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Today is finally my day. I haven't posted my...

Today is finally my day. I haven't posted my story on here, but I have been reading all of yours and it inspired me to write down my story, since I am waiting until noon for my surgery anyhow. Like everybody else, my breasts started growing at a young age, and really never stopped.

I am 5'4 and 150 lbs with 36 DDD. These things are giant. I never let myself really look at them until I decided to get rid of them. I kind of just let them be there and would get embarrassed if anybody mentioned them. Now that they are on their way out, I let people see them and am more comfortable talking about them. I wanted to get a BR in High School, but hadn't ever had surgery before and felt scared. I broke my leg a few years later, had surgery and realized it wasn't too bad. Right before turning 26 and losing my parents insurance, I thought I had better quickly decide if I wanted a surgery or not. So I went to a few doctors, some took my insurance, the one I loved didn't. But I didn't care at that point, I was in love with the doctor that didn't and decided this big of a decision, I didn't care if I had to pay for it myself.

I am young with a decent job and no children, I can afford to pay for this. Plus, care credit is pretty incredible and same with student tax returns. ;) I saw the doctor in December and finally called and booked my appointment in March and now is the big day. It's all I have been able to talk about for the past few weeks so I am sure my friends and family members are ready for me to get this over with. Most people have been supportive but a lot of people have been telling me that I was 'blessed' but I definitely don't feel that way. My boyfriend really doesn't want to talk about it, but he told me he understands why I want to it, so will support me and take care of me. I wasn't too stoked on that. Everybody here seems to have amazing husbands that would do anything for them. Luckily, I have an amazing roommate and he would do anything for me, and if the boyfriend doesn't see that this is a positive then he's crazy.

The reasons why I finally decided. I recently made it in the 'business world'. I have to wear business clothes, and make sure people are doing what they are supposed to be doing. I have realized that since I am not completely confident with my body, sometimes I worry about being in front of people and feel self conscious. I want to continue moving up in the business world, and I feel this surgery will help me feel more like I belong and will be taken more seriously. I cover my tattoos when I am dressed business casual ;) My parents are very supportive and have helped with the cost a little bit as well. They also think this is the best decision but never knew how to tell me.

My surgery is scheduled today at noon. I stopped drinking liquids this morning at 5:00am. I have cleaned my house. I am starting to get the things that I will need to be at arms length. I am going to go buy a few last minute things that I might not want to retrieve from the store when I am in pain. And then it will be time. I am starting to panic a lot. Last night I couldn't sleep at all. I know it's the right choice, but I am a pansy with pain. I remember waking up from my leg surgery and being in the most unbearable pain I have ever been in in my entire life. Luckily, my doctor told me that my leg surgery is an 8 on a medical pain scale and this surgery is only a 6. So I survived the 8, I can survive the 6! And, honestly, I can't remember the pain from the leg surgery-- just that I was in pain! So I need to toughen up. It's only a few more hours to go. The doctor has been incredible so far. I feel very comfortable with him. Plus he went to the same high school and the same college as me. Obviously not at the same time! I grew up with his nephews as well which has made me feel comfortable and safe with this particular doctor. I can't wait to see the results. Is the pain worth it?!


Welcome, Maybe!
How are you feeling? I hope everything went perfectly for you!
The pain is definitely worth it! It really isn't even pain, it's more uncomfortable, especially after the first couple of days. You are going to feel so much better physically and about yourself!
I'm glad you are doing it while you are young. I waited until I was 40 to take the plunge :-)
My husband had always been supportive when I talked about it hypothetically, but when the actual time came that I decided to go for it, he was a bit reluctant. He wasn't going to tell me know, but he didn't really want to talk about it. Now I think he can tell why I wanted it. I feel so much better. My back doesn't hurt constantly. I am more confident and when I started buying new clothes he said, "Wow, you look great!" (Not bad for 40, huh?) My scars are barely noticable, so that is not something that has been an issue for him at all.
I think your boyfriend will realize that this isn't all that bad and when you feel so much better he will be glad you did it. And you are right, you did this for you and noone else. I am glad you have a support system that you can rely on.
Hope you are feeling well. Please give us an update when you feel up to it! But make sure and rest, rest, rest this week!
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Wow. I can't believe how incredibly easy this...

Wow. I can't believe how incredibly easy this surgery has been for me. I was absolutely terrified of the pain, but it really isn't bad at all. It's more of a burning pain, rather than the sharp pains I felt from my broken leg. If anybody is afraid to do this surgery, they really shouldn't be. It's friday and I am already back to work. I was ready to go back yesterday but thought I should give myself a day. Plus, I am already feeling so much better about myself and my boyfriend gave me two thumbs up. I look so much smaller. Except, I ate a lot of junk food the past four days and wish I could be in the gym working it off right about now..

Here is how it all started..

The day of the surgery I started panicking a lot. Kept thinking that maybe I made the wrong decision. I went to the surgical center and everybody was amazing and kept me at ease. My doctor came in and drew some lines on me that made me think twice about him.. no way those lines were going to help him! Then my anesthesiologist came in and we chatted a lot. He and a nurse took me back to the surgical room, i got on the surgical table and really felt like i was going to panic, but the nurse kept asking me about my job and the next thing I knew I was waking up in the recovery room and wasn't in very much pain! I couldn't believe it. I threw up quite a bit and then went home. Once I got home I threw up a few more times and finally decided to take the anti nausea medication, and seriously even though it was a suppository , it was worth it! I haven't thrown up since.

Wednesday, two days later, I had a lymphatic massage scheduled at my Dr.'s office, which was an excellent idea. That massage made me feel great! Plus, my Dr took out the drains and I started to feel more human. That evening I got dressed, went for a walk, and got some take out. It felt amazing. I even felt cute.

Thursday, I was finally able to shower and actually got to see the frankenboobies. They are a tad scary, but i love them. I want them to stay this awesome and perky forever, but I know that they wont. My doctor thinks I'll be a small C, but honestly I am happy they are gone. I started to worry I was going too small, but I feel so good right now and I always hated what I had before, I know this is perfect.


Welcome to the sight. I found it 2 months before my BR. I am now 3 1/2 weeks out and am doing very well. Your story is a good one. I am happy for you that you found the courage to do it. I have told a couple of people that the worry is worse then the pain. LOL As time goes on you will be happier and happier with your new set of tatas. Your boyfriend will come around with it all. My husband was the same way and he is now starting to talk about it, not a whole lot but baby steps are the first step right?
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Wow, you have quite a story there, but it sounds like it has a happy ending.. You look great, and I can't believe that you went back to work so soon! I'm glad, though, that you did not work the whole day. Please don't overdo it, even if you do feel good. I also wanted to say welcome to the forum. There are so many different experiences by the members here, and there are a great many good tips and ideas also. Again, welcome, and be sure to keep us updated as your healing process continues.
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Thank you, that is definitely good advice! I'll make sure to work as little as possible and rest as often as possible! So far I am very excited. I can't believe how much smaller I appear and how much better clothes look! It really has given me some much needed confidence!

One week post op and I am noticing that around my...

One week post op and I am noticing that around my nipples my breast is very red. Is this normal? Or have I pushed myself too hard? I've also found a few rashes on my torso and arms, but I have very sensitive skin. I am feeling a lot better today than the past few days. I still think the pain has been very minimal. Also, I've noticed a lot of people have been worried about drains. I had them, and I thought they were just fine. It was kind of gross to have my fluids pinned to my shirt for the first few days, but they were easy to manage and easy to have taken out and definitely not something to worry about in my opinion. I still have the steri strips on but that seems to be regular for this time post op. I see my PS on Wednesday and have another lymphatic massage. I can't wait. I'm a bit worried about the redness so I am glad that is coming up and the last massage left me feeling great. Still definitely a good decision in my book. I can't wait until they aren't so swollen so that I can sleep a bit better and see the end results, at least a peak!


Hi May! Glad you are still feeling pretty good.

I had some redness on each breast. It worried me quite a bit. It wasn't a rash, didn't itch, wasn't a bruise. I had my primary care provider, as well as the plastic surgeon a week later, look at it and they both said that it was just part of the healing process. I'm very fair skinned and my skin does seem to blush or flush with any change of emotion or environment and they said that my skin on my breasts were just reacting to the trauma. But certainly have it checked out. It will be good that you are going on Wednesday so that your PS can look at it.

I too thought it all was a little too easy. Glad you are doing so well. Keep us posted on your progress!
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You are right about that, Bustred the worrying about everything possible to go wrong is worst then the pain, swelling, ... etc itself! I feel great & happy after 4 days post op and I worried so much.
Haha! Thank you for your comment! I am happy to hear that is somewhat normal for the boys to be unsure! But definitely one step at a time.. and then we'll show them, it really is better! How are you feeling at 3.5 weeks? Did you have any redness around your nipple during your recovery?

Went in for my second massage today! Felt great. ...

Went in for my second massage today! Felt great. As soon as the doctor came in to see me, he let me know that I am allergic to the adhesive he used which is why there is so many rashes, skin irritation, and red spots. Thank goodness! I thought I had pushed myself too hard and had internal bleeding. However now I have to remove the steri strips as soon as I get home from work or else I might start blistering and then he'll have to put me on another medication for a few days. I am really excited to take the strips off to see my scars. Also, today they gave me NewGel+ Silicone Gel Sheeting to help manage the scars. Has anybody used this? I am pretty excited to try it. I am supposed to do it for the next 4 weeks every night while I am sleeping. I hope it helps. The scars I can see are looking very thick, but I know that I am healing and am only at 9 days post op, so I am being patient.
Today I feel the absolute best. I am up beat and perky and not in any pain. The healing is very itchy, but that could be partly because of the allergy to the adhesive so hopefully the itching will die down once I get that adhesive off of me. Otherwise no pain at all. Still swollen and still tightness on the sides and inbetween my boobs. Feeling great and getting a lot of compliments! Such an awesome procedure, plus my doctor is incredible. I can't get enough of him. I love that he included these massages and silicone strips in with everything, they seem to be very beneficial in the healing process. I took a picture this morning, but it looks similar to day 3 post op so I'll wait to take another photo without the strips. I definitely want to do a before and after so I can see how effective these NewGel+ strips are or possibly aren't!


Never heard of the gel strips but I would like to try them.
Do you know if we can purchase them over the counter?
Still jealous about the massage! I am glad you are getting that tape off. You had quite a bit on. You will feel so much better!
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I found a website with the gel sheets. Lots of different stuff available. Approx $40 a sheet. Did he give you a sheet or strips?

Once I took the steri strips off I had a complete...

Once I took the steri strips off I had a complete break down over the scars and how 'scary' everything looked to me. Luckily my boyfriend called right then and I was able to go to his house to show him what I was so concerned about and he kissed the scars. It was incredibly perfect and made me feel a lot better. I'm only 10 days post op, I can't expect everything to look perfect. I really will post pictures, I am just more hesitant now that I think they look a tad scary!


I asked my doctor about using silcone and she basically said to let the wound be hers for 6 weeks. I'll try to suggest it again. Funny thing is I am a wound care rep that has access to silcone sheets and would like to use them on me at the end of this month. I'm pretty sure I'm going to get a rash from the adhesive's in the tape since I have had a reaction before.

Wish me luck!
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Please don't feel pressured to post pictures. Take your time and do it when you are ready. Maybe if you went back and looked at some of the other post-op pics you can put yours in comparison and then ,maybe you won't feel like they are that bad.

Sounds like you have a very supportive boyfriend! I think he is a keeper :-)
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We all freaked out a lil when we took off the bandages. Don't worry! I promise you it gets better.
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3 months post op. What can I say?! I LOVE them. ...

3 months post op. What can I say?! I LOVE them. They are just absolutely perfect and I get compliments all of the time. The boyfriend especially loves them which gives me the confidence I've been lacking for the past several years.

I still don't love how my right nipple looks, but I can already see changes in it, and I know it'll end up great! A new girlfriend of mine told me she had a breast reduction 10 years ago and showed me her amazing boobs and seriously they were THE best boobs I've ever seen in my life. Her nipples were perfect, the size fit her body, and a million other reasons why they were great. I know this is the best surgery one can do for themselves, and with care credit--people should do it if they are considering, even if insurance doesn't cover it! I know that personally I have zero regrets!

During this ridiculous heat wave, I keep trying to imagine what it would be like ot have those giant old things, and it makes me uncomfortable to even consider! talk about way too hot!


Are you still happy with your results? How do your scars look after a year?
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Thanks for sharing your story. You look amazing!
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Wow - fantastic results! You look great!
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