I want surgery in December and I've researched...

I want surgery in December and I've researched several doctors including:

Thomas Roberts- South Carolina
Nedra Dodds- Georgia
Andrew Jimerson- Georgia
Mendieta- Florida
Salama- Florida
Azurin- Florida
Sean Simon- Florida

Everyone on this website seems to be obsessed with Dr. Salama and Dr. Jimerson but I REFUSE to believe that these are the ONLY doctors in the whole United States that can produce results. I believe it's absolutely ridiculous to have to wait for a year for a surgery date with Salama. I just REFUSE. I love a handful of his results, but he's not God.

Ladies, if you have any information about any other doctors that are located in the U.S., Board Certified, and can give me the small waist/fat bubble ass that I'm looking for, please post links and comments below. I need your help!

At first I wanted to go to Salama but due to his schedule I have realized he isnt the only and I dont think he is the best. While it does take a skilled doctor to shape you correctly, there are alot of them. Keep in mind if they dont do hips or big butts on all of their patients it isnt the doc, some girls just want smaller butts but not me lol
I am thinking about going with Dr Michale Carter he's in Atlanta. I have a consultation with him of Friday.
I have been up in down about the doctors because I always find something I dont like about them or their wait is just to long. I am now considering Dr. Afifi cus she is good although she hasnt updated her website, I like the girls she has done on this site and she fills up the butt big time. She is also affordable to be in L.A.

*Sigh* I see how the girls on here love to argue...

*Sigh* I see how the girls on here love to argue back and forth about these docs. I WON'T have it. I'm not here to debate. I don't have time for bullies who feel like they need to take up for "their" doctor. Listen, the purpose of this post is to help undecided BBL sisters explore other doctors besides J and S, exchange facts, quotes, etc. This post is NOT and will NOT become a debate about Dr. Salama or Dr. Jimerson. Their work looks great and there are plenty of reviews dedicated to those men, I am NOT looking for more information about them! I have enough information about them. What I NEED is more information about other doctors that I may be missing out on. So if you can not recommend any other docs, please don't post!
Hey RedBonz- what do you mean by Dr. Jimerson does ghetto bodies.... Too big asses??
You are right though; Jimerson is a better surgeon; his work is a lot slicker.
lol My bad yes girl, his butts are too large for me. I dont want people to know i had work done. If I get a nicki booty they will for sure know I did something lol
My doctor is a very good doctor that has quality and the right price. She might not have all of her clients on real self but she will have more on here once she does me. She gets lots of business and her booties are bomb. I do not care for Salamas butts anymore and Dr. Jimerson gives ghetto booties to me and thats not what I am looking for. But I do think Jimerson is better than Salama. But they arent the only doctors. I have seen good results from plenty of docs. Every doc has their flaws because no one is perfect. Everyone goes for what they feel comfortable but all this my doctor is better then yours is over rated.

Basically, I'm not totally sure on my doctor of...

Basically, I'm not totally sure on my doctor of choice, but I'm 100% that it's not Salama. My heart just doesn't sit well with him and I'm going with my gut on that one. I've narrowed it down to Dr. Afifi, Dr. Mendieta, and Dr. Jimerson. Here are my thoughts on all of them.

Dr. Afifi....I like her but she's all the way in California. I would have to fly and I prefer to drive. She's available for December and I can recover over the winter break. She's cheaper but I don't care. Betsie went to her and I love her results http://www.realself.com/review/santa-ana-ca-brazilian-butt-lift-finally-going-the-bbl

Dr. Mendieta... I looked through a few of the girls and my favorite was LuckieMama. The other girls had projection, but they were just skinny as hell. But when I thought about it, those girls are just naturally thin. LuckieMama was short with alot of extra fat. Her before body is similar to mine. What I really like about him is that he's willing to spend time with me, pay attention to my desires and tell me what he can/can't do for me. Here's Luckiemama http://www.realself.com/review/coral-gables-brazilian-butt-lift-officially-in-booty-bootcamp-orders-from-dr-mendieta-april

Dr Jimerson... Well, well. I like him and I think he can give me the results I'm looking for. Tiny waist, sculpted body, fat to the hips and huge a$$ lol. I'm just not completely sold. I read Allthatass's blog and she said that Tiny's friend from the TI and Tiny show was seeing him. I know that Jimerson is extremely popular among the girls in Atlanta and I truly believe that celebs like Tiny, Toya, Kandi and some of those Atlanta celeb chicks went to him. I really love Jimerson, but my heart isn't 100% yet. I have a in person consultation scheduled with him for November and he's available to operate on me in December. I just don't want to base my decision of "hype".

Right now: Jimerson/Mendieta #1, Afifi #2
you are so awsome btw!...Dude you took all of the words right out of my mouth! girls on here are so sensetive and the most important thing is safety and outcome to me, I dont want to have to wait a year either to get a big butt...I had one doc in mind but they said that my "wish pic" does not look real and Im like duh,im going for big-huge not just a slight change! But anyway when people want to argue just let them look stupid....anyway if you find a doc other than the "name brand docs"that can do "big" butts please let me know...I really dont want to spend 10k on my butt especially if its not to my absoulute liking....
Check out Dr. Melinda Lirag Lacerna-Kimbrell, MD, FACS, on here.
She's in Florida...Sarasota.

I had a phone consultation with Jimerson on the...

I had a phone consultation with Jimerson on the morning of Tuesday, October 2nd. I really enjoyed it! I spoke with Monica, Shellie, and Dr. Jimerson. The consultation was about 40 minutes long. I spoke to the doctor for about 15 minutes. First, Monica was really nice to me, explained everything that I needed to know. Jimerson got on the phone and I fell in love with his dorky self :) He answered all of my questions and told me like it is (I like for people to keep it real with me all day, straight no chaser! I don't want to hear what I want to hear, but what I need, spending too much money for this). I’m 5’2”-5’3” and based on my pics he saw that I had taken at 165-168lbs. He told me to lose weight, but not more than 10-15lbs.

Dr. J told me that I needed lipo on my full back, possibly my front bra roll, my abs, flanks, and possibly inner thighs. I already knew this but he said I need hips too. He also recommended a J Tuck (his version of a mini tummy tuck). I knew I needed some type of tuck because my stomach hangs because I’ve lost a lot of weight. He told me to stay in ATL for 7-10 days, 14 days if I get the J Tuck.

I spoke with Shellie afterwards, she was so nice. I didn’t put up a deposit because I wasn’t quite sure because I am waiting on a quote from Dr. Mendieta’s office in Miami. I do have an in person consultation scheduled with Dr. Jimerson November 21st. I’m traveling to ATL for the consult.

Prices I was quoted for Dr. Jimerson:
$8800 for BBL
$1000 fat graft to the hips
$900 for each additional area of lipo (upperback and probably bra roll is what I would do)
$3500 for the J Tuck

The most fat Dr. J said he can lipo is 5 liters of fat. He told me to lose weight, but keep him some fat to work with. He also said I had lose skin on my back from the weight loss. He’s going to lipo them, but the bra roll fat may need to be cut off. I’m not interested in this, because I don’t want scars on my back like that.

Tummy Tuck- I know I need one. At least a mini tummy tuck, because of the weight loss. I’ve never had kids before. I don’t plan to have any kids for at least 5 or 6 years. What do you think ladies about a tummy tuck before kids? Will it hurt my pregnancy? I know it’s cheaper for Dr. J to give me a tummy tuck, but I prefer to wait a couple of months later and get a Tummy Tuck with Dr. Azurin or Dr. Lagrasso in Miami. I really like their tucks. Maybe I’ll wait a few months later and get my tuck and breasts done. What do you all think about that?

Now waiting on Dr. Mendieta’s quote and recommendation…
Upon searching for information on bbl before pregnancy, I stumbled upon a lot of Drs stating that it is not recommended to perform a tummy tuck before pregnancy. So maybe you may want to wait that out, but if Dr.j is recommending a mini tuck than i guess go ahead he knows what he is Doing. Hopefully you hear/find girls who have had a tt and later had kids In RS.
Thank you for your feedback. Dr. J is not recommending a tummy tuck. In fact he told me I shouldn't do a tummy tuck before having kids. He's recommending a mini tummy tuck. During that procedure, only loose skin is cut off and tightened. It doesn't repair muscle underneath. He also said since I've never had kids, I shouldn't have an issue with those muscles underneath. I just need to get rid of the skin.
Oh ok, I was not too sure of the difference between the tt and mtt.

Yesterday Angel from Dr. Mendieta's office called...

Yesterday Angel from Dr. Mendieta's office called me. Dr. Mendieta also recommended that I get extra work done on my stomach because of the extra skin. Dr. Mendieta recommended a tummy tuck. The difference is he's saying I should wait until 3-6 months after the BBL to do the Tummy Tuck. Dr. Mendieta is not charging me extra to lipo all of my extra areas (full back, bra roll, etc) but I must remember that the limit in Florida is 4 liters, and it's 5 liters in Georgia where Jimerson performs surgery. Mendieta also won't charge me extra to place fat in my hips, but he's charging me an extra $1,000 because I've had lipo before (about 6-7 years ago).

Mendieta price including hips, extra lipo areas $9,850
My price because I had lipo previously $10,800

Mendieta is about $1700 cheaper than Jimerson, but I figure I won't base my decision on price because it's all the same at the end of the day. Although the surgery in Miami is cheaper, I'm spending more money on gas to drive there and hotels. Mendieta's deposit is 20% down (I'm paying cash, not sure how it is for those financing). Jimerson's deposit is $500.

Travel breakdown
Jimerson Gas- $150 vs Mendieta Gas/tolls $300
Jimerson Hotels (found one for $326 for 8 nights)
Mendieta Hotels (condo $800)

At the end of the day, I might only spend an extra $1,000 going to Jimerson. I've decided to get a Tummy tuck with Azurin or Lagrasso 3-6 months after the BBL to flatten my tummy. So now I have to choose between these 2 guys... Jimerson or Mendieta?
Mendieta seems to be the sculpting king, whereas Dr. Jimmerson is the projection king. Are you looking for a great silhouette vs a donk looking booty or a donk looking booty over silhouette. The fact that Dr. Mendieta does not charge separately for hips says that he is more holistic with his approach and focuses on changing your entire figure as opposed to just giving you a nice butt. Dr. Jimmerson on the other hand will give you a nice DONK. It boils down to Shape vs. Booty. This is how I see it, fat grafting is not guaranteed period even with the best doctors because your body might not take the fat period. So for me I would like to know that even if the fat went away, I would be at least left with a nice silhouette.
Also the legal limit for fat removal in an operating center is 4L is Florida whereas it is 5L is Atlanta. So if you have more fat to removed then Dr. J has the ability to take out slightly more fat.
Oh you need to be quoted for Mendietas work? If I'm not wrong it says that BBL's cost 9k for now.. But then again if you're getting a slight tuck then it might be more..

I've been thinking about everything. I'm leaning...

I've been thinking about everything. I'm leaning more towards Jimerson primarily because of the lipo limit is 1 liter higher. He's going to be able to take out more of my fat, that means more for my hips and ass! I'm 100% sure that I will not do any sort of tuck during the BBL surgery. I just want the doctor to focus on taking out fat, sculpting a nice waist, big ass and hips. I will get a tummy tuck and breast lift 3-6 months after the BBL. One thing at a time! I just really have to step up my workout routine and get in complete shape to get the best results I can with my body and help with my recovery.
I just watch the episode again when he did her consultation and I see where Dr. J told her he would add fat to her hips and butt. Wow this girl has alot of courage, she told everybody on national tv, what im essentially hiding. Go Shekinah! lol
Yes! I love seeing Dr. J on VH1 right now. He sounds the same as he did on the phone with me lol. Can't wait til my in person consultation!
It is so funny watching him try to be serious when they are joking and he tried not to laugh.

I knew I had gained a lot of weight. I've been...

I knew I had gained a lot of weight. I've been doing a lot of nothing lately in my spare time, but I didn't know I was 222lbs!!!! I've never been this fat. I'm only 5'2" so I'm sure this looks horrible. I won't even look at a mirror right now. Somehow I will find the courage to take some before pics. I am starting my diet/workout routine today. Sometimes life gets hectic, but I just can't believe I let myself go like this! I was just 158 a year ago! Ladies I'm depressed about this...deeply. Jimerson was going to schedule me for surgery in December, but I can't! I'm too fat for surgery right now! I'm praying I can lose all of the weight by the middle of February. I know I can lose it all in 3 1/2 months. I just have to stick to it and pull some motivation from somewhere. I expect you ladies to hold me accountable so I will regularly update with my weight loss journey. Ugggh :(

Weight loss program start date: Sunday, November 4, 2012
Starting weight: 222lbs (this is horribly embarrassing)

The Plan:
Phase I:
Diet will consist of 1200 calories, low carbs, fresh fruits, vegetables and lean protein, no sugar 6-7 small meals
Exercise: Monday-Friday Insanity; Everyday 20min Cardio Kickboxing with Jill Coleman (Comcast On Demand)
Goal: To reach 199lbs, at this point Phase I will be over

Phase II:
Diet: HCG diet 40 days, followed by 3 weeks of fruits, veggies, and protein, no sugar
Exercise: 30 minute daily Walk (you're not suppose to do strenuous exercise on HCG)
Goal: To reach 169lbs

Phase III:
Diet: HCG diet 21 days
Exercise: 30 minute daily Walk (you're not suppose to do strenuous exercise on HCG)
Goal: To reach 155lbs
Did you end of having the surgery today..Good Luck on your journey!
Good luck
Good diet plan. I wish you well with your surgery. God bless
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