Preparing for my First Threatment on This Dark Horrible Piece of Half Sleeve - Bratislava, Slovakia

Just came back from a consultation with my doctor....

Just came back from a consultation with my doctor. Don't know much about the threatment and don't know what to expect. All I know is that I'm an idiot that took this sleeve too far. It started off with a horrible music piece (microphone+guitarr). Then I wanted to cover it up and I went to the wrong artist that just put a big eagle to cover it all. Creative I know. So here I am stuck with a big bad looking eagle on my outer fore arm and a light house on the inner side.

From experienced people out there I'm just curious if there are any chances my tattoo will fade completely or am I looking at cover up once it's faded a bit? I'm not sure what the laser is specifically called more than that it's "Nd YAG Laser"


Ink regret, we've all been there. I've got something nasty also, and I too went back for a second round with the trusted artist. Oh well...I've had ten sessions with the Alex trivantage which is suppose to be fantastic and now I've got soft grey lines. But everyone is different with their results, some have fantastic results with the YAG and some with the all depends. As for fading completely, again that all depends on you, the technician, the laser and placement. I am sticking with lasering, taking long breaks between sessions to allow my immune system to take of it all...laser removal is a challenge, it tests your patience and your positivity, but hang in there. It is worth it. You don't need to decide just yet what you'll do, I would recommend just go through the process, be patient, be positive and be persistent. It'll work out or other options will come up. I know it all sounds so "iffy"...but that's what laser removal is. Cover up sleeves are fantastic also, skin coloured sleeves that you wear. You can find them on ebay, in local shops perhaps. There are several people here on the forum that think they are wonderful. It helps with morale. Good luck, keep us posted. We're here for support. aloha...k
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a lot of that black that's doing the covering up, and the black background stuff, you should see a lot of knocked out and dramatic fading after just one session. I had some windbars covering something up on my arm (not pictured in my review) that's similar to your clouds, etc and a lot of it was going immediately after my first laser. its the black outlines thatll take a few or couple more sessions to start to break up and fade, from my experience.
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Hi ejden, I've been getting my forearm lasered with the picosure for the last few months. Although my tattoo was not as dark and dense as yours is I've seen some great results on the black shading parts which I'm sure you would too given a bit more time, the picosure has also having amazing results with blue. The other colours you have would be best lasered with the q yag. Like fringeclass said if you're aiming for full removal it could take more than several years and cost a fortune. Even when most of the ink has gone you can spend years dealing with scaring and pigment damage especially with such a big piece of your arm being treated. Look forward to seeing your progress. Good luck
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Further research and think I've come to a conclusion on how to proceed from here.

I've been doing some research about where to find the Picorsure-Laser in Europe and I found that the nearest one from my location is in Germany (Kelkenheim), about 7 hours away. So I contacted them via -mail and told them about my situation and attached the same pics as uploaded here.

Here are some of the info I got in return:
"The session (about 1h) costs 400 €. The NdYAG Laser can not be compared with the PicoSure, it is a different system. The PicoSure removes colours much faster."

I'm not sure if the price is reasonable, but it's too much for me to do every 2-3 months or so. Also, about 1h for a session sounds like a long time. Sure my arm is filled with ink, but 1h, really?

I was thinking that I should probably proceed with my local clinic that has the QS NdYag Laser, at least for the black ink. However, he charges 160 €/20 mins, which means that the Picosure would be cheaper by the min. Thoughts about this? Is 20 mins enough to go over my arm?

I know I keep nagging about the price, but I'm just trying to be as efficient as possible. Hope to hear back from you guys, and have some inputs on what road to take etc.


Hey there :) Just checking in to see how you are doing? 
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Keep in mind that no reputable doctor will laser the whole circumference of a limb in one setting. If it swells too much you restrict the blood flow to your hand! I vote pico as I've had good results with it. It more expensive per treatment, but less in the long run. Either way, you're going to need two separate appointments for each treatment. One for the front of your arm and one for the back.
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1 hr sounds about right. My tattoo removal took about 30 minutes, and is much lighter than yours. Remember that you want a skilled person to be using the laser so they get all of the area. From what I have seen the picosure really eats away the black shading. All of my shading is pretty much gone after 1 treatment.
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Just back from first session

How soon did you guys start apply antibacterial creams and soap after procedure?
I just came back 2 hours ago from my first session. I was nervous about the pain before, but I have to say it wasn't all that bad at all.


Hey, I think the picosure can deff remove the tat. I washed it twice a day for a week and applied aquaphor 3 times a day (as instructed byvmy dr) and about two weeks after I began massaging vitamin E on the area. This is my own personal preferance. My skin was fully healed in a week and a half. Hope this helps, cant wait to see how much your tat fads!
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Good to hear. I will definitely go for Picosure later on in my process. First I want to fade as much of the black as possible, and then when it comes to the colors I'd have to find someone with Picosure laser. During this time did you keep it under bandage? I've heard different views on this, some saying it needs air and some saying keep the bandage for as long as possible.
you probably bargain shopped for the cheapest tattoo shop and look what happened, please don't do the same for laser the consequences will be more severe
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Day after session 1

Woke up and washed it off and put some anti bacterial cream on the area. I can start see a few blisters coming up already. Not a pretty sight. Will try to upload a picture after 24 hours.
What's the view on working out? Would it be damaging to have sweat in the lasered area? I'm thinking of going to the gym and by doing that I will most likely put pressure on the arm/wrist where I had the laser done. Any ideas?


Thanks for the update, would love to see a photo. I worked out usually the 2nd or 3rd day, but a lighter workout and because my tattoo is on my back I avoided any exercise that would be in contact with it. Sweat didn't bother it at all, but I made sure to wear baggy clothes and wash as soon as I was done working out. 
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I would not work out for a couple my arms for at least 5 days. You might swell up a lot, and your blisters might pop, making healing more difficult. If your blisters pop, you will get a thick hard scab over your skin. Believe me, its not worth it. When I post the pictures of my color tattoo you will understand what I mean. You can do light cardio, legs, abs, etc. Give your arms a break since they experienced so much trauma. The blisters will most likely get bigger by tomorrow. All the time, effort, and money why risk it.
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Most doctors would recommend Aquaphor. I believe because it has more healing properties than vaseline and is great for blisters. Aquaphor is better for blisters. Applying vaseline won't hurt as it will keep your skin from being infected while it heals. As far as the bandages I apply them during the daytime as a personal preference because I get huge blisters, and they tend to leak fluid while they heal. I usually drain them after a few days and continue applying the aquaphor. When I get home i take them off and let my skin breath.
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