!

Happy to be home!!!

10 days post op & loving what I see

This has been one hell of a recovery . Sorry ladies not sure why my pictures are coming out sideways.

Pretty PHAT!!!

Finally starting to feel like my old self again, so I've been playing dress up. Oh & ladies...can you please give me some pointers on driving comfortable cause the yoga mat is not working for me.

Starting to waist train

Loving my results...

Loving the bodycon dresses now...

Jonathan Fisher

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Looking great!
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thank you for letting me know that I picked the right surgeon cause that bootie will stop traffic girl you look good and they told me not to lose weight and I been trying to lose 20 pounds anyways and now looking at you shit the 5 I lost I need to gain now really you look amazing happy healing oh did you have a drain?
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Oh if you don't mind how many cc's and did you get hips
  • Reply
Thanks...yes I had a drain
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Not sure...didn't think to ask...yep hips too
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Okay I see Dr.Fisher is a 3
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I guess I see I can't use my emojis on here lol I see Dr.Fisher is a 3 thumbs look hot out now Lol. How much do you weigh now?
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Lol...Thanks...I'm 184 lbs as of today
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You look great!
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Fisher on POINT.... as usual! ;-)
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Wow you look great ,if you don't mind me asking what a t wad your pre op weight
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5' 7" & 190 lbs
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That bootay is looking nice!! You are looking great, imagine as more and more swelling goes away...ooweee :)
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Thanks Hun!
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You look great.. I'm Happy for you. I can wait till its my has your stomach area healed up? Is it a lot of loose skin? Can u post a picture
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But u a boppy pillow!!! Don't jeapordize dat big ole phatty and get flat spots becz u didn't get that proper inflated boppy pillow from target! Wally World! Too much to loose!
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O my you are looking grrrreat ,I have not had my surgery yet ,but was trying to figure things out,get 2 blankets roll them tight and place under your thighs,and fold a pillow in the small of your back ,I tried this driving and it was ok
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Thanks Hun! I'm definitely gonna give that a try.
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Looking great! Four more days til waist training!
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U look great chica!!!!!!
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Thanks Hun!
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You look great!
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