Rock hard midsection? BBL with Dr. Salama On June 5, 2012- Aventura, FL

Well, I booked it today. Really wanted to have...

Well, I booked it today. Really wanted to have this procedure done in June, so that I could go on a vacation in August, but I guess it is what it is. Spoke to Jennifer and gave my 10% deposit ($650). I was told to take vitamin C for a month prior to surgery as well as iron. The iron part sucks because iron supplements constipate me (gonna have to find a way to work around that, lol) I have to stop taking birth control 2 weeks before the surgery and any fat burners must be stopped 1 month prior to surgery. And here's the kicker, I must stop smoking 2 months prior to surgery...and I'm definitely going to do it cuz I want that ass!

Anyhoo, I've got lots of time before my procedure, too much time if you ask me, so I guess I'll be chatting with you all soon. Gotta figure out how to put my before pics on here.

I don't have a late June or early July date but I would like an earlier date, if you don't mind a later (anywhere between October to whenever) Nancy is just waiting on me to set a date so whatever you want I'm sure I can work with. Lol, I know you haven't looked at this in forever, but, it's worth a try right?
I am excited. I wish that I could switch with someone for a late June or early July date because I had a trip planned for early August...but I'll just have to stick with this date. And yes, I plan on posting pics soon. I am out of the country right now and using my iPad and I've heard from some other people's comments that you cannot upload pics using your phone or the iPad.
hey i have a july 27th date....i know u just switched to june 4th but if for any reason you'd be willing to switch with me for july please let me know. I kind o got screwed cause i paid and had my medical clearance done and it has to be done within a month of surgery......the girl who switched with you had confirmed switching for my date, but i guess she wanted your date instead :(....well let me know if you can do july 27th....dont know what to do now. thanks

Ok so I spoke to Jennifer today and I just need to...

Ok so I spoke to Jennifer today and I just need to switch dates when Ruben is in the office on Monday morning. Check in with you guys on Monday with my new date. :-)

Dates have been switched. Waiting for my packet to...

Dates have been switched. Waiting for my packet to come now. New Date: Jun 4th. Can't wait.

My bad...the new date is June 5th.

My bad...the new date is June 5th.
you have a week left!! wish i can change to beginning of aug
Wow...Im excited for you. I know Dr. S is going to do great work on you. Can you post before and after pics soon....Im going to him in Oct and I cant wait. Im sorry your going to be going by yourself...Im am out of country but if I could be back that soon I would love to have gone with you...because I will be going by myself as well.

Well ladies, 4 more days. Still not sure whether...

Well ladies, 4 more days. Still not sure whether my cousin will be coming with me so I told Larry that. He says that I have until Sunday night to call him back and let whether I'll need his services. I'll be in Aventura from June 4-13. My surgery is scheduled for June 5. I will wait until my consultation with Dr. Salama to decided how many cc's I would like. I think that i've bought everything that I need: maxi dresses, female urinal, Thai bolster pillow to sit on, folding stool for my butt to have off of, post op vitamins, tank tops to wear under garment, what else? I will be getting lipo to full abdomen, flanks, back and inner thighs. I will ask the doctor about the bra, back fat area as well. I plan on getting five massages while in FL and I will also ask to purchase extra garments for when I decrease in size. I'm staying at Marbay hotel because of its proximity to Walmart, starbucks and other places to get food. If anyone else will be in Aventura around this time, let me know. I may have to do this all alone and I welcome any company. Ok, gotta run for now.
I feel much better now. When I came out of surgery, I was in a lot of pain but the Percocet is helping.
HEY GIRLLLLLLLLL!!!! How are you? omg how you feeling---think you had it today or yesterdayy--how u doing over there? ok?
Good luck!

Hey gurlies, here I op day # 1. Last...

Hey gurlies, here I op day # 1. Last minute, my cousin decided to come with me but here's the kicker...he lives in Barbados. So I flew to Fort Lauderdale airport from NY on June 4th. Picked up rental at the airport and drove over to Salama's office to talk to Nancy and make payment, fill out paperwork and get boppy pillow. Then I went to marbay hotel (also called Knight's inn) and asked for Lily, she understands why so many ladies are coming here and she allows you to pick the room you like best. Then went to Walmart which is in a complex close to my hotel and did grocery shopping. But that time, I needed to get ready to go to Miami Int'l Airport to pick up my cousin coming in from Barbados. I didnt have a moment to relax so at midnight, I was pooped and couldn't wait to sleep. Surgery was the next day, June 5th at 6:30am and guess what? The surgical center is literally right across the street from my hotel. Finally got to meet Dr. Salama, told him I wanted between 1000 and 1200cc's and after it was all finished the post op paper said 1200 cc's. I woke up frOm surgery in a great amount of pain, it felt like they didn't give me anything for the pain. I was shivering and my teeth were chattering...I was a hot mess. But as soon as I got back to my room and took a Percocet, I was much better. Today at 3:30pm is my follow up visit and I guess massage so I will let you guys know how that goes. No pics yet, my iPad isn't allowing me to post. Oh and even with the female urinal, you still manage to get pee on your garment. ladies, if you have any questions...ASK AWAY.

So I got confirmation yesterday at follow up appt...

So I got confirmation yesterday at follow up appt that Salama gave me 1200 cc's per cheek. I don't think it looks too big but my cousin thinks its huge. So I got no massage yesterday, I'm scheduled for my first one today at 12noon.
wow,you seem to be fine and in good spirits.Cant wait to see pics!!
so happy you got it over with.., please post pics when you're better..

Well, my first massage was today. It was supposed...

Well, my first massage was today. It was supposed to be at the office at 12 noon, however the office called and stated that Eilyn could come and do it at my hotel at 1pm. And ladies that was an experience. The back and thighs were doable but the stomach actually made me tear up. And I don't cry easily. But I made it through and my second massage is tomorrow, June 8th at 10am. Hopefully, it will be better then.

Second massage was just as bad. I didn't even make...

Second massage was just as bad. I didn't even make an appointment for tomorrow. I just told Eilyn, "I'll call you to set up another appointment". Lol. My cousin is losing his mind with boredomin this hotel room. Luckily, one of our friends from out here in FL came and picked him up today and took him to downtown Miami. Ladies, do not go to marbay/Knights Inn, there is no wifi in the rooms and we haven't had hot water since yesterday, apparently something is wrong with the boiler. Which means that I have had 2 cold showers so far. F*cking ridiculous!!! Oh yeah, I still haven't gone #2... It's been 4 days, I can't take it anymore. Do any of you ladies have tips for sitting on the toilet? Lol

Ok, so yesterday, June 9th, was a much better day...

Ok, so yesterday, June 9th, was a much better day for me. In the morning, sent my cousin for an enema and finally got all that sh*t out (pun intended) lol. Sorry ladies, I'm a nurse so speaking about this type of stuff usually doesn't bother me. And at 2pm, my massage with Eilyn was a lot better. No tears this time. Today, June 10th is just going to be a chill day for me. And then tomorrow will be my 4th and last massage. I have nothing else to share right now but if you want to ask me a question, then ask away!
when are you leaving?
Wednesday, June 13th. I sent you a pm.

Today was my last massage with Eilyn. I thanked...

Today was my last massage with Eilyn. I thanked her. My front drain has nothing but the back is still draining. At least she told me that I don't have any pockets of fluid. Tomorrow morning at 9:30am, I go to the office and get these drains removed. Hallelujah!!! I can't wait. I leave on Wednesday, June 13 in the afternoon. Hopefully I'll be able to see Dr. Salama one more time on Wednesday morning. I will keep you guys posted tomorrow after drain removal.
You look good ....keep us posted.
Hey Starr, I also have a weird shelf but I feel like its dropping everyday. How are you feeling about your booty?
Well my body is changing everyday for the better, but iam very swollen, and 900cc doesnt do me justice already thinking about round 2 but with a doc here in texas. But like i said u look great.

Well today I went to the office for the last time....

Well today I went to the office for the last time. My drains were removed by Nomie, the front one burned like crazy and I started feeling weird. She proceeded to remove the back drain which was a lot less painful however, the room started getting dark, I had a funny taste in my mouth and I started to pass out. It was so weird, my knees got weak and started to drop to the floor and my cousin and Nomie held me up and at that point, I was sweating profusely. Nomie gave me an alcohol pad to sniff and fruit juice to drink. After that, I've been great! I can do anything without those damn drains. I spent most of the day out and shopping. Lol. My flight back to NY is tomorrow. Can't wait to be back at home.
I seriously want this done.. I'm 5'8 and 165, so I know I'd be good for it at this weight. However, I also want breast implants too. Too bad he couldn't do it all in one shot, but I know I'd be dying and I'd want to kill myself, plus who the hell could afford all that, LOL. Anyways, I have a question.. everyone keeps talking about percocets, and not to sound like a druggie, but not for nothing, percocets would not do ANYTHING for pain for me. I have a VERY high tolerance to that stuff and I always needed to take oxys or roxys and things like that.. does he only prescribe that stuff? My mother is the same way.. I don't know why.. even when I go to the ER for an emergency, like when I get bad ovarian cysts and they give me stuff in the IV they always are amazed at how much they have to give me for it to really work.. LOL
Dotto percocets do nothing for me. I have had 4csections, 4 teeth removed, breast reduction, tubes tied and gallbladder removal. With that said percocets dont work any,ore
One more time, DR Salama, did a great a great job! Looking good girl

Post op day #13--Hello everyone. Today was my...

Post op day #13--Hello everyone. Today was my first day back at work and it wasn't too bad at all. Having a really hard time finding a massage therapist and I really want a massage because my stomach feels like its rock hard. Like really hard, almost all the way around my midsection feels like a piece of metal. Has this happened to anyone else?
just checkn on you
Any updates
One of the girls that had sx done by Dr Cabral( she has a YouTube video out x3- just type in his name) bought a handheld ultrasound massage. She says it works wonders and is just as good as a massuese. Also, a money saver

I'm 6 weeks post op and my stomach is getting...

I'm 6 weeks post op and my stomach is getting softer everyday. I have been getting endermologie treatments to my stomach and back and it has been helping a lot. I have a cluster of black and blues to my right buttock that doesn't seem to want to go away. I will be sending a pic to Salama's office this week to see what they think about it. Other than that, I guess I'm doing well. I plan on going back to the gym this week.
Hey Rotund Rump, I also recently got BBL and I can't seem to find a decent priced massage therapist in nyc. If you have one can you recommend him or her to me? My stomach was rock hard 2 weeks ago like I have killer abs but its starting to soften up even though I haven't gotten a massage since I came back from miami. hows your stomach now? did doctor salama give you a small waist??
loving that bum! Are does microdermals in your back? I want a pair just like them, did they affect the surgery? How long have you had them? Sorry for the questions
Looking Good.....#TEAMSALAMA
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