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Gonna Be 30 and Fabulous - Bozeman, MT

I've known that I wanted my nose done since I was...

I've known that I wanted my nose done since I was in middle school. I would get made fun of and teased by people and eventually it got to the point where I would get anxiety about going to school. I thought I was to scared to get rhinoplasty so I just decided to deal with it. Well that's not the case. I'm a hairdresser so I stand in front of a mirror 8 to 10 hours a day and I know my clients can see my profile I tried to block it out of my mind that clients can stare at my nose all day every day but as everyday passes it just got worse. So enough about feeling sorry for myself :) I turn 30 in march and its time to do something for myself so I can stop dwelling on my nose and move on with my life. I had my consultation January 11th with Dr. Heatherington in Bozeman , Montana. I live 2 hours away but I have gone to him before for breast aug. (yes I thought getting a boob job would help my self esteem with my nose but I was wrong....) he did the picture morphing and I loved what I saw right away!! I think I have more anxiety now because I want it done right now and I don't want have to wait another 37 days I hope my surgery will go well and I will keep everyone posted. Some of the reviews on here make me nervous because some are still not happy with their nose but I'm hoping it will be better than what I have now. Here is to being 30 and fabulous!!!

After reading some of the reviews I'm not gonna...

After reading some of the reviews I'm not gonna lie I'm freaked out. Some people's noses look worse or not any better than before. I'm trying to stay positive so I don't chicken out but not knowing if it will turn out scares me. I feel like it can't be any worse than what I have but clearly it's happened to other people...need some encouraging words from people that have had positive experiences :(

I'm just curious if anyone took arnica or used the...

I'm just curious if anyone took arnica or used the arnica gel to help with bruising?? Also if anyone had to take a steroid after surgery to help with swelling??

5 more days to go and it will finally be done!!!!...

5 more days to go and it will finally be done!!!! I didn't think I was getting nervous but the insomnia and stomach aches I think are a sign that I'm actually pretty damn scared... Oh and the excessive cleaning ! Ha!! I'm just trying to think of how amazing it will be to finally have a decent nose and the pros out way the cons!! I'm just trying to keep up on everyone's posts and advice on here and go with the flow!!

Well here we go!! Getting ready to leave in a half...

Well here we go!! Getting ready to leave in a half hour and I'm not nervous at all!!! (Strange) I think I'm sick of not sleeping and having bad anxiety I'm just ready to get it over with. I've waited 15 years for this so here is to being 30 and soon to be more fabulous!!!!

Wow it's finally done!!!! I went in at 9:00 and...

Wow it's finally done!!!! I went in at 9:00 and didn't feel nervous at all! I'm pretty sore but I've had worse pain before after a root canal. I will try to posted more pics soon!!!

The recovery has not been a breeze by any means...

The recovery has not been a breeze by any means but I'm sure it could be worse. i don't think the pain medication is strong enough I have to take one every 3 hours and by the time the 2nd hour has gone by I'm in massive amounts of pain to where it brings me to tears, does this happen to anyone else? Don't get me wrong my nose is already WAY smaller even with the swelling so I really shouldn't complain but it freaking hurts!! Those of you ladies that have had an easy recovery with no pills are bad a$$ lol!!

Well today is by far the worst. Post op day 3 and...

Well today is by far the worst. Post op day 3 and I can hardly see out of my eyes. I might post some pictures but I will admit they are really scary. I was thinking this was going to be a lot easier than it is. I think once the splits are takin out my life will be a lot easier. Love my doctor and his nurses are amazing and I know the results will be awesome but to hard to tell with all the swelling I know the length is much shorter and I am really excited about that but these splints are enough to drive a person crazy!!

Got my splints removed and cast off and it feels...

Got my splints removed and cast off and it feels amazing! I'm still pretty stuffy and can't taste anything I hope this is normal?! My upper lip and eyes are still swollen I still can't tell what my nose will look like to much swelling trying not to freak out.

Well it's 5 days post op and my tip is still super...

Well it's 5 days post op and my tip is still super swollen along with my lips and checks. I really hope it will go back to normal soon my smile looks awful because I'm still so puffy. How long does this last? I just want to look some what normal before I have to back to work in 5 days!

So today is the first dayI have faith that I did...

So today is the first dayI have faith that I did the right thing. It's amazing how the swelling really messed with my psyche ;) I'm going to post some pics dont mind the crazy hair I haven't found the energy to get completely ready for the day yet I'm workin on that!
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It looks really good! :) Congrats gorgeous!
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Hey it looks like you are healing well. How are you feeling? You look good. Could you post some more photos of the front and profile? My nose looks a lot like yours (your before nose) so I am curious to see what the dr did to yours. Especially how the front will look. Looking good chic! Congrats!
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Good luck on your recovery! It's good to hear that your faith and mood is getting better. It really is amazing how much the process messes with our psyche, isn't it? Take your time to rest and your energy will return in no time as well. :)
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Even though nose isnt quite healed all the way in some of the after pics, I can see that your nose turned out really nice. Congratulations!
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Thanks girl!! Everyday gets better cant wait to see what in looks like in a few months! I will be posting more pics soon!
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wow looks so great!!!
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Wow, your nose is perfect!
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You look great! Even better than your digital image!
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Wow! You have some awesome results, congrats!
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Thanks everyone!!! Each day it keeps transforming into this amazing perfect nose I'm so happy I did it!!
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Profile looks lovely; I only commented on your profile, because I can't really see frontal. Have a nice recovery.
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My smile took 2 weeks to come back. I started getting a better smile from 1 week onwards. Everyday after the first week it got better. Hang in there!!
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Good to know! I don't know why I'm being so impatient but it sometimes brings me to tears because the swelling between my nostrils is so bad. Maybe if I get enough courage I will post a few pics to make sure it seems normal..
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you do look great
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Congrats on getting all that stifling stuff removed! I agree, your table photo looks like you have a great result to look forward to! And I can't speak for longterm, because I'm only on my 7th day myself (get my cast of tomorrow), but I've noticed that the last two days my nose has been runny and I've been sniffling a lot. From what I've read, it sounds pretty common, but I hope it's not a permanent thing!
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Wow your surgical pic look like its going to be a really nice result! I'm glad the surgeons do us that favor :) Just be patient with the swelling, the worst is over!
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Day 3 isn't pleasant, but you will improve over the next few days. Rest up and trust your body to heal well. Congrats on having it done!
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You look really good compared to me. Did you clean under ur nose at all? The packing in my nose is brutal, I can't breathe or smell anything!!!!
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I have been cleaning under my nose with a warm wash cloth and than with qtips. I'm so glad I'm not the only one suffering with this splint action. When do you get yours taken out?
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I believe the same day I get cast off on Thursday. I will call Monday to double check. When do u get yours out
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I get my splints and cast off Monday so I guess I will let you know how it feels I was hoping you would go first! Lol!
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Monday is so soon! That's awesome. I wish my appointment was sooner.
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Yes I have a picture before he put the cast on. The nurse said she was glad she took it when she did because I started swelling and turning black and blue instantly. I got some different pain mess but those don't work as well so I'm taking 2 OxyContin instead of one.. Splints are super annoying does it hurt when they remove them??
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congrats on going through with it! how is the swelling? did you get the doc to take pictures before he put on the cast? can't wait to see the afters:)
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