Rough and Red 2 Months Post Fraxel Restore

I am two months post fraxel restore under my eyes...

I am two months post fraxel restore under my eyes and have reddish bronzish post inflammatory pigmentation, rough areas, and a few bumps where treated.

when will it be normal again?
Hi Sadgirl, I have been trying to contact u. I was damaged in the same city you were. Please call me again. You called once and I didn't get a number to call you back. Try contacting Bowman 9 on here. She is my friend and will get my contact information to you. I never seem to get my messages from here. I think I am doing something wrong.

Have you thought of fat grafting to repair your face?
It gets worse and worse and seems to never heal. Skin looses its dexterity, integrity,and becomes lax and sags like someone 90 who worked in the sun all their lives. Very sad. So sorry. same happened to my but entire face, eyelids, under eyes, skin all full of pitted marks... worse thing, no one knows how to help and many laser docs shy away from helping. It should be banned and a class action law suit on fraxel company and all the liar doctors and staff that used us a s Guinna pigs.
And, hydroquinone will not make a difference in the long run... it just gets dark in a few minutes if you see the sun. You better start taking vitamin D so you do not become deficient, due to hiding yourself away from the sun. Post hyperpig is NOT NOT NOT Easily treated!!! Maybe its more deep deep damage in your subcutaneous tissues. Mine is... eyes got so bad, they are hallowed out now...deep hallows and if I look down, like at a menu, they actually sag and hang... it is hideous...
someone needs to be held responsible for all this damage and the subsequent pain and suffering they we have to endure... so far I do not know how many years it will take to heal or if it will continue to get worse and lead to cancer and other complications. so so so so sorry....
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