Swollen and Sore Almost 4 Months After Mini Tummy Tuck =O( - Bradenton, FL

I was exctatic when I got my Mini tummy tuck. I am...

I was exctatic when I got my Mini tummy tuck. I am 40 years old and have 2 kids and since they are grown I decided to do something for myself. I work out 3 to 4 times a week and have done so for many many years. I had the loose skin thar I wanted to get rid of to achieve my flat stomach look that I have worked out for.
I the day of my mini tummy tuck my stomach was flat, tight, I was in love. I was very upset about the drainage because it made me sick to look at it (or even knowing it was there) so the Drs. nurse took it out 2 days post op.
I have not changed my diet at all (if anything eating healthier) and I have gained weight and love handles. I'm still extremely swollen and can't fit in my jeans. I'm very upset.....I do hope it get's better.
I was planning on coming out with a flat tummy and a bunch of stitches, didn't plan on this.


Hi Tammy, I see you are in Bradenton and I live near this area. I am going to need a tummy tuck in about a year since I just had gastric bypass surgery 7 weeks ago. I hope you can tell me what doctor did your surgery and if you would recommend this person. I sure hope you are feeling better and good luck.
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Dr Robin Hamlin. .. She's amazing!
How are you doing now?
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End result.

well they said it was going to take over a year to have the final result and they were correct! I have been so pleased with my results and feel confident in a bikini once again after many years of being ashamed and embarrassed

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modeling again

Feels great to be confident!


Hi Tammy glad you are modeling again. If possible could you post some new pictures of your stomach? If not understand...its hard to find similar bodies who have had a mini tuck. I am up to have one the end of February and can't decide between a mini and full. Thanks!
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I year later

Love the results... not having the full tummy tuck was the right decision for me.


Hello, I got a mini TT with full muscle repair 6 weeks ago. When did u start feeling like yourself again? My swelling and pain seems to be less and less each day but I am getting impatient lol. I know this can be a long process.
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Hi there, You must be patient (and it is frustrating I know) but it took me about 4 months to start feeling like myself again. Just remember the end results are worth it!
Ok thank you! Atleast I know I will be good to go by next summer! :) lol
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