I Have Decided to Go With Dr. Campos

Hi, i'm planning on getting a tt with bbl and i...

hi, i'm planning on getting a tt with bbl and i need some more info on what doctor to go with!! i'm torn between 3 doctor's dr.salama,dr.jimerson and dr.campos who do you think is my man?! so..... my problem areas are the stretch marks on my stomach due to childbirth and not enough projection in my butt :-( i've always been conscious about my butt and now the stretch mark's and fat stomach has joined that list BUT i have decided to do something about it SO LADIES am i'm being too wishful with my body goals? please let me know, if you think of any people/pic's to show me that you think i could achieve with my shape holla!! but i will say i have seen some remarkable result's on here so i'm hoping my wish pic's could become a reality for me! but yeah, if you think it's realistic what would you say need's to be done? i was also thinking of losing weight before hand the only problem with this is if i lose weight and the doctor tells me there wasn't enough ccs i will be devastated (i've read this is a common problem with salama patient's) cause i do want a kim kardashian type butt!! also i'm planning to work out after my surgery to get everything nice and toned but i'm scared that i will lose the butt when i do so....what do you think i should do?!


Congrats on joining the BBL party!! Welcome!! I was in your same position but I decided to go with Dr. Jimerson, although more expensive he produces almost flawless work and I really haven't heard any complaints about him. But you should research and figure out who is best for you. Happy Hunting!!
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thanks :-) i'm just waiting for their reply but their just taking agess! yeah me too, i've seen some nice transformation's but then i see the booty shrinking and i'm like "NOOOO ALL THEM CCS GOING TO WASTE!" LOOL who are you going to?
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Hey girl, congrats on starting your journey... The first thing I would suggest would be getting a quote from the three doctors and see what each of them say. After that you will know, also look at a few of the profiles on here of girls that had their surgery so you can get an idea of how many cc's to get... You will be surprised by some of the transformations,mthey are amazing. Im beyond anxious to get my surgery and I'm not scheduled until October. Good luck with your research... ;)
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O.K this is messed up i have been planning this...

O.K this is messed up i have been planning this for too long for him to change it now, first the price was going up now this! i cannot afford to travel to america twice! what am i going to do.... girls any alternative surgeons who are just as good?!!!!


@babylucy88-- look this person up...http://www.realself.com/review/kansas-brazilian-butt-lift-wait-new-booty
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yeah i seen her before, you have to admit though she doe's look great! :O there must be a way to ensure proper aftercare! i want my stomach to be shaped properly and i have yet to see work like cardenas and campos i mean look how great her tummy tuck looks like seriously :O
My TT scar went around because I got an extended TT due to extra skin. If I didn't get that done I would have been left with dog ears on the side. My experience in mexico was great, so was the after care with Dr Cardenas and Grace Recovery. I will be returning in Nov for a breast lift.
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I have been researching everything i need to know...

i have been researching everything i need to know for about 3-4 years and have been wanting a bbl,tt and breast uplift w/implants, i don't really have a budget i just want the best possible surgeries i can get for my money. for me the most important thing is the tummy tuck scar, i want it to be quite precise because i've seen exactly how i want it. even though i'm not really pushed for money i am yet to witness tummy tucks as good as drs campos & cardenas, they are super thin,low and extended which is all three thing's i have been looking for and haven't come across anyone who doe's them in this way with the same amount of pictured,detailed review's. the problem i find with this is it's in mexico (please note i'm not from america) is it really a risky business traveling with health insurance to mexico? people need to realise that regardless of where you go some people are just susceptible to having complications regardless and there have been girl's who have gone and had a wonderful experience more so. what you think girl's honest opinions appreciated!


My cousin.and i are going to Cardenas this week. i will keep you posted on our experience.
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yeah please do! i need to see some more pics lol
I was feeling the same way. i was stalking her patients for pics. when i visited i was able to see her work up close and personal :-)
I leave out 2morrow. my cousin is the 11th and im the 12th :-) check my profile for updates.

So first i wanted my bbl and tt done by dr.salama...

so first i wanted my bbl and tt done by dr.salama but i wasn't too keen on his tt scar so i was keeping my options opened but then the news came that he stopped doing the bbl and tt together because of the bbl results not being as good as it being done separate. so i thought about it and i think in order to get the result's i want i'm going to have to get the surgery done by three different surgeons because i have yet to see someone who does the breast lift and tt scar and neat as i would want it. so here's my options dr.cardenas/dr.campos for the tt(their incisions are thin,low just perfect!, dr.kim for the breast's but if i could find more review's on dr.campos for the breast lift w/ implants this would solve all my problem's and dr.salama for the butt! i don't really like any other butt's i've seen apart from dr.salama he just does it to my liking so he's a definite for the bbl!! but how i am going to do this? if i have the tummy tuck first i don't think i'm going to have enough fat for the butt and if i do the butt first would i have enough to get a tummy tuck? reason why i want a tummy tuck is because i want most of my stretch marks to be gone! what do you think i should do? basically


Hey girl, I think the BBL first because you can get all areas lipo'ed and put into the butt. If you do the TT first you will NOT have the benefit of the fat they will cut out. Also you will need to wait about 6 months between surgeries so you need to think which you want first. Your breasts can also be done first then BBL but BBL should be done before TT. Good luck to ya!
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I agree, BBL First, you need the fat. If you do any type of lipo for a TT prior to the BBL, You will not have enough good fat cells to give you the results you desire...That's what my doctor said......
why do you need a tummy tuck?
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I've tried contacting dr.campos for about a month...

i've tried contacting dr.campos for about a month to get a quote and i have yet to hear from him! i don't really want to call up until i'm ready to get my surgery but i want to know roughly how much it's going to cost!! oh and if anyone has anyone before and after pics done by dr.campos let me know :-)


I just sent a email on the 24th and got a response today! angie@tjlipo.com or just call & leave a VM. I'm ready to join the BBL club, good luck on your researching! I plan on going to Dr.Campos, I got quotes for $10,000 and up in my area, he was the best choice - not only for the $$ but his works looks great! I plan on going in August, but that might not be the case because this Dr. stays booked up!
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hey girl just email angie@tjlipo.com. I got a quote within 2 days!
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Hi girls! i'm just planning everything and...

hi girls! i'm just planning everything and realised i'm not sure how long to stay in the clubmed recovery house, what do you think? i'm still contemplating on going with either campos or cardenas but i'm pushing more to campos for the reason that i'm not really seeing the butt's i want from cardenas she has a great tummy tuck technique though but i think campos has a similiar technique and he give's abit of a rounder butt! another problem i'm facing is when i can go as i have a son who needs to attend school. the only holiday's are a week in october and christmas holidays i can't wait any longer than that so i'm gonna have to make it work somehow!!! i just hope they have availability otherwise i'm going to be very annoyed!!!


It doesnt look like you need a tt (but I am no doctor) good luck with whoever you go with!
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No I really dont need one. Later after I have my last child I will get one. Thanks and Good luck to you too.
Who did your surgery?
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Hey girls! i have been researching like crazy and...

hey girls! i have been researching like crazy and wanted to find someone who can do a low tummy tuck scars with a nice round butt!! i had a few doctor's on the card's but i didn't want to compromise my result's so i have decided to go with dr.campos! i have seen consistent review's by this doctors with loads of before and after's and that's exactly what i needed. no matter who had surgery with him he did the best he could do for their body shape and that's all i want! i'm planning on paying at the end of this month and will be taking the next available appointment he has so i will update you guys when i know when that is! :D


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Campos is good I hear. Have you consulted with Jimerson. I didnt get a tummy tuck but I did see 2 people who got them from him and they looked really nice actually. His placements of where he cuts are done with an artistic viewpoint. But good luck no matter what~!
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I just switched to Campos too I was going to go with Cardenas but I just have not seen enough pics of her BBL so Campos or Dr. P it is!
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