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Just Did It This Morning, Extremely Painful Procedure! - Branford, CT

I had the back of my thighs done this morning. 8...

I had the back of my thighs done this morning. 8 squares on each leg. I paid $2,700. I thought the procedure itself was VERY painful!! My doctor had to keep stopping to give me more lidocaine. He said he's never seen anyone be as uncomfortable as I was. He thought I might be do to low body fat?? Or he was just trying to make me feel better and I'm really just a wimp. I'm about 4 hours postoperative, no medication, just antibiotic. He did give me painkillers. I chose not to take them since I had to pick my kids up from school. I feel fine now. I mean, I'm not going to go running, but I'm not uncomfortable. So far so good, just swalln and weepy insciscions. 2 punch holes on each leg.

I'll post pics in 2 weeks at my first followup. I am 36, 137 lbs and hav 3 kids. I'm a triathlete and very athletic. Ive had Cellulite since about 20 years old. Running, bikin and swimming lost e Rey single day and cellulite won't budge!!!

Stay tuned......

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I am now 3 days post op. I feel sore, like after a...

I am now 3 days post op. I feel sore, like after a marathon but no need for pain meds. Toughest part is maybe getting in and out of the car. I'm going to try and go for a light jog this afternoon. Draining has 100% stopped and I have a lot of bruising. Still have swelling as well.

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I decided not to run, but I biked on my road bike...

I decided not to run, but I biked on my road bike for an hour with interval training. And yes, I wore my compression garment. It was great. No pain or discomfort. Just sweet more with the extra clothes. I'm going to attempt to add two post op photos. I'll have to get my preop at my ne. Visit. I chose not to take them since they were so horrible!!


Your pics look awesome you barely have any bruising good luck and please keep posting:)
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I'm glad to hear you aren't having too much pain. Let us know how the jog went! I'm assuming you are still in your compression garment, correct?

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I am a little sore and have some tingling going on...

I am a little sore and have some tingling going on. I ran a 5k race this morning ( 4 days post cellulaze) . Nothing major to report, still bruised, still swollen. No discomfort.


Thanks for your update, I went yesterday to see a dr that does vasersmooth which is very similar to cellulaze the only difference is that it works with ultrasound instead of laser. I haven't made up my mind yet wether to do one or the other one they both seem too painful to be done under local anesthesia :(
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I won't lie, I found it painful! However, it was short and the whole time I just kept thinking it was worth the pain to get ride of the cellulite..... That thought got me through it. Lets now hope it works! I don't know anything about vastersmooth...... Good luck!

Tomorrow is one week postop. I am still VERY...

Tomorrow is one week postop. I am still VERY SWOLLEN. I have worked out everyday so that might attribute to still having a lot of swelling. I am opting to bike, not run since the pounding still kinda hurts. (Besides running the race) iI have way more bruising on one side. happens to be the side i found more painful During the procedure too. I'm looking forward to feeling like myself again. I've worn the garment 24/7 too, even working out. I'll post picks tomorrow.


Thanks for the review! I will book a consult and see if I am candidate! I'm 34 had cellulite on back of thighs since late 20s!! Hate it!!! I'm 110lbs and after 2 babies under 2 I have bounced back to myself now its time for the finishing touches!! I don't even allow my husband to look ...Bermuda shorts are my saving grace in the summer but everythg else is in tact! Great knowing I'm not the only one cursed with this!!!:). I will post my pics

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I had a consultation recently with Dr Goodkind regarding this procedure. So I'm very interested in your progress. Please let us know how your doing and if you feel it was worth the pain and expense.

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So, how are the results at this point? Would you recommend this procedure?
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I don't have new pictures, my doc wants to wait...

I don't have new pictures, my doc wants to wait for the "full" result. To me, that's because it still looks awful! Same but worse with the skin color looking darker. Not bruised but shadowed.
I am still hopful..... I'm trying not too look?
On the brighter side for all you athletes, I ran for the first time today without spanks. Was a tiny punchy on the sides of my thighs for the first few hundred yards but ran 8 miles no problem. I'm free from the garment!!!!!

I am training for an ironman in August. I hope with all this training and cellulaze, I'll actually walk around the beach without a coverup soon!


Would ANY of you who have had this Cellulaze treatment PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE post some updated pictures!!!!
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I also had my procedure done by dr goodkind, I am two weeks post procedure and still some swelling and numbness. I was in a lot of pain during the procedure but nothing I couldn't handle. I had my butt done since that was my problem area. I am also very active 5'1 106lbs and I really hope to see results soon.
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Good luck on your healing process, I hope you see wonderful results. Please continue to keep us all updated here, it's really helpful, it will assist in our decision making process here, esp. since I had a consultation with the same doc.

Update 3 months

Well, I am not sure if I see improvement. It's do hard to turn and look at your own butt with the right light while taking a picture. I'm still reserving my final thumbs up or thumbs down for the 6 month anniversary. But I will post pictures and let you all c if there is a difference. We seem to be harder on ourselves!

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More photos


I had vasersmooth a week ago, I'm still brushed but no significant pain. I did do this procedure under general as part of a larger procedure . I don't expect to see any results for several weeks, with final results in 3-6 months.
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Update pics 5 months

What do you think? Does it look better??


HI there, very intrigued on this procedure especially because i have tried everything in the book and no improvement on cellulite...how does it look at the moment? I know it takes up to 6 months to see full results...Does your skin feel like is more loose like less elasticity or better?...thanks so much
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At 5 months you look great, I definitely see improvement. How are you doing today? Did you improve further? Was there any skin discoloration left behind or has that completely resolved? You results at your 5 month mark really do look GREAT!
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Just following up, curious to see if you see further improvement, not that more is needed as you look amazing! You are in such great shape! Are you happy with your final results?

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New Haven Plastic Surgeon

I googled searched " cellulaze". Only 2 docs poped up. The other wanted to charge me $150 consult fee, non refundable even if I wasn't Candidate. Dr Goodkind was awesome! My consult was free, and he was so nice, patient and his staff was also great! Highly recommend!

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