I'm 15 and I Want a Bbl

I am 15 and i already want one :) Everyone in...

I am 15 and i already want one :)

Everyone in my family has small butts and i have a small muffin tip. My butt is like a slight curve nothing there!

i don't fit in but i don't care to much about that. i like to look at other women who went from having a little butt to having a nice butt and waist!


U can also wear padded underwear or booty lifters for now until u r ready legally, financially and emotionally :))
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lol that's not a bad ideal!
Listen to ur elders gurl!...lol. Ur body IS not done developing. So u don't wana mess it up by doing something drastic soo early. Plus no decent doctor will touch you until you at most turn 18+ yrs old. In the mean time, work out that booty, running, squats, dead lifts, with weights and protein. U will love what u have, for the time being that is.
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It so fun seeing all the pre op and post op...

It so fun seeing all the pre op and post op pictures on here.

Please join RealSelf or sign in.


I'm gonna get a summer job this summer and put it...

I'm gonna get a summer job this summer and put it all in the bank and when i get ob also do this. if it turns out i don't need it, then i'ill spend it on something else but if no, i'ill be set.


That is a wonderful idea. You are such a smart young lady. I bet your parents and family are so proud of you.
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is this serious or sarcasm, not sure.....lol
Lol..i am also curious

i'm 16 now.....

I am 16 now and i still want one lol. i wanna get one when i'm 18 but i feel that's still to young but only time will tell.


Happy belated birthday hun! I'm glad you decided to wait till you are 18. Your body is still changing naturally at your age so ina couple of years you can see what you workin with, then go from there. Good luck sweetie!
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thank you very much!
I completely understand. My mom and my sister are both very curvy and I feel like I took after my dads side... even my baby brother has a bubble...lol. If you start putting away money then by the time you turn 18 that part will be taken care of... Learn as much as you can, I'm sure the process will be completely different by then and keep being a good student- maybe you can learn how to give someone else a booty one day:)
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Jen Selter

That girl is my ultimate wish, her body is the most perfect thing i ever seen lol!!!


Hey sweetie. Had to stop buy and check on u... When u turn 18 ill send you a donation :) stay positive cause there are so many benefits to NOT being 19, so enjoy your freedom, lol
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awww thanks a lot!

Bbl for the underaged

I emailed a certain doctor and asked lol. This is the message I got back. I'm pretty excited but I think I will still get it after 18.


Save your money !!! Believe me if bbl existed to regular ppl when I was your age I would have got it at 18.. Waited until I was 33 . Wasted my 20'a by having a flat ass... Is not much but at least got some some . Good luck bby girl
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thanks so much!
i was just looking at your review like a couple hours before! lol
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