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Hello, I was quite unsure about posting my...

Hello, I was quite unsure about posting my experience here but reading everyone else's was very helpful to me so I'm happy to maybe do this for someone else :) My name is Debbie and I'm a 21 years old med student/ english teacher who has always wanted to get this surgery done but never had the right time come around before. I intend to get my surgery on december 7th because my family and I are going on a new years eve vacation till the 5th. That leaves me with only 26 days of recovery until my full time student and rest of the time teacher life begins again. That is a lil bit concerning to me because I'm scared I will be somewhat swollen still. Anyways, I have a small nose, but it is just very round and it has no tip. My biggest concern is the fact that I've seen several bridge/bump surgeries that were very successful but haven't seen as many bulbous tips that didn't end up crooked or fake looking. It just seems to be a more difficult surgery I guess. So, please share your thoughts with me if you have had surgery or are thinking about having and if you perhaps have or had a nose similar to mine.

Just over two weeks!

Just a lil over two weeks and I think I'm obsessing over this hahahaha. I've spent all my free time googling all kinds of info about my surgery and it never seems to be enough to keep me calm. I just wish it would get here already!

Its tomorrow!!

I am freaking out! Somehow it seemed like the day would never get here and its tomorrow already. I feel ready for the procedure and prepared for recovery but I can't stop obsessing over "what if it looks crooked?" "what if it looks fake?" "what if it doest match my face?". Its terrifying! Did you girls feel like that the day before your surgery?

Its done!

Soo I did it! after having so many second thoughts the day before, I actually did it! My experience was very good! I had my surgery on dec- 7- 2013 at 8:00am. I was under general anesthesia and didnt feel any pain at all. The most annoying part was definitely breathing through my mouth and sleeping on my back. I didn't sleep at all at my night at the hospital but now that I'm home I was able to take a nap and feel better. Removing all the gauze from the nose was a very inconvenient sensation, almost like when you accidentally breath water at a pool but afterwards being able to breathe from my nose was awesome.
I had very little swelling and no bruising so far. Only the nose itself is swollen. My cast isn't necessarily a cast since its made out of a sort of plastic that is malleable when hot and stays firm when cools down. Once the swelling of my nose goes down the 'cast' is falling out by itself. I have an appointment in week to take out my stitches. My nose is still bleeding and my doctor told me to keep cleaning it with a Q-tip. Which has been very helpful. I'll update you guys as soon as I have something new to say. Oh! I forgot to mention that I also got a small liposuction under my chin but that has been a breeze! The doctor made one small incision where I already had a small scar from falling on ice. It just sucks that I have to wear a band around my head but its no big deal.

1day post op

day 3 post op

A drop of water! :O

I was cleaning my face with a wet wash cloth and a drop of water ran down from my forehead to my nose and fell between my plastic cast and the bridge of my nose. I got very anxious and am wondering if I could be harmful at all..

Day 5 post op!

Can't wait to get rid of this cast! My skin has been getting oily underneath and just around the cast where I can't wash it and its driving me crazy. Sometimes it itches too, ugh!
About my results... My nose is still swollen so I hope my tip will get more defined as the swelling goes down, so far we have a big change but the tip remains kinda bulbous so I'll ask my doctor about that on my appointment wednesday :)

Oh! about the chin.. the results are great already.. The difference is subtle and very natural but thats still swollen too. I've been wearing a head band all day for that and thats very annoying, it hurts my head sometimes because it presses my jaw into the bottom of my skull :/ But its necessary since lipo sucction actually de attaches the skin from the muscle underneath (platisma in this case). I've also realized the headband really helps the swelling so I try to wear it most of the time.

Cast off!

So... on monday, which was my sixth day if you count the day of the surgery, I removed my cast. My doctor told me it would fall off on its own and it got pretty loose so I easily took it off. My nose looks different but I guess not drastically different yet. There is still a lot of swelling which prevents me from seeing the so called tip underneath. It had gotten better these past two days without the cast but its still not very defined. Its cute and pretty symmetrical (which was my main concern). The day I took it off I got a lil paranoid about a lil difference between nostrils but I feel that as the swelling comes down that has gotten better. I'm going to discuss that with my doctor today and will let you know later. Also, later today I have my appointment to remove the stitches. I'm happy about that because I feel that they are already healed and getting kinda crusty so its definitely time to remove them. I've posted some pictures of today. Let me know your thoughts about it.

Just over a week the swelling finally starts to go down

The doc put on this tape to keep the swelling down


Oh Guys I probably freaked you out so much with those pictures I took when my cast first came off! I just looked back at them and freaked myself up! :O I was soooooo swollen and my nose just looked super weird hahaha. Well its a lot better now. My doctor says theres still about 20 to 30%of the swelling to come down and to me it looks good already. Almost noone noticed the difference when they saw me so thats good cuz I was going for subtle. Ill post some pics so you will se what I am talking about. For those of you that are going through the awkward stage, hang in there! It gets better I promise! haha

1 month post op pictures :) very happy

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It is so great to see your posts! I am going through the awkward stage of being super swollen/wondering when it will even out and be symmetrical. I really appreciate your story as it gives me hope. What a cute little nose you have!! Congrats :)
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Perfect..You remind me of Nina Dobrev:-)
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Beautiful. I had my cast removed last Wed and I see the swelling going down before my eyes!
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Lovely. Congrats.
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So pretty:)
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seu nariz ficou lindo !!!! Estou procurando antes e depois que parecam com o meu ....
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That's a cute nose. Congrats!
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Wow the swelling has gone down tremendously!! It looks very nice!!
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It went down even more over these last few weeks :) I was very worried about it at first because it looked so big. But it was indeed all swelling.
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You were already very pretty but I'm glad you like it. Thanks for sharing with us and I hope you keep us updated.
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Thank you!
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How long did it take you before you could breath through your nose?
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The doctor removed my splint 24 hours after surgery and I "could" breath throught my nose from that moment on but there was a lot of stuff dripping from it so it was like a bad cold for a couple of days and I always had my mouth open to help. On the fourth day (with the help of nasal spray I started to actually keep my mouth shut most of the day). Now, a week after surgery, its like nothing happened when it comes to breathing, its perfectly fine :) Hope that was helpful. Feel better
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You are very pretty already. Looking forward to seeing your new nose. Great review.
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I don't think a drop of water would cause amy harm. Did your cast become loose as a result? I'd be willing to bet you're just fine, but in the future maybe you can try the premoistened facial cleansing wipes? I used them after my surgery and they worked well and they aren't too wet, so nothing will run down from them.
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The cast didnt get loose at all so I believe I'm ok. Thanks for the tip, Ill def try the wipes :)
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Good luck.
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I'm so glad you're here and that you've started your story! You are sooooo pretty, but like thewhirlingdirvish said, I do get how it feels to not like your nose (my tip was an awful mess). Here's what some doctors say about improving a bulbous tip. Do you have someone to take care of you for the first few days while you recover?

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Thank you :) Yes, thankfully I have a supporting family that is going to help me through the whole process. Recovery isn't so much my major concern anymore. I guess I'm ultimately worried about the final results. I'm terrified I could end up with a weird nose :/ It's just hard keeping the anxiety down!
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Hi Debbie! Thank you for sharing your story :) I can relate to the bulbous tip issue, and I had a bump on my bridge to match. You are very beautiful as you are but I understand the feeling of wanting to improve such a focal point on the face. I wish you all the best on your journey!
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