BBL Staten Island Jan 2012

Finally scheduled for January 3, 2012!! So very...

Finally scheduled for January 3, 2012!! So very excited and looking forward to a new shape for the new year. Reading reviews and doing research for months now, I know how helpful everyone's reviews were to me in making my decision. The doc I have chosen had no reviews on realself but lots of BBL experience and great consultation.
So stay tuned for my review next week!

So I had BBL this morning! The facility at Staten...

So I had BBL this morning! The facility at Staten Island was very nice and clean. The intake nurses and anesthesiologist could not have been nicer. They were very kind and professional. I met with Dr. Heller just prior to surgery and he spent time with me explaining exactly what he was going to do. Unfortunately, I don't so much have fat as just kind of loose flabby skin! However, I see that my love handles are gone and my butt looks big right now, although that is with a thick dressing on it. I woke up in the recovery room, amazed that I was all finished. I felt great, pretty much able to dress myself and stand around talking on the phone until my ride arrived. Very slight soreness in abdomen and butt. I have been warned that tomorrow could be quite uncomfortable but I am not worried at this point.
The doc only injected 300 ccs into each cheek of my flat little butt, but apparently has some of my fat frozen if I want to add more during an office visit with local anesthesia.
As a bonus, and at no extra cost, he was kind enough to inject a little into my laughlines on my face, which I really like so far. There is no bruising, just a little red dot at the injection sites.
I think as long as I can keep what I have, I will be very happy with my results!
I will post a couple pics tomorrow...

I still feel surgery was very worth it. I wish I...

I still feel surgery was very worth it. I wish I had more ccs injected. I'm not sure why Dr. Heller is so conservative. I have appt scheduled in April for him to shoot some more of my fat into my butt.

I went to see Dr. Heller this evening in his newly...

I went to see Dr. Heller this evening in his newly relocated Manhattan office, very clean and pleasant, on the ground floor. There was no waiting, and he and his staff were very gracious and pleasant. He showed me my before pictures, and I must say, I am SO HAPPY with my results! Nonetheless, I felt a little more volume would be nice. He was able to inject 120 ccs into each cheek with very little discomfort, using fat obtained during my original surgery in January. I know 120 ccs doesn't sound like much, but my butt looks and feels much bigger, and more important to me, shapelier. I am wearing my garment, not sure how long, I forgot to ask, but he said it is okay to sit down. I am planning to make an effort NOT to sit as much as I can, but I did sit in the car on the way home..surprisingly, I am not in pain. I will post a picture or two tomorrow!

still holding

a few ladies msg'd me as they are planning bbl by heller. Nearly 18 mos later and i am still MUCH happier with my body. I am still disappointed about not getting enough ccs to round my butt, still looks a little flat in jeans. I highly recommend heller as i appreciate more and more what a difference in my figure just from the lipo. i appreciated the excellent staff, cleanliness, and was not ill at all from anesthesia. My recovery seems very mild, just bruising and soreness. No drains, genital swelling, burning sensation or infection. Good surgeon and the price is right. Take the plunge. You are in good hands and it will change your life. I am a 48 yo granny of 2 boys and i continue to get compliments on how i look. Nobody suspects i had bbl, just think i workout or whatever for these youthful curves. I am curious if the ladies who get way more ccs still got it a year or 2 down the line. Heller said only so much fat will actually take and that is why he is more conservative. Try to get him to pump up the volume if in fact you can show him conflicting evidence. To that end. Sorry, couldn't resist the pun.

January 2014

So it's been 2 years! I can't say I regret having BBL. My results were less than spectacular and in retrospect, I wish I had chosen Dr. Saluma (sp?) in Miami or the now deceased Dr. Hegg in the SF area, both of whom I had consultations with. For convenience, I chose Dr. Heller. I felt they were all comparable in the aspects that mattered to me: cost, expertise and experience, cleanliness and safety. I am not obsessed with having a huge butt. However, I have always had a fairly small butt and in my forties, especially due to gaining and then losing about 15 lbs rather quickly, my butt pretty much became non-existent. It was ridiculous! My pants wouldn't stay up, they were unattractive baggy in the seat, and skirts didn't do anything for me either. BBL was a perfect solution since the lipo also contributed greatly to the more feminine shape I wanted. My only regret is that I settled for a doctor who was unwilling to inject more ccs, even though he had enough of my fat. His standing argument is that injecting more than 300-400 ccs at one time is ineffectual, anything more just would not be able to survive and flourish. Even when he injected 100 or so ccs more in a later office visit (which seems to be his standard routine), that still did not give me the fullness I wanted. As you can see from my after pics, I am more shapely. The problem is that I am still very flat on the sides and lower areas of my butt. Probably 300 to 400 more in each cheek would have given me the roundness I am lacking. In May 2013, I had back surgery, which limited my mobility and restricted my movement. As a result, my belly got flabby and my butt also lost some shape. I am confident that now that I can exercise again, I will be able to tighten it up. For now, I am not happy once again, with how my pants fit! In fact, I am wearing lightly padded panties to compensate, which really sucks, having invested in BBL like I did. My advice is definitely have this surgery, just know that 300 or 400 ccs is not going to cut it. For my 5'6" 150 lb body, 700 to 800 would have given me an average, natural looking butt. If you want to get an idea of how many ccs you need, a squished up pair of nylons is about what 300 ccs looks like. Put on some bikini panties and stuff some nylons or a beanbag or something in them, pull on your jeans and there's your visual. Good luck to everyone! Thank you very much Real Self!
Dr. Elliot Heller

Very convenient! I was able to have my initial consult via phone and e-mail. I had a visit in the Manhattan office, did bloodwork, and scheduled for Staten Island the following week, since the cost is less there. Impressed with cleanliness, professionalism, and personal attention. I called him a couple times with questions and he answered the phone himself and took time to speak with me and address my concerns.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Sorry to hear you aren't satisfied and thanks for your story and insight. Are you planning to do another bbl with a different doc in the future?
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After ur last injection did ur results change. I go for my procedure the 19. Cant wait to c the new pics of you.
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TIhank you for compliment! I will post a picture with clothes on really soon, I am so happy to have finally a kinda hourglass figure. I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Heller. I think you will be glad you chose him.
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U look amazing! I def see a difference! I'm so excited for mine I finally scheduled for July 3rd!!
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R yu going post pictures
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Absolutely no drains! You will be bruised where he does the lipo and you will have a thick dressing the first day that will get wet and red, but that's it. You are in good hands with Dr. Heller, nothing crazy. I see a lot of other people experience itching and burning...swollen genitals...infections...really rough recoveries, not so with him.
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Did u have to use drains? all of dr salama patients had to and they look scary. I just spoke to dr heller n he charged me 5700. He will keep the fat for a yr n if i want more volume its 400. Not too bad and I cant wait to get my shape
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No pain or discomfort to speak of with the office injections. He did a local and I took tylenol last night. Today I have no pain. Dr. Heller is a really great doc and I am very happy I chose him. According to him, it is impossible to inject the large volumes, it is mostly saline and will not last. I did not experience any reabsorption. I am wearing a skirt today and so comfortable with my shape, really a life-altering experience, you are correct. I am still very pleased also with the little bit he put in my face which makes me feel younger.
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I c that u had to go bck for more volume. I really only want the pain n discomfort once. After stalking this site researching several drs going to consultations i decided on dr heller. The dr that i teally wanted to use is on the state registry for several malpratice. Ladies this is a life ultering experience pls do the research along w what u get frm this site. Thanks for the up date n good luck w ur new booty n shape. Im excited
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wow 47( that is still young, but your body looks like ur 25) Congrats... I live in Manhattan, and Im thinking about having the procedure done, your story helped thank you
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ok so im getting a lil aggy how do you start your own blog on your profile i cant seem to find that option
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600 ccs each cheek would have been awesome!!! I only got 300 ccs each. He lipo-d 2 liters which seems to me I should have had enough. I just have to wait and see how much fat he will inject at my office visit in April. I could not get a number out of him. Also, be forewarned that he charges for this additional injection. We are still negotiating my price. Thank you for very nice compliments ladies! I think he is skilled and can make you happy, but push for more volume.
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I just checked out your pics and u look great!! I honestly don't think u had a lot of fat to begin with! That could also be why he didn't want to add more because it mightve got reabsorbed. Do you know how many ccs he lipo'd out? I feel like I have enough to put a lot in and extra to freeze for later lolll. I hope if I go for a second consult when I'm ready to book he'll say he can get a least 600 (each) in there. I would've never thought u were 47 u look amazing!
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I wanted more ccs!!! He told me only 3 to 400 ccs, which was honest of him. Seriously, easy recovery with him. I flew across country, I was extremely active. Did not have genital swelling or any of the other symptoms I hear about. Just took the pain pills so I wasn't too sore. My butt never hurt, only my belly and back was tender where the lipo was. Did you see my post-op pic? I feel like I look really different and my clothes fit better. No one says anything about my butt specifically, just "You look great!" Also, I am 47 year old grandma so maybe if you are younger, you will get even better results.
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I wouldnve ever figure you were 47, you look good and I can understand if you wanted more volume. You can also see a difference though from your before pic. How much are you going to get injected on your follow-up?
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I also feel like the recovery with him would be easy. He said its not too painful after and that u should be fine in about a week. Would he have gone higher with the ccs if u requested? How much are u getting injected in next time? Sorry for all the questions I'm really interested in having him do mine he seems like a great dr and during the consult he really put me at ease with my concerns, minus the size!
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Yes it is frustrating he is conservative! I wanted more volume too. However, I am still pleased with my results and also feel that my recovery was much easier compared to others, due to his specific methods. I felt entirely safe in his hands, facility was top notch and his staff is excellent. Wait til I post pics after my April visit when he will inject more ccs that he froze...not sure why he didn't inject all of it at once but I will take what I can get.
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Can u post some more photos of befire and after I live in ny and her price doesn't seem high however I want volume and shape I hate when surgeons are to conservative I want a boooty lol
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I just went 4 a consultation with dr. Heller. My only concern was that I told him I want 1000-1200 ccs per side and he only recommends between 3-400. How does it look since its been a few weeks? Would u recommend going with more ccs?
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ok, when your ready...Im going to Dr. Salama in Aventura, FL which is five hours away from where I live. Im sooooo excited and cant wait.
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I wanted to put pics up a couple days ago but my bruises look too scary. Honestly the pain has not been bad at all. My migraine headaches are much worse! The thing I am worried about is I hope I am not overdoing it because I have been moving and also Sunday I flew from ny to sf and I'm helping my son and his wife with their new baby. They have not said a word so I guess it isn't too apparent. I weigh 5 lbs more than I did pre p and I think that I am still quite swollen in my belly and back where the lipo was. The plane ride was hard but thank God I slept some. Mostly I kneeledd in front of my seat with my head down. I'm sure people thought it was weird but who cares. I have had to sit a few ttimes and I will be so mad if I screw up my results!!! I feel so much better in my clothes now. I put pics as soon as my bruises fade. Thanks and so far my advice is Just Do It make sure your doc is legit.
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Happy your having a great and easy recovery...please post pics!
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definitely cant wait to see your after surgery pics
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That's good news ! ;-)
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Thanks! I will try to post pics in an hour or so.
Still amazed I am not suffering like so many others seem to. Just a little sore and swollen but I like my results already!
Let me try to post pics....
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