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Hi, my name is Alisson, 20 years old and live in...

Hi, my name is Alisson, 20 years old and live in Brazil. I peel, TCA 35% + 40% glycolic acid was bleaching the skin, the skin and then turned dark as a scorch. Make one day today I made the shell. It is true the darkening of the skin after the frusting? sorry, wrong for the English. I await response, thank you

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Hi Allison , this is called hyper pigmentation . It's very important to make an thorough analysis of someone's skin before applying any peel . It's called Fitzpatrick . It starts at the whitest skin through to darkest . Best to have a professional determine what will be best for your skin . Best of luck
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Since its day one. That's just the beginning. It will get better. Stay positive. If not go to a professional. Good luck!
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35% TCA is really strong for the face. If you want to do home peels, you should start at least not more than 12% for the face. Only licensed esthetician will apply high percentage to your face. It is okay to combine glycolic and TCA but in a very balance manner. Make sure to wear sun-block.
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I think a TCA & glycolic combined is to strong for your face. Also, you have to keep your skin moisturize with a oil. Once you allow your skin to get dry it may scar really well. And avoid the sun as much as possible. I hope your skin get better. Sorry.
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Hi Alisson,

First, good job posting a review in English! I'm assuming your first language is Portuguese, so it is impressive you were able to post what you did in English. :)

As for the outcome of your peel, I would encourage you to post a question in our Q&A section with your photos attached so the board certified doctors who volunteer on RealSelf can share their opinions with you.

Here is a forum where others who have done peels at home are sharing their stories. You may want to read through it and post some comments in there.

Please keep us posted on how you are doing & what changes you are seeing in your skin.

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