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37 Years Old and 4 Kids...TERRIFIED of Surgery! - Bowling Green, KY

I really could not be more pleased! And more...

I really could not be more pleased! And more pleasantly surprised!

Procedure - Mini Tummy Tuck with ab reconstruction and upper ab lipo.

I've wanted a TT since before I even knew they existed. The women in my family carry all their weight around their belly's. My Aunt's and Mother and Grandmother all look about 5 months pregnant so I knew full well that the gene pool was stacked against me. I'm a bit of a yogi, I enjoy weight lifting and running. I wouldn't say I've always been a major gym rat but I DO enjoy being active and getting sweaty. I've gone through phases where 5 days a week at the gym is normal and phases where twice a week was normal. Even at my lowest weight (131lbs at 5'9") the loose, sagging skin and bulge were ever present and constantly taunting me.

For years I couldn't bear the thought of spending that much money on my vanity. But I've recently remarried and my incredible husband was heartbroken at the site of me looking so downtrodden every time I caught a glimpse of my belly. Like most of you reading this you know that feeling too. We've all become experts at hiding it. Pulling a pillow in your lap when you sit, jutting your butt out so as to stretch your torso so it won't be so obvious and don't even get me started on the clothes and spanx and various other forms of torture we devise to hide what we're so ashamed of. Aren't we silly?

My husband really could care less but he knew it'd make a big difference to me. I honestly couldn't have gone through this without his emotional support. I'm a HUGE baby when it comes to doctors. It took me years to get up enough courage to have my rotting wisdom teeth removed for heavens sake!

Ladies.... If wussy ol' me can do this so can you!!

The days leading up to and the day of surgery I was a total mess of nerves. After my sweet anesthesiologist gave me a dose of happy juice in my IV I was almost completely out. I even asked the nurses for "another shot of tequila please". I barely remember entering the operating room and the O2 mask being placed on my face. Next thing I knew I was waking up in recovery. Chattering teeth and LOTS of morphine. Foggy and pleading with my nurse to "please bring me my husband". Very little pain. But I suppose I may be tougher than the average girl because I read a lot of reviews and most people complained quite a bit about the pain. All I can remember really bothering me was my incision. It burned a little but not bad really. A couple hours after surgery I waddled, hunched over to the bathroom and after what seemed like about 3 minutes I finally peed. My abs were week and I was nervous about forcing anything. Shortly after that I was on my way home where I was propped up in bed and so THIRSTY! Sweet hubby helped me up about every hour to pee. Getting up is the most difficult thing but once we had a system it went smoothly. Thanks to the meds and pain pump I slept pretty well.

Next day I stammered into Doc's office to get checked out. Everything looked good so back to bed for me. YAAY VALIUM!! A few days later pain pump is empty and removed. And I'm not going to paint a pretty picture... that was gross. BLAH! But I was thankful to have one less thing to tote around. Blood drain was removed about 7 days post op and I was feeling good! Still spasming every now and then which is weird but that was ok... just means more VALIUM!! Hahahahahahaaa!! One week post op I'm up and tidying the house. Doing a little cooking and hanging with the family. Tried to go to breakfast with the hubs and halfway through I was pooped and spasming a little and he sent me right back to bed. Pain is well managed with the occasional ibuprofen. Sneezing, coughing and laughing are pretty awful, but don't worry, contrary to what you're imagining your abs are not ripping apart and in a minute you'll be fine. Quit whining. ;)

Binder is ... interesting. I've got a love/hate relationship with it.

Two week post op visit I had my steri strips removed and I'm really pleased with my scar. Low and thin and hoping for some significant fading. It is easily hidden behind MOST of my panties. Lipo area is still numb and tender... how is that possible? Weirdness ensues.

I'm now 16 days Post op and feeling great! Hoping to be doing some light cardio (walking) here in a few days. My swelling is well controlled. Weight is down due to my loss of appetite post op. I've lost about 6 pounds since surgery. I expect that to dip further when my exercises pick back up next week.

Scar is puckered as I was warned. This is temporary and will improve over time.

I don't have any pre op pics but may try to attain them from my PS when I see him in a couple weeks. The difference is staggering. I'm very pleased!
Bowling Green Plastic Surgeon

Very professional. Highly recommend.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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Hi there, Thank you so much for your story - I am so happy it had such an awesome ending and that you are so happy with the results! Good for you XX
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Welcome to the community and thank you for sharing your journey with us.  I had a little giggle reading your description about hiding the tummy....I so get that one:)

You are looking good and doing so well only being a couple of weeks post op.  Keep up the good work and please do try and get the pre op pictures posted.
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Thank you Kimmers25. I see my PS in a couple weeks and I'm going to see if it's possible to get my hands on those pics. :)
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That would be wonderful!
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