Are my Breast Implants Bottomed Out? - Brazil

Hi, I´m from Brazil, 34 years old female and...

Hi, I´m from Brazil, 34 years old female and 7 weeks post op.

Since 1 week pots op I concerns about my left breast has bottoming out. I am a thin patient (130lbs, 5ft4in. 34A pre-op and did 330cc perthese ultra high gel coesive implant. My breasts before were very symmetrical though! Dr. said that we will wait at least 3-6 mths before we decide on anything. He would never say to me bottoming out though.

What can I do now? Are my breast implants bottomed out?


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Did your PS use round or teardrop (sloping) implants? Thanks!
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Yes, round silicon implants ultra hig profile, 330 ml PErthese
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Not recomended by now

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