BBL AND TUMMY TUCK Scheduled for 9/24/2012 !!!!!woo Hoooo Aventura Here I Come!!!! - Aventura, FL

Wow I love this website, came upon it by accident...

wow I love this website, came upon it by accident researching brazil butt lift costs. I have been wanting/dreaming of a bbl since a doctor was showcased under better buttocks. it cost about 20,000 when I first started looking into it, so I put it off got pregnant with my third son had him via csection like first two so my body has def took a hit !

Then saw Dr. S and Dr. J and I was in love I am ready even though my baby is only 6 months I want my dream body I am 4'11' and weigh 135 need to lose atleast 10lbs from the results i like most girls are in good shape before there surgeries I want to look like the person I act like sooo I will be sharing my journey in excitement and anxiously waiting for September to come around my husband and kids are coming with me !

hey! I'm getting my bbl and tt on 9/12 with dr. azurin. I also have an infant but he is 10 months old! can't wait to read your updates!

Hey there, thanks so much for sharing your journey with us. Please keep us updated on your progress!

Reply will look amazing!!you cant go wrong w tummy tuck!!im nervous because im just getting lipo in my midsection and back.i have 1 child and still undecided on more .so this will have to do but i want a flat or semi flat tummy.if I were you i wouldnt try to lose weight because theyre goin to need the fat for your transfer and your tummy tuck will take care of the rest!!best of luck to you.
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I havent had my surgery yet but Nancy has been amazing answering all my emails and giving me support !!!!

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