Good luck ladies :-)

So I've been looking at this website for MONTHS...

So I've been looking at this website for MONTHS now and I've made the decision to start looking for a Dr.
I see a majority of Dr Salama everywhere it seems.... Is there any great doctors closer to the DMV area?
I have no problem traveling though for better results !!!
Ready to start my journey towards getting a BBL :-)

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Im sure if my family/friends knew i was...

im sure if my family/friends knew i was considering this they would think i was crazy.....!!!
my booty just doesnt look great in those body tank dresses.......feel me?!?!!? lol


Good luck on your journey :)
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I'm heading south.... Salama.... Taking my husband with me.
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Yeah I'm tempted but I'm going to stick with Dr Markmann since he's local. I'm worried I may have issues and want somebody close by. I'm still healing up from my Augm so ill be ready before Salama even has an opening lol

I want to get this procedure done before it gets...

I want to get this procedure done before it gets warm.

So I'm 5ft 130-135
Not sure of my measurements

I hope when I go to my consult he doesn't tell me I have to gain anymore weight :-(

I know Markmann is super expensive but I want this done right the 1st time
Around ....without touch ups !!!


Wanted to ask - are you looking for a specific butt shape? Like a shelf? Heart?
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Honestly I'm only 5ft so I'm small... I need to look at pics to get an IDEA but I just want a nice round butt lol And still look proportion I'll have to post some pics up Right now my butt looks decent in jeans but body con dresses etc forget it!! I need some volume on the top half lol
Hey girl! I am thinking of Dr. M too! When is your consultation? Mine is the first week of Jan!!
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I feel like I've read and learned so much but...

I feel like I've read and learned so much but honestly have no clue what important questions to ask when I go in there.

Guess I need to get a list together :-)

If you guys have good suggestions ...let me know :-)

I'm ready to do this surgery ASAP and can't wait to be on the other side

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So I had my consultation with Dr M ... He...

So I had my consultation with Dr M ... He definitely took his time with me and answered all the questions I had.
I didn't realize I wouldn't really be able to sit for 4 weeks. !
That seems like such a LONG time!!

Anyways my price was 17k whew !!
I have amazing credit so I know that wont be a problem I just wish I set money aside ahead f time specifically for this instead of having a bill this big LOL
Any ideas ? Did most of you guys pay some cash some financing?

I can't remember if I asked or not but what in addition would I be paying for out of pocket with Dr M?

Lots to think about ......

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Ugh I don't know what to do .... I want to get...

Ugh I don't know what to do ....
I want to get this surgery done ASAP but paying 17k has got me at a standstill and just looking at other doctors.
Dr Salama scares me with the many cases of seroma ....
I want to do this RIGHT the 1st time !!! Everybody's diff so every case I'm sure varies Etc :-(

I kinda wanted to find a doctor that doesn't use drains .... Any help ladies????


Hey boo, just left you a private message. Salzhauer doesnt use drains which helps you recover quicker than if he did.
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Hey girly sermons will happen regardless of DR chosen and goes away on its own so please don't let that be deciding factor
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Dr Salzhauer or Dr J ?!?! I'm not sure :-/

So I've completed my initial consult with dr Salzhauer and plan on joining dr J's webinar next week followed by a phone consult.

I'm not sure who to pick at this point ..... I love both results and dr Salzhauer seems really nice.


I like the look of Salz booties and lipo.
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I did a consult with dr salzhauer today and he has less cases of seroma because he doesn't just drains
I did a consult with dr salzhauer today and he has less cases of seroma because he doesn't just drains

Bad reviews / Good reviews

Today is the webinar for Dr J

I feel scared on who to choose 0_o

I know there's always going to be good/bad reviews and people who aren't always satisfied etc but I don't want to do this again lol

I feel like I've read so many stories that I just need to go ahead a pick somebody!!!


How do u watch his webinar?
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I originally had a consult for 2015 and I just called up and asked to be in the webinar for an earlier date and they set it up and sent me the link He's trying to get to people sooner by doing them in groups
Hey don't mean to interject, but in my opinion I believe that the drains are more beneficial than not having them. It helps tremendously with expelling unnecessary blood that could sit and cause other issues and Dr. J also leaves the insertions in the front open which lowers the risk of seroma's. Follow your heart, look up results AND technics, not just results. I love what Dr. J does 100%, I can't speak on the other doctor but I can say Dr. J knows what he's doing. I'm 4 weeks post op, not one issue with seroma's or my drain spot.

So got a quote from Salama

I'm just all over the place huh???

I even called mendieta's office today also....

In currently 5ft at 130 which I think is perfect for what I want to accomplish. I went from 2 doctors to choosing between 4

I will make my decision based on availability bc I think Salzhauer Jimmerson Salama and mendieta are all great doctors with BBL(minus a few bad reviews here and there)

Wish me luck !!!


You made a great choice dr. Salama changed my life I LOVE my results
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So I jumped and decided !!!

Dr Salama is gonna be my guy !!

I'm super nervous and I'm on the waiting list for a sooner date.

1k down


I'm going to him in sept!! He's a great dr.
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Yeah I'm kinda bummed I have to wait almost 7 months but I'm on the waiting list for a sooner date .....and it'll give me time to get my money in order

No more stalking....

This site has been consuming me and all my time lol

I literally think I've read every single Salama patient who is post op!! Everything is running together I need to take a break ...

Time for me to work work work and pay this surgery off before I even have it LOL


Welcome to team Salama!!!
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Thanks :)
Welcome to team Salama!!!
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How common is FAT NECROSIS???

Seen a few ladies comment about this and just curious....
Sounds painful and scary:-/


Recent comments of fat necrosis is keeping me awake .very scary . I thought this can be avoided by applying good surgeon technique . May god protect us all in this journey .
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Yeah tell me about it ...,I'm 6 months away and still nervous about that also!!! Money is already put down so I hope and pray that we or anybody else dont have those issues. I was trying to do some google research but can't seem to figure out how common it actually is.
Yes my dr is Salama. 4 weeks away starting today

Another wish pic


Omg i started to look it up also.
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How far ......

How far Is south beach from Salamas office? I want my bf to take care of me but enjoy himself at the same time and I invited him friend along lol


I want this so bad I'm just gonna cross my fingers and pray !!! I had 2 breast augs last year bc of complications etc so I hope that this time around (since I've done research) that I'm complication freeeeee

This is what I'm working with right now :(

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I hope so too. We all just want a smoothe recovery with awesome results!

Salama Upcoming and Vets ......

What hotels did you guys stay at?
South beach anybody?


South Beach is about a 30 min drive, I know you will love your results they are life changing I can't even go to the store in sweats with out compliments lol
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Complications can happen with any surgeon I have only heard of a Couple with salama and I researched for 2 years when ever you Do this type of surgery there is a chance for infection having a good surgeon minimize those chances your in good hands
Lol so then staying in south beach might be a bad idea ?? Im so excited even though its 6 months away I'm sure it'll go by fast !! And I'd probably compliment you too if I seen you hahaha or stare O_O You looks amazing !! And your waist is so small!! Thanks for sharing your story for us newbies coming in..... Def couldn't make a decision without all of these reviews. :)

My Plastic Surgeon in my area.....

Recommended mendieta!

Weird how he's so far away and knows of him. He hasn't heard of Salama but that's not making me change my mind!!

**** Team Salama ****

I feel like I shouldn't have scheduled my BBL so close to my bday :((


Good luck
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I called Hampton Inn and they were like "what discount" ?!?

Ok so a 9 day stay In January totals almost 2300!!!!!!!

I need some other suggestions or help ladies bc that's just fckn ridiculous !!!!!!!

Wth could possibly be going on in Hallandale beach in jan to have the rates all high ???? *help*


Try the Hampton inn off sterling road girlie. They have suites and the rates are decent plus free WiFi bfast and parking. Good luck!
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go to expedia and browse hotels and motels based on your price preferences, I found a nice studio for $600 12 days. you can also look for motels and efficiencies many are cheaper than hotels good luck.
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What was the studio called?

I'm so nervous ****

It's months away and I'm nervous as if it were tomorrow ......
I feel like I made the right decision going with dr Salama but these horror stories about recent deaths are freaking me out.
Prayers to all the ladies!!!!


check trip look for a studio on or around Hollywood boardwalk it is so nice to walk to boardwalk and the beach during recovery
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Thanks girl this helps so much I'm glad I decided to join this site. It helps To get a chance to see people are feeling the same way I do
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It's just I'm a very skeptical person and when I asked if they could mail me something from the site she told me to look them up on the Internet and she didn't see how mailing something would make a difference it's like she got irritated by the question and that made me uncomfortable with making the deposit.
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VRBO !!!!

Found a nice condo on the beach through VRBO.....this might be my recovery spot ladies unless anything else pops up.

Jan is right around the corner ....I already want to shop for supplies etc

Can anybody send me a list of things needed?
I like to be well prepared in advance instead of waiting last minute....

Another wish pic !!


When are you going in Jan?? I switched my date from sept to Jan 21st.
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Mines the 10th ....seems like well just miss each other unless I extend or you come a little early :(
I plan on leaving the 18th I think my date originally was the 21st Have them give you a week earlier lol!! I'd love to meet people out there

Wish Pic


Let me check with nancy!! :)

Just Booked a Studio !!!!!! Pics ******

I feel like I got an extremely great deal for the high season in Jan :) I found and booked a studio in Hollywood Beach (ocean view w/boardwalk) that I found on VRBO. It's 900 for 10 days (no taxes no cleaning fee)
The guy is extremely nice and the reviews were great and mainly important ......CLEAN!!!
It's small but it has a queen size bed...fridge stove sink microwave etc ...
I added some pics !!! If anybody is still looking for a place PM me for this guys info :) super nice owner of the studio.


I requested fmla for both my surgeries. In April the HR dept at my job was so slow processing and I was back at work after 3 weeks off when they called to say fmla does not cover elective cosmetic surgery. So basically I was just off and I didn't count towards my 12 weeks a year. For my 2nd surgery 4 months later I was like oh shit....what am I gone do. So basically I had my form filled out to say reconstructive surgery and added the need for medical lymphatic massages 2 times a week and it was approved and no questions asked. I'm not sure how you will work it out but bear in mind that fmla doesn't cover it. Best of luck.
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I stayed over there too in a condo! You are going to love it because you can view the beach! You place looks really nice too that was a good deal! Yea and they have all thoe little stores over there, I bought a couple things back with me! When are you scheduled?
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Yeah all the prices I kept finding were ridiculous and this guy was so nice and helpful and the entire process was just so easy!!! I'm scheduled for jan 10....get to FL on the 9th

Need to start purchasing things.....

I got about 3 months to go so I need to start purchasing things.
I found a person in my area that does lymphatic massages so I'm straight with that.
Do I need a massage table? I'm not sure why the girls have purchased this item. I don't want to overpack or purchase stuff I don't need.


No need for a Massage table I really didn't use half the stuff till I got Home, I used or 4 maxi dresses, my Female urinal (the funnel does no good the first week, my massage pillow (got it at pvc), heating pad, slippers, 4 cami t shirts, all the meds, maxi pads (to keep that garment from going in my booty) anti bacterial soap, the rest are things you can get in town
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Thanks girl....I've been following your journey also!! Your waist is amazing! I'm hoping I can keep up with the CG's and waist clinchers for as long as you have. I have a feeling I'm gonna break free as soon as 6-8weeks is over LOL o_O
I think they buy the tables to sleep on their stomach i think. I can never imagine sleeping all night on those. Id prolly roll over and fall lol. For me its easy cuz iam a stomach sleeper so all i am gone get is body pillow so my back wont hurt.
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Another great Condo Deal ....couldn't pass it up!!!

So I decided to go with Sergio's condo and save myself another 250 bucks!! I couldn't believe my luck !!!
650 for 10 days!!! In January ladies !!! This is high season...... !!


I went over to that spot where your Condo is when I did my consult w/Dr. G. It was nice. Good Luck to you! Are you going to post any befores?
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Thanks!!! It looked really nice... I do plan on doing before and afters however I figured I would wait until my surgeh date gets closer. I'm maintaining my weight at 130
Sounds good. I'm sure you'll be another Masterpiece. GL!

Elite List

I'm currently shopping for fitted tanks, maxi dresses and comfy clothing :)


78 days to your new body! It'll be here before u know it...
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Have you looked at Forever21 online? There were tons of cute little stretchy type clothing on there for the wise shopper. I snagged some items there.
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I'm going to noooow!! Haha However I don't want to buy too much bc I know my size will be diff after surgery.

Vets.....I'm curious

How much will I be able to do during my recovery in Miami? I hate to think I'm going to be in a hotel room the entire time.
Am I going to be able to enjoy myself at all during my first 9 days of recovery?!?


Good luck!
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Thanks !!! You too
Good luck!!! Cant wait to see your results!!!
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I'm backing out Ladies

My date and deposit are up for grabs ....PM me if you're interested so we can coordinate with the office


Hi prettybooty can you please give me the studio owner,s phone number? Or info thank you. So you are no longer doing your procedure?
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What happened? Could you pm the numbers for the condos please?
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A little sad I cancelled but it was for the best


what happened?
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Oh no what happened?
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