Are my Breast Implants Bottomed Out? - Brazil

Hi, I´m from Brazil, 34 years old female and...

Hi, I´m from Brazil, 34 years old female and 7 weeks post op.

Since 1 week pots op I concerns about my left breast has bottoming out. I am a thin patient (130lbs, 5ft4in. 34A pre-op and did 330cc perthese ultra high gel coesive implant. My breasts before were very symmetrical though! Dr. said that we will wait at least 3-6 mths before we decide on anything. He would never say to me bottoming out though.

What can I do now? Are my breast implants bottomed out?

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Did your PS use round or teardrop (sloping) implants? Thanks!
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Yes, round silicon implants ultra hig profile, 330 ml PErthese
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Looks like the right implant may be bottoming out. The left looks like if couls still be settling into position. Still seated a little high, but should settle in a month or two. You'd have to wait about that time on the right side too just to allow the tissue time to fully heal before any repositioning could be done.
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Hi there,

I'm sorry you're worried about your implants bottoming out! Not fun. Since I'm not a plastic surgeon, I can't answer whether you're bottoming out or not. Do you live in Brazil? Can you return to your surgeon to have him or her examine you?

You might want to check out what these doctors have to say in general about implants bottoming out. Also, you can post a question to the doctors and include these photos. Hopefully you'd get some good guidance that way.

If you'd update your cost to reflect what you paid (I'm assuming $4 isn't correct) that would really help us. Thanks!

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Thank you for your correction, $4 is really incorect!
But how can I ask to the doctors? Isn´t here?
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About my surgeon, he always said that my breats impkants are looks normal, but I´m not!
Here in Brazil I didn´t find any site that I can ask to a doctor!
I need more opinions about my breast implants, thank you so much!
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You can ask a doctor question by clicking here:

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