6 weeksPO and wearing a size 2!!! New pic- Brandon, FL

I had gastric bypass sept2010. I went from being a...

I had gastric bypass sept2010. I went from being a size 20 to a size 4. I hate that I feel uglier now than when I was heavy. I look ok in clothes, but it all falls apart when I'm naked. I'm very lucky that my insurance is covering the surgery. Guess its cheaper than sending me to a therapist for depression. :-) this site has been wonderful. I know what to expect and more importantly I'll have sympathetic shoulders who'll understand what I'm going through. Best of luck to all you lovely ladies wether your pre or post op!

Just scheduled everything yesterday and I'm...

Just scheduled everything yesterday and I'm already obsessing over every detail. Lol my poor hubby. Can anyone advise me on what to bring to the hospital? Besides my iPhone/iPad and charger. I don't go anywhere without those :-) thank you!

Finally got the nerve to post a pic. It's so hard...

Finally got the nerve to post a pic. It's so hard to look at myself. I thought I would be so happy when I got down to such a small size. Instead I think I look worse. Blah this tt can't come soon enough!

I have over a month before my surgery and I can't...

I have over a month before my surgery and I can't sleep already lol funny thing is I'm not worried about the surgery. I'm stressing out over the IV. When I was a kid a nurse bruised my bottom cause she slammed the needle so hard. Then when she gave me the other shot in the other cheek she broke the needle in my bottom! Yeah had to get that dug out before they wheeled me back for surgery. Soo needless to say I have a fear of needles. Over the years I've become fine with regular shots and blood draws. But an IV they usually have me take a Percocet an hour before to calm me lol I think it's the association with the surgery or maybe it's that they have a tendency to blow my veins lol maybe I'll get lucky and they'll use lidocaine before they insert the needle. So I won't be as freaked. Well I'm done rambling about my irrational fear of IVs. :-)

Wow...good luck. Are you having and ETT?
Yep, I'm going all out lol doing the fleur de lis. I already have a vertical scar so it won't bother me. The 26th of feb can't come soon enough :-)
I hear u, go get it moma

Ok just realized that I'll be starting my...

Ok just realized that I'll be starting my menstrual cycle the day of or after my surgery. Does anyone know if this is a problem? Should I reschedule? Guess I should call my ps but I'm afraid they'll have me postpone. Thanks for any info ladies!
If you are just having TT shouldn't be a problem w menstruating. I got mine the day after my TT and had no problem. Good luck!
Thank you!
you are going to look fabulous! don't worry about getting your period, i got mine a few days after. it's annoying with the drains and all that in the way, but it worked out fine. head over to the forums and check out my post "helpful tips for pre-ops"..lots of good thoughts form flatsville to help you out! Godspeed.

I was wondering what are we allowed to do for our...

I was wondering what are we allowed to do for our pubic area as far as grooming? I wax but I'm not sure if that's allowed closer to the surgery date. When my hubby had his bypass he wasn't allowed to shave his belly, they did it in the hospital. Anyone know what's allowed/not allowed? The idea of having to let it grow bothers me but, you do what you have to. Its not like I'll be in a bathing suit any time soon right? lol thanks for any info ladies :-)
I can relate to you...thinking I would be so happy after losing 80 pounds. I can't stand all the lose skin. If I didn't know my hubby loved me before, I sure do now!
I had my start the day before surgery. It wa fine and it was so light - which it never is normally - which I figure was my body being shocked at the surgery!! It was fine though. I wore sanitary towels rather than tampons. Hadn't done that for years but it felt easier that way. Not sure why. There was no medical reason for that altho they did say I could wear a tampon during surgery. Kudos on your weight loss btw. You deserve this procedure to feel the true benefits from that. Can't wait to see your after pics :)
Thank you! That's a relief to know that I can wear a tampon in surgery if needed.

3 weeks to my surgery and I'm completely calm....

3 weeks to my surgery and I'm completely calm. Strange. I think being on here has helped. It's reminded me of my past surgeries and how well I did with them. Still not happy about the IV tho. Ugh, been successful at losing more weight. Down to 130 now! Woohoo!
I'm looking forward to seeing your results! I am scheduled for March 6th.
You look great, good for you.
Thank you!

Well here it is about 10 days away from the big...

Well here it is about 10 days away from the big day. Still very calm. Wish it was sooner. I want to get it over with. Pretty much ready to go. I made sure to buy easy things for the hubby to make :-) and things just for me. Low sodium of course.
Just bout a very cool backrest from Brookstone. It has a light so you can read, spots to put a drink and books. Best part is that it heats and massages! Perfect for sore backs from hunching over and laying in bed. Love it!
This was an old question but I got my period two days after surgery and it was fine other than it was annoying. Don't be nervous. It's not a horrible recovery and the surgery itself you're asleep for so it's like it never happened. I was nervous too though except on the day of surgery. All I could think about was how thirsty I was since it had been a long time since I had had a drink of water. I was like "LET'S GET THIS PARTY STARTED SO I CAN DRINK SOMETHING!"

Well had pre op appt yesterday. My surgery will be...

Well had pre op appt yesterday. My surgery will be in the women's center part of the hospital. Going to have a comfy room with a spot for hubby to sleep. But the best will be all the babies! As soon as they let me I'm shuffling my butt to the nursery to ooh and aah over all the sweet babies.
Also some awesome good news I was told cause of my anxiety(ha) of IVs I can request them to use lidocaine to numb the area first. That helps ease my mind. Not completely cause they're still doing it but hey I'll take it! It makes me wonder if they can do that, why don't they give that to every patient? Why have pain when something so minor can ease it? Oh well my ramble for the day lol
Congrats on your awesome weight loss! You look great and will soon be looking even better!!! Hugs!
Thank you! It's been such a hard journey. The bypass is such a hard road to take, but it taught me so much and with all the exercise I met my personal goal weight. You look great! Congratulations on your weight loss! for people who've never had to deal with weight issues they would never understand the strength it takes to do it. I would love to do a bbl. I'm going to have to wait on that tho. :-( Lol I can't wait to see your results. It's an exciting journey to the flat side! Well and the awesome nice tush side for you ;-)
Oh gosh your almost there!!!! So happy for you its almost over. :)

Well I've gotten almost everything on my list...

Well I've gotten almost everything on my list completed. House is spotless laundry complete and made meals to freeze. Bag is packed, pillow in the car. Just need to fill my scripts and do a little grocery shopping. Come on Tuesday, I'm so ready!

I just realized that I never put my specific info...

I just realized that I never put my specific info about myself in case anyone wants to compare body type size measurements.
I'm 5'4" 130 lbs size 4
By the way, congrats on losing more weight, lady! :)
Thank you! Hoping a couple more will come off. Won't weigh myself until Tuesday morning. Then I'm hiding the scale for at least a month. Cause I'll drive myself crazy with the swelling weight lol
Me too.. Asked hubby to hide my (3, yes 3... ) scales. And gave one away. It's too easy to obsess. Wrong time to do when swollen.

Wow, my surgery is tomorrow. So excited can't...

Wow, my surgery is tomorrow. So excited can't believe it's finally happening. Getting ready to start my clear liquid diet at noon. Blah sucks at the time but great in the long run. Too bad can't add a little vodka to those juices lol that'll make the day go by quick huh? Lol this time tomorrow I should be heading to recovery. Yes!!! Thanks for all the love my fellow tt beauties.
My surgery is tomorrow too! Can not wait!!
Forgot to say good luck!
Thank you! Good luck to you as well. Can't wait to hear how your doing after making it to the flat side :-)

Well here it's the middle of the night, and I'm...

Well here it's the middle of the night, and I'm bored and hungry!!! Been able to walk around this floor a bit as for food it's been more clear liquids! Anyone in Tampa wanna slip me some contraband? Lol nothing crazy just some Keebler peanut butter crackers mmmm or some strawberries and pineapple! Man I need some solid food.
Yep, I will be right up with the food....hehe... Cant sleep too glad your doing well :)
Congrats on your surgery...lol to the contraband comment
Keep checking to see if you've updated how you're doing. Lol. Hope it went good! :)

Finally did it! Feeling pretty good. Hardly any...

Finally did it! Feeling pretty good. Hardly any pain, just tired. Going to try to post a post op pic from the hospital. Thanks for all the love!

Fell asleep and hubby forgot to wake me to give me...

Fell asleep and hubby forgot to wake me to give me my pain pills. So I wake up 2 hours past that time in so much pain. If I didn't need him to help me with so much right now I might've stabbed him lol walking down steps in pain hunched over is not fun. Had some pineapple Greek yogurt for dinner and pills have kicked in so everything is once again great. Lol hope everyone is doing well.
Yea! So glad surgery went good! Don't kill the hubby, you may need him yet! :)
Lol I'll try not to. I make no promises. if he forgets my pain pills again while I'm asleep he might not make lol
OMG that exact thing happened to me! I slept through a dose as well, and woke up and was like... please from now on.. if it's time for my meds, wake me... lol

POD2 and I'm feeling good. Getting around fine as...

POD2 and I'm feeling good. Getting around fine as long as I bend while I walk. Still need help getting up and have some swelling. Nothing too crazy. Very happy with how everything is going and looking. I'm hoping to get at least one drain out Monday. Fingers crossed! Hope everyone is healing and feeling well. Love my dr!
Hey Keli, Just checking in on you. Had a minor set back on my T-Joint but all should be well after I had it sewed back up this morning. Hope your feeling good, Day 4 is around the day my back started to ache and my drains were snaging on everything and I was tired of being in bed LOL. Your such a trooper though, Im sure you have very few complaints. TTYL
When is your first post-op?
I'm sorry to hear about your t joint. That's kind of a common thing isn't it with fleur s? Hopefully it wasn't painful. I've been doing really well. I haven't really had much pain. Been up and around. Hubby makes sure I don't do too much. (I keep trying to clean something lol) ahh the drains they've been ok. Cats haven't yanked :-) still looking forward to them coming out. My lower back is a bit sore from continuously being bent. Heating pad has helped and I think all the walking has helped too. I'm sure it's going to get worse tho. Backs always seem to get worse. My follow up is Monday. Hoping to see what everything looks like. I've only seen it with all the tape. I posted that pic. I don't even know where my bb is lol don't feel anything. I'm getting some tingling today so maybe I'll figure it out? I have to pee constantly! I just get my pillows situated and I'm comfy and then gotta go lol I'm hoping the healing process continues this way. Fingers are crossed! How are you? I've been thinking about you. Feeling good? Time seems to be flying.

Went to my first post op appt. Dr removed all the...

Went to my first post op appt. Dr removed all the steritape (large clear tape) and the bandages. Felt like I was being waxed, but the strips were being pulled slowly. All I can say is ouch! Still have my drains, not surprised by that. They hadn't reached his minimum amount yet. Tho other than them preventing me from taking a normal shower they're not bothering me. Now that my pannus is gone I can really see how short waisted I am. So short my horizontal scar is pretty much straight across lol Very swollen today. Measured my waist just to get an idea of how swollen I am and my waist is 2" larger than before my surgery lol gotta love swelling. I think my belly button is looking good. Going to post some pics. Hard to get angles that actually show true after shots since I can't lay flat. My back is propped up and my knees are bent. Weird looking pics lol but hey, my tummy is flat even with all the swelling.mjust Ned to get my waist back lol tired after that excursion in my oh so sexy cotton jammies. :-) hope everyone is doing well. Love to all you lovely ladies!

Well here it is Monday night. My daughter is...

Well here it is Monday night. My daughter is sleeping my hubby has his double header softball games tonight and I'm stuck in my recliner. Literally. I can't get the damn thing to go down. Of course since I had all the tape and stuff removed I've been sore today. Well it's been 8 hours since I've had anything for pain and I'm hurting something fierce! I have no idea when my husband will be home. Only I would leave my pain meds upstairs. Had I had a pain pill I probably wouldn't feel like I'm ripping everything when I try to get out of this damn thing. This is the first time that I can say that I'm having true pain. It's been pretty easy up till this point. I said that out loud to someone
and this is Karmas way of bringing me back to reality I guess. Tomorrow I will be fine. The extra pain from the travel and what not will be gone and I can get back to my comfy routine. Also I better stop laughing so hard! Krissypa you hear me girl? Lol ok so the text laughter was mostly my fault but at this moment in time I'm blaming you :-p lol ok I'm going to try to relax and get through this effn pain! Love to all you ladies. May this be a lesson, don't over do it and not have some sort of pain relief in arms reach. Grrr

Ok, in bed Percocet taken. All is right with the...

Ok, in bed Percocet taken. All is right with the world again. Tonight was a martini kind of night! If I could've I would definitely had a Cosmo or two....
I know what you mean about the meds. I wont make that mistake again either lol. glad your doing well and the pics look great.
Congrats lady! Looking great!
oh no! Thats awful! I hope you get a good nights rest and feel better tomorrow.

Can't believe it's already been a week. Time...

Can't believe it's already been a week. Time flies! My first day home alone and I just can't comfortable. Man I miss having the pillows adjusted and someone there to bring me what I need. Hubby spoiled me for sure. Of course today is the day that my daughter runs in the house to use the bathroom and doesn't make it. Why do kids insist on waiting till the last minute? Smh so I've directed her on how to clean everything, but it's driving me crazy not to get in there and scrub! I know if I attempt to do it I will be tattled on. Aaarrgghh! Ok thanks for letting me vent lol happy healing all my tt sisters! To those that are pre op try not to stress and don't listen to the negativity of others. This is one of the best decisions I've ever made! I'll keep posting pics as I move along in recovery. Next step drain removal! Woohoo!
Nice Keli, thanks for all the encouragement you gave me before my TT!
Glad I was able to help. You look great! Once that swelling is gone watch out hot momma! May I say I would kill for that itty bitty waist and that butt of yours! Love the curves!
Lol, thank goodness for my butt cause I sure don't have any boobies.

Feeling tired but really good. I was able to bathe...

Feeling tired but really good. I was able to bathe myself with the help of my shower chair. Felt so good to shave my legs! Hubby will still need to wash my hair for me but just being able to do the rest on my own is awesome! Drains come out tomorrow morning! Then a full shower!!!woohoo!!! Hope all you lovely ladies are healing/feeling well.
LOL!! Boobies are my saving grace from being completely curve less. :-) a bigger bust would be easy. To me you look amazing! But if a larger bust would make YOU happy then go for it! Only you can say what will make you feel good about your body. If I had a dime for all the negativity about my decision to have bypass surgery and now the tt, shoot I'd have enough money to get a Brazilian butt lift! Lol which I'd love to have.hehe Happy healing beautiful lady!
Haha, you too pretty young thang!
:-) hugs!

Well had my drains removed this morning and all I...

Well had my drains removed this morning and all I can say is holy $&@! It hurt like hell. My drains weren't too long thank goodness. I also had him take them out at the same time. So glad, didn't want to feel that a second time. I've had a drain after my bypass. It was way longer and it didn't hurt being removed. It was just uncomfortable and I could feel the tube moving. So not sure why these hurt so much. Maybe it's the placement? My mons is so swollen right now I look like I have an impressive package, if ya know what I mean. Lol
I took a perc when I got home cause it was burning and I couldn't sit comfortably. Also had to change my pants. The left hole bled through the gauze and was going down my inner thigh. Glad I was wearing black! Lol I'm very happy the drains are gone. Everything is so much easier. Using the restroom was awesome! Nothing to worry about moving or getting caught on your pants. It's the little things. Not allowed to take a full shower until tomorrow. Grrr it's cause of my bleeding from the drain hole.

PO day 10 and I'm feeling good. I haven't needed any type of pain pills during the day (until today) I still have to take one at night. I've tried Tylenol and even Tylenol pm but no go. I'm just going to listen to my body and take it if I need it. If you can't sleep/rest how can you heal right? I'd rather not drag the healing process out.
I've had no problems with constipation or diarrhea from the narcotics. I take two colace in the morning and MOM at night(2tbl) with a glass of water after. Takes a few days after your surgery to have a bm. don't stress and don't take so much anti constipation medicine that it causes you to spend an entire day using the restroom when you finally do get that long awaited bm. I imagine that wouldn't be fun :-/ yikes!
Love this site and all the wonderful ladies who've had so many thoughtful and helpful comments. Happy healing fellow tummy tuckers!

This whole experience has been even better with my...

This whole experience has been even better with my bratz twin krissypa. Girl you have kept me laughing until I thought I was going to die and I still love you through all the pain oh and the lies! Hehe lol we're so much alike its so freaking cool! Thanks for listening to everything! No subject taboo and always hilarious! Bratz twins rock :-) we need some sort of tshirt lol
haha! I agree... shirts!! OMG! nice tight shirts that we can like totally wear when we're tearing up the town when I come to see you sometime!! I will definitely be trying to get a weekend to come down this summer!! :) I feel the same... without you and some of our crazy conversations during the past few weeks, I would have been just so bored! haha!! We are so much alike I agree.. it's crazy.. I mean how many times were we texting and one of us said, "well time for my meds... and we were TOTALLY in sync 9 times out of 10! I still picture you sitting on the recliner STUCK.... omg!! Oh, and your daughter fumbling with the door key trying to get in... just long enough for you to get up and in she walked!! haha! Not only am I greatful for finding this website for all of the amazing informative reviews, and photos... but I am also greatful for our new friendship. PS PLEASE READ:::::: For anyone other than Keli, reading this comment... please know that when Keli mentioned all the "LIES" here's what happened... I'm stating my case NOW... I had my drains removed (before Keli) and I kinda fibbed to her about the pain level, I was only doing it for her own good. I KNEW she was going the VERY next day and I didn't want her to be stressed out and all tense while they ripped the hoses out!! Ok... I feel better now..... :)
Purging the guilt!!! Definitely bratz friends forever! We gotta figure out the shirt thing! Can't wait to see you this summer!

Well, yesterday's experience with the drain...

Well, yesterday's experience with the drain removal made my day/night rough. I had to take pain meds the rest of the day and night. Ugh! Turned out to be the worst day. Had a lot of bleeding from the drain holes. Thankfully today has been fine, just extremely swollen. Took my first full shower. Stood under the hot water for several minutes and just relaxed. Hubby still helped, but honestly I like hubby's help :-)
Went to Sams club today. Used the motorized cart, which made it much easier. Even with using cart I still got tired and all I did was drive it lol
Hubby has been wonderful! Couldn't imagine doing this without him. Hope everyone is feeling good.

Well I noticed today what might be a dog ear...

Well I noticed today what might be a dog ear happening on my left hip. My cg hits in that spot so I'm hoping its just swelling being pushed there. Hubby seems to think so and it is swollen, but I'm starting to worry a bit. I'm going to give it a few weeks till I have a full blown panic attack about it. Lol Going to wear my cg lower on my hips to see what that does. Couldn't get a good pic since its late and I'm hunching. Will try again tomorrow and maybe you all can give me your opinions. Thx!

PO 13 and I am pretty sure I have a dog ear. Sigh...

PO 13 and I am pretty sure I have a dog ear. Sigh opinions? If it is how does it get fixed? I'm so not ready for another surgery. Blah at least my front is looking good. Bb is healing nicely. Thanks for all your input ladies! It's greatly appreciated.
So would you do the fleur de lis again? I am trying to decide between if I want it or a regular TT. I am getting my arms done April 15th and Hope to have TT done middle of May. I am very nervous and excited. I am 90 percent sure that I am going to the fleur but there is the healing of the t joint that scares the crap out of me. I have two weeks off work - I have a desk Job so I am hoping it wont be to horrible to return? Any helpful tips are appreciated : ) Thank you for sharing your story! It motivates me - you look great!
I would definitely do it again. I haven't had any complications with my T section. Healing nicely. I love that I have a waist again. I wouldn't have gotten the results I wanted without it. I can already wear my jeans, even with my binder on. Woohoo! I think as long as you get lots of rest and just heal you'll be fine going back to work. Just put your feet up when you get home and relax. If you can get away with it at work occasionally go for it. Wear your compression garment or binder. Careful with reaching for things. Sometimes the way you move will tug a bit and hurt. Nothing crazy, but it reminds you pretty quick of your limitations. :-) can't wait to hear how you're doing after your arm lift. This is all so exciting. The waiting is the hard part. I'm sure your over loaded with so much info out there. Please don't hesitate to ask any questions. You can even message me if you'd like. Good luck with your journey to the flat side!

Today is my 1 month anniversary of my tt. Feeling...

Today is my 1 month anniversary of my tt. Feeling really good. Starting to stand up almost straight. I'm able to take longer walks. I get tired still but nothing crazy. Feels good to be able to do most of my normal day to day activities. I still have a lot of swelling. Gets worse as the day goes on. Doesn't bother me. I've been able to wear all of my clothes for about a week and a half. Thank goodness! I was tired of wearing all the elastic band clothing lol My left hip which I thought was a dog ear has gone down. Still much more swollen than the right. Dr says it'll go away when the swelling is gone.
Love that I can take baths again! I pour vitamin E oil in the bath and soak. It's really helped with the shedding skin. Felt like a lizard! Lol I've also been using the vitamin E oil to massage my scars every night. Seems to be doing a good job. My scars are flat. Still have some scabs, but nothing crazy. I think when the redness has faded that my scars are going to look great. I've been using the vitamin E oil from Trader Joes. Inexpensive, all natural and it will dry! I've used so many that never seem to dry on the skin.
I'm so happy with how everything is looking. I can only imagine how happy I'll be with my tummy after its completely healed and the swelling is gone. Woohoo! Happy healing my tt sisters.
You look Great!! Glad to hear you are in good spirits!! :)
Thank you! Your waist is so itty bitty!

Geez these 6 weeks and a couple days have flown by...

Geez these 6 weeks and a couple days have flown by. Feeling good. Start the day pretty flat and standing straight. How much I do all day dictates how swollen or hunched over I am by the end of the day :-) Still get a bit tired after a lot of activity, but nothing too crazy. I can't believe even when I'm swollen I am now wearing a size 2! I've never enjoyed trying on jeans before. Always had to find ones that camouflaged the tummy. Every pair fit and my tummy looked amazing! I could've cried I was so excited. Of course I bought a pair. I'm looking forward to seeing how they look when I'm not swollen. Guess what I'm doing in the morning if I'm not swollen? Hehe :-) hope everyone is feeling/healing well. Hugs to all my tt sisters.
You look fantastic, I also had the fleur, surgeon marked me and said it depended what I looked like on the table!! When I came round he said as there was such a massive amount of skin in his opinion it was better to have the extra scar to have the better result. I was pretty sure that's what he would have to do, he just said he only does it if he has to due to the extra healing. It's cheered me up lots seeing your pics as you look so good. Will see my scars in 6 days but anythings better than what I had. Take care :)
Thank you! My surgeon said when everything is completely healed and the red fades I'll hardly be able to tell I have the scars. Not sure if I believe that lol not that I care. I've already been a bikini, which is a miracle :-) massage your scars with what you like when your surgeon gives you the ok. It's made mine nice and flat. The waiting to see the scar stinks! I wanted to peek. Happy healing and let me know how your doing. :-)
You look amazing! So happy for you! Today is 4 weeks PO for me and I am still pretty swollen. I also had gastric bypass 8/2010 and lost 123 pounds. My insurance also paid for my TT and since they did, I decided to get my boobs done with lift and added implants. I went back to my office job this past Monday and by the time I get home, I'm supper swollen! I wear my CG 24/7 except when its being washed and I can't picture my life not wearing it LOL. I can't wait to be done with. I'm so over the swelling. I have burning sensation under my skin in certain areas from time to time. Did you have that? I'm wondering if it my skin trying attach itself back to muscle wall? So glad your thrilled with your results. Please keep us posted :-)

One year post op

Worth every bit of pain and stress over dog ears and continued swelling. My skins elasticity isn't the greatest so my scars always spread. I need a small revision between my breasts and the dr wants to do a scar revision too. He's a perfectionist lol personally I love my scars and show them with pride. Hope everyone is healing well and those that are pre op try not to stress too much. Easier said when your past that point I know :-) it's worth it all.
Brandon Plastic Surgeon

My insurance works with his practice. I researched him and checked out his reviews. Beautiful work and so little pain. From his techniques. I've finally made it to the flat side!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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