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When I was pregnant and breastfeeding large thick...

When I was pregnant and breastfeeding large thick blue veins appeared in my breasts. That was around five years ago. Just this year I had breast augmentation done and found it impossible to fully enjoy my results because I couldn't see past the veins that ran through my aereolas and all around my breasts..The worst was the vein running directly through my aerola..just horrible.

One day i just decided I needed to do something about it so found some places that do sclerotherapy and called, but after calling a few places and doing some online research it was hard to find info about it, and hard to find someone who performs sclerotherapy on breasts. I ended up finding a dermatology/vein center in Boulder, Co who had free consults because they couldn't give me an estimate on the phone. On the way there I googled the address and saw online some bad reviews on the doctor... eek.. anyway, my appointment took a really long time too because the doc was behind schedule. Anyway, he said he could do it for 350.00 and that he's done it before, so I said okay.. I was EAGER to get those suckers gone.

The treatment was PAINLESS. And bruising took just a couple of weeks to go away.

I saw visible difference, and he told me I could come back for a touch up for free.
So today I went for my touch up. There was one vein running through my right breast that he got, and a couple on my left breast, one that ran through the aerela, and today it hurt worse! That last vein he targeted punctured my aerola and it bled for a minute. I said ouch and he said he saved the best for last.

They're already noticably gone after just today, and though there are some faded ones around the bottom of my breast, it was the ones on top and in the cleavage, and nipples that I wanted gone.

Tonight they are actually more sore than they were after my first treatment- which is weird because he did way less veins today. It only took ten minutes. But today wasn't painless, I could tell that he targeted deeper, and I'll tolerate the pain for them to be gone!

Tonight there are tiny little prick marks and tiny bump on my nipple with bruising.

If you are considering sclerotherapy I definitely recommend it and just wanted to write the review on the breast standpoint because I couldn't find much info on it online for this specific area.. I also wasn't sure where to start because I've heard of laser treatment too.

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OMG I just found out about this... Sclerotherapy I have a big vein on my breast after breastfeeding and down my leg after pregnancy. I am looking for treatment in Europe
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Good luck with your search! It was definitely awkward calling dermatologists offices around that advertised "sclerotherapy" to see if they would perform it on breasts. I knew it existed because I saw it online in other states, but not so much where I live. The office I visited ended up saying they performed it, but didn't have it advertised on their website- so call around!
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I'm so glad you posted! I have one large blue vein that runs down my breast across the nipple that showed up after breastfeeding. I'm sure it was always there but boy do you see it now! I asked my Derm about it and she said a specialist would have to make a small incision to remove it and that I would have a scar. I'm happy to hear you found another option. I was getting frustrated because I couldn't find anything on the web about it. I hope your still happy with your results!
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My plastic surgeon told me this treatment doesn't work on large veins . We're you veins big in size ?
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I just caught on to the fact that realself notifications are sent to spam so I just noticed this. YES! The veins were huve and THICK running right through my nip. I highly recommend it. I just went to a dermatologist
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Thank you , I'll check with another dr .
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Yes, do.. and I just went to a dermatologist which may be less expensive
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Ouch the aureola puncture sounds painful!  Thanks for sharing.  Keep us posted on how everything looks the next few days!

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