Dec. 15th! - Tijuana, Mexico

..For years I have always wanted a big booty/hips...

..For years I have always wanted a big booty/hips and a tiny waist. I have hips but my waist (my most problem area), makes them hard to distinguish lol. Im 23 yrs old and for the past 2 yrs I have been thinking that all I needed to match my pretty face, diva style and bad b!tch attitude was that booty and little waist. When I discovered this procedure I was thinking maybe I was being alittle extreme...but once I started seeing pics and reading stories on here and MMH, I was sold!!! I told my sister and mom about support. My boyfriend didnt want me to do it but supports me anyway. At first I pushed the idea under the rug, but once I started becoming more unhappy with my midsection, it came back to life. Fast forward, I now have 4 sx buddies, one who is a friend of mine and 3 I met on forums doing research. We will all be staying at club med for a week together, and I couldnt be more excited!! Originally I was booked with another doctor but decided to switch in September and thank God I got a date!!

I am looking to get a realll big booty and hips with as small a waist as possible. My wish pic girls are; Maliah Michel, Bubbles the model, and Bria Myles. I will post before pics at the same time I post after pics.

Any comments/support is appreciated!!!

congrats & best of luck!
Good luck!! so where are you getting your procedure done?? and with whom?
Hope you did your research :)
Thx, and yes I have researched for about 2 yrs =). My doctor is Jaime Campos in Tijuana MX.

Im almost at the one month mark before my...

Im almost at the one month mark before my procedure date!! Im so excited =). Yesterday, I had my bloodwork done...only to find out that I may have done it alittle too early. My surgeon's assistant is supposed to get back to me about whether or not I'll have to re-do them. I dont understand what difference a few days will make..but I'll see.

Right now Im playing the waiting game..I've packed my bag and paid for everything already.

If anyone has any tips on things I should bring, please let me know. Im ready to get this over with and start recovering. Until then, I'll just keep having dreams of a big ol butt!!!
yesss girl, It has truly flown by!! im so excited tho =)
You got like 2weeks I know you are super excited when do you leave for cali will you pls let me know how going through the border is and how you manage the flight back im really leaning towards compos and just need some reassurance thanks so much

Im 6 days away from surgery. I am soooo nervous,...

Im 6 days away from surgery. I am soooo nervous, paranoid, everything you can imagine. Especially because I tried to tell my mom about it and she was emotional n saying i could die etc etc. So needless to say that didnt go well. Plus it doesnt help that I didnt stop smoking mary jane..we'll see. Pray for me and my buddies yall =)

Btw: Im gonna take measurements and pre op pics in a day or two. I think my skin is tight I hope he can give me atleast 1200cc, take in my thiicckk waist and fill in my hips/outer butt!!!
Thanks ladies, im super excited :D
Hi baddbrown. Wishing you all the best for your surgery. I hope it all goes good for you and that you get the amazing results you want. I'm looking forward to hearing how it all went once your better. I hope you have a speedy recovery.
Hey girl I just wanted to wish you a safe trip look forward to hearing from you Im hyped just to hear about your experience

Hi Ladies. This is officially my last update until...

Hi Ladies. This is officially my last update until post op!! I leave tomorrow morning and will have surgery Thursday morning. My friend who is already at club med made me feel sooo much better about everything!! She said people are crazy not to want to come to Tijuana..and all our nervousness was for nothing lol. I plan on updating everything about my experience, and trust me I'm a big baby when it comes to Im gonna keep it real. PLEASE KEEP ME IN YOUR PRAYERS. I appreciate all your support, my time is now!!!! =) Toodles.
@newbootypls,,,Girl i hear that!!!,, Thats exact same thing here , ill be turning 33 this july& would love to celebrate myself...LOL so if everything goes as planned i hope toe going in august. I plan on sending Dr.C my pic's this week& pray to get a great quote...Im so excited ....If there is any information as to this process anyone can share pls pm me....Thxs dolls
thx for sharing ur status so soon. believe it or not I've thinking of ur trip a lot !lol take some good care n share ur experience, it will help my future decision ;) ..GOD BLESS N HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!!
Glad to hear your home safe. Best wishes with healing and Take care of yourself. It's Christmas day here ladies so I wish you all a safe and merry Christmas.

Hey ladies. Im 10 days post op, still sore, itchy...

Hey ladies. Im 10 days post op, still sore, itchy and irritated. It is still hard to get comfortable in the bed. Im tired of not being able to sit on my butt, i am gonna force myself to make it to 4 weeks without sitting much though. I took some webcam pics, I uploaded them onto MMH. Campos removed 9.5 liters and gave 1200cc per cheek even though he said my skin was tight. The lower back lipo is the worst, and my upper abs are extremely swollen.

Soon I will put a password up, ask me any questions in the comments.
Do u have the password yet so we can see the pics ?
hey did the medication bottles have to have a label ?? Just wondering.....
ok thanks ...i appreciate it:)

16 days post op..feeling better, a lil less...

16 days post op..feeling better, a lil less swollen. but very irritated itchy and random burning. i cannot wait until i feel normal again!!!
I have been trying to get 2 pics i took before, out of my phone. but my email is acting stupid n the attachments are gone when i open it. im gonna try to post em -___-
great pics!do u have any before pictures?
u truly look amazing,,,I just received my quote from Dr.C,,,He strongly recommends meet have aTT also due to a bit of extra skin due to 3 very large pregnancies lol,,So im looking at 6,600 total,,I know Dr.C and of course myself are very worth it. Gurl ur results have put pure fire in my belly,,,Do you know how long his quotes are good for ??

Tomorrow I will be 3 weeks post, guess having my...

Tomorrow I will be 3 weeks post, guess having my drains removed on day 6 was a bad idea. I sent Dr Campos pics of my stomach because the lower half was fatty and soft while the top was hard. To make a long story short I have fluid build up that needs to be removed by my doc. Im going tomorrow, hopefully she doesnt have any issues doing it. UGH if its not one thing its another!!
Sx went great, I'm still pretty fresh off the table. Lol!!!
I think my pre/post op vitamin pack might be helping me a lot,
Cuz I feel good !
I feel like I'm healing fast!
I'm going to do a review some time :)
But I look so much better!
Sooooo worth it , :)
@badd thanks a lot for the advice
Hey how do you like the veddete 700?
I'm looking for a second stage, I just had sx , with campos !
But as I'm sure you know , it's hard to find a tiny waisted with a big butt!!
What to do?? Any advice?

Beware, if you have any issues or if Campos makes...

Beware, if you have any issues or if Campos makes a mistake with your lipo. HE IS GOING TO CHARGE YOU FOR THAT MISTAKE. He left fat in my lower abdomen and sent me this e-mailed response:

Please accept my apologies for taking a long time to respond.

After evaluating your pictures one more time and based on your Doctor response to not having any fluid. I have determine that this can be fat after the procedure. When having a tummy tuck there's no way to do liposuction as well thee because of the oxygen loss during me working in the area and if I were to do Liposuction as well I would of been compromising the tissues. We can do abdominal Liposuction there if you'll like. This will be charged as follows.

Liposuction in abdomen 1000
Surgical facility 700
Anesthesia fee 300
Total 2000 usd.

Dr. Campos


Hello everyone! What great results! I am supper nervous and ready for MX! One more week! Im getting breast lift and fat put on booty. Also touch up on abdomen had tt last March.
Can u have someone else take ur pics so we get a better view of ur results
Damn my phone is tripping that post got all jacked up with this auto type anyway that was just suppose to say glad to see your back

Hey ladies, just wanted to update yall now that...

Hey ladies, just wanted to update yall now that today I am 3 months post. I feel about 90% normal, I just have random swelling in my abdomen still. I absolutely love my results besides the few things I mentioned before. My booty is still big, I wear form fitting dresses all the time and I must say, its a TRAFFIC STOPPER. This surgery is life changing, and I highly recommend it. Just please please please do your research, dont choose Campos just because he gives big bootys, there are other docs in mexico that do also. I am going to have a round 2 possibly with Cardenas in MX or Cabral in the Dominican Republic. Me and my girls are still researching Cabral, so nothing is final yet...but I will be finalizing it by this summer and placing my deposit. I need more lipo, especially in my lower abs and upper back..and It wouldnt hurt to add more hips and a lil booty.

updates/ more pics?
Do you have pre op? We would need to compare.
Hey girlie was just wondering did you butt actually "Fluff" like they say it do at 3 months or more? N did you ever go back for a round 2? Did u LIPO the Lowe abdomen?
Mexico Plastic Surgeon

Dr Campos was amazing, I love my results and feel that he was the best for the job. No doctor in the U.S. compared to him on price and results. Im so happy I chose him for my procedure!!

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
3 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
1 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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