Counting Down the days

How long Iv been considering this procedure? How...

How long Iv been considering this procedure? How much time to you have for me to tell you? I have been researching this type of surgery since 2002, I first heard of it from a Doctor Anthony Griffin out of CA. On and off, On and off again this has been on my mind. I have endured the teasing, the pants not fitting, dresses, clothes etc. I have done the famous BBL tapes. Woooooo Ciiiiiiiiiiiiii lol. I carry myself as if I have the Biggest, Sexiest, Pow Yaw on earth lmbo, but the hell with it, I want it and Im going to get it...Anyone feel me? PS. In society If your a african american woman bootyless; ppl can be mean...Booty Power Her I Come. But I'm Gonna Need Some Girl Power and Some Recommendations...Thanks Ladies/gents I dont discriminate

Hey congrats!!!! I see that you have Tx. on ur list of you know of any good doctors in Tx.?
Sorry Denell, I put that because those are the states Im willing to travel...Think I need to take that off lol... Put still searching...Thanks
O ok lol!!!! Good luck on ur journey.....I think I'm goin to Tijuana for my surgery I'm trying to set a date for Feb. before my birthday!

So here I am still pondering about which Doctor to...

So here I am still pondering about which Doctor to Use, So far Doctor Jimmerson or Dr. Salama....Both seem very good. Question bbl sisters? Can someone please tell me how they handled the ride home on the plane. and If the butt out or In is the best.. Im aiming to have my surgery done in March 2013... I am greatful for any helpfull info....

O yea and how many days do U really need to be near the doctors office to see him, Just to make sure everthing goes ok. Ps. So many bbl sisters here look so dang goooooooooood
Welcome LBB. I've heard from other girls to just wear a maxi dress & get a letter from the Dr. That you just had surgery so you can get up and stand a lot during the flight. Good luck.
Thank you bootiebeauty78 was just wondering...It would be nice if I could lay down on the flight back home.
Update** I actually laid down on a whole row for the whole flight home. The flight wasn't booked up so there were several empty seats & I told the flight attendant during pre boarding that I needed to be able to lay down or stand up often during flight. I flew Southwest & the staff was so nice. They helped me get a row by myself & kept checking on me. It was hard to get into position at first, but I just finally put my legs up and laid only stomach.

So today was my first step in calling for a...

So today was my first step in calling for a consultation with Dr. Andrew Jimerson's office. I quess good things comes to those who what because my consultation is not until October 25th which is fine because I'm aiming for Early December to have my surgery and still and the mist of research.

I just want everything to go so excellent, Im working out and loosing weight, which I have been doing over a year now and loving my results. I am prayed up about the BBL procedure sisters/sista lol...Im excited about this I have endured and I have finally made up my mind that I want this...Iv been researching this since 2002 and just been procrastinating about it...and its finally time for me to do something I really want but of course with gods protection.

I will post up my measurements soon and continue to read all the wonderful, funny and heartfelt posts here.

ONe question?...when I get a physical what type of physical to I ask my doctor for....cosmetic surgery or what? Thanks BBL fam... Love yall

Ok BBL Fam...So I was so surprised when I got...

Ok BBL Fam...So I was so surprised when I got denied from Care Credit and I got good credit...dang near a 700 score...whats up with I am saving plus I have heard other methods on here for get approved for surgery but either way, Im still going to continue to save... SO ANY SUGGESTION WILL BE GREATLY APPRECIATED...

PS.Im starting to think they have to deny a certain amount Ijs...Will continue saving.:))
Thanks Goodies
Good Luck on your journey #Team Salama. Dr S is a genius and so down to earth

Just currently saving, but I wish Dr. J and Dr. S...

Just currently saving, but I wish Dr. J and Dr. S would stop going up on the prices, the more costly the more likely ppl with get denied credit for this procedure. I have never really been denied credit...O well, continuing my journey and hopfully I will be a BBL sister one day.... Still happy for everone here that has or is getting there's...much love...xoxo

Ok bbl sisters... so I went to lipo express to see...

Ok bbl sisters... so I went to lipo express to see what garment would be best. and I dont understand the language... I was trying to see which garment w/ buns out would be the Im quessing once u call they do speak and would be more helpful.

I have been looking at so many updated pic and reading so many updated reviews, and I cant stop thinking about it man...for so many years I have wanted to look nicely from the back...I have done every exercise you can think of...I even order the popular bbl DVD...truth be does work some...but it doesn't give you the real result you really really want.

O yea has anyone tried Anthony Griffin the bbl surgeon in CA? PS.Saving Saving Saving

Ok BBL Sisters, still I constantly come here for...

Ok BBL Sisters, still I constantly come here for support and motivation which I receive just by reading so many stories. Ok so, first I wanna say....we really do have to be realistic, humble, and greatful just to even get the oppertunity and to make it thru surgery first (I haven't) had mine yet...But....You all look so gooddddddddd and I do mean goodddddddddd. I was reading a bbl sister post where she said the "mind is a tricky thing" and she is so right. So many big or full and much improved booties here, but the mind with have you thinking "OMG is not like my wish pic" dam a wish pic....Lord let me make it thru surgery, my flight, no infections, and with beautiful results...I still want to stay humble just with a bigger booty....Nothing wrong with that at all....

I can tell u bbl sisters some of the fights and defenses I have had to put up with but you wouldnt have time to read it all...But I love myself that much and said when Im ready for the surgery I will get it and on my term..."no one elses"....

U guy really dont even understand how this forum has help me to get up the nerve and strength to say "oK" Im ready to do this for me...

I ponder back and forth about it because I have so much living to do, but ask god to cover me....I never want to be selfish about this..

I have tow beautiful/wonderful girls 21 and soon to be 16 on October 1 2012... I have never left them alone for more than 3 days...So god knows I'm praying to return to them ok when I have my surgery... I love them so much...and Im the sole supporter of my girls...I Seem to be the only stable supporter in their life....So please believe...this will be an emotional trip for yes I do still treat them like 21 year old who is off to college...I have to talk to her everyday at least 1 or 2 times a day, or at least texting:)....But I always pray over my family and for others I dont even know....

In me saying that...I'll say this....Lets keep god first, get our surgeries, and be realistic......PS....I will be balling many tiers when I can look nice from the back.....Oh The JOY The JOY....:).....Lov yal much

O and I will be posting some Pre surgery pic.
Aww i just read ur last post.. It touched me im rooting for you girlie Good Luck
Thank you Flatto:) Im rooting for us all.

Just wanted to say while we research and pray over...

Just wanted to say while we research and pray over ourselves and other that are having and waiting for bbl surgery

Please lets not forget the many people that have lost there lives this day 11 years ago and for the families that endure everyday due to the lost of there love one and friends.

Love Yall my bbl sisters...No matter the race. xoxox

Ok I want to just say Congratulations to all the...

Ok I want to just say Congratulations to all the BBL Sisters that has had their sx and is in the healing process.

yAAAAAAAAA to the up and coming bbl sister

OK so I think Im going to go with Dr J. Hopefully they will get with me soon on my consultation date. I called a different number about a week or so ago and they gave me a 10/25 consultation date. Now since I have registered with his website, I had to fill out form for consultation or call a different was from Azia....


From the words of my girl Keyshia Cole f/Nicki Minaj......I Aint Thru.....Yeaaaaaa.....Much love ladies.
Hey there and Congrats on making the first move. I scheduled a consultation with Dr. J for 11-7-12 and I very excited. But I still don't plan on having it til March like you. I'm just a saving lol
Me to will you have someone to help you. and How far have you gotten on transpo, room and all that. still working on that stuff along with saving I have to get everything laid out like all my questions etc. What week are u aiming for I would like the week of the 10th.
I'm also aiming for the week of the 10th preferably 11 or 12th at the beginning of the week cuz that will be easier for me with my kids and what not. So far I haven't asked anyone but a have a few people in mind. I just want someone there the first 2 or 3 days so I can see how it goes and maybe I can manage on my own. I'm a CNA in nursing school so I figure I should be able to do some of the grosser things for myself LOL. I haven't decided on if I want to get a hotel or not as I live like an hour away Max if that. I'm just beginning to plan it all out!

Spoke to Aziza on yesterday….and I must say…We...

Spoke to Aziza on yesterday….and I must say…We really did have a wonderful conversation. I had to let her know how excited I am, and to finally talk to someone that really understands why I am doing this which is pretty simple “A Better Me”?. I could go on and on about how my kids have seen people tease me for not having a full booty, or how I have endure the being attractive from the front but non attractive from the back, but I had to get over all that but at the same time make sure my kidos are ok because parents can endure easier than kids. “Dont mess with my babies” lol. But anyway I had to get pass all that “tease” and first learn to love self. Once I learned to love self then and only then was I able to decide to have surgery.

I told her about me doing every exercise and DVD known to mankind in order to lift my boot…NOT WORKING and I have been working at it since 2002….I know at long time. So I have reach my cross road. I told her that in everything I do I keep god first. I don’t want to be Vain or selfish cause I do have children who need me.

Anyway….We laughed and talked so that I could have kept her on the phone Allllllllllllllllllllllll Day.

Like I said, I don’t want to feel alone in this. Don’t have to many friends that will be able to take off work to help take care of me during those critical hours and days.

Please believe bbl ladies that I have prayed and still in prayer over this…. Of Course I want to wake up from my surgery and All things from healing to results fabulous.

So I’m deciding on if I want hips or not….Don’t really think I need them so I will see.

Never been able to wear any dresses without my butt lifter which is underwear with the butt cut out and it realllyyyyyyyyyy does lift but u can only wear it with certain dresses and no jeans at all. “please don’t” But It reallyyyyyyyyyyy does lift and gets so uncomfortable.

OK so I U sister know anyone that would like to make some extra M.O.N.E.Y to sincerely help me on those most critical days please inbox me….

I will be posting my before pic up soon so don’t give up on my sisters.

Not much to tell just will have my consultation...

Not much to tell just will have my consultation today......I hope some of u dont mind me copying some of your wish pic. Will post again after consultation.

Just a few wish pics added.....will add more plus...

just a few wish pics added.....will add more plus mine soon as I can.

More wish pics

more wish pics
Hey!! Hope your consult went well!!
it went very well JLO1, im so excited.

First dont get alarmed I gave Dr. J 4 stars only...

First dont get alarmed I gave Dr. J 4 stars only cause I havent had my Surgery wet:).......well had my consultation on yesterday.....It was kind of fast but I did get a chance to ask all the questions like 1. How long is the surgery insured for. 2. Just incase of surgery complications, what protocol it set. 3. Does he have hospital rights 4. Him being board certified. 5. If your completely asleep. 6. How close is the hospital 7. How common is seroma, and what would he do to treat it. and what should I do if this starts to happen once I return home, because Im an out of town patient. 8. What all does the surgery include.

Dr. J assured me that I will receive the best care, and his services is not some "fly by, Im done, get to steppen type service" Is phone manners is excellent.

I also talk to chelly or shelly which ever, and she was very brief just to inform me of some of the things to expect, financing, etc.

I spoke with Aziza who is so patient with me and all my bla bla bla bla bla lol......she explains things more slowly. I love her...we talk like we been knowing each other forever. I also received some additional info by email.

Dr. J did suggest tommy tuck and hips. I can deal with a little skin and my hips are fine once I get there i will decided on hips.

My front is not that bad, not to sound vain but I always attract from the front "Thank You Lord and Parents" Lol but my back side sense having kids look like flat mud pies lmaoooooooooo. but all in all...he's closer to home just incase I do have to return for complications but I rebuke that in the name of jesus.

As always I want to thank all the sisters that have been talking about there journey....nice enough to give important information "this is our life" and have been so positive. Also to the sisters that even after their sx they come back and show pics, I mean real life pics and talk about your experience after the fact I love you for that.

I finally got my dear friend to travel with me for the surgery, knowing she always did anything for me and me for her but I was just nervous about telling about the sx. but I always told ppl...... one day Im going to get me some "Buffy Booty":)

O yea, I was happy with the answers he gave me regarding my questions. and did any of you ladies get hips?

soon as I hide some of my private areas on my pre sx pic I will post them. Thanks ladies
Hey girl and congrats on your successful consult! Do you mind sharing his answers regarding the questions in your post?
posted answers gm1770
Congrats on your consult. Did you get a date? Keep us posted on your journey.




Reposting to answer questions........First dont...

Reposting to answer questions........First dont get alarmed I gave Dr. J 4 stars only cause I havent had my Surgery wet:).......well had my consultation on yesterday.....It was kind of fast but I did get a chance to ask all the questions like 1. How long is the surgery insured for. 2. Just incase of surgery complications, what protocol it set. 3. Does he have hospital rights 4. Him being board certified. 5. If your completely asleep. 6. How close is the hospital 7. How common is seroma, and what would he do to treat it. and what should I do if this starts to happen once I return home, because Im an out of town patient. 8. What all does the surgery include.

1.The sx is insured for 30 days. 2. There is a hospital close by for serious emergency. 3. He does have hospital right. 4.He is board certified. 5.yes you are completely sleep. 6. # 2 pretty much answers that.

7. seroma rarely happens, but if it does it mostly starts within the timeframe your there and he will treat it.. If your an out of town patient and it starts after you have left....He will talk to your doctor to get him to treat it....if not you will have to come back to see him....It is covered if this problem happens withing 30 days.

8.The price covers. procedure itself, one garment, office visits cause you will go back for drain remove etc, Local anesthetic ....

I cant remember if the first round of meds are included or not. I will try to ask Aziza....unless someone else here know.
Hey girl, I'm so excited for you! i have a consultation in December. What is your surgery date?
I'm watchin fasho!!
Can't wait to watch!!!

Ok I do have a question.....What is the best cream...

Ok I do have a question.....What is the best cream for under eye darkness and lines... and after surgery creams or ointments for scars.... I will have to have breast sx on 11/13....I have a lump thats been bothering me and getting it remove....The doc said its not cancerous and as with any ordeal that comes across...I truly have to pray and talk to the lord....May he protect me going in and out of surgery, with no complications, and perfect healing...Father you said ask.....Im asking in the humbles way I know how.....

Say a prayer for me ladies.....Lov yall....And thank U for sharing your stories and pic... it really means a lot.. xoxox

I will continue to read a many journeys and give support as possible, it really help me
good luck, sending you a prayer.
Thanks love for your prayers
goodluck and you will be in my prayers

Thanks you all for your prayers it means sooooooo...

Thanks you all for your prayers it means sooooooo much to me....all dont even understand...well my surgery went well...All I could think about was jesus....I mean really kept my mind on him...Our life is toltally in his hands and I had to make sure my health is ok first....Im currently waiting on my results to come back....No cancer lord..I rebuke cancer in the name of jesus....I AM SO HUMBLELY HAPPY that god saw fit and allowed my to come back and see my family and love one....and Im praying that same prayer for my bbL surgery. No complications, and beautiful healing results. THANK YOU LORD......."Always praying"

Well I went back for my breast Bio followup today....

Well I went back for my breast Bio followup today.....And I would like to first thank the lord for keeping me safe and allowing me to see another day......In addition, Thank you LORD....Test came back Negative....No Cancer, No Cancer, No Cancer,No Cancer, No Cancer, No Cancer,No Cancer, No Cancer, No Cancer,No Cancer, No Cancer, No Cancer,No Cancer, No Cancer, No Cancer....I just cant say it and thank him enough.....

I just wanted to say....I really wouldnt be able to even think about having this sx, if I wasn't praid up for real. I would just like to finally feel like a lady "cause a lady with class" I am with or without but that nice booty speaks for itself hahahahahah. Love yall
God is good!
yes he is.....Thank you bb78...Now I can focus on my breast healing and getting my surgery. May god keep us all covered and safe before and after surgery.
Thank GOD!!! Sending prayers your way! Good luck hun.

OK SO OVER THE WEEKEND.....I had a talk about my...

OK SO OVER THE WEEKEND.....I had a talk about my surgery with my girl who are 16 and 21....and they seem to be ok with it. They will be coming along with me along with my sister. Will my girls coming along makes me fill so much better......this is really huge for me.....I will be making my deposit here very shortly, I just had to make sure my breast and health was good. PRAISE GOD.....

Lets stay praid up for excellent surgeries and recoveries.....xoxoxox
Yes NOEL'..........He really is..realTalk.....RealtalK
Good luck on everything :)

Lets not do the expected For Starters, I would...

Lets not do the expected

For Starters, I would like to say, I have respect for everyone here, no matter male or female/ man or woman.... This is a tough journey for all of us, with so many skeptical feelings about this sx that we have decided to choose. It's very understandable to have opinions and disagreements but lets please be mindful of what we say to each other.

Our feelings are on a serious rollacoaster ride....should we or should we not, will we live threw it or are my result, is it big enough etc......

The most important thing about this process have our health and still be alive after the fact with not life threating complications....... Some of us is going to have better looking results than others....It's just a fact, but please believe I want each of us to come out OK lord.

Some of us is not getting what we expected or what we paid for, But the best thing is to reflect on how we feel without killing each other verbally.

It's so easy for we as women to attack each other faster than a rain drop can hit the sidewalk. "Lets Not Do What Is Expected".....

I applaud Everyone here for sharing their story....The Good, Bad, and Ugly.

If your doctor does not do what you expect.....then let it be known because the one thing the Dr's should not do is charge for something that is not possible.....

I didnt get the bra rolls because these dr's can only go up so far because of the lungs....the lungs can callapse if lipo goes up to far, I didnt get hips cause I can't afford it...RealTalk...

Honesty is the best patient/Dr. relationship, which results in patient referral's....

We are taking a chance on how long it will last along with our life.... Every life here matters and counts but society expects for us as women to fall out and have confrontation with every life issue.

I cant tell anyone what to do..... But only ask.....

For every sista/sister before me and that will come after me this is our life our journey....This is all we have here, is each other and the love and protection of god to see us threw.....

Stay Praid Up Ladies. xoxoxox
Thank you for this Beautiful reminder! Your also going to Dr. Jimerson! When is your surgery boo? XoXo
I was pushing for march but hopefully between March and June.

Just wondering how everyone is doing. I was trying...

Just wondering how everyone is doing. I was trying to save some MONEY would it be cheaper to stay stay in a condo like resort and are there any close to Dr. J's office... Hope everyone is healing well.... Would someone be willing to share a large suite with me to save but still be comfy and clean if so please Nbox me. My date will be between march and june 2013...Thanks ladies

I do understand that this BBL surgery is become...

I do understand that this BBL surgery is become more prevalent/high in demand but….What I don’t understand is why is these doctors steady going up. Yes many of us want this surgery but many of us are single parents “like me” who is the sole provider and who is trying to save every dime, plus not neglect my house hold and still have my surgery. Just think, on an average 10,000 @ 3 patients a day maybe even 4, 4 times a week. That’s roughly 480,000 a month, a year U do the math, not including other cosmetic procedures done. Pretty soon only the rich will be able to afford this and that’s just not fair because some of us do work hard 5-7 days a week and deserve a little improvement for ourselves. The more I research the more these Doc’s keep going up. Some of us would rather pay cash than get it finance....... We are headed into 2013 and its making alot of us frantic because of the prices going up in 2013.....NOT A GOOD FEELING AT ALL.....My Opinion

That dirty “supply and demand game”….I always hated it. Cause the little people end up screwed every time.

Ok As I sure U all know we dont have JACK her in...

Ok As I sure U all know we dont have JACK her in goodold ARKANSAS....ANYWAY:(.....Anyone From Arkansas know where I can get Medical Clearance Done. Please help ladies. I cant do this without U ladies help. Thanks
More importantly why will your PCP not clear you?
My doc wouldnt even give me diet pills to help me loose weight. So just in case he starts acting funny about me going out of town to get my surgery "god is good I did it on my own" I need a backup plan. I seen stories on her that ppl pcp didnt want to do it because of going out of town. and you cant get your deposit back
Hey girl. Another sis posted about firstchoicelabs. I guess you can google them & they will send you somewhere for labs. Check it out & let me know if it works for you. Happy New Year's eve :-)

Hope everyone has a wonderful and bless new year.....

Hope everyone has a wonderful and bless new year....Lets stay praid up. not major to report just getting out with family to enjoy the day. xoxox
Happy new years to you n yours....What finance company did u use for ur sx?
thus far paying cash I may consider financing but for backup saving my coins

Today I was able to make my deposit..Yaaaaaaaaaa.....

Today I was able to make my deposit..Yaaaaaaaaaa.....Spoke with Monica and she was very polite...believe it or not excellent customer service is so appreciated cause that is part of my job....ppl love it when theres a good mood person on the other end. Anyway I am scheduled for the week of June 23-2013...If there is anyone that would like to share the expenses on a hotel suite or large room please let me know "and yes" U must be positive because this sx and healing is going to need that. So inbox me if U are serious "To Help each other stay motivated and heal excellent.

As always I will continue to stay in prayer for me and for the rest of us. Love U All

OK I paid my deposit and thought I would be...

OK I paid my deposit and thought I would be feeling like a kid in a candy store.....sometimes I do sometimes I dont....although I am staying praid up for myself and all of us...I still feel wishy washy at times....Been having little pep talks with myself. I try to remind myself that Im not taking anything away that god has blessed me with just rearranging it.

I'v been told my breast are to big....but the way I see it....ppl are having sx to get these TigOBittys lol and after having a successful biopsy with no cancer I love my breast even more...Holding on for the day I will finally get to feel like a beautiful woman in a dress without butt pads, panties lifter with the butt cut out and cutting off my circulation , rolling down girdles so on and so on.....
but I still second guess my decision....JUst trying to stay positive.
I completely understand how you feel girl. As excited as I am about this, I still feel guilty sometimes. God has blessed me in so many ways, even physically, and I don't want to seem ungrateful by changing things up. My guy told me that man can not create for me something more beautiful than what God has already made... It is tough... But I am confident that this is something I want to do, and I trust my doctor to give me the results I desire (#TeamJimerson)... I read your whole blog and I saw where you were talking about all the doctors jacking up their prices. We all understand the frustration, but just like you said, it's that supply and demand thing... EVERYTHING and ANYTHING will go up when it's high in demand! Girl I'm still mad that small bags of chips were 4/$1.00 a few years ago, and now they are only 2/$1.00 lol!! It sucks, but we just have to roll with the punches :-) I look forward to following your updates... My day is Feb 14... Wish me luck!
That is sooo funny because as I was reading your blog about the prices going up I thought to myself yep just like quarter bags of chips and now n I guess I'm not the only one mad about that !

Was so uneasy about posting my pre-op pics. But...

Was so uneasy about posting my pre-op pics. But here goes...Thats why they call it real self...I currently at 175lbs, down from 215lbs and aiming for 165 before sx....Im very short waisted so all my weight gains in my mid-section not to by booty...Anyway...Just a few pics for the journey.

Adding pic's computer locked up ughhhhhhh

Adding pic's computer locked up ughhhhhhh
How tall0p r u? I'm 5'7 n weight is 205. I was tryn to lose 25lbs but I guess that's not going to happen. U r goin to llok grat after u get ur new booty. I had 44dds at one time but I couldn't take the pain nomo. I miss them sumtimes but I'm glad they gone. I can wear any shirt I want n dats y I love the surgey. Gud luck n I can't wait to c ur results
Im 5'5 aiming for 160-165...It's a struggle...on my way...since the weight loss Im at a 40 DD
You betta go girl! Who lost that weight?!? YOU did! What you are feeling is normal. God wants the best for us & that's why he blesses people like Dr. J to be able to use his hands & create such wonderful donks. I think you should keep those boobs, IMO. You are so right, ladies pay big bucks for boobies. Plus it will look good to have a phat @ss & big tatas. IJS :-)

Nothing new just patiently waiting for my surgery...

Nothing new just patiently waiting for my surgery date....with all the years of wanting, and researching god wanted to make sure that we get the proper treatment/surgery Dr. So many women have ended up making the wrong choice in getting a bigger booty....Im not saying there are not risk BUT....The chances and results are better by first staying praid up with god and asking him to lead you in the journey....

Anyway. just still working out and still wishing everyone a wonder, safe, and excellent bbl and all other sx procedure... Yes nerves and excited....

Good Things really do come to those who wait "to get it done properly" and ask god for it... #Humble
Hey honey!! Good luck on your journey!! When is your date
They moved me up to june 20th......
That's great!! You're right behind me!!

I have 4 months to go as of today........It seems...

I have 4 months to go as of today........It seems like a long time but then again...It gives be time to reflect and save etc....Nothing major to report....I did receive some funding/financing for my the rest will be outta pocket.... Yes like everyone else here Im praying for all positives.....No complications, excellent results, and mini pain level.......Till next Time

Ok.....I have butterflies in my stomach......I...

Ok.....I have butterflies in my stomach......I know that U have to take spot/s after the surgery to keep your blood from clogging but.....Do They Hurt? and has any of U ladies drove back home instead of flying...I mean not driving yourself but taking the road back home by car?.....My trip is 8 hours and I have never flown before.......If you ladies could Inbox me of a excellent care giver at a good price and massage info/help as well....I would really appreciate it......cause I really think I will need a professional caregiver to give me my spots.........Please help me ladies......Thanks U guys. xoxo
where are you driving from? I'm a nurse and can care for you if you have a location in Atlanta or reasonably close
Hey can u inbox me your info. I may need to consider your services.
Hi i know is really hardto safe that kind of money im a single mom and its very hard best of luck ......have u try to give a deposit? that what i did and then a week later it went up 1,500 thank god a gave my deposit that save me my trip money

Hey ladies, I have not posted for a while...Just...

Hey ladies, I have not posted for a while...Just bein saving, praying and reading U ladies post....Im so excited......Praying my nerves dont get the best of me....Will have my labs done May 20 which is within 30 days of my surgery.... I want to say...Thank you ladies for your stories "good and not so good" and motivations....I have made some friends and it has made me feel so much better.......WITH EVERYTHING WE GO THRU I PRAY WE ALL HERE...AT THE END OF HEALING HAVE EXCELLENT LONGEVITY RESULTS....LOVE ALL OF U FOR SHARING..XOXO
Hey baby girl, I just wanted to show you sum love and say congratulations! your day is almost here! : ) Best of luck to you!
Thank You LuxciousMindBodynSpirit.....Im praying for perfect Everything....From Vacation to Results and everything in between....Thank you again.
Lol....buffie the body is one of my wish pics as well matter fact if I walked out of salama office looking like that I'm giving up on wearing clothes I just wanna walk round all day butt a$$ naked being free ;-)

Ok....I need help...Are we suppose to have all...

Ok....I need help...Are we suppose to have all this stuff done on this medical clearance sheet.....The doctors here act like they dont want to do it...I have called LabTestNow, and My doc is pretty much against the surgery, and it say at the bottom it as to be done by a Dr.

Lord what to do ladies I really Need your help....I have to get this done on May 20.....So I was trying to make sure I had a place to get it done.....Screaming help me.......
Hey hun, Regardless of if your doctor likes it or not, if you are healthy he/she has to clear you. That's just ridiculous. You may have to go somewhere else. I didn't have a problem at all. My clearance took abt 10 minutes. It's almost like a physical + lab work. The form has to be filled out
Your so right PrettyPhysique.....Yes, after I faxed him the form...His nurse called me back and agreed......I called my old doc. just for bag up. Cause we have to be safe and healthy...I set the appt for may 20th....I told him as my doctor he should want to know whats going on with me...he knows everything about I remembered, I had already praid about this....thats when everything started falling into place....
backup, me, prayed....Lord my typo'

Ok...after faxing my Dr. the Medical Clearance...

Ok...after faxing my Dr. the Medical Clearance sheet...and letting him know that he's been my Dr. forever and should want to know what's going on with me....His nurse called be back and the appt. is set. #Please believe I have a backup plan....But seriously, I started to stress and remembered I have been praying about this whole process and everything started to come thru....Thank you lord I give u all the credit....Thank you PrettyPhysique for making a very valid point-God bless U in your up coming sx in a few weeks....PS.I must have the lords blessings and favor through this and in my life period....xoxo

The weather wonderful, Church Wonderful, this is...

The weather wonderful, Church Wonderful, this is the day the lord has made....Just waiting on my date to have my medical clearance done....Have a blessed week and safe surgery ladies......
You're welcome honey!! I'm glad that everything is starting to work out!! Thanks for the well wishes

Just waiting on my date....45 dayyyyyyys to go til...

Just waiting on my date....45 dayyyyyyys to go til my surgery date......and staying praid up.....

Counting Down the days.....Good Things comes to...

Counting Down the days.....Good Things comes to those who wait....I real believe that....
check this other site as well they have some really great priced garments and its in English and they sell fajate's
will do..thanks
any luck with ordering your garment from lipo express?

30 days from now

So excited.....30 days to go

Pre-Op Labs.....Waiting....Plus Was At The Hospital

Got My Pre-op Labs Done, now just waiting on my results to come back....

More importantly, I was as the hospital last night with my daughter's best friend who is near and dear to my heart....She has been battling congestive heart failer for some time now….and earlier this year she lost her mother and grandmother a week apart. Please say a prayer of healing, strength and a new heart....For Mercy and longevity of life.... Please see fit lord.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME...27 MORE Dayssssssssss Til My BBL

IM SO GREATFUL TO SEE ANOTHER BIRYHDAY...I really makes Me appreciate life...I've learned that most of the time U have to create Your own happiness..and I doing just that....Lord thank U for another birthday,all the prayers U've Answered and gonna answer.....27 more days till my bbl and counting......I give god all the credit......Be safe this holiday weekend.....And Thank You To TheMen and women that serve and have served our country.....God bless You and your families.....TTYL

from my phone

Sorry...typing from my went out
Hope everything goes has planned, and your end result r amazing.
gonna have to reschedule, thanks
Good luck on ur sx!! Did u find a reasonable hotel yet?

UpDate on my surgery

Sorry I have not been posting....I had to get over the disappointment period....After my medical clearance my results came back that my blood was extremely low and other health issues.....I have taken care of one health issue and now Im working on my iron level in my blood....I had no idea that my being dizzy was to lack of iron...I assumed it was just do to me eating less and working out really hard.....So in order for me not to have a blood transfusion.....Im on all this Iron stuff....spoke with Aziza who has been really kind and I will be put back on schedule once my health is excellent.....See I asked god for excellent everything regarding this surgery etc. and that is exactly what he is doing....I would dare want to have surgery and can't make it back to my daughters, who next to god means the world to me.....So Im taking iron,eating liver, dark greens etc. to get this thing up......Health first.....Still praying that all you ladies that had your surgery, your results are and will be excellent and for those of use that's to come excellent everything from our dear lord above.....Will let you know when I'm back on.......

UpDate on my surgery

O Yeah.....Me and my daughters still took our vacation to the ATL June 13-18, it was wonderful, underground ATL, coca-cola, lenox mall, Birthday Bash in the Park, Aquarium, CNN, Six Flags White Water, Beautiful Hotel in Perimeter Area. Everything was off the chain, the tall buildings was sooooooo beautiful, OUr trip was perfect..Im glad we did all this before my sx....Well until next time.....#Getting This Iron Up....xoxo
Hey there my rs susta! How are you and the iron coming along? I have been following your journey and U CAN DO THIS!!! YOU DESERVE IT AND YOU ARE GOING TO LOOK GREAT! I PRAY UR CONT STRENGTH AND NEW BODY CONTOUR IS A GREAT SUCCESS AND I KNOW its going to be cause DR. J IS THE BEST!!!!
sorry just now responding Sexeeangel...Havent been on here, been working on all things required. I did bring my Iron up to an excellent level and trying to keep it up...Back on the schedule for November....Thank you for your encouraging words, I really needed that....I asked God to allow me to have a excellent surgery and he is deff taking me through the process....Thanks Again.
Hey hun just read your updates....sorry to hear about the disappointment...just wanted to share with u what i read in addition to taking iron (but no more than regular amount) supplement daily, take vitamin C, a one a day multi vitamin and a lot of iron enriched food...I posted a link below...good luck hun!! Hope u feel better soon!

Health Up Date

Ok so I had some test done, and everthing came back excellent. Even had my Iron checked and it is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy better, heck I even feel better. My Iron was a 19 and its as 125 now...It has to be between 35-155. I im just working on keeping my iron and health up, exercising 4-5 times a week like I was but this time with healthier intake....Due for my sx in November....Lets keep our fingers crossed...Until next time.....xoxo....O yeah I have a dear friend who is having sx today....I love her so, she as been very supportive. Praying Dr. J does an excellent job, which I know with god leading she's covered......Thanks Again....Muah
Hey girlie! You are doing great yourself keep it up and thanks for stopping by to encourage me as i encourage you! Im following and cheering you on ok bby girl
Thank you for that, to actually say a prayer for me is so spirit humbling, more than you know.....I have a few that only talks to me here and feel so alone..."Hope I haven't offended anyone" but with god I know I'm in good company....My prayer is that everything goes excellent for every one of us her....May god bless you on Aug 12 with excellent everything....I have really been seeing god move...but I have to be honest....I have been seeing the lord move long before I got on here.....He really wants the best dr.'s for use....My Iron is coming along so so so good. It's really up so excellent....From my heart to yours...Thank you again for your kind words..Muah

Financing With Care Credit....Has Anyone Used

Have any of you ladies used Care Credit Financing....Are the payment reasonable.....Not Using all of it for procedure just some.....I did talk to gecapital and good thing about it...they do report payments....What do u ladies think.....Thanks love
Update bby grl?? How r u?
Sx right around the corner. Yaaa
So many butterflies. ..and ups and downs...just asking god for favor over this entire process

surgery Next Week....Help Me Ladies

So my sx is next week and Im staying praid up...I was praying and concerned about my monthly friend being here while having my sx and screaming yessssss I'LL be done it came early.IKR tmI but I gotta...still taking iron and vitamin C everyday...? When do I order second garment and how long it takes to come in....thank you to everyone here that I have talked to and gave so much info about there journey... I love you lady for that...Say a prayer for me

surgery next week

You will be just fine fabulous and foxy! He is going to put u on the map! Do knw this fa sho! He did my neighbor today, she got to be on the taping today for his new documentary coming up nxt yr! Ladies schedule ur sx's and lock in 2013 prices bcz hes going up another 1000!!!
Thank you sexeeangel...its plenty of stretching and eating better......Think im gonna get other stuff when I make it in...The nerves lol...locked my price in 2012...

WAS IN ACCIDENT-Non-Refund of Money-Sooooo Unfair and Unprofessional 11/22/2013

Ending story...I was on my way to Atlanta to have my surgery 11/13/2013 surgery was scheduled for 11/14/2013... On my way there I continue to have these pains in my arm and breast which I was seen for on 11/4/2013. I was thinking may be Im just stressed and overly excited because of the upcoming surgery. So I ignored the pain. Well while on the road and these pains kept getting stronger. Me and my friend was hit by a 18 wheeler tractor truck..You know the big ones that always killing people on the high way.... I texted aziza to let her know what had happened and was to shook up from the accident that I was not going to make it to my surgery. "CAR DESTROYED" This 18 wheeler caused a 3 car collision and my car was one of them. I have been of work for 2 weeks because of my injuries and in much pain, so that's why Im just now posting this my story....Then aziza told me that I could reschedule but I would have to pay the new higher price. Number one= this accident was beyond my control and on top of that I get a letter from the breast center saying I need to come back in cause something it not right...OK. Yes I did read the rules and understood them very clearly. Our car was recked and me and my friend was hurt by this big ass 18 wheeler truck and the only thing aziza could say is that they lost money...NEW FLASH***** I LOST MONEY AND DAM NEAR MY LIFE. THIS HURTS ME THAT THEY WAS NOT EVEN CONCERNED ABOUT MY CONDITION. TO KEEP THIS PROFESSIONAL AND GODLY, I HAVE BEEN PRAYING ABOUT THIS WHOLE SITUATION BECAUSE IT HURTS MY SPIRIT TO KNOW THAT DR ANDREW JIMERSON'S PRACTICE DOESN'T EVEN SEE FIT TO GIVE ME AT LEAST HAVE OF MY MONEY BACK...AND TO THINK i ALWAYS SAID A PRAYER OVER DR J AND HIS STAFF TO STAY HUMBLE AND TO TREAT HIS CLIENT RIGHT.. THIS IS SO HURTFUL. AND i HOPE THEY READ THIS BECAUSE I PRAY OVER THEM AND HIS CLIENTS PLUS MYSELF AND i RECEIVED NO SIMPATHY, FROM AZIZA NOR ANYONE ELSE THERE. PLEASE REMEMBER I COULD HAVE DIE ON THE HIGHWAY..SORRY IM IN TIERS...JUST HURT BY ALL THIS.
Omg I'm so sorry this happened to you. This is terrible! How can they not be more worried about your well-being?! This just goes to show some practices are more focused on the money than the patient. Scary thought.
SORRY Hun iv been reading a lot of horrible stuff about dr j and his customer service its a shame you have fell victim to it. Do have any written evidence detailing that the only money from the sx that's non-refundable is the $500 deposit?
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

I am choosing Dr. J because, I have seen his work on here and on his web site and I love it. After my research on him and having my phone consultation I was taken by his politeness. Aziza has been so patient with me cause I have a habit of talking to's also closer to home. I will rate the other stuff once I have my surgery.

1 out of 5 stars Overall rating
1 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
1 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
1 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
1 out of 5 stars Payment process
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