6 weeks PO, scar therapy!!!!! Bowie, MD

Hello everyone. I am so happy to be here, on this...

Hello everyone. I am so happy to be here, on this site and this close to the flat side. I'm a 38 yr old mother of 3, ages 17, 13, and 8. I've been thinking of having this done since the birth of my youngest son which was by c-section. I consider myself a very confident person but no matter how much weight I lose or have lost (yoyo weight) my stomach was always an issue. So now that the opportunity has presented itself, I'm going for it full speed. My downpayment is in and my date is set, Jan 14th, 2013. Bulge be gone. My husband is being very supportive. Although we'll see what becomes of him when its time to change bandages and drains, lol. Luckily my mother on law will be staying with us for that first week or as needed, so if hubby gets queesy she can jump in and assist. Preferable before he hits the ground, lol. I've been a member for about a 2 months now and love the community. You ladies have helped me with preparation and just easing my mind. I've learned a lot but still open for plenty more info. So far my main question right now is.....I'm having a tummy tuck, lipo, and muscle reconstruction with removal of a hernia. Can anyone give me insight on their procedure and recovery? I look forward to sharing the rest of my journey with you all and appreciate any feed back and advice.

Now this is getting really close. Just found out...

Now this is getting really close. Just found out today that an earlier slot was avail do now my appt is set for Jan 7th. Trying to make sure everything is paid off in time. I had scheduled vacation for the week of Christmas so I decided go take the week after just to get prepared, so Dec 19 will be my last day. It's do close now.

Ok, I got a little jumpy last night thinking about...

Ok, I got a little jumpy last night thinking about waking up from the anesthesia. I've never had major surgery so I have to admit I panicked for a sec. But my girlfriend found a wag to help me relax about. She pretty much explained that I should consider it the best sleep I've ever had and to welcome the rest. I will try to remember that. I am now a cple days shy of 3 weeks and I still haven't rec my pre op info yet. Still waiting. Anyone care yo share what you started or stopped doing at 3 weeks?

Just curious if anyone has gotten any services...

Just curious if anyone has gotten any services this evasive. I've heard rave reviews from people I know, and I've seen their redults in person but I haven't seen a lot of pics.

Omg! I have 3 1/2 weeks left and now I'm getting...

Omg! I have 3 1/2 weeks left and now I'm getting really excited. I received my pr op info and that set my excitement in motion. I'm so close now. Also today, I've gotten all of my vacation in order do tomorrow is my last day. I'm gonna use that time off to get my house prepared and rest up a little. My hubby lowered the bed last night so I won't have problems getting in and out of the bed (it was a tad bit high. I'm only 5 ft so nepolean complex I guess) Now we just have to figure out how I'm getting up to the bedroom. Stairs, oh my!!! I'm still thinking they can pull me up on a sled, lol. Any ideas?

I went to get my blood work done today. Test...

I went to get my blood work done today. Test results tomorrow. I'm still in shock mode. Trying to get prepared, buying little things here and there. The closer it gets the more excited I'm getting but I still can't believe its happening. Can anyone give me some tips on the medical supplies they purchased to make things go easier? I've gotten some gauze pads, antibacterial hand soap, cleansing wipes, heat pads for my back, but any other item ideas would be greatly appreciated. I'm shopping around for my shower chair and toilet seat raiser tomorrow. I'm starting to feel a little overwhelmed. Although my mother in law will be here during that first week, with all of the kids and their schedules and routines, not being able to get up and help out is bothering me a little. I'm slowly but surely trying to make myself realize I probably need the rest and would definitely love the waiting on me hand and foot and maybe a foot massage too. Waiting impatiently..........ttyl

I went out and bought some things today. Some pj...

I went out and bought some things today. Some pj button up tops and and loose sweat pants. I got some more gauze, some antibacterial soap, and easy food, jello, pudding, and low salt crackers. I'm about to burst with excitement. The days are going by so fast. Happy New Years to you all.

POD 1. Feeling a lot better today. Yesterday was...

POD 1. Feeling a lot better today. Yesterday was a lot of pain and pain meds. I was in and out all day and night. Today its mostly soreness, little pain. I've been up and down going to the bathroom. Haven't had a bm yet but i'm taking my m.o.m. so maybe tomorrow. Other than that, I feel pretty good. Still feeling loopy, so will update some more later.

POD 5. It has been a lot going on for the last...

POD 5. It has been a lot going on for the last few days. Pain, no pain, swelling, good days bad days, etc. First let me mention the elephant in the room..........the bm. Omg. Although I did go with the MOM, it still took a while. My system was trying to process and because I couldn't strain (sorry for tmi) It was a very slow painful process at first. This was POD 2. Luckily a friend hooked me onto colace. I took this with my pain meds dose and life saver doesn't describe this properly. Love, love, love it. This is an effortless solution and it only took about 2-3 doses to work. And keep on working.

For POD's 2-5, they were each a little different. The main issues were pain control, getting comfortable and swelling. For days 1-3 I had to up my dose from 1 to 2 pills every 4 hrs. By wed I was able to slow down my doses and take them as needed. I would wake up with serious discomfort and swelling. Now also i have to keep in mind that my po appt isn't until pod 9, which means I'm still waiting for my big reveal plus I'm still waiting on a full, head on, shower. Omg, the things we take for granted. So with a Congo of not needing pain meds every 4hrs and my binder bunching up at times, my nightime discomfort has become a morning ritual. I think I'm gonna try to take them before bed and first thing in the morning. We'll see how that works. Until tomorrow .......goodnight.

Today was pretty good. But for some reason a...

Today was pretty good. But for some reason a night I became a little more uncomfortable, and pain set in a little while later. Not right out of recovery pain, bug sn uncomfortable burning ache. I'm calling my Ps first thing in the morning to see if I can move up my po appt from wed to mon or tues. The drainaige tube is starting to get very pinchy for some reason. Ive been trying to make sure it stays in place but the pain seems random.

Enough of the hard stuff. I can totally feel the difference. I cant wait for my big reveal. Getting more excited as the days go by.

FINALLY!!!!!!! My big reveal! I am in love!!!!!!!...

FINALLY!!!!!!! My big reveal! I am in love!!!!!!! The results were overwhelming and gave me a burst of new found motivation. Granted, it's been swell hell but I'm satisfied with this so the best is yet to come. I have to leave my tube in for a cple more days, but that's not a problem. The drainage is slowing down drastically, so it shouldn't be too much longer. Due to that, I was still unable to take a full shower but I was able to remove my garmet, and get as closet to a shower as possible. Very happy about that. Oooohhhhhh!!!!! Totally forgot to mention my bb. Love,love, love it. When I asa younger, maybe 7 or 8, I had a hernia repair. Nothing too evasive, it basically tucked in my belly button. I had a major outtie. So I haven't had a regular looking belly button for dang near 30 years. I could've cried but I think I was in shock, lol.

Now, the down side. I'm still up very early in pain. Either I'm uncomfortable or I'm to comfortable and I'm moving too much in my sleep. Either way, I'm taking pain meds from early, early morning till mid morning. All in all, I am very happy with my results.

The tube is out!!!!!!!! Such a relief. For me it...

The tube is out!!!!!!!! Such a relief. For me it was a tad bit uncomfortable, but that only lasted a few seconds. But now I'm tube free and loving it. Major shower time. I might use up all the hot water, lol. Till next time............

Last night and this morning weren't that great. I...

Last night and this morning weren't that great. I thought I'd try to start with the motrin as preferred by my Ps. I drove a little bit last night, picked the kids up from the mall. Wont be doing that for a while. I couldn't stay comfortable. And I guess the ride must've been too long. So I decide that when I got home I would try the motrin with a flexrall. That did nothing for me. I woke up this morning in pain. No way at that point would another dose of motrin work. I felt like I'd been taking tic tacs and decided it was time to call my Ps and get a refill on the vicoden. I've taken one dose already and its helping. I see now, once I recover today that I'm going to have to take 2 doses in the am. I've noticed that I don't have to take doses all day long, the morning doses normally loosens me up enough yo be active for the rest of the day. I think maybe I'm twisting and turning during sleep which is causing my morning pain. Although I'm still sleeping on my back in a reclined position, I think subconsciously I'm retorting back to my old sleeping habits of trying to sleep on my side. Whatever the case may be, its gonna take a little bit longer for me to completely be off of some type of pain meds. Recovery is becoming trial and error but it's to be expected.

Omg! All of a sudden, out of nowhere, my throat...

Omg! All of a sudden, out of nowhere, my throat starts getting scratchy yesterday. This turned into a full blown sore throat last night. Not a good thing. Hubby is planning a surprise get away for my birthday this weekend plus I've had such good luck with no coughing or sneezing do far, I had to nip this in the bud. I missed 2 doses of my pain meds do I could do 1 dose of theraflu. Then picked back up on the vicodon in the wee hours of the morning dunce I couldn't sleep. I felt totally renewed this morning physically, but my throat was still hurting. So I made sure to stay on my pain meds and drink lots of fluids. Its still a little sore but not as much as before. But today was truely a better day. I've notice the swelling going down and even noticed myself standing straight up today. That is definitely a first. Time is really healing all wounds. Patiently healing........till next time.....

I haven't updated in a while. So many changes. ...

I haven't updated in a while. So many changes. I'll try to summerize. I did a trial and error week the week of Feb 3rd. Day 1 was the Superbowl (day before po week 4), I tried to go most of the day without my cg. Big mistake. Not only did I get very swollen, the ride and the sitting watching the game made me stiff. Not a great day. Day 2(Monday 2/4), today I'm starting to rotate pain meds with ibuprofen. Omg! Issue with the computers at my perscription med company do my pain meds took all day and ibuprofen wasn't doing it all day. A second day shot down. Day 3, feeling better today. Still woke up stiff but meds are on point so after a little bit, I was feeling better. Went walking at the local outlet mall. Felt really good to be able to get a start back onto doing some type of workout. I hadn't worked our in so long before the tt that it's like a new found motivation. Felt pretty good. Today was also the day I decided to try sleeping without my cg. Woke up more swollen, not too much pain just more swelling. So I wont be doing that again anytime soon. Days 4 & 5, I took it easy and focused on getting this swelling down. Well, it worked. I'm at 5 weeks and 2 days I'm down 10 lbs and not sure about inches since I didn't measurements. Before hand but the swelling is down drastically. I went to my ps appt today, finally my bb has closed up, starting to heal properly. Finally!!!! I am going to be off for 3 more weeks though. Mainly dud to the stiffness from sitting for ling periods of time. I want to make sure that when I go back I'm fully back. Ok, I also bought a new cg. Just a high waisted girdle. Problem getting it up due to the thick thighs and butt, lol, but once it's up, it works well. Love it. So, on tomorrows grocery shopping outing I will be shopping alot more consciously. Ive been paying close attention to what I eat, portions, light vs heavy, salt intake, etc. But I need to make sure my on between meals are on point. Not good with that. Since I've been home and sleeping in pretty much I've been neglecting myself when it comes to breakfast, etc. So I want to make sure I do everything right so that when I return to work I want the change to be noticeable. So till next time.........

OMG!!! I started silicone strips last night. I...

OMG!!! I started silicone strips last night. I researched online, and in the stores and got overwhelmed easy. There's more out there than I thought. Well I decided to go into CVS right after my ps appt wed. I got the last lingering stitches pulled, I'm cleared for scar theraphy. Yay!!! So I went straight to CVS. I found several types. Now, my mind wouldn't let me settle on the creams, I was set on the strips. I guess just the thought of know the strips were on constantly working gave me more of a sense of security rather than cream wearing off. I know.......a mind thing. Well, the strip shopping begins. My main problem was the size of the strips and the amount offered. CVS brand c -section strips was the only one that had a long enough strip and enough in the box for the right amount of money. I couldn't imagine paying $30 for 8 1.5x3 inch strips when my incision is dang near 24 inches long. Using all 8 strips at one time.......Uh NO!!! Yeah, I know they're washable and reusable but I couldn't see it. The CVS brand had an 8 pack of 8" strips. I only need 3 at a time. And now for the big news .................(that's my drum roll).....THEY WORK WONDERS, MIRACLES, ALERT THE TOWN PEOPLE!!!!! Saturday night, after my shower I used them for the first time. It says to keep strips on for at least 12 hrs. So I decide that I would just take them off for showers. I took them off tonight for my shower and immediately noticed the softness, smoothness and flatness. Ok, ok, I know it sounds a little too good to be true but ladies, going through this process has definitely warrented alot of trial and error. This brand totally worked for me. My dog ears have gone down. I'm loving the results. I had to share.

I almost forgot to vent, lol. So excited about...

I almost forgot to vent, lol. So excited about the strips, it slipped my mind. The swell hell is killing me. I'm 6 weeks po today and it seems like this past week has been full of swelling. I know its not going to be fully gone just yet but it seems a little more than usual. I havent over done anything. Ive been relaxing as a matter of fact. I don't get it. Week 6? Really? Somebody please tell me something cause I'm losing it.
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You look veryyyyy good, you have only the TummyTuck done ?
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You look fab!
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Thanks sweetmahogani!
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Congrats Got2goflat. I can relate to your excitement about the strips. They are awesome! Sorry to hear about your swelling but glad you are doing so well otherwise. Looking good girl!
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Thanks lotus. I'm feeling better about things now. I think I hit the emotional week when I was posting. I been walking my butt off (not really, my Burt's not going anywhere) lol. But I figure if I'm working out and giving myself time for the swelling to go down, i'll be fine.
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Hi Got2goflat! I have been typing '6 month post op pics tummy tuck' into the search box here at realself and looking at people's pics further out, as I too feel like some days I have the buddha belly/4 months pregnant look of swell hell, and it really is an amazing difference between 6 weeks and 6 months. So, I think we have to just keep the faith that the swelling does subside. You look so great in all of your outfits! I need to start in on getting new clothes that flatter this new look, as my old clothes aren't doing it!
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Thank you so much change123. I appreciate the encouragement. Just frustrated, it seemed like I was going backwards. But regardless, my stomach is nowhere near what it used to be. I agree, we have to be patient, thanks. I also have to shop for new clothes. Mostly all of my shirts are for cover up. Now I want more fitted shirts.
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Hi Ms. Got2goflat. You need to change your user name to Iamflat. You look real good Lady.
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By the way, you are a home girl. I'm from the Upper Marlboro area. My procedure is going to be done in Rockville.
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Lol, thanks finally. Funny. Oh, you're not far at all. I'm actually in laurel, my procedure was in bowie.
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You look great!!!
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Thanks Lourdes. Now I'm just wishing for a swell be gone cream or something and I'll be great.
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That's funny.
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Back in your heels at 5 weeks! That gives me hope! I LOVE shoes!
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Each day is a milestone. I can wear heels a little longer now. Little by little.
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You are looking very good
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Thank you sarav!
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You really look good. Looks like a different body!!! Awesome lady.
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Thanks jmassey. I'm trying to get used to the newness, lol. Gotta go shopping, lol.
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The shopping is the best! Don't get to much at one time,,, the swelling will continue to go down.. I had bought some jeans a month after my tt. Now just over 3 months PO they are to big. lol. live and learn.
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OMG not even thinking shopping just had my first coughing fit it was a oh hell no moment! Now on the shopping idea saving it for later just hoping all my clothes fit ...
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Take it easy. Coughing fit sounds painful! You take care and don't worry about anything right now except recovery. Have a great Sunday.
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Congrats , you look great your PS did an awesom job
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Thank you so much. We tell him that at every appt, lol. We love him.
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