A little over a month out...nerves are kicking in!!!

Hi Ladies~ So after months of stalking each...

Hi Ladies~

So after months of stalking each of you, I have finally got the nerve to set up a consult for the Brazilian Butt Lift procedure. I am amazed with Dr. Salama's work, but am not interested in incurring the extra cost of travel/expense to travel down there, as I live in Washington, DC. Thanks to one of the users (shout out to junkinthetruck), I have decided to set up a consultation with Dr. James R Benjamin in Bowie, MD. Not only is he more convienient (an hour or so from DC), but her reults are absolutely phenominal!

To my suprise, he has a slot available tomorrow for consult, so I will be updating you lovely ladies then on how that goes.
In regards to my body, I feel like I have a pretty decent shape but theres room for improvement. I'm 26, with two kids, and it has in some ways taken a toll on my body. I have hips, but I don't have the butt to match.
Here are my stats:
172 lbs
(haven't done my measurements, but will add them later)
I will add pictures as soon as I am able, as i want before and after pictures to compare.

I am so excited ladies!!!! I will update much more, and post pictures after my consultation tomorrow. Have a wonderful day!

i'm thinking about going to him to, please update me on your consult and such. Good luck girl

I'm excited to know others are looking intio Dr....

I'm excited to know others are looking intio Dr. Benjamin as well! Let me begin by explaining how my consultation went:
My sister and I arrive at Dr. Benjamin's house. He has an office built as an attachment next to his house, which I thought was pretty cool. My sister is 20( a few years younger, and is intersted in saline breast implants). So anyways, we enter the office about 45 minutes early and are greeted by the receptionist who I later find out is his neice. Very pleasant young lady. We fill out some short paperwork,k and I'm immediately whisked away into a back office for an exam. My blood pressure, weight, and temp are taken. After this is completed I explain to the nurse exactly what i want. She then proceeds to take pictures of me, and states Dr. B will be in once they develop.
About 5 min later Dr. B enters. We hit it off immediately. We briefly talk about my procedure, and then he points out areas on my stomach and back that he can lipo that will give me the results I want. He goes on to state, that because of my height and the way my body is I am a prime candidate for the procedure-SOOO EXCITED, exactly what I want to hear!!
Not so good news....
I ask Dr. B if he can produce any pictures of his work. He can not. He states he will attempt to obtain consent from other patients, which I oblige.
I ask Dr. B how many procedures he's completed. He said he's done about 20, which to me is low. He then begins to pull out a book showing the person he's training from.
I ask Dr. B how confident he is in the procedure and how confident he is that i obtain the fat that is transferred.
He states that 50% of the fat will more then likely reabsorb (I've done a lot of research and assumed that much). He also indicates that although this may be the case, he is confident that will be able to get about 800-1000 cc's of reusable fat injected. He will be taking fat from my stomach, flants, and arms.

Now with all this being said, do I think that Dr. B is GREAT at what he does? Absolutely. He's been doing this for years, and I'm more then sure he is a highly trained, qualified PS. My only concern is that he hasn't done enough of these procedures to master the craft. 7k is a lot of money to spend, and a 2nd round is not an option with me. What do you ladies think? I will be excited to hear back from you after you get your consult to see what your feelings and first impressions are.

Now, what I did appreciate about Dr. B was his honesty. He blatenly told me sister, that he did not feel comfortable taking her on as a patient. Which to me speaks volumes.

So, after the Q&A I verify my email address with the nurse as to where my quote will be sent. I recieve the quote that night at 10:00 PM. I'm quoted $7700 for lipo of the areas mentioned above, as well as a fat transfer fee. There is a $500 non-refundable deposit that is required to hold your date. I'm going to think about it and weigh my options. First off, the price is awesome. I don't know about you guys, but quotes I've been receiving in the DC/Metro area are out of this world! Upwards of 15k! I also can't fathom being on a waiting list for a year, for docs like Salama etc. Plus traveling right now is not an option as I have two young daughters under 6. Dr. B would be perfect not only for the price and convienience, but he is a very qualified plastic surgeon. I feel like no matter what the outcome may be, I am safe in his hands (and that's of great importance). I mean worst case scenario, I get great lipo? What do you ladies think? Please share your experiences!!!! Will update more later...
I had a phone consult with him. Very nice and seemed straight forward and knowledgeable. I'm considering using him also.
I'm very happy for you. I have a consultation coming up with him on 1/30 @ 2. I would love to know details on how yours went.
I'm updating now :)

Hi Ladies!!! Hope u guys had an awesome weekend....

Hi Ladies!!! Hope u guys had an awesome weekend. So I just got off the phone with Dr. Benjamin. He's amazing. I spoke with him about my concerns, and he carefully addressed each of them. I decided to put my deposit down, and I'm scheduled for surgery March 15th!!! So excited!! Please remember to let me know how your consultations go this week. Added before pics....let the countdown begin ;)

So I was thinking, it looks like there are a few...

So I was thinking, it looks like there are a few of us that are going to Dr. B around the same time. I would love for us to kinda b like a support group for each other. Share experiences etc. I dunno about u guys, but I haven't told anyone! Other then a friend or two no one really knows about my impending surgery. My boyfriend knows, and is really supportive, but it's great to know there are other woman going through the same thing. If u guys need anything let me know, I'm there!
Have any of you asked what his pre op procedures are? It's like as soon as I get off the phone with him, I have a million questions that pop in my mind that I forgot to ask. Ughhhhh I'm so excited, I can barely sleep! And it's before summer too! Shiittt I dunno about u all, but if all goes as planned, I'm gonna b the finest thing walking. Tryna pop bottles this summer anyone? Lol goodnight
I'm looking to schedule lipo and a tt in May. I'm running a half marathon in April so I can't do anything until I complete the race. I'd like to eventually do a bbl but I'm going to start with my tt. I really liked Dr. B's demeanor and appreciated the time he spent with me today. I'm excited to meet someone else who is going with him!!!
Good luck!!! I had a consult with Dr. B today and I really liked him. He is the third ps I've consulted with and so far I like him the best!
Thanks lady. Yeah he's amazing. When r u looking to get your surgery?

Hello beauties! I have my pre op with Dr. B this...

Hello beauties! I have my pre op with Dr. B this evening. Ill let you know how it goes!

Okay, so it wasn't really a pre-op more like...

Okay, so it wasn't really a pre-op more like another Q&A. I thought it was a little early as I still have about a month and a few weeks left. Time is flying, March 14th is right around the corner! He did order my garmets for me-a corset type garment (I'm assuming for the lipo), and a body suit type garmet with the butt out. Kinda pricey, but he was able to give me a discount. He also took my measurements, and told me that he thinks he'll be able to get about 800 cc's in each cheek. I'm happy with that. I think he's going to do an amazing job. Dr. B emphasized how small my waist is going to be, and he believes he will completely get rid of my love handles and bra rolls. Soooo excited. I'm growing more and more confidence that this is going to go well by the day. Dr. B is amazing and his bedside manner is impeccable. In no way do I feel like I'm a number, and I know he's always there. I'm expecting an email from him detailing what he needs for my bloodwork and I will update u guys later. Until next time ladies :) Positive thoughts!!
Congrats lady!!! Im glad things went so well!!! He ordered the butt out garment? Was that on the body by veronique site cuz I think he might have ordered the butt in garmentfor me but im not sure... I asked him about a corset but I told him I wanted to order a squeem post op
Yeah it was on her site. He ordered the butt out garment cuz he said he didn't want any pressure on that area. The corset, to keep things nice and tight. Girl, I told him about real self and said he has a small following on there. I told him he better do us right! (He started laughing). Lol
CAnt wait to see how it goes! Im here in the DC area as well so I'd love to find someone here.

So I have a month to go before my big day, and I'm...

So I have a month to go before my big day, and I'm trying to research other options for sitting positions. I don't know about you guys, but I can't fathom not sitting on my ass for 2-3 weeks. That's crazy! Laying on my stomach the whole time is gonna b uncomfortable. I'm seeing that some of you guys are buying lawn chairs (I'm assuming) and cutting the seat part out. How effective is this? Just wanted to get some more tips and suggestions :)

I have a consultation with dr. b this coming Wednesday 2/5/14 and I'm kind of nervous because he don't have to many before and after pics... I plan to get my surgery around the end of February..
did you have your surgery?
Hey! How did your surgery go last week???
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