My beautiful BBL sisters!! 7 week update =)

Ok... So had my procedure done on 9/20/11 and so...

Ok... So had my procedure done on 9/20/11 and so far I'm pretty happy.. So now for details..

Mother of 2 teenaged children Exercised and dieted did cyan pepper, atkins south beach grapefruit even nutrisystem have a gym membership, a blowflex and a treadmill nothing got me to where I wanted to be so did the next thing I could.. The research began... Did several consults over the phone and on the internet. Decided on Mx for Lipo and BBL.. The consultants are friendly, informative and always respond quickly. Even recieved a phone consult with the doctor to go over any questions. Although I did see some negative reviews I did my research and decided to go ahead with my procedure at this facility...

So I got to San Diego a day prior was picked up at the airport by a super friendly lady the vehicle had the emblem for the surgery clinic ( didn't know if I should have been embarrassed for the advertisement of my visit or relived that it was on the up and up LMBBLO) With in a few min we were in Tijuana and I was getting my blood work done. Payment was requested but I still had a few questions for the doc and asked if I can make final payment after my face to face with the doctor which was not a problem. A staff member then took me to the hotel I would be staying in helped me get settled in and said would be back for me in the morning.

Picked up on time got in the sexxi gown nurses prepped me, anesthesiologist talked to me then the doc came in. Showed him a picture of what in my mind I wanted to look like, really never discussed how many cc's to inject and all that because honestly I don't know how much a cc of fat is and what that would look like after its in my @$$ =).. So we discussed my body and he went into detail as to what I wanted and what could actually be done. I was comfortable with his responses and actually quite relieved I had a doctor to tell me the truth and not what I wanted to hear. I had no false expectations and knew exactly what would happen. Made final payment, went to the procedure room had an IV placed in and woke up in recovery.

 Phew... Hard part over?? I think NOT!! So initially no pain, just uncomfortable and a bit nauseas. After about 2 hrs I was given some meds, discharge instructions and taken to the hotel. to rest.. OMGosh what the heck was I thinking?? Ok some pain, tenderness But how would I handle the flight out the next day??? Made it through the night slept on my stomach not an overwhelming amount of blood or drainage but I did have about 30 lbs of gauze and wrap on me...Good gawd will I make it through airport security?? Long story short... Got out of Mexico, made it through airport security had wheelchair assist all the way home, was dizzy, nauseas and you could smell the blood from my bandages under my clothes almost made me throw up twice can't imagine what the passenger next to me was feeling it was horrible but I made it home afraid all the sitting during traveling will alter my outcome keeping my fingers crossed that I will have a superfine booty. NOTE!!! Take some time to recover don't fly out as soon as I did cause I certainly regret it.

 So on day 4 after surgery I feel well took off the 30 lbs of gauze able to shower and have my compression garment on. it's tight in the glutes but loose this the waist so I got a waist cinch. Stomach is hard and has some ridges tender to the touch and still some bruising present. Down about 4 pounds but still pretty swollen like what I see so far =) will keep ya'll posted.. I'm saying it's worth it but honestly will have to wait the 6 weeks post op for final results.

9/26/11 So 6 days post op. Feeling well. No pain...

9/26/11 So 6 days post op. Feeling well. No pain meds needed still on the antibiotics. Very few lipo areas tender to touch. Bruising down and most of the swelling I see is in the pubic area. Still feeling dizzy and nausea at times but unsure if due to meds or lower caloric intake. Compression garment tight in glutes but loose in waist may need to purchase second stage garment already (yay!!)Can't see a big difference in photos but definately in the fit of my clothes. Hope my butt stays this size =) Have pics of the front but I'm bucked nekid (LMBBLO (Laughing My Brazilian Butt Lift Off)) If you want to see send message (=

OK 2 week update =) Feeling really good only...

OK 2 week update =) Feeling really good only slight burning/tearing sensation on left side (waist) when I bend or twist a certain way. Feeling in my lower back has almost fully returned. Bruising almost entirely gone. Skin feels really tight Can see big changes in the waist and stomach (yay!!!) not so much in the glutes =( ...But my clothes definitely fit better......Concerned about the ripples and dimpling on the stomach. I think most of the swelling has gone down not sure how to tell for sure. Did not change garment as of yet what I did do was purchase one for the waist with no zippers and use it under the garment given to me from the doctor ( I hope this is ok) but I don't know how tight I should wear it.Would really like to start exercising again I have to keep reminding myself thats it's only been 2 weeks some people don't see final results anywhere between 6 mo to a yr post op.. Grrrrrr.. But anyone that has done their research knows the BBL is a crapshoot too many varibles determine if u will have the results you want.. will I have enough viable fat?? Will my skin strecth?? Will I reabsorb the fat?? If so how much?? On and on..... Anywho... heres some stats..

Height 5'11
Weight pre-op 207 Weight post-op 203
Measurement pre-op 44-39-45
Measurement post-op 42-34-47

Till next week!! Hugz!!

Sorry I haven't been keeping up with the updates...

Sorry I haven't been keeping up with the updates =( but I'm at 7 weeks now... bruising gone I still have the pox marks but they are less visible. The rippling/dimpling on the stomach is almost entirely gone although there is some (very little) swelling. Still have some numbness in the lower back... Absolutely love my flatter figure and new waistline.. Clothes fit really well =) Ok, ok now for the booty.... I quit wearing the garment and I sit and try to sleep on it (try being the operative word) it was a little uncomfortable in the beginning and took some getting used. I really didn't get the big bodacious booty I thought I wanted. Notice I said thought. Turns out I'm really happy with my lil bubble butt (my daughter calls it that c(= ) It’s great to be admired and not so much ogled.. the down side.. I got some cellulite (blah) not too bad but more than I had before so I tried to start exercising ** note. Running is a big NO NO!!! Doctor said my body could continue to change but I’m satisfied with where I am so keeping my fingers crossed that it won’t change too much. Honestly I think I got more results from the sculpting from lipo than the fat transfer. At this point it doesn’t matter, I feel awesome and have no regrets =)
Luis Suarez

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Has anyone heard of Dr.Ernesto Alonso Valdez Salas? He's in Mexicali I will be getting a fat transfer from back and tummy to my booty... 2 weeks pre op
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You Look WONDERFUL GIRL! I am having my tummy tuck in Mexicali and plan to get a BBL and breast redone in July Aug 2014. I really like the work they did for you. CONGRADS. I am having Surgery April 3, 2014 with Dr. Victor Ramirez and I am posting all my before and after pictures and details on Real Self. Follow my blog (s) for updates. *Very Excited*
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I hope your surgery goes well, I was scheduled for the 5th on Saturday but I just got a call that he was not going to available. Hes a great doctor this will be my second surgery with him.
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*** NOT WORTH IT *** THEY ATTEMPTED TO CHANGED SURGEONS ON ME AT THE LAST MINUTE AND I LOST TIME AND MONEY. CHANGED DOCTORS FROM VICTOR RAMIREZ TO DR. ALEJANDRO PAREDES VALLEJO RE: Dr. Paredes, has really bad ratings and I did not want him doing my surgery Alex, this was obviously not a good experience for me with you changing the surgeon on me at the last minute. I am already back in the USA, I had taken off work and school for two weeks to make this happen without pay. I have custody of my three grand-children so I had to pay $900 for childcare and the $210 for greyhound I lost and $60 to for a motel 1 night and another $62.00 to take the greyhound back home as I got off the greyhound after trying to call your cell several times with the message this person is not accepting calls at this time. I tried to leave several messages that I researched Dr. Victor Ramirez for over 1 year and that is why I wanted him to do my surgery, I was not comfortable at all if not frightened to hear that at the last minute that you wanted met to change surgeons to a doctor I never heard of but I did Google the new doctor name Dr. Paredes, Mexicali and I found this recent rating which made me then get off the greyhound after I left you messages and text you with no response back. Did you get my messages and texts or maybe you did not set your voice-mail message center up as I attempted to reach you several times prior to getting off the greyhound to head back home. I lost approx. $2,500 from missing work, childcare , travel expenses just because you changed the surgeon but I felt better losing this than to have surgery with someone that has bad ratings which increases my risk for a bad surgery or even my life. I tried to get a refund or credit but the tickets where non-refundable and the next bus going back to my house was the next morning so I rented a motel. I really would like for you to read the rating on the doctor you wanted to changed me to and tell me what would you do? I am trying to improve my self and this story was really horrifying on the doctor you wanted to do my surgery. I decided to wait to get my surgery in August with another doctor that has excellent ratings about the same price but not in Mexicali.
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You look great for having only 500cc placed. So know that it's been almost a year, did any fat reabsorb?? Or is it still nice and perky??
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Your doc did a amazing job! You look great. have you heard of clinic amicef in tj Mexic? I will be having bbl and tt. With lipo to my back on June 22 by Dr Enrique Valencia. I have a few question can you email me
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Hey there =)
Dr. Campos gets great reviews.And his photos show great results. I used Dr. Suarez cause he had an opening for my desired timeframe.I can tell you to try to have most of your questions answered before you make your final decision. Now how big you can go is contingent on a number of factors, like how far the skin will stretch, how much transferable fat can be collected, how much will survive after transfered yadda, yadda, yadda. Kinda sounds like a crap shoot I know. But it's better to get all the information you can so you not given a bunch of false expectations.
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Where in Mexico did u get Ur Surgery done.?? And how much did u pay?? Also Wat did u get done?I did read Ur post but I forgot LOL...
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That is awesome work. I am in the process of scheduling with Dr. Campos also... Did you have to tell him your measurements or show him a pic or he just used his own judgement? Im looking for 36-24-40.. Not sure what I nd to say to achieve it? Help...LOL
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Has anyone had a procedure done wit Dr.Gaspar Blanco in Mexicali Mexico.??? Please let me knw ur experiences? and ur outcome? And if ur happy wit ur results??
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Sorry sweetie =( I'm not familiar with him. Hope you find the info you need.
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Hi can you tell me anything on Dr Gaspar?
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Ur results r great how did u find this doctor and where can i find his info
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hey sweetie =). If your a member to the sight his name will appear under my review. Google him and he pops right up..
Thx for the support
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where n mexico and how did u get dwn there an how long did u have to stay did they put u n a hotel
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Hi Terri89.
I was in Tijuana not far from the boarder. My rate included 1 nite stay in a local hotel that served breakfast, transportation to and from airport and medical facility and meds. I flew in a day early for bloodwork and paid for an extra night for "recovery" I really wished I would have stood an extra night.
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What did you do to make ur booty get bigger n waist smaller? A garment exercise? Please share
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Hi Baycakes!!

Well I used the garment given to me after the procedure for 6 weeks. I will admit that I added a waist cincher. In the begining I could only keep it on a couple of hrs. But then I got used to it and used it all day. Ask your doctor he might be against it some don't like too much compression. And I did exercise prior to my doctors wishes.Only because I felt really good and went really slow.I'm only stating what I did. By no means do I think it will work for everyone.Wishing you the best!!!
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hey u look great at 6mos, what mos did u notice it getting bigger? (fluffing)
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Thx =)... But actually I never really noticed any fluffing. I think with me it was more that the swelling went down in the lower back, waist and stomach. My measurementsare almost the same I was sad to lose and inch in my bum
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I went to the same DR, earlier this year and was completely unsatisfied.He wants to get you in asap and and have you leave as long as he gets ur money.Tried to call for questions and they would not even respond.I have my post up and there`s also another lady n.y state of mind that went through the same horrible experience like myself.Would never dare go back to him again,forgot to mention none of the stuff wear gloves for goodness sake.I will have to go to Dr campos coz I heard he could put up to 600-1000cc without no problem,with Dr luis wanted 600 but gave me 250cc
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but am happy you are one of the satisfied customers/patient.
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Hi u look great, can you tell me what facility in mexico that you had your procedure done at pls. I am interested in going there to do mine
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