Ok girls i don't know how to start but i have a...

Ok girls i don't know how to start but i have a few hurdles to jump through and NEED some help and advice, Iv been on this site for months admiring all your new beautiful bodies and also your courage going through with the procedures. I'm 23 but a young 23 ( i feel like im a little immature for my age, im kind of a mummys girl lol). I have made up my mind im %150 going through with the bbl but its not going to be easy because of a few issues and hurdle I have. The first is that im from the UK and there are no experienced bbl surgeons I have been able to find to do a suitable job, if im going to have surgery my mum would only feel comfortable if i do it in ether in the UK or America. So i will be traveling to America. so firstly i would love to have some advise on long distance traveling.

*Has anyone had any experience with long distance traveling when doing this procedure?

*Has anyone traveled from the UK to America to do the bbl, I would love to speak to you and get your personal experience and to also ask you wer exactly do i start from lool?

*When i do go for my surgery how long would you guys advice for me to stay in America for. I will need to stay there long enough to have pre-consultation and post-consultations (the quicker the better lol).

* Any advice on BBL recovery and flying (how do you sit on the airplane ect).

*Does any one know about the payment procedure when paying internationally (currency/ xchange rate ect)






YESS LADIES I NEED U!! hi again!!! I would like to get more of your advise on my second hurdle which is that i want to go through the bbl recovery on my own I don't really want anyone to know EXACTLY what procedure i'm going to do. So i would like to know...

*If any girls have experienced going alone it would love to hear from you and know how did you cope with it?

*How did you get back home/hotel after you SX. After reading a few experience i have gathered its quite difficult getting back home. sooo please let me know what solutions you found with dealing with traveling back from the the sx.

*How did you manage with going to your massages, appointments?

*How many times did you have to see your doctors before you was allowed to go back home with the all clear and when was your drains taken out.

* How did you cope with your general care e.g going to the toilet, eating, showering, drains ect?

*How did you cope with taking off your garments and more importantly putting it back on (i hear its extremely difficult to do even with people helping you)?

*How long did it take for you to properly get back on your feet and been able to do most things by yourself especially with no help from anyone else?




So at 1st I had set my mind on cortes because of his ability to give amazing hips "EVERY TIME" but i had preferred salamas bubbly butt, iv seen some amazing results from him butt and hips e.g. bigbootytinywaist and lala85. So i was swayed towards Salama and was gonna to go with him. I started doing intense research on salamas track record, safety record and patients. His safety records are pretty good but his patients are pretty inconsistent (hips wise) some get hips some don't. I also got some help comparing the two doctors on FefifoBum review (go and read her review its REALLY REALLY helpful) shes made a list of pros and cons on the top BBL surgeons to help make the right decision. I have also noticed recently that A LOT of salamas patients are going back for "touch ups" "revisions" and "round 2s". I'm doing this ONCE i cant take the risk and spending all this money not to get hips or having to come back ALL THE WAY FROM THE UK to have a round 2 or a revision, NO NO NO!!! Sooo I'm happily going with !!!DR CORTES!!!

Any of CORTES girls have any tips for me or any advise about the healing process, hotels close by to the clinic, transport and where i can get good massages from in Houston ect?


Booking a date with DR CORTES, IM A LITTLE CONFUSED (once you've booked a date with cortes can the date be moved or postponed fr

I'm in the process of trying to loose 2 stone by December and that's when I would like to have my email consultation and put my deposit down then because my body will look different then and i will then have my actual SX in March-April (CHEAPEST FLIGHTS LOL).

I was just wondering if anyone knows if when you put a deposit down to secure a date with Cortes if the date can be changed for free of charge because iv put money aside and right about now its just enough to cover the SX not hotels, tickets, pre op prep, garments, taxis ect and i don't know if ill have enough for the extras by march so if worse comes to worse I might have to postpone it.

Brazilian Butt Lift BBL FAQ & Myths (Found this on a blog really helpful!!!!)

Brazilian Butt Lift BBL FAQ & Myths

When can you lay or sit down on a BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift)

Research and experience shows no sitting for 3-6 weeks after a BBL or implants (i'm going to wait 6-8 week with the assistance of bobby pillow and yoga mat). When lying down, stay on your stomach or sides (sides if you don't have fat injected into your hips too). If sitting is unavoidable such as when you are traveling in a car, try to use a boppy pillow so there is no pressure on the center. If you are the passenger you may also try kneeling or laying flat. When in doubt speak to your surgeon about this. During post-op visits you can ask him/her at that point.

Can I get a Tummy Tuck and a BBL at the same time?

Research says me YES, and for some people it will be ideal to kill two birds with one stone, however, common sense says having two surgeries one on each side of your body will leave with with choices to make. Number one... when you get a tummy tuck you are unable to lay on your tummy so that leaves you FLATTENING your fresh fat grafts to your butt (so i personally WOULDN'T)... so essentially you'd have to decide which results you're willing to let suffer lay on you back ruin your butt... lay on your stomach ruin your tuck.

Do I NEED to have a tummy tuck in order to get a BBL

No. You never will have to get a tuck JUST to get a butt lift. HOWEVER in order to get the lift you must be lipo'd in areas. Generally you are lipo'd in the stomach area, if you have had kids or have sagging skin a tuck WILL maximize your results...

I have ALREADY had LIPO can I still get a BBL

YES. However you will HAVE to let your surgeon know, so you both can decide where to find the best highest quality fat to use in your BBL. The BEST fat is "virgin fat" which is generally found in women whom hav NOT had liposuction or liposculpture before.

How do you pick a surgeon for BBL or TT or FG

Like with ANYTHING I say do your research! You have to look at before and afters you have to check for certifications and testimonies from REAL patients (Realself is good example lol). Speak with the doctors in depth ask as MANY questions ad you want or need and pay attention the the answers b/c they will be the most revealing in IF the doctor if for you or not...

I want 900+ cc's is that possible?

YES. (I want a much as possible even 1500 in each cheek if its possible) IF your skin is elastic enough IF you have enough fat to donate and IF you maintain all fat after any absorption. So essentially what I'm saying is, the amount of fat you have transferred is up to you in some ways and NOT in others... Some peoples skin wont allow them as much as they'd like and some won't have enough fat.

How to maintain a BBL Fat Grafts for a long period of time...

The A-1 rule for a BBL Princess is STAY up OFF your ass for 3 - 6 weeks longer is also advisable (i'm going to wait 6-8 week with the assistance of bobby pillow and yoga mat), No driving, No sitting, No SEX, No laying on your side NO vigorous massage... A few things a lot of people take for granted is GARMENTS! Wear your Proper Garments and wear them for a substantial period of time (3 months). I know the thirst to be out in the club is REAL but in order to have the BEST results for the LONGEST amount of time FOLLOW post op procedure to the T. Epi Foam Pad is also a VERY important part of recovery and I mean use it in abundance and don't skimp on it.

How long should I wear my Post op BBL Garments before I can Stop

Honestly I feel if you don't have an abundance of skin showing LIVE in you faja for at least a year. Take it off when you need to after the appropriate amount of time.. which I would say is 3 months a LEAST( I'm planning on 3-4 months especially the the stomach cincher mostly) ... anything after that is extra icing on the cake... I have seen some good job EXCEL to AWESOME thanks to a good post op faja... I have seen good cakes go sloppy b/c miss thing wants to play barbie... STAY in the Garment AS LONG AS POSSIBLE... It WILL pay off.. It helps to mold and further shape your body... it also helps to compress and drain fluids...

What are the BEST post op Garments for a Lipo + BBL or TT with a BBL

Well compression is KEY when it comes to lipo. It helps to re-drape the skin drain fluids and suppress pain and swelling. However it is quite the contrary when it comes to having a brazilian butt lift. I recommend a FULL body compression garment with the rear end cut OUT... you DO NOT want a compression garment killing your fat grafts before they have a chance solidify.

How long before I can resume exercise

Generally 6-8 weeks is a sufficient amount of time to wait before returning to regular exercise

Will Exercising ruin my BBL Results

If you wait to required amount of time exercise will only enhance your results.

My Butt STILL looks Flat after my BBL? What can I do?

Well as with any surgery there is that chance that you may not LOVE your immediate
results however you have to stop first and try to be as positive as you can! Is it long enough to judge your results? It could be swelling, fluid retention etc Consult your doctor & wait it out. If you are early in the stages of your post op BBL try to minimize ANY pressure you are putting on your butt! Make sure to be wearing your proper garments with the butt cut out and try not to bend over too much... For those of you well past 3 months I would say begin a eating and exercise routing ESPECIALLY if you started with NOTHING... If booty is not in your family or you have a boyish frame and or are VERY skinny.. you need to work on your muscle.. SQUATS are phenomenal for the gluteus and lunges or stair climbing is also a great exercise to get into.




Sooo i looooooove Dr Cortes hips he gets it right every time and i also loooove the way he sculpt the back to perfection he does that beautifully from my research and personal experience there customer service seems really good I'M REALLY BIG ON CUSTOMER SERVICE I DON'T LIKE FEELING LIKE A INCONVENIENCE!!!! and I loooove the fact that Dr Cortes includes and insist on a overnight stay to ensure a patient safety immediately after the sx which from what i have seen so far NO OTHER SURGEON INCLUDES THAT NECESSITY, that shows me that the surgeon (Dr cortes) really cares for his patients well being. BUT I hate to say this but i'm worried about projection from what i'v seen from some of his patients there booties are big but don't really have projection giving a wide appearance so im kind of in two minds im hoping and praying that his next few patients that are having there sx before December prove my doubts wrong and i see projection cuz i really want Dr Cortes hips!!! I'm also going to take my time and go through every single one of Dr Cortes patients I can find and compare there projection, hopefully i will get more confidence on his projection results! If i can ill make a collage of all Dr Cortes patients (projection) before and afters will post them up

Also does any1 know if Dr Cortes gives really small waist (I really want a tiny waist) I sometimes cant really see the results of his patients stomach without cloths on or from the back.

!!PROJECTION!! Before and after pictures of the projection of Dr Cortes patients ONLY FROM REALSELF

So iv been having doubts about Dr Cortes ability to give projection. So i went through realself past reviews and TRIED to compile MOST of the before and after pictures of the projection I could find. From i gathered a LOT of Dr Cortes patients achieve projection some didn't but he did change most if not all of his patients bodies for the better (iv gotten these pics only from realself members ONLY i copied and pasted the pictures straight to paint to create a collage i haven't saved any of the pics to my personal files apologies to anyone feeling a little funny about the mood board message if you want you pic removed!)


So girls iv been healthy eating and exercising and combining that with green coffee and raspberry ketone supplements i recently started 5:2 diet in combination with my healthy eating. The 5:2 diet is basically eating what you usually eat for 5 days in the week and then for 2 days of the week your fasting but you don't actually starve your self you keep you calorie intake for those 2 days down to 500 calories this is to achieve steady weight loss to find out more here are some good youtube vids for you to have a look at  For me ive adapted it so i can loose weight im doing 3 fast days in a week instead of two days and then for 2 days in the week im going to keep my calorie intake around the 1200-1500 then ill only eat what i want to eat for two days in the week, I AM loosing weight but i want a booster to try this next month so i feel more confident and happier about being at a weight im more comfortable with before putting a deposit down in December. So girls do you have any other tips and tricks for me to try and boost my weight loss for the next month. Ur help will be much appreciated!!!



(JUST A LITTLE UPDATE) Sent in my pics to Dr Cortes Cortes office a few weeks ago I was so horrified at what I saw. It took me three days to pluck up the courage to finally send the pics in for someone else to lay there eyes on that mess. After seeing those pics I know i doing the right thing and iv made the right discussion. So after sending in my photos in I got a email from Lucy asking me to call the office. I ended up calling the office and speaking to Lucy she explained the procedure to me and gave me my quote which was what i was expecting, I was pretty sure I was going to get the standard price of $9.503 which I did. She answered all the questions I had remembered to ask, she didn't tell me if I needed to loose more weight and I forgot to ask as well, nevertheless I'm going to continue with my weight loss plan and loose an additional 20-30 pounds. I'm going to put down my deposit to secure a date in the next few days just waiting for a list of dates available to be emailed to me so I can pick one and secure it. I'm sooooooo excited I have so much faith in Dr Cortes and he has been doing some extra beautiful work recently so that makes me extra excited. I'm going to add some pics of what my body looks like now really soon just need to find the time to retake my body pics with a bit more clothes on, I'm not ready to show myself that naked yet!!!!

*Vets if you have any tips for me they would be more that welcome I need all the help I can get. As I'm going all by myself.


So Lucy sent me the available dates in today and I've chosen the 3rd of April I'm soooo excited but I haven't told my boyfriend anything about it this procedure and my boyfriend is SUPER conservative so if I tell him I'm having a bbl he will outright refuse so I'm going tell him what I told my mum which is I'm having my body sculptured (kinda true lol) and even when I tell him that he is still going to give me a very very VERY hard time with that. So how would you guys advise me to tell him or what would you guys advise me to tell him? I REALLY NEED YOUR HELP GIRLS PLEASE TIPS NEEDED!!!!!!!!!


So i told the bf that I was having my body "SCULPTED" and he expressed how really really didn't want me to do it and he wouldn't know what he would do if something happened to me buttt saying that his reaction wasn't to bad i was expecting MUUUCH MUCHHH worse. He keeps saying the odd comments here and there expressing his concern so that is to be expected. So far so good!! need to start thinking about a lot of other things concerning this sx.

xxxx see ya later girls!!xxx


Hi again girls!! I don't really know how the buddy system works but I would really love a travel buddy from the UK to Houston (I know that's VERY VERY very wishful thinking but a girl can dream) I know its very unlikely buttt.... realistically it would be nice if I could get a buddy that I could meet up with in Houston. Anyone interested in being my buddy please comment or message me please! thanks!!

Accept from meeting up what else do sx buddy do to support each other girlies im kinda confused can someone enlighten me please??



as you can see im in much need of Dr Cortes help. ASAP. I cant believe men still pester me on daily basis when this ^^^^ is what they are seeing WTH. gonna try to loose and additional 20 pounds at most.




Hi girls I'm just writing because while on my journey towards choosing my Dr for my bbl I did a lot of research not only on the type of results/body I would get out of the Dr but MUCH more importantly the Dr's credentials in relation to my health and safety and and my after sx care. When looking into a Dr for a plastic surgery different people are looking different things.... some people want the best results and that comes first, some are really interested in the customer care, costumer service, location ect the list goes on and on. But for me my health and well being comes first and foremost. So when I chose Dr Cortes i did intense research on him and found some things that may be helpful to any future Cortes girls.

Dr Cortes Credentials

Wilberto Gil Cortes


Location ( First city and state listed is the last known location )
Willis, TX (United States)

American Board of Plastic Surgery
Plastic Surgery - General (General indicates Primary Certificate)

ABMS Maintenance of Certification StarMeeting Maintenance of Certification (MOC) Requirements
American Board of Plastic Surgery (Learn more about Meeting Board's MOC Requirements )
Plastic Surgery Yes

I had recently been reading about girls getting burnt and that led me to finding out that doctors aren't always insured and I started worrying about whether Dr Cortes is insured or not and thanks to FaithandHope11 I found out that Dr Cortes is insured woop woop!!( FaithandHope11 is really really helpful with researching dr and finding out any dirt I would advise you to talk to her if your finding it hard with researching any of your various drs or trying to find out if they are insured message FaithandHope11)

Dr Cortes used to be a reconstructive surgeon on hands, he has 8 years of experience on plastic surgery. He has many youtube videos on live surgeries, You can get in contact with him through email He is required to carry malpractice insurance and he DOES have insurance and he is also board certified.

Drs often lie and deny they have lawsuits and actually they do have lawsuits on their record and the law protects them to keep performing surgeries until proven guilty and even after they are proven guilty they can perform in other states, many can get their license revoked but can still practice without it or in other states so their reputation doesnt follow them. With Dr cortes she have not pulled out any lawsuits against him.

I'm not trying to sway anyone's views on ther Dr just trying to help with research tips and help future cortes girls. With all the info I gathered I'm pretty happy with my choice!! :D

upon my research on Dr Cortes i stumbled across a picture of him and his CUUTEE family on the front of a magazine written in Spa

I took out the faces of his children I dont know how people would feel about having images there kids on a site like this so I would rather be safe than sorry! BUT WOT A CUTE FAMILY

upon my research on Dr Cortes i stumbled across a picture of him and his CUUTEE family on the front of a magazine written in Spa

I Need to start making moves with my pre op prep (pre op supplements ect)

Hi girlies I'm little confuse about pre op prep I got the basics from Dr Cortes office but from what I've read on RS there is so much more to prep like pre op supplements ect can any of you RS girlies help me with a list of what to do for pre op prep please (even things not related to only supplements).


To do list only got less than two months left and IM GETTING RELLY NERVOUS!

*Buy plane ticket
*book hotel
*confirm caregiver/Transport
*finish getting all supplies

I'm soooo nervous about doing this my myself, I'm starting to panic!!


I tried telling my mum what I really was getting done about two weeks ago I kept it at a fat transfer (not Brazilian butt lift) and that I needed her to come with me she was so happy that I was letting her come with me she insisted on paying for her own ticket and her other expenses, but truthfully I was sooooo much more relieved and feeling less guilty about not lying to her. Also my mum is my rock and I need her a lot in my life and having her there with me makes me feel like nothing can go wrong. BUTTT her happiness about following me to Houston quickly changed an she became more and more negative about the whole situation and was growing more and more concerned about me being under general anesthetic, as she was getting more and more agitated I realized that she would probably stress me out more than support me because she is so worried about the whole situation, so I told her I'm not having general anesthetic anymore and she doesn't need to come with me anymore. So I'm hiring a caregiver for a few hours, and I'm back to feeling super nervous again. :(



Make sure that ur Dr is aware of all your prescription and non-prescription medications and supplements you are taking

You should continue to take all your prescription medications up to the time of the surgery except for blood thinners and diabetic medication.


Stop taking any blood thinning medications such as Aspirin, Advil, Motrin, or Ibuprofen.
Stop taking Warfarin, Coumadin, Plavix or other medications you have been prescribed as a blood thinner, or medication to prevent blood clots or stroke. If you are unsure about your medication, please make a list of all your medications and supplements and non-prescription drugs and inform your Dr.
Stop smoking. Even a single cigarette a day will have a negative impact on the results of your Brazilian Butt Lift as it will limit the number of fat cells that can survive the surgical procedure.
Herbal medications and diet pills should be stopped.
Ensure that all your blood work and test results have been forwarded to your Dr.
If you have children, make any arrangements you need to, to have them looked after on the day of the surgery and at least three days after.


Make sure you have your prescription/medications sorted.

Prepare loose clothing to wear the following day

Prepare lots of water and some light snacks to have with you for AFTER the surgery.

Recommended is non-dairy, dry foods that do not upset your stomach

You should buy stool softeners or prune juice and start taking them two days before your surgery. After surgery you will be taking pain medications which can cause constipation. To prevent potential constipation, its recommend that you start stool softeners or drink prune juice starting two days before surgery.



Do not take your diabetic medication on the morning of your surgery as you have been fasting
You should have nothing to eat or drink for 8 hours before your Brazilian Butt Lift surgery. You may have sips of water with your medication if required.
shave / remove hair if any hair is present in the surgical field
remove ALL piercings
remove nail polish from at least one finger
DO NOT wear make up
DO NOT put on body lotion or any creams
DO NOT bring any jewelry with you
make sure someone is with you with you to take you from the clinic. You CANNOT be left alone immediately after surgery for 24 hours because you could potential faint and injure yourself.



After your Brazilian Butt Lift surgery, you cannot be left alone for 24 hours. You will need to have a responsible adult with you who is capable of caring for you and supporting you while you walk. You will be prone to gaining and CANNOT be allowed to walk (even just to the bathroom) all alone. IF you cannot have someone with you after surgery you should get a good caregiver if you want a contact for the one im using message me.


Hi girls I've started buying some supplies and I found a few bargains and I thought I should share the links with you guys, all of these items are from china so they will ship to both the UK AND the US free of charge I'm not sure about other countries but have a look you never know!

*PEZ Portable Female Women Urinal for £1 (about $1.61) Including shipping

*Portable Urinal Toilet Bottle £2.11 ($3.35) Including shipping

*Thigh high Compression Socks £1.88 ($3.00) Including shipping



Keep MzPhatBooty in your prayers its her SX today!

QUICK UPDATE Fully booked with Flight, Hotel, Caregiver.

I'm fully booked and nearly completely ready for this surgery.

* Flight booked (I got it for an amazing price considering when I booked it, so I'm all smiles)

* Booked my Hotel for 10 days at Americas Best Value this hotel is really near the hospital I'm going to have my surgery at, so I'm really happy about that ( This Americas Best Value Inn is Suites-Houston FM 1960/ I-45 also got it for a bargain because I used a value card)

* I've also got myself a caregiver as well she seems as if shes going to be really helpful to me, she gonna pick me up from the airport and shes gonna take me to anywhere I need to go and also is taking care of me after the surgery, I feel so much better now I that I have her to help me out.

* I'm working on my supply list I have most and I should have absolutely everything I need in latest in two weeks.

so girls I'm all set with a lot of help from you girls on this site, I really thank God for this site and this assistance from the women on er, you have been a major blessing to me.


Just got a upgraded to premium plus for FREE on united airlines.... I'm super happy about that now my return flight will be slightly more comfortable.

GARMENTS (im a little confused)

Hi dolls I need a little advise girls, Im a bit confused about whether I should buy my spare garments before or after my surgery and what qualities do I look for in a good garment???

Thanks for your help girls!! XXX


I've seen on loads of supply list and quite a few of them include maxi pads I was wondering what for? If your not on your period what do you need them for??



Nikita101512 has recently had her bbl with Dr Cortes go and check out her review and show her some love. Her profile isn't in the bbl newsfeed strangely enough, but I mistakenly stumbled across her profile and I was AMAZED!!!



I have read on a few girls pages that you must take some type of protein shake to aid recovery but anytime I go to purchase some and I read the small print it always say its an aid to weight gain (WHAT THE HELL!!!!) I already gain enough weight easily enough as it is I don't need an aid for it. I just wanted to know if protein shakes are a necessity for recovery, and if they are which ones do I take so I don't put on weight and how long should I take it for after the sx??


Happy I'm getting to speaking to Dr Cortes and getting some of my question answers :D I've only got 11 days left and it really doesn't feel real...I have this feeling at the back of my mind that its not happening I feel kinda detach to to the situation and what I'm actually going to do to my body and what I going to say to my friends, family and boyfriend. I think talking to the man him self (Dr Cortes) will put my mind at ease and kick me back into reality!!


I had my skype consultation with Dr Cortes he such a nice down to earth man I know I must sound like a broken record and I'm trying to sell my Dr but Im being honest, Dr Cortes took out time to speak to me even though he was feeling sick.

Anyway I spoke to him about what type of results I could have with my body type and he said from the pics I sent him I really want a lot of fat in my butt and I really want wide hips (he said to get the hips I want my hip skin is going to need to stretch a lot. My hip skin is kinda tight so I'm hoping and praying he will be able to stretch my skin on my hips as much as possible) he said that if I want similar result to my wish pic that I need to put on a lot more weight !WHAT! lol I already thought I was overly fat enough and I have been on this long hard weight loss journey were I have lost around 2 stone so to be told I need to put it all back on freaked me out a bit especially being left with a fat face.... but Dr Cortes reassured me that he would suck me dry he said he would lipo the whole of my back, my stomach, arms, thighs, and chin in order to slim out my face. So as soon as I got off skype I started stuffing my and I can already see and mostly feel a difference.

I spoke to him about complications such as infections, nerve loss ect ect he reassured me that most complications he has a treatment/solution for. I asked him about death he told me that's very rare with a board certified doctor (with a bbl not butt injections ect ect) and he has never had a patient die on him from doing a bbl. That sealed the deal for me right there I was elated and ecstatic and went from being nervous and apprehensive to exited and giddy. Dr Cortes helped put my mind at ease :D So everything is feeling real now and I'm starting to get really excited and faithful.

Good luck to all the girls going in soon. CONGRATS!!


I've only got a few days left and after speaking to Dr Cortes I'm not worried about the procedure at all I'm actually quite excited about it and seeing my new body. What I am TERRIFIED about is the after math, the pain and going through this by myself its affecting me so much that I keep burning things I'm cooking , forgetting to do things, fighting with my boyfriend I cant keep focused on anything its taken me 1 hour to write this update thus far I cry and sob to myself for the smallest reason I'm just an emotional wreck at the moment. Looking on the bright side I strategically tried to choose my SX date so that it came shortly after I've had my monthly cycle but for some strange reason this month I was really late (I'm never ever late) I started to panic thinking to myself on top of everything I have to deal with I have to add being on my period on my list. I have really bad period pains and I get sick to so its really not a nice experience for me so that would not have been needed with everything else this SX brings. Thank God I started my period this Friday JUST IN THE NICK OF TIME lool I should be finished by my sx woop woop... but usually when im on my period i need STRONG medication to get through it Ibuprofen is my drug of choice BUT I cant take that before my surgery as its a blood thinner so right now I'm in a lot of pain and cant do much but Thank God I gotten most of my supplies and I'm mostly ready I just need to pack and do one or to things.

Please keep me in your prayers cuz I'm freaking out.


I need something delivered to me but its to late for me to get in the UK. I've been reading that people get things delivered to there hotels. I just wanted to know how deliveries to hotels work??

Thank you Jesus I made it to Houston

It's been a emotional week even now as I'm typing I'm shacking and trying to keep the tears back I've got so much going on in my mind right now but God willing I mad it to Houston safely. The flight was terrible I was in and out of sobbing for the whole flight all 11 hours of it. I travel at least 1-2 times a year so I'm a frequent flyer BUT I STILL HATE FLYING and this situation didn't help I was completely miserable. But when I got to Houston my carer picked me up and she made me feel a little bit better. Houston is a beautiful city I really like it. My hotel is clean and the staff are nice. It a shame Because I can't really enjoy my experience because I'm so terrified.

Sorry I'm a bit all over the place!

My drains

My drain isn't drain anymore I think there's something wrong and wer the drain is inserted won't stop bleeding what do I do???

A few pics post op not doing it justic I'll try and get better and more realistic pics when I sort this drains out

Don't mind the blood I'm having probs with my draining thing I think it may be broken. I'll update properly maybe Monday .

Thanks for all your best wishes and ur helpful suggestion with my drainage I still need some more suggestion if you lot have anymore, I'm still really worried about it

Few pic sorry for not updating much it's been an experience and my internet has been messed up

Will give a proper update soon! Also my butt looks soooooooo much bigger in real life. Pictures don't really capture it or do it justice!
Houston Plastic Surgeon

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Can you up date a recent pic please Hun, so far looks amazing
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update please maam
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How do you feel? Do you like your new butt?
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Is everything okay? Are you happy with the job he did with lipo on belly? Please update us on how you're doing
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You look great...can you post updated pics...I'm getting ready to choose my so date in Dec With Doctor C. It would be really helpful to see and know if your still happy with your results
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looks great. how you feeling?
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Hey do you have any updated pictures?
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Hey can we keep in touch... I have a lot of questions to ask you and want to know everything I need to know about surgery with Cortes.
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You look great! I'm hoping to have my revision with Cortes in the fall. Lets stay in touch!
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Thanks hun!
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You look great! I'm thinking of using Cortez. I'm 5'4 and 148 pds...If you don't mind me asking how tall you are and what was your weight going in? I'm loving your results and would like to mimic you :)
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I am almost similar measurements 5ft 5 and 165 lbs and just want to know if I need to put in weight or lose some - sx is 3 July; just worried I might not have enough fat :((
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I'm 5'2 and I was 186. I had gotten down to 180 but slacked as I got closer to surgery. I was concerned about being that big but he said needed that amt of fat to work to give me my desired result
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He will prob want you to gain and it depends on how big of a butt you want.
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Hey, wats up? EVERYTING nice? Yuh good?
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Congratulations doll u look great!
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Hey just checking in on you...hope all is well!
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Hey Hun - loving new new figure :)) I am due to fly out from London in July. My sister is meant to come with me but she might not be able to - so just wondered if you could share your experience of going alone ie hotel, arranging a carer, getting round, flights etc. I'd be very grateful for your help. Happy healing and chat soon xx
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I see you got a cake! Go girl! Lol happy healing, and can't wait to read your update
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Looking Good Honey!! Happy Healing!!!
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Looking great ma!
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U Look fantastic congrats to u I can't wait until it is my turn to transform! I am so glad everything turned out so great for you! Take care and keep posting those pix u look great!
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Looking good doll!
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