1hr and 25min Left!!!! Pre-op Photos Posted BBL, TT & more - Aventura, FL

Without even getting the procedure done, I'm...

Without even getting the procedure done, I'm confident that it will all be worth the cost and pain. I've been wanting a more feminine body shape (hourglass figure) for a long time. Based on the remarkable results and great reviews, I believe Dr. Salama can help me achieve my dream body. So far, he has given me good recommendation on I should do before and after surgery to give me the best results. Not to mention his staff has been very helpful as well. Today I finally booked my surgery for June 1, 2012. Such a long ways from now but well worth the weight.

As of today, I am 5'4 at 187 lbs. Dr suggest I be well under 180 lbs for best results (pretty much for overall health). For those who are similar to me, what is the best healthy diet?? I'm trying low carbs, no bread, and no pasta. With taking 16 credit hours, I'm trying to dedicate at least 45min to 1hr of exercise a day. I would like a realistic plan so I can make it into a new lifestyle. IF ANYONE has any suggestions, feel free to let me know. I will post before photos when I get closet to my surgery date. Excited to the MAX

Thanks. That sounds about right. Mine is more since I'm getting an additional area lipo. Either price is better than $20,000 quoted from a Maryland surgeon
Many people referred Dr. Salama to me
Congrats, I'm thinking about Salama, I was quote $7899 today for a BBL and TT.


Today, I booked at BEST WESTERN PLUS Fort Lauderdale Airport South Inn & Suites in Dania Beach, FL.

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Thanks and I sure will!
That's great!!! Good job! Keep it up! im sure with your will and determination you will get to where you wanna be.
Thank you much for the encouragement. Yay for you only being 7 days away!!! Don't leave out any details. Especially on our puzzling thigh gap ordeal :-) much luck and hope that everything will turn out in your favor.

June is not coming soon enough :-( But the wait...

June is not coming soon enough :-(
But the wait is giving me time to change my lifestyle. As I slowly get rid of my old body through diet and exercise, I'm learning how to take of the new one. I did not want this money (money I really don't have) to go to waste. So raise the stakes even more and to ensure satisfaction after the surgery, I added Liposution of the arms. I was thinking it was too much work but like some, I'm top heavy. A lot times the reason why I may look bigger than I am is because of my arms, breast, and the surrounding.

Does any know if I have to buy extra compression garmets for the arm liposuction?

I am finally here. I honestly can not believe it....

I am finally here. I honestly can not believe it. Which is why I haven't been updating my post. I knew was getting it done, I just been nervous and anxious. Now that I'm two days away, I do not mind sharing photos and my experience.

Tomorrow I meet Dr. Salama for the in office consultation and Friday is the surgery. Best Western Plus in Dania Beach have pretty nice suites for $53.99 a night (I booked by phone).

I don't know what is necessary to have after surgery. I read so many different lists. I have the following:
Ace bandage tape
Loose clothing
Baby wipes
**And soon to be the prescription meds and perhaps Depends to carry the drains.
Am I missing something(s)?

I will post before and after photos tomorrow once I setup my laptop.

...Arm compression sleeves

...Arm compression sleeves
Hey grl congrats best wishes and a healthy healing for tomorrow. I'm doing the same procedure in aug. Pls keep me posted. I myself is tryin to lose weight I'm 5'2 @ 196 lbs n can't lose it I hope I can go to 180 by august .. my problem is in my stomach that darn fat. Anywayz good luck hun hope u get that bangin bootay lookin fab. Keep us posted

I am ready to do this. I'm the first one of the...

I am ready to do this. I'm the first one of the day 7:45am. I've posted the dreaded pre-op photos. X-( But I'm praying and hoping that will all change and that I will be happy with the results. I don't have any major expectations because I do know my body is a working progress but I look forward to seeing, feeling, and touching my new figure :-)

Run Down:

5'4"-5'5" 190 lbs
Full Tummy Tuck
Brazilian Butt Lift
Liposuction of the arms
Liposuction of the inner thighs

Hello ladies,

I wanted to give you all a heads up that I'm closing the comments on this review until further notice. It's clear that you're all worried about BadApple. However, until she returns to update her review there is nothing to be gained from all of the worry and fear that is running through this thread.

If BadApple returns she can contact me and I will re-open her review to allow comments. If any of you have any concerns or questions then please PM me.



Good morning ladies. I hope you are all well. This is Ruben writing. This conversation and rumor was brought to my attention by one of our patients. I have spoken to several patients about this concern, and the patients on June 1st were verified, and I personally know those patients well and have spoken to them as recently as last Thursday. Therefore, bad apple has never come to us, and we have NEVER had a patient die whatsoever. If you look up Dr. S' license on the department of health, this can be easiliy verified. Secondly, I was notified by another patient that did her research, and the patient being referred to in this review went to Dr. Pantoja in Mexico and did suffer a major complication from my understanding. If any of you have any concerns, or questions, as always I am available to answer any questions. Thank you again, and my email address is rubensalama@epsmiami.com.
I've gotten so many emails from this post alone. Please let the woman be okay so y'all can be okay too!!!!! I think what likely happen is something beyond an error on the doctor's part. If she would have been injured or would have passed because of her surgery, we would have heard about it. These are suspicious circumstances and everyone is entitled to opinions and concerns, but it would be best not to form any opinions and come to any conclusions until we have real reason to worry other than her not updating. This outright fear has the chance of scaring some women and men, not only out of seeing Salama, but also going through with the procedure! Let's be optimistic and give her time to tell us what happened when she's willing and able.

What an experience! I certainly was not prepared...

What an experience! I certainly was not prepared for the first two weeks after surgery but I am still glad I went through with it. I am pleased with the results thus far. I can only hope I continue to heal and recover while maintaining the new figure. I have been able to take some after pics but I have yet to get to my desktop. Since this weekend will be a month post-op, I'll take the time to upload them.

Thank you to those who have helped me along the way.
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Consultation was great. Dr. Salama gave me good suggestions to help create the body I desire. The Staff members are nice and open to answering my questions and setting me up during the payment process. Once I have the surgery I would be able to rate Dr. Salama in other categories.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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