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Hi, I'm a brazilian guy and I've decided start a...

Hi, I'm a brazilian guy and I've decided start a laser treatment with ND:Yag.
I was too stupid with me because I haven't thought about this, my future and what who I'm.
So, I'm following this website for 3 months and I know how these people feel about regret a tattoo.
I would like share my treatments and share my experience with that.

Tattoo Before

Treatment 1

1 Week after laser, It looks a bit brown ;-/
Is it normal?!

Treatment 1 (2 weeks)

2 weeks!
My skin is healing. There are a lots of scabs, because this the tattoo looks grey.

Treatment 1 (3 weeks)

I'm VERY depressed!
It looks brown! I wanna see some results!

Treatment 1 (4 weeks)

It'll be a long way ;-/

Treatment 2

It was a few hours after the second treatment.
There are some blisters.

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hey, im brazilian too. and im gonna start the laser treatment with Nd YAG in a couple of days in Rio de Janeiro / boa sorte, cara. o processo é longo mas tomara que o resultado seja satisfatorio. se tiver alguma recomendação pra um iniciante me avise. abraços
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Bom dia, Qual a clinica que você está fazendo o tratamento?Obrigado
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Hi there, I know it's very frustrating and a worrisome process, from my understanding and experience with my removal, the black ink does often turn brown and then continues to fade out. 

There are a few other members on the site who are experiencing this as well:

 Here is a Q&A and a review they have submitted:

On Second Treatment of Laser Tattoo Removal and Im Starting to Notice Areas on the Black Ink Starting to Turn Brown?

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Thanks ;D
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Great that you have started removal on it. Can't wait to see how things look over the next few weeks. Keep posting! :)
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Hey Chad. Have you seen the blog link b regret has posted ( 1.3.14) ? That person had the pinkness you've got but it looks like theirs cleared up in a few months. Granted you have a lot bigger area but still its hopeful..
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Hey! Just had a look now, that's really reassuring. I bought some pure aloe vera today (99.9%) after my doctor advised using it. It's completely see through so it really is pure! I hope it helps fade things over the next few months. Thanks for thinking of me with the pinkness too!
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aloha b_regret, we are all here because of ink regret. We think we want the ink, but then when it gets on us, we realize we don't. Thank goodness for lasers. And it's wonderful that people all of the world can have the lasers remove the ink. Scabbing and browning of the ink is all normal. And the grey is also. After my first session the ink went grey and all sloughed off in one blister. Keep drinking clean water, don't scratch, keep it hydrated with fragrance free lotion and you'll do just fine. If it itches, I take antihistamines and apply hydrocortisone cream. I also like Bio-Oil, Vitamin E and coconut oil. Don't pull any skin off, let it go on its own. And you'll do just fine. Patience is also important but you're doing something about it, so good for you. We're all here to help. Good luck, keep us posted. aloha...k
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Things are looking great, what are you using for afercare?
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Nothing! I just wash 2 times a day.
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Hey there! Congrats on starting your removal journey! I think your tat looks pretty cool, but can understand if you don't like it. I have had seven treatments and still have some browning. I think it's pretty normal. I noticed lots after my first treatment as well. Hang in there and hope you see lots of fading in the coming weeks!
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Thanks! I think that it'll be a long and difficult journey ;-/
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I'm so glad you decided to share your journey with us! Don't all yourself stupid, we all do things in life that we wish we hadn't ...nobody is perfect ...remember that! This can be fixed, sometimes people do things that can't be, so chin up my friend - you will be just fine!! 

Keep us posted with your progress :)
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Thanks for send a message ;D Soon I'll post the 2 weeks after first treatment.
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Excellent! Thank you :)
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Hey b- although my tatt is super small I have also experienced browning. It tends to fade out over the course of a few months or up to a year or more sometimes (I was told). My last treatment was like 6 weeks ago and I still have some browning. Yr best friends now are water, cardio, a clean diet and as much positivity as you can muster...mind over matter is highly underrated. Best of luck!
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Hi. Browning of a black tattoo is quite common . I have it on mine and it can stay for months. Im having a second treatment on the area 1st March so going to see if that helps or hinders.
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oi, welcome aboard..
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Welcome, you are in good company and I look forward to following your progress. :)
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